CRS-19 Mission

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SpaceX is targeting Thursday, December 5 for launch of its nineteenth Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-19) at 12:29 p.m. EST, or 17:29 UTC, from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Dragon will separate from Falcon 9’s second stage about nine minutes after liftoff and attach to the space station on Saturday, December 7.

The Dragon spacecraft that will support the CRS-19 mission previously supported the CRS-4 mission in September 2014 and the CRS-11 mission in June 2017. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.

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  1. Robert Gagnon

    Liking the jams before the video. I was jamming out on my bass along with it before the feed started. :)

  2. David Roberts

    Well that was so cool loved the and landing the way those arms folded out was great 👍 keep up the good work guys and girls 🇬🇧❤️David

  3. Watcher Bear

    Thank you for not taking this video down : )

  4. Cliff Cheung

    ?28:44 is that flying debris?? Is it the solar ray protective covers that were released before the solar rays unfolded?? and would debris traveling through space like that cause great damage if it collides with something? or would it just bounce off whatever it hits.

  5. Mayank Upadhyay

    Congrats to SPACEX and NASA.
    Edit: Thank you Mr. Elon Musk

  6. F Clarke

    It’s amazing how I can load this up and say silly shit like oh it’s just a resupply mission.

  7. Ishaan Gokhale

    19:17ofc I still love you😂

  8. Александр Владимирович

    20:03 что ты скажешь на это, Илон Маск?
    what do you say to that, Elon Musk?

  9. Иван Романов

    19:30 Maus??? Seriously???😂😂😂😂 this is very big maus))


    Мыши в космосе завелись

  11. Fahyien sher

    28:43 bird

  12. Macoll

    20:23 the first mouse in space on a thruster, it owns us all ^^

  13. Robert Gagnon

    Great job, SpaceX! You guys make this look easy.

  14. TheStBeller

    new word in physics! MOUSE! =^_^=

  15. 5Angels

    This is nothing new…in the 80’s the Muppets did Pigs in Space…today 21st Century Muppets do Mice in Space.

  16. Milky Smoove

    Theres a mouse crawling at 20:00 this Elon Musk-Rat destroys the whole illusion. The rodent reveals that Its a stationary scale model set up with stationary camera and cgi background.

  17. Captain Virtu

    Flat earthers: Pfft it’s clearly photoshopped

  18. SuperStruct

    *Loses camera feed*
    Eddie Bravo has entered the lobby.

  19. james perzinski

    I watched when it was live first launch of any rocket I’ve seen live!

  20. AfroditaVasilevna

    Замечательное поучительное видео, на котором можно потренироваться замечать и распознавать ошибки и неточности видеоредакторов.

  21. Heart Land

    20:03 ELON MOUSE

  22. NZT 33

    running rat on the right screen 20:23 , 20:02

  23. Junior Franco

    R.I.P Space X
    Thanks Mouse!
    The earth is FLAT

  24. Asiri Dalugoda

    And still people complain, that space exploration is a waste of money

  25. ToXiC

    28:41 Watch the left side: Birds in space? lol

  26. Alonso Stark

    Minuto 20. Hay una rata😮🤣🤣

  27. draks2011

    *The mouse showed that NASA a lie!*
    *Dislike this video!*

  28. andrei vajenin

    20:01 Mouse.))) lol

  29. JkMogo

    20:02 First Mouse IN Space :)) NASA Should be proud :))

  30. Ron Shekelson

    Space Rat is the newest member of the Space FARCE!!!

  31. Плоский Юмор

    Hey guys. Is it a new type of system support or something on 20:04 Looks like a mouse in space.

  32. Henry Ganzer

    at 20:00 min the pilot/mission commander does manually an engine check . . . . . -???

  33. Sean G. Dolan


  34. Vladimir Pootis

    27:06 The first rubber duck in space!

  35. pius alexander

    I love you all stupid people..howe the mouse can breath in the space 🤣🤣😂😂love you all

  36. Sagi Haber


  37. Christian memes

    I want someone to look at me the way Elon looks at his rockets

  38. Alex Krotov

    20:04 we was on the moon. Believe us. :))))

  39. Konstantin Konstantinov

    20:03 It’s dog or rat?)))

  40. Unsere schöne flache Erde

    [24:48] Fliegen im Weltall😂😂😂

  41. Aleksei

    fly in space flies on 24: 47-24: 50 )))

  42. wii 34

    20:01 la rata de los vengadores

  43. Денис Сибиряков

    20:02 wtf


    There is a MOUSE CRAWLING around with NO SPACESUIT ON at 20:03 – New Name Elon Mouse! What a hoax smh

  45. Capone 3:16

    It’s a shame how many people can watch and listen to this and trust this is reAl and not cGi or greenScrene! This is beYond FaKery!!

  46. H. Louise

    All I can think of is Laika, the little dog sent to space with no way of return. The poor angel.

  47. Christopher Adam

    Cue the song….. “”IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN””

  48. I M

    Вот это я понимаю, вот это технологии)))) и мышка, и водичка капает, и мухи летают)))) как тебе такое, Роскосмос?))))))

  49. Vladek

    20:04 Илон Маск продолжает славную традицию лунных первопроходцев т.е первопроходимцев.

  50. Tanja K

    And the Oscar goes to…. ridicolous video! 😂🤣

  51. Gabriel Costa

    27:31 did that debris just pass between the camera and the solar array?

  52. Flat Earth

    20:02 MOUSE IN SPACE!!!
    lies on humankind!

  53. Bryanmiester

    I’m in Miami and was staring at something making a huge trail in the sky earlier. I guess I now know what it was 😅
    Congrats on the successful trip!

  54. BladerDark1

    20:02 Ура! Мышь полетела в космос и без скафандра!
    Hurray! The mouse flew into space without a spacesuit!

  55. Glenn

    Ar 20:03 I see a rat or mouse who seems impervious to heat , doesn’t need to breathe , and has some sticky feet to not blow off at Mach 2 🤪

  56. Константин Коробков

    WTF??? Watching a mouse in 00:20:03))))

  57. Jake Jones

    28:43 Wow I just seen a bird fly by in outer space. What kind of cartoon is this?

  58. yulyen devotee

    alright my brain just died

  59. Frostdraken 5

    bruh, I get chills every time one of these big beautiful rockets works perfectly

  60. Chad

    It is pretty amazing that we are landing rockets and reusing them. I wonder what future generations will think when they see comments like these. I wonder what will be amazing to them.

  61. Евгений Саитов

    20:02 и это же официальное видео! Мышь на сопле в космосе!

  62. dub2459

    14:50 for anyone that just wants to skip to the launch.

  63. Dark Kermit

    This happened during my lunch. We watched it in Science class

  64. Александр Гусев

    20:04 Мышь ( кродеться )

  65. Anastasia Kyarova

    Американцы опять первые! Первый выход мышки в открытый космос без скафандра

  66. Evgeny Zarubin

    Вот это технологии!!! Мышь, без скафандра, возле сопла! Космышь просто!

  67. Viсente D

    20:03 – so beauty mouse in coming to the engine :)))

  68. James Films

    Staying up till 5am in Australia… eh, worth it.

  69. Charles Damery

    The booster landings never grow old. They’ve come a long was in 62 years.

  70. AG meiss

    Never get tired of watching the launches. Wish the camera reliability on “of course I still love you”. But hey you still came a long way. Keep up the work.

  71. Pepe Hands

    Without Elon, what would the world be like rn? I am 10000% sure he has made a difference with his teams, changing the way we hope and dream for our futures. He is the first person I feel confident to call my hero, along with everyone else that works for his companies. Thank you Elon, SpaceX, Tesla, BoringCompany, etc. You guys are and will be considered the heroes of the human race.
    Edit: By “we” I mean the people that understand where I am coming from. If you dont relate for whatever reason, please ignore this comment.

  72. Alex Alex

    Giant killer mice from outer space

  73. Vodka Stani

    Great video! Maybe this is evidence for life in space without air! ☝😎
    20:01 UCO (unknown crawling object on the right side looking like a mouse)
    28:43 UFO (upper left, a moth?)

  74. Telemahos Romeos

    NASA and SPACEX magic : There is life outside of our EARTH 👏 👏

  75. brccrx

    Theres something else moving at 18:38 on the right screen…

  76. Andrey Zelenin

    ура ..первая космическая мышь 20.02 смотрите

  77. Wiizl

    Great, In 15 minutes they have Dragon in orbit and booster back on Earth. Awesome that SpaceX have made these launches so easy, safe and trivial. Congrats!

  78. PepRoween

    28:43 was that a bird? 😂

  79. Quintijn Kroesbergen

    This whole thing just took 30 minutes?! That’s really insane!

  80. They Hate The Truth

    You can deadass see a rat on this
    Looks like Elon’s got a rat problem

  81. Bogdan Markovic

    Why is SpaceX building Starlink?
    So that they can stream their booster landing in 4K. 🤣

  82. Josef Shmuel

    мышь 20:02 Мышь ищет пива в отеле для роботов

  83. mick4659

    Europe has Greta as the new messiah, the US have Elon. Both are charlatans. :-)

  84. Макс Пауэр

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 мышь космонавт😂👍

  85. Telemahos Romeos

    Hello everyone,
    Guys, that wasn’t a normal mouse ..🐀 min. 20:03
    that was Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse ..
    This is no problem for the all-rounders from NASA ..
    By the way, FLY in space, in this video and from min. 18:36 it is clear to see the Fly Swatters

  86. Ankeger NSK

    20:00 mouse)) space mouse)

  87. Bartosz Stasiak

    Elon is building starlink for single single purpose:
    so “OF COURSE I STILL LOVE YOU” craft can have better connection and stream 4k 60fps landing video

  88. Фанис Сиразетдинов

    Поздравляю с наступающим 2020 годом мыши!🤣

  89. J0HN_R1

    20 years ago if you told NASA geeks we’d be launching rockets into orbit and then when it re-enters the atmosphere, landing the rocket on a ship… They would’ve laughed.

  90. Galactic Rangers

    how crazy is it that this just seems to be the norm now, it’s crazy how reliable these things are considering what they go through.

  91. Oleg Bauer

    Astro-rat or Astro-mouse is just mind-blowing. Secret technology accidentally opened. It turns out that soon the Americans led by Elon Musk will fly to Mars without spacesuits. What a breakthrough in science and technology!!! Friends, let’s take off our hats to these clowns!!!

  92. Ofizerik

    20:02 – WTF… Did you see this or what?

  93. Alexander Kapsiotis

    The aluminum foil in space is the most reliable technology since 1969.

  94. Bond007in

    This movie was created by The Walt Disney

  95. yapizdabol

    Why mouse without a spacesuit?

  96. Otopon

    liftoff: 14:48
    Max-Q: 16:08
    stage seperaion: 17:31
    ignition second stage engine: 17:57
    entry burn: 21:16
    landing: 22:42
    engine shutown: 23:35
    dragon seperation: 24:35
    solar array deploiment: 27:00

  97. KerranKaksi

    I wish they could get the live video of booster landing working more reliably. For me it’s the most exciting part to watch but it seems every time I tune in there’s some issue causing loss of signal or something.

  98. Nick Ball

    20:01 is that a mouse on the booster on the right.

  99. Rock Steady

    So. It seems like mice can live in space or space x is a hoax.

  100. Василий Cu

    Long live Mickey Mouse !!!

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