Falcon Heavy Demo | Static Fire

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On Wednesday, Jan. 24th, 2018 SpaceX completed the first static fire test of the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle. When Falcon Heavy lifts off, it will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two.

Its first stage is composed of three Falcon 9 nine-engine cores whose 27 Merlin engines together generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust, equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft. Only the Saturn V moon rocket, last flown in 1973, delivered more payload to orbit. Falcon Heavy was designed from the outset to carry humans into space and restores the possibility of flying missions with crew to the Moon or Mars.

  1. RedHead Productions

    I’ve recently became obsessed with Elon Musk’s work
    And I love it

  2. Anirudh rao

    So? Rocket rev…..will Be like this??..

  3. ShockJockey

    Can’t wait to see the launch!!!!

  4. Barberi Andy

    T- 1 Day and 11 hours until lift-off 😆
    Can‘t wait to see it roaring threw the sky ❤️🚀

  5. iluvj00

    Well… I almost cried so, you can bet I will do in the actual day…

  6. Quixy Lados

    GOOD LUCK!!!!


    The launch of the Falcon Heavy is going to be one of the most watched live rocket launches of all time. Could it be the most watched? It will not just be watched here on the Spacex stream, but it will also be streamed live with commentary on several other youtube channels and on places like Twitch, and those people lucky enough to watch this in person at KSC will also be watching online and/or streaming the event themselves to friends and family using their smartphones. Share this video and lets try to make the Falcon Heavy launch the most watched launch in history!

  8. Pieter Steenkamp

    Just happy it didn’t blow up; all this waiting had me worried…

  9. Meme slave

    I can’t wait for the launch to mars !

  10. Павел Котов

    1 million watts Vape

  11. Jake Haines


  12. I’m already Sans Undertale

    Oh yes.

  13. chrisloganmusic

    My prediction is structural failure at or near Max Q; I don’t believe the F9 “nacelles” will hold with that much airflow between them and the central F9 core. I sure hope it works though… cuz I wanna see picts from the Tesla in space. LOL!!!

  14. Goat

    how I feel after taco Bell

  15. Justin Gigold

    Please Elon, or someone who has influence, put GoPros in your Car with a little bit of interior light and a Dashboard Hula Girl and put the whole video online! :D

  16. Nicolas Melendez

    Congratulations. Im excited for the launch

  17. Dustan Jones

    Is this 2x speed?

  18. Loki

    When is this fella launching?

  19. Martin J

    Looks skookum!

  20. George Peals

    The future is here!!!

  21. GamingTheGames

    damn thats a huge rocket

  22. Kaitlin Smith

    I often wonder who it is that decides to dislike a video and why.

  23. David Liu

    Launch already, this isn’t rocket science…

  24. starburst

    Rip head phones users 0:13

  25. Quartz 2ndA

    When is the launch scheduled for ?

  26. Florian Ehrhardt

    I heared this in Germany! Can’t wait to feel the liftoff

  27. mikker29y

    Sounds way better than the Delta IV Heavy.

  28. Jean Bernard

    Good job a date for launch ?
    in France we are impatient that you launch falcon 9H

  29. URB Tech

    That sound is orgasmic.

  30. Anorax

    Thunderbirds Are Go!

  31. 4IN14094

    Either we are gonna see the biggest non-nuclear fireworks ever, or we are going to see history in the making.

  32. Omer Magen

    That’s like the trailer for the actual launch

  33. Phil Hopkins

    People in neighboring states and a few nearby countries will be complaining about the racket when these launch.

  34. Alan Phelan

    6th February

  35. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    congratulations Elon now lets get it into space

  36. ToastMachine

    That looked like it had tacobell😂

  37. Jpik 27

    now i will do it in Kerbal space program :D

  38. Cscuile

    The launch will be EPIC!

  39. Tom Uneken

    47 ULA employees saw this video…

  40. Ben Carley

    Legends. Jebediah kerbal would be so proud…

  41. Hrvoje Herceg

    This is my friends the most powerful rocket in use by a factor of 2. Mind-blowing! 🚀

  42. Drones and Sneakers

    When u about to throw the 1-2 mayweather but they hold you back

  43. Ha'dishrayen' Diego

    For your information it’s the official launch is in one or two week. It’s Elon Musk say it on Twitter :)

  44. AximiliEsgarrouth1

    This will be a good year for SpaceX.

  45. Francesco Di Mauro

    And that, son, is how clouds are made.

  46. Nukes Away

    Hi, Elon? Can I borrow your smoke machine for my party?

  47. leftcoaster67

    Has a launch date been set yet?

  48. JayThatGuy !

    Feb 6th…. My most awaited day!!!

  49. Mai Naim

    Did all 27 fire? I counted 25 with average 197ms intervals.

  50. lucas13flu

    The future is here. So many tech companies selling scams, but SpaceX really delivers!

  51. flyonthewalls

    I hope the flat earthers are paying attention

  52. dolphfan64

    So flippin awesome, Can’t wait for the maiden flight. We’ve needed a new visionary like Elon for too long. Good job Space-X !!!

  53. raboox9

    “Now witness the power of this fully operational heavy launcher…” Gotta say it in a plummy British accent.

  54. Chase Giovannetti

    Go SpaceX

  55. Steven Z

    It’s lit

  56. Adam

    If you play it back in slow motion, you can see Zeus being born.

  57. GVY UU

    Go on you good things..whole of Ireland is wating for awesome.

  58. Derp'e'ty'derp

    I see that 52 people working for United Launch Alliance have been also here :)

  59. jpy

    Yes, it’s finally coming to life

  60. TheEAtoday

    I think Elon musk is producing electric for the sole purpose of balancing out all of his rocket emissions lol jk

  61. Osom Sith


  62. Jonah Beale

    The real question: is there a Roadster under that payload fairing?

  63. Jebediah Kerman


  64. steinarne79

    Oh my…. Science is awesome!!!

  65. Ƿódenson

    1000 Flat Earthers just shed a tear XD

  66. Cptn. Viridian

    You can feel the power as the speaker on my phone rips apart!

  67. paolo volpe

    Release the clamps


    *HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  69. Steve Batzer

    Was such a thrill to watch this morning…hope all signs point to nominal and we’ll see her fly soon! Great job all!

  70. Nalgas Aplaudiendo

    That test fire was intense! I can’t wait to see the actual launch! It’s going to be epic!

  71. Watmel Berry

    New headphones please.

  72. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

    me when i eat chili

  73. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    What holds it in place? This force must be enormous.

  74. MrD

    When those engines ignited I almost dropped my drink!

  75. tony forster

    another blast closer to Mars!

  76. Joshua Mowforth

    Woo! One step closer to achieving reusable interplanetary travel!

  77. CountArtha

    Where there’s smoke, there’s awesome

  78. ItzRob

    Go Elon!

  79. Alon Brook

    so much power unleashed in a second. amazing.

  80. Robert Ferguson

    Crazy how a split second still illustrates the incredible power of those engines. I can’t wait to see this behemoth fly!

  81. Везучий Эйджи

    46 dislikes from lokheed marting, boeing, rosskosmos and CNSA

  82. Peter

    And just like that they launched florida to mars

  83. Mark Morales

    Its cool to see people genuinely excited about humanity’s future, this is it folks! Lets go!

  84. Cryptoxic Gaming

    Falcon 9 vs the guy she told you not to worry about

  85. KevAn

    Aliens probably heard that roar

  86. Jarrod Davis

    I just cannot wait to see this baby fly.

  87. StarlightVisual

    Go Falcon Heavy!!

  88. Keno Right

    You’ve done it again SpaceX! Let’s get ready for one successful launch and three successful landings, shall we?

  89. kambiz shahri

    Wholly 27 engines (almost) firing at the same time, batman!!!!

  90. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

    Surprised the Roadster’s alarm didn’t go off

  91. Tonny H.

    Go launch!

  92. 21guitarworld

    Hi, I’d like to talk to you about our Lord and Saviour Elon Musk

  93. Valderon

    You can almost feel the power through the camera! I’m so excited for the launch!

  94. leokimvideo

    I live in Australia. I’m sure I heard and felt it down here.

  95. One Mad Scientist

    We’re getting closer to the actual launch… can’t wait

  96. HZQ Productions

    That’s what Im talking about! Can’t wait to see it launch for real!!!!

  97. Hostile

    Right now, just like the rocket, I am fully erect.

  98. Alpha Adhito

    Good morning Florida! Looks like today we have perfect cloudless, sunny day
    SpaceX: 0:10 *Say no more*

  99. shinevision sv

    *Instant Orgasm*

  100. iRx Destiny

    i need the launch date

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