CRS-23 Mission (2021.08.29)

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SpaceX is targeting Sunday, August 29 for Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon’s 23rd Commercial Resupply Services (CRS-23) mission. Liftoff is targeted for 3:14 a.m. EDT, or 7:14 UTC, from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

The Dragon spacecraft supporting this mission previously supported SpaceX’s 21st Commercial Resupply Services (CRS-21) mission. Dragon will separate from Falcon 9’s second stage about twelve minutes after liftoff and autonomously dock to the space station on Monday, August 30 at approximately 11:00 a.m. EDT, 15:00 UTC.

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  1. Ngon1420

    Did they just launched this while there’s a mild drizzle? Wow!

  2. Paris Ravago

    Watching the Falcon 9 first stage land on the drone ship never gets old !!!

  3. Sean J

    even watching this more than a day later and I still get excited for the landing and separations.

  4. Dana Peck

    Watching SpaceX launches through Starlink, love it.

  5. Nguyên Phan

    Seeing it fly at 27000km/h is really unreal.

  6. Rosalines Lon

    The upgrades in the Dragon are fantastic ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. Rodel Lakas

    90th landing? Other rockets were afraid to fly even! 😂

  8. HMGames

    News: The Philippines’ Maya-3 and Maya-4 cube satellites now bound to the international Space Station aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
    Me: noice*

  9. Lamen Kane

    Never get tired of these,love these launches.

  10. chemicalcorrosion

    Damn. Was hoping this one had a group of Starlink satellites to service my area. Still patiently waiting.

  11. dankind

    19:58 Sonic Boom
    21:35 Stage 1 boost back burn
    30:42 Dragon separation
    31:11 Sunrise

  12. Jason Hsu

    Another nice beautiful landing for Falcon 9~~~~ Never get tired of watching it landing~~~~ Good job SpaceX !

  13. V2 Creations

    a couple of years from now this would be like watching a train arrive at the station.

  14. Mystic_ lynx

    I love the presentation that goes into these. Booster landings will never get old. Thanks spaceX.

  15. miRza

    When its becoming a casual weekly event, you know progress is being made.

  16. Toe Cutter

    Dear SpaceX: Congratulations on yet another flawless mission! These missions *never* get old! Watching those boosters return and land so smoothly still looks like science fiction. Watching these missions is so inspiring! You have my sincere thanks for providing a glimmer of light in these otherwise dark times. 🚀🤩

  17. UCISwagnSwole

    Really felt that bass drop at @19:19

  18. Paulo Novaes Silva

    Parabéns, ótimo lançamento!

  19. WillieRants

    31:18 I gotta say that shot with Shaniqua was pretty awesome. Check out the screen(s) in the background.

  20. Deep Fried Deals

    The live video feeds, telemetry, and step-by-step coverage on these SpaceX missions is just incredible. Makes Northrop Grumman look like a bunch of cave men.

  21. LeMarkD Media

    Never gets old! I love watching launches no matter how many times they launch!

  22. Spud Starch

    It’s honestly kinda like amsr with the night sounds and everything. Very pleasing

  23. xMidgeWON

    that boost back burn was amazing!

  24. Abbey Self

    listening in the background for the ambience while I do classwork lol

  25. Autistic Engineer

    18:53 is liftoff. The vortex ring shooting out for 2nd stage ignition looks pretty cool

  26. Gordon Houston-McMillan

    SpaceX are getting so good at this now… Well done again guys. :-)

  27. Don Jones

    I love the beginning when you can just hear the Dragon breathing.

  28. Siddhant Shukla

    Man… The booster landing gets me everytime. No one would have even thought about this in the last decade or so. But now , it’s almost happening twice per month. Amazing.

  29. MsShirepony

    Meanwhile “Besos” is suiing to stop the Starlink program because despite having all the money in the world he still can’t get it up.

  30. pete simpson

    Congrats Space X crew, you are the best in the world at what you do, something to be incredibly proud of. #USA

  31. GiJoe1of3

    And SpaceX does it again! You all at spaceX makes space fun…… well done 👍

  32. Onio Saiyan

    Watched this live. Fell asleep at my desk right after the landing. You ever dream about space? Best dream I’ve had in awhile. Now my head hurts. Darn keyboard.

  33. Paul Anthony Donahue

    Simply amazing… Humanity at it’s best! 🚀

  34. Darth Dabs

    Space the finale frontier theses are the continuing launches of SpaceX

  35. My favorite Martian

    “Falcon 9, the workhorse of space!”

  36. Ajani Blake

    This is amazing… additionally the view of earth at the end is gorgeous, I wonder if people who believe the earth is flat haven’t seen these videos.

  37. suresh nishtala

    Never Get bored watching the launches…..Congratulations for 90th successful recovery of orbital class rocket

  38. Daniel Michel

    Flawless as usual spacex. Well done. Love to watch every launch.

  39. Mandude

    Elon clearly has a bigger hog than bezos

  40. tempe1d

    This never get old. Clean launch. Successful recovery of rocket. Dragon on way to ISS. Its simply amazing and awesome everytime. Go Space X!

  41. JMarten Studios

    I’m just glad another Falcon 9 got to launch. It’s been a while.

  42. Cayplus Connects

    TEAM you did it again!🚀

    Congratulations, Space X

  43. Nirad1371

    Those landings never get old!

  44. John Ryan

    Always amazing to see.

  45. Timothy Patrick Melton

    Holy mackrel …thanks everyone post preflight inspections every one envoled has continued to go beyond the call of duties …

  46. Entirely new gmail accoun

    oh how i’ve missed these videos!

  47. Tiago Marçalo

    I will love when Elon start working for me really will be a good enviroment.

  48. chargersrt10

    Love these webcasts. So cool.

  49. Tony Glenn

    Excellent work everyone keep it up.

  50. NMCCW

    28:50 The Irony of taking Space Monkeys ( Brine Shrimp) to space.

  51. Scott Stewart

    BO can’t to launches into space, so maybe they should do videos on their court cases. “We’re approaching depositions….”

  52. Demahom 957

    Between 21:46 – 22:18, really cool control ripple effects from the falcon 9 orbital booster rocket & the 2nd stage’s single 1d vacuum rocket engine👍👍.

  53. Merle Patterson

    My question is; How much ice cream gets delivered every CRS?

  54. James Fowler

    Beautiful as always….Meanwhile I hear the sounds of gnashing teeth and swear words from Bozos yacht…

  55. Jan Pieter Cornet

    At 31:20 Chaniqua makes sure she’s set up correctly for the Droste Effect! Nice one!

  56. Westley West

    Truly amazing cinematography!
    But we never really get to see it land, especially at night, because of the flames.
    Maybe a computer controlled gradient filter. A physical one in front of the camera. Not a software filter or aperture setting. It could slide up and down to filter out (or let in) light as it lands…

  57. Joshua Kla

    21:30 the following scenes must be the most satisfying that were ever recorded in space!

  58. Harry Nicholas

    do microsoft interupt their experiments with updates, or do you guys have a way to block them.

  59. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelsse

    I’ve watched nearly every Space X flight so far. Never get tired of it. I also loved the little science segment from onboard the ISS. It still blows my mind that we have a permanent presence outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, orbiting constantly. Humans are amazing at times.

  60. Mongoose1616

    Thank you guys for including stage 1 telemetry.

  61. My Darling

    So this is how the season 0 of The Expanse began.

  62. Gregii flieger

    Still cannot stop watching these landings in amazement. 90 landings while others spend billions to repeat what was accomplished +50 years ago…

  63. Maky 6969

    SpaceX: Im gonna teach u how to Launch and Land an Orbital Class Rocket.

    Other Aerospace Company: Write that down.

  64. MrDionysos01

    Congrats on success launch and landing of the booster

  65. JackyVivid

    SpaceX made landings more interesting than actual launch.

  66. macdieter23558

    I love to reuse things. too, but an orbital class rocket is some very different case!

  67. Akila Amarathunga

    Never gets old. Well done SpaceX.

  68. Elgrecko87

    Every time we see the MCC I feel the need for more monitors xD

  69. ChefboyRT

    Working in a restaurant, putting the food order away was always a pain. Cant imagine having to do Inventory on 2 tons of supplies.

  70. Tolly_Byatt Brix

    Amazing to see that dead centre landing on ASOG!!!

  71. Bogdan Gorgos

    Oh, I wonder what happened to the soundtracks they always use. Miss that!

  72. CW Productions

    When its becoming a casual weekly event, you know progress is being made.

  73. Marco Adventures

    The man that owns this company is the same man that yeeted his own car into space.

  74. skew SME

    Orbital, Bezos. Not sub-orbital.
    Lawsuits don’t get you to space. Neither will copying someone else’s homework.

  75. Frankie Noshow

    The human mind starting to show it’s true potential Elon you must be so proud of what you have accomplished with your team and your persistence. If I gues how they get the rockets straight up to land they use two gyroscopesensors one in the top of the Rocket and one in the bodem so they can landed it straight up i love these things only speculating off course .

  76. Rabid Tribble

    Always fun to watch SpaceX school the other players on how launches are done.

  77. present

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what’s next for Spacex!

  78. White Bunny

    The 90th landing of an orbital class rocket… all done in a space of a couple years. Nasa choosing only SpaceX for the lunar project just makes sense. Business sense. Safety sense. Scalability sense. Consistency sense. Attainable future sense.

  79. Kyle Kane

    I hope nasa brings 4k or even 1080 to the moon..

  80. John Cooper

    Hey, Jeff B., this is how it is done

  81. john hopkins

    8:46 T-10 minutes (blasting advertuisements)

  82. Kirk Claybrook

    Jeff will be crying into his corn flakes

  83. CoCo_Alien

    40:26 love this!!!

  84. jammer2isme

    this seriously never gets old. when i was born we hadn’t even been on the moon yet. looking forward to watching SpaceX land on the moon with or without NASA along for the ride.

  85. Cologan

    first time i focused on the numbers rather than the feed. makes me appreciate how trivial this now looks even more

  86. Jun Abejo

    Great launch! Congratulations for another successful mission so far!

  87. Steven Castellanos

    Never seen a relight of the booster with stage 2 firing in the background!!

  88. Jeshua Williams

    Awake at 3am again…always worth it!

  89. AshDinX

    18:43 T-10
    18:53 T-0 Lift Off!
    21:48 Stage 1 Boost Back Burn Startup
    26:06 Stage 1 Landing Burn Startup
    26:30 Stage 1 Landing Legs Deployed
    26:46 Stage 1 Landing Confirmed!

  90. J.E. Brink

    Thanks to Elon Musk and his team for bringing the future today.

  91. Justin Davis

    Crazy that this is soon to be “old technology” what a time.

  92. Question Everything

    Dude. Space is like, cool.

  93. Observationist

    Watching the Falcon 9 first stage land on the drone ship never gets old !!!

  94. Frank Benlin

    At 21:47 the boost back burn makes some high tech modern performance art.

  95. anime lover

    this was awesome!!

  96. nimeni32

    That nebula effect! Yay!

  97. Darqnezz

    Hope to see the orbital launch

  98. explore the space

    Great to see from start of the mission, I have learnt something new from every launch and I get used to know lot of technical terms in rocket launching by this live streams, great job spacex

  99. Anakin's Dad

    This is becoming some boring because each launch is so perfect! Starship is next



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