Inspiration4 | In-Flight Update with the Crew

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Join us for the first live, on-orbit update from the Inspiration4 crew – the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit!

The Inspiration4 mission is part of Jared’s ambitious fundraising goal to give hope to all kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® to learn how you can help the Inspiration4 crew reach their $200M fundraising goal.

During their multi-day journey in orbit, the Inspiration4 crew will conduct scientific research designed to advance human health on Earth and for future long-duration spaceflights.

Learn more about the mission at

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  1. Liberty4Ever

    It’s been so great watching SpaceX lower the cost and increase the availability of space for all of humanity. My childhood dreams of space from NASA in the 60s and 70s took much longer than expected, but it’s finally happening. Thank you to everyone at SpaceX for making humans a space faring race.

  2. ForestTre

    I am so happy about getting to finally see this. I hope we see many more flights like this and that they make VR 360 videos so us who can’t travel in space get to experience it in our homes.

  3. QUAG

    This ship looks like something taken out from the Expanse. Amazing!

  4. mayris gonzalez

    Wow. Seeing art and music in space is truly a surreal moment. Didn’t know how inspiring it would be until you see it

  5. leokimvideo

    Dragon is like Dr Who’s Tardis. It looks small from the outside but huge on the inside.

  6. YoshMaster

    Wow! Jared is one of the coolest billionaire inviting 3 strangers from more “normal” walks of life and paying for them!! To me that’s the proof tha billionaires are not all assholes haha

  7. DorshReal 001

    Ever since I was in primary school I always wanted to get in space and explore the cosmos. After a while though I gotten less motivated due to my low self esteem and others who thought I wasn’t up for the task. That may have been true, but after watching this historic moment unfold my interest has been reinvigorated. I’m now in university but still thinking about it, and somewhere in the back of my mind I dream of being in the position of those 4 civilian crew members one day. At the very least it makes me hopeful. Thanks SpaceX.

  8. Maya Holt

    This mission has truly been inspirational. I’m a 20 year old about to graduate with a bachelors in biology and continue on to medical school but watching the Netflix documentary and this video about inspiration 4 has has me set my sights on a further career goal of making it into space!

  9. KosherKorean

    This is historic on so many levels

  10. Sure, Not

    SpaceX is the real deal. Unlike the last 2. SpaceX actually went out into space for 3 full days with a 100% civilian crew! Well done and congratulations to all!

  11. seiom jvony

    Can’t help smiling and feeling awe as I watch Hayley and the crew on this mission!

  12. z33511

    Next mission will be named “The Largest Window Ever Flown In Space.”

  13. Cátia Relvas

    This is so cool! Now everyone can go to space, I can just dream of going there in this life 💙 so emotional with this mission. Enjoy guys!

  14. MaxKito2

    Oh my Goodness….these guys are so beautiful. The pureness of their independent joy and experience can be felt.

  15. Robert Defoe

    The difference between this mission and the other two is that this actually has goals in mind whether that would be medical experiments or inspiring young children who are suffering nasty illnesses.

  16. Vyacheslav Kam

    Я из России, и я очень рад, что американская наука шагнула так далеко вперёд и что уже простые граждане Америки могут летать в космос. Молодцы. Поздравляю. 👍👍👍👍

  17. Thomas Handley

    So nice to see England playing a crucial role in all of these adventures having a ground control base🙏🏼.

  18. Abell Seyfu

    Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos.🎈

  19. GingerSnap Decal & Design

    I think this is amazing! Being able to send civilians on a 3 day space excursion is awesome! The experience would be out of this world!!

  20. Hero Senpaii

    I imagine zero gravity feeling somewhat like meditating underwater. Just without the pressure. Must be an amazing experience.

  21. Dee Seuss

    I’m in amazement!!! I couldn’t stop smiling and maybe cried a little bit. It’s just so surreal that this is our reality. Thank you Inspiration4 for sharing your incredible experience with us. God speed and be safe!!

  22. Sir Green Day

    Lol. You can definitely tell the pros from the amateurs. Talk about an epic fail with the cupola viewing.

  23. Melissa Emilly

    They just spin a water bottle and I was like: “SO NICEEEE”

  24. liam's music

    I am incredibly jealous but so happy for them all! Looks like they’re having the time of their lives!

  25. KP Chan

    Just saw the documentary: Amazing stories for 4 of you…proud!

  26. Mohammad Reza Ahmadi

    I love Haley’s hair flying everywhere;

  27. Akiem S

    Music and art in space, amazing!

    Dr. Sian was so cute with her permanent smile 😃…..

    Watching these guys, you could see their joy.

  28. Raman

    Really groundbreaking event in space travel even after decades of routine professional space visits. This is a big leap from the recent brief space-touching exploits of the billionaires. The tech is awesome for being so reliable to the extent of being able to fly civilians in a fully remotely controlled earth-orbiting mission around an Earth orbit. Human-transporting space drones have arrived. Kudos to the brave and visionary passengers too. Inspirational indeed.

  29. Lucian Alexandru Moţoc

    This is so exciting and inspiring! Can’t wait to see the full Netflix episode with all the great videos during the flight!

  30. Bill Housley

    “The views…are out of this world.”

    Really, Haley? Puns? LOL!

  31. Jeff S

    Spinning that bottle put the air pocket exactly in the center with with water equally on both sides. That was a great example that spin gravity works.

  32. koruki

    Lol Hayley being “upside” lol I was giggling the entire time. This is so great

  33. L P

    I can’t believe something makes me smile so genuinely, I can’t even stop it

  34. seeseeteevee

    Does the Coriolis effect work in space when fluid moves from one compartment to another connected compartment? Does it spin clockwise or anti-clockwise in space? Does it change as you go around at different parts of the orbit?

  35. airplanetalk

    Loved watching them in space. Very nice set of folk. What a wonderful experience for them and indeed an inspiration for all of us. Love the fundraising for the children’s hospital. Such a wholesome mission!

  36. Chris Obber

    Me in 2015 playing Orbiter dreaming of the day in a few years someone out there does it. Making it possible for everyone to see our beautiful flat pl… nah, our beautiful globe. :D
    Thank you SpaceX for planting the first seed of a VERY exciting future!

  37. Tom Nook

    “Hey guys we have an amazing aurora event, hope you can see that”
    *sees 1970s footage of darkness*

    I really hope they filmed it in 4K on local storage for us to see when they get back home

  38. fritz eder

    It really drives me tears in my eyes. This mission also gives so much hope that humanity thrives well.
    I mean we are a quite young species …

  39. Cool Legend

    Let’s just say hello to the history students watching this 50 years from now

  40. Mathias Persson

    They picked the perfect people for this mission. I shed a little tear of happiness during each of the Netflix episodes ❤️

  41. Mpiyakhe Dhlamini

    I love these four! A better team couldn’t have been chosen for this mission. Sian and Hayler have permanent smiles on their faces. They really make space seem compelling where as NASA astronauts were rightfully always professional.

  42. Vijay kumar

    Dr. Sian: “Hayley has been spinning since the moment we got in to orbit” 😂😂

  43. Dadok Official

    I love it, and Hayley is so adorable with that hair floating over other crew people hahaha. Cute. Good job.

  44. Geo

    That’s brilliant! Keep playing the music and more importantly keep spinning! 👍😁

  45. RAsT MáMMáD

    Oh my God, what a unique and unparalleled experience The chance to have such an experience for a few people is possible. Almost everyone who now lives on the blue planet and witnesses this event longs to wish that they could experience this moment.The feeling of being in a dragon spacecraft and seeing such a view of the earth within a human being is not something that can be experienced every day. It will definitely be new, unique and transformative. Those who disembark from this spacecraft after returning to Earth are completely different from those who landed on it a few days ago, and in terms of their view of life, they have become other human beings.

  46. The Leafs Handsome Devil

    surprised with how good of presenters they are. They seemed genuinely excited, too. It almost looks like a camping trip in space lol

  47. ByteDelight

    It feels like they’re saying: “You should try this out some time as well!” Awesome

  48. Nadezhda Lasto4kina

    Сколько счастья у людей 🚀 видео заряжено позитивом и эмоциями! Спасибо все команде SpaceX . Илон Маск гений своего времени!

  49. phoenix rising

    So gonna point it out…. Hayley’s smile, especially during the launch, made her look like Valentina Kerman from KSP….. and that’s freaking epic.

  50. Bryan Seigneur

    I love how impromptu this all is. You really get the feeling of flopping around up there. I am now wondering if they should change the orientation of the craft by holding handles and shaking their rumps, so to speak. Sort of human gyroscopic flywheel stability or instability.

  51. Mike Wade-French

    This mission is so incredibly inspiring. I watched the Netflix series and launch and just love the whole concept. Massive thanks to everyone involved for so many positive outcomes. All the best to the crew for splashdown tomorrow. Watching from New Zealand :)

  52. Ivonne Roman

    Every time I hear about this it makes me tear up because it’s simply AMAZING 😭 with no fear and determination you can truly do anything

  53. Lancair W

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the real deal👍🏼 my nephew was admitted at the age of 2 with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. After a few years he was released and now a healthy 20 year old in college. Wouldn’t be here without the men and women at St Jude 👍🏼

  54. Craig Hill

    Looks amazing, makes feel like a child watching you guys full of excitement, safe journey and enjoy 😊

  55. nintandrew13

    This is so cool! It’s like an RV camping trip, but actually in space. Thanks to these guys for sharing it with us!

  56. Christopher Stube

    It reminds me of a sailing crew in the bahamas. Thank you Elon Musk for the persistance that made this possible and thank you Andy Tran for your presentation of this event. And thank you to our Inspiration crew for having the gumption to dare this and for bringing it off with such obvious enjoyment.

  57. R B

    I just love how real everyone is. Love the silliness. Definitely need a camera which works in the cupola without extreme reflections. Likely just a black paper cone would do the job. This is just so awesome. Looking forwards to a trip around the moon next.

  58. D Brooke

    Hayley is 100% me if I ever get to space. “Why are we all sitting the same way? Lemme just suspend myself opposite from everyone.” It’s like facing the “wrong” way in an elevator.

  59. Brian Harmon

    The most wholesome crew in the history of space flight! I love that we’re bringing humanity into orbit.

  60. Stone Object

    just watching it now but ya thats gotta be the coolest thing ever . “to touch the face of god ” is beyond rockstar god bless

  61. Jim Bultas

    Great times and I’m looking forward to the views when the sun is up!

  62. Jason Deal

    Such a beautiful thing in a time of disaster in America. Thanks for giving US a lil hope that there is still good people out there trying to make things better for US ALL

  63. jjed300

    This is your greatest mission yet! Do more of these charity missions and raise the industry benchmark. Unbelievable professionalism from everyone 👏

  64. Dan Alexander

    I wish I can do this before I die. Seeing our beautiful planet from space is my greatest dream.

    Thank you I4 for letting us open the door for the new era of human spaceflight. As Elon said, we may don’t know how long that door open, but let us be productive to utilize it by making humanity a multiplanetary species and space faring civilization.

  65. Jose Muga

    My son is 3 months old, but I will show him this until he gets to space himself!!! Inspirational

  66. chiefbosnmate

    AMAZING ! and thanks to you four for blazing the trail for the rest of us regular people!

  67. Ollin Garcia

    This is so out of this world! These folks rock! They truly represent hope and the future of humanity. We are meant to be a multiplanetary species and this has just begun. With the #Inspiration4 crew. We’ll remember you, guys, always. And safe travels back to Earth at tomorrow’s splashdown. Brilliant. Love from Bloomington, Indiana.

  68. Jellypopcorn

    _Incredible to watch! awesome to see some more art and music is up there, The ukelele is fantastic and really gives me Outer Wilds soundtrack vibes_

  69. Ole Nielson

    They are all so multitalented! What an adventure! I’m glad that I’ve lived long enough (75 years) to see this. I’ve always fantasized about space travel — we keep getting closer every day!

  70. Toaster

    This is the most amazing livestream I’ve seen in my life. Videos like this are so inspiring, and make me appreciate the people who, despite being told their goals are impossible, choose to follow them anyway and succeed.

  71. Jakub Kudlacz

    Amazing, this is a big step forward to bring more humans to space.

  72. Troy Thomas

    Good heavens, absolutely astounding. I am so thankful to be alive during this monumental achievement. I am also giddy with excitement that the interiors of these space craft are beginning to look as sleek as the movies.
    Arthur C. Clarke would be proud of these achievements. I wish he was alive to see the progression of SpaceX over the last few years. Pro tip, dim the cabin light next time you’re filming shots out of the cupola, and seriously, cut that 5 minute intro of nothing down to 30 seconds or less.

  73. Mike Terran

    Honestly they could have told me all they’ve been doing was playing in micro G and I’d still have been just as enthusiastic. This has to be the most unselfish pinning of Astronaut wings ever. Welcome to the club, hope to join you soon!

  74. eudaenomic

    OMG, and all I remember from Justin Hammer and the Virgin guy is that they were having fun. Musk is an extraordinary man who not only gives of himself but also provides for others in need May God Bless him and his.

  75. Correcto34

    This is amazing! What a fun time to be alive! Go Inspiration!

  76. bYTeHeaD

    Wherever we go, humans tend to bring with them the arts and music that we have. We cannot remove curiosity and arts on humans. Good luck Inspiration4 and congratulations SpaceX.

  77. youme1414

    Jared, thank you so much. You guys are wonderful!

  78. jigglybits

    doctor proctor looks so happy 🥺 she really is out here living her dreams

  79. Lee K

    Sian, Haley, Chris and Jared! You are each in my thoughts, and you are truly inspiring as individuals and as a crew.

  80. DukeQuack

    Wow. Seeing art and music in space is truly a surreal moment. Didn’t know how inspiring it would be until you see it

  81. R B

    Just a truly amazing achievement of all these great people to make this happen and to help all those children. Wish we could have more launches like this in the next several years.

  82. Wade Wilson

    Took me a while to warm up to this mission, but Haley is now one of my favorite astronauts now! :) Pure joy. Let’s get her some boots for the moon… seriously.

    Jared stands head and shoulders above the other recent billionaire adventurers. This has not been a showcase of ego. He has fully shared the spotlight with his crew of remarkable but regular people and made this flight a symbol of good and a beacon for philanthropy. Kudos!

  83. Leonard Liverpool

    I’m a fan of Hayley and Chris. Chris made me cry when he played his ukulele 💯🇩🇲🇬🇧❤️

  84. domoredujordan

    They look like they’re having some fun! Everyone’s excitement is palpable.

  85. Julian Wells

    This is truly the most inspirational Space mission of all time. What a great crew of everyday people. Each with a great story.

  86. Factnomenal

    “Sorry can’t talk, orbiting the Earth”

  87. Ryan Smith


    You need to turn the lights off inside when trying to film outside Dragon, hope you get another chance to get some views of outside for us!

  88. Rob Stevens

    I love that they’ve given Hayley the callsign of “Nova!” Wish I was up there with you … come back safely, Inspiration4!

  89. shvrdavid

    Just imagine, traveling around the planet in about 90 min, then realizing how small it really is. Sort of puts new perspective and meaning to “Go forth and prosper”. Thank you Elon, for your dreams, your determination, and you achievements that make all this possible.

  90. David Tilton

    This is so awesome! I may not get a chance to do this, but I’m excited for my kids and future grandkids. Thanks SpaceX, Jared, and Inspiration 4 crew for allowing us to experience this with you!

  91. John Ortiz

    The fact that they have adapted to microgravity so fast is a testament of the amazing capabilities of the human body. Humanity is meant to explore the cosmos. It’s such an exciting time.

  92. Katie Leigh

    I started crying when Chris played music in space!!

  93. Gordon Tyler

    For sure, the most amazing YouTube livestream that I have ever seen in my life. I have ordered a shirt and hat with that awesome Inspiration4 patch. I have been donating to St. Jude using Amazon Smile for years now – it is a great cause! I don’t know how they could have picked four better people to represent humanity for this mission. They may be civilians, but there’s nothing ‘ordinary’ about any of them. Thank you so much for your dedication and humility.

  94. Luis Giordano

    Hayley would make a great addition to any ISS expedition crew

  95. GunGuyTV


  96. Josh Gribble

    No matter how chaotic things seem, Its these moments that reinvigorate me with Hope. Lets keep shooting higher for the future of humanity.

  97. ThanksForAllMyToes

    “I’ve been learning how to use markers in space”. This does sound like something a kid would say haha, or the title of her auto-biography in 30 years. But her drawing was amazing!

  98. cboy 2075

    I just love how Haley is floating upside down the crew must really be enjoying themselves

  99. Eric L

    This is so incredible to see regular people in space and their enthusiasm because NASA astronauts on the shuttle and the ISS were/are pretty much all business. They never let it be seen that they just might be having fun too. Inspiration 4 looks like all fun! This makes space feel much closer and relatable!

  100. Samuel Krajc

    really exited for the day I get to see a stream like this from inside a starship!

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