CRS-18 Mission

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At 6:01 p.m. EDT, or 22:01 UTC, on Thursday, July 25, SpaceX launched its eighteenth Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-18) from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Dragon separated from Falcon 9’s second stage about nine minutes after liftoff.

The Dragon spacecraft supporting the CRS-18 mission previously supported the CRS-6 mission in April 2015 and the CRS-13 mission in December 2017. Following stage separation, SpaceX recovered Falcon 9’s first stage on Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

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  1. Step with Stef

    At minute 27:56 Spacex just lost their first engine mechanic astronaut.

  2. Nikhil Singh

    The madmen have almost perfected rocket landings.. unbelievable

  3. ElfHighMage

    I think the world should rekindle space exploration much more. So many discoveries for space benefits us on Earth.

  4. Rob Goodsight

    What can you do in 8 minutes…Many things….among them…
    Prepare a good coffee? Yes.
    Make an excellent sandwich? Yes.
    …land a Falcon super heavy rocket booster back to base? Yes…
    Not so easy as the coffee and or sandwich….
    Another good landing!

  5. Devil Shoez

    Man that first stage was comin in hot! But genius engineering brought it in unharmed.
    The future is now. Well, it was, now its the past. And so is this comment.

  6. Game Invader

    bruh it went mach 17

  7. Porta

    WOW! SpaceX is smashing it. I have never enjoyed watching rocket launches so much!

  8. ArnoldVeeman

    You guys are G R E A T ! Thank you so much for pushing the envelope of space exploration.

  9. Mert Şahin

    SpaceX roketlerin yükselişi harika. Amazing 🌍🔥🔥🔥😧🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🌟🌟🌟✨✨✨😄😄😄

  10. Channeling extraterrestrials and spirits

    Impressive. Although rocket technology is just a cover they use to not reveal their extraterrestrial technology which has been in use for many decades. They are keeping you in the dark. Although the truth is slowly coming out. Pentagon has already released many files and admited they have a UFO program where they study the phenomena. Although the rabbit hole goes deep, very deep. Much love to you all on the journey to rise in consciousness and in these disclosure times. Space, the final frontier has already been conquered a long time ago.

  11. Ashish Shah

    I can’t even brake and park my bike as smoothly as the booster landed back on ground ^_^

  12. hubert egger

    Great teamwork! Congrats from EU/AT !

  13. Schnoz

    wait that’s not a firework
    Excellent work, SpaceX!

  14. Runaan's Hurricane

    8:58 Webcast Start
    23:58 Launch
    26:20 MECO
    30:42 Entry Burn
    31:50 Landing Burn
    32:30 Landing
    32:32 SECO
    33:45 Deploy

  15. earl ivey

    I cant wait until elon becomes governor of mars,von braun said he would.

  16. Graham McDonald

    Great job, Guys!
    Stage two landing is magical

  17. surreycpr

    The only thing that has really changed from the 1960’s is the HD video and the computer control tech. We have that in our homes and with the cheep drones on E-bay.
    We have to find a better propulsion system !

  18. Devin Storm

    I machine parts for these rockets :)

  19. cronikproductions

    Imagine in the future, rockets twice the size of this one, regularly flying off in to space like planes in an air port.

  20. Dr Logiq

    Phenomenal work! It’s truly amazing to watch a rocket leave the Earth and come back, start to finish, and get that almost first person perspective as well, to see the way the atmosphere interacts with the fins… basically, thank you for sticking cameras on this thing!

  21. QuietStorm

    Congrats to SpaceX on another great launch and recovery! More importantly, thanks for pushing the boundaries of what we consider possible and keeping the dream alive.

  22. E Mc2

    Cried so much 😭

  23. MrCaptainmorgan420

    It’s amazing how we went from dumping the rockets into the water to now landing them back on ground. Simply amazing. I can’t wait to see what we get in 50 years

  24. XerosXIII

    kudos to Nasa and SpaceX crew that improved the video work with great GUI design

  25. Ed

    I like how they put a camera on the outside. A lot of them just show telemetry.

  26. Adel Ammari

    Amazing… Congratulations on another perfect mission.

  27. medved

    Landing rockets like a boss. Amazing.

  28. SovietandScotsman

    I’ve never experienced awe in the same way I experience it when I see that booster(s) touch down. The sheer enormity of the task is bewildering to me.
    When I saw it, my jaw literally dropped and I started clapping. On my own, no one here to hear me, just clapping by myself. For a solid minute or so. And I’ve seen the landings many times, but it just astonishes me every single time.
    Bravo SpaceX.

  29. Troy Bassist

    This was amazing !!!! Absolutely phenomenal …. :-)

  30. Kim In The Mix

    lovely so enjoyable..that landing was breathtaking

  31. Wessex Blades&Bushcraft

    Awesome, better than Thunderbirds!!

  32. Kaan özpay

    I envy you guys , ı will never able to fly outsıde of the world.

  33. AlrightyDave

    Incredible. What a time to be alive to see rockets land themselves back on Earth. I know they’ve done it 40 times now but man that never gets old.

  34. Only Great

    Its Only Because Of Mr.Elon Musk.
    A Legend In AeroSpace Technology. World Never Forget You.

  35. Satashi Uchiha

    That was so sick woow I knew Space was fascinating but to see a rocket land ever so successful like that just amazed me ever more so

  36. Brian Cox

    I like the term “flight proven.” I think I’m going to start calling my truck “traffic proven” instead of “used.”

  37. Louie Quinn

    Awesome, my respects and hats off. What an example of what can be done when you believe like Elon Musk does!!! I am happy for Space X, and happy that the stupid people that thought and said this was impossible, are finally totally proven wrong. Nothing is impossible!

  38. rukiddinbro

    22:47 It never gets old!!! <3 It's like science porn :P

  39. Nitish

    Love from ,space lover India

  40. Michael Adkins

    I have to say … at the time of this post …
    Streamed or uploaded by NASA or NASAKennedy …
    SpaceX CRS-18 Opening Broadcast: July 25, 2019 510 views
    Highlights of Science Launching on SpaceX CRS 18 – July 8, 2019 7.6k views
    SpaceX CRS-18 Cargo Launch to the International Space Station 284k views
    SpaceX Dragon Captured by Space Station – CRS-18 Mission Arrives 10k views
    SpaceX CRS-18: Solar Arrays Deployed 670 views
    CRS-18 Post Launch Interview 361 views
    THIS VIDEO from SpaceX … near 1.4 million views … get a clue and just stream the SpaceX launchs …. just sayin’
    Even the non-NASA uploads get more views. NASA!! … team with SpaceX to stream these launches please. You know that a video doesn’t have what people want when the POST the time to advance to in order to get to what they want to see.
    I had to watch the NASA live stream days ago because I couldn’t find the SpaceX live stream and had to listen to voice overs, that muted SpaceX Employee Launch coverage, of what was happening. No wonder the SpaceX Flight Director sounded bored … … go for flight … yawn.

  41. Raf 88

    Am from Tunisia (north africa) and watching this make me feel proud to be human. keep up the fascinating work.

  42. Hoverpants z

    At 52 years old i cry with love for you people.

  43. FUJIゆきペコちゃん


  44. Shitty comment

    Meanwhile in Russia*
    We need more booster comrade!!!

  45. Subhojit Dey

    The speed should be monitored and displayed for the re-entry engine too.

  46. Callandor

    SpaceX is awesome.
    One of three Elon Musk multi-billion dollar companies. Greatest entrepreneur of the generation. Neuralink looks fascinating as well.

  47. Fraser Henderson

    Ho hum. Just another flawless launch to LEO and recovery of (yawn) the 44th booster to land itself. Predictable and uneventful is awesome!

  48. Kags _

    “And for todays first, it’s this rockets third launch”

  49. Jc V

    Here from South Texas, we would like to congratulate Mr. Musk and his crew on another phenomenal mission and on a successful hop from your Starship (Hopper) 20 meter test. We look forward for another successful test very soon to celebrate milestones towards commercial space flight in the Rio Grand Valley! 🍾🥂

  50. Alberto Hernandez

    THE BEST CAMERA LIVE SHOT of Falcon 9 landing…. Congrats from Portugal & Venezuela 🇵🇹🇻🇪

  51. im4d4ever

    I’m all teared up,
    what a great specie we are, I’m so happy to be alive to witness the greatness of our kind, all through our human history millions of mathematicians, physicists, craftsmen, inventors, philosophers, and many others. took their share in participation in such great event, in direct or indirect way.

  52. drdts

    Magic. Thank you Elon! Thank you SpaceX Team!

  53. Kayteh

    flat earthers “ WHAT AM I SEEING”

  54. WeeSleeket

    Why is the video feed from space so “laggy?” NASA, or any of the other space agencies, haven’t had this problem.

  55. Anubis Solvang

    Finally the astronauts will get their Amazon orders 😄

  56. Abhrajeet Bachaspati


  57. Aaron Hammond

    earth is flat confirmed ;) ” only joking”

  58. Sargon of Cincinnati

    It’s really sad, that 50 years after the Moon Landing, NASA is no longer a Space Agency. 😔


    Another successfull launch and a mission………we are in your back SpaceX!
    I watched every video in this channel and in your site about rockets and missions:)

  60. GoldenBunips

    The accuracy of the landing now is outstanding, right on target every time

  61. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    The success streak was getting so boring they had to put Falcon in the wrong position during landing just for the drama

  62. Tammy Koo

    Great! Well done SpaceX and Nasa! Good luck with docking. Regards from Russia!

  63. Aftab Khan

    Brilliant job guys.
    Never seen this thing before.
    That landing accuracy is worth seeing.

  64. Biea Da Rsonist


  65. Dhicky Radhitya

    thank spacex century one oke from global human in eart come to mars.habib samba indonesia

  66. TubbyRacer

    Congrats SpaceX!!
    Love from india ❤

  67. Itz me THE JOKER

    Great job #SPACEX,

  68. Michael Pipkin

    How Not to Land a Rocket, whatever the video was, was hilarious by Space x. Look it up, it’s great how they laugh, and learn from their mistakes.

  69. Anders Martin Nordli

    I never get tired of watching these launches. It’s out of this world!
    Great commentary by the way – very knowlegeable people. :)

  70. Jim's videos

    That tracking shot of the landing is utterly bananas.

  71. Frank RenewablesCheap

    I’m glad the Russians never sold Elon an ICBM. 😁

  72. Miles Coverdale

    I still marvel at these launches and returns. How much the hoaxers are missing out.

  73. Sudharsan Ramakrishnan

    Damn they make the landing look so simple… That’s a rocket landing on its own!!! 🤯🤯

  74. Paul Howard

    Every time I see that rocket land it blows my mind it just delivered something into space and then came right back and landed where it came from. Mind-boggling talk about rocket science. Thank you for sharing peace out or should that be spaced out

  75. Eric Miret

    Awesome landing. Always love to see them (in fact I only check these launches for the landings)

  76. Tostik

    Before the rocket started fly, i wanted to press F5

  77. Richard Peer Peer

    My Tesla was burning this morning…..thank you elan for providing homeoffice

  78. jevchance

    Congratulations. Also, thank you for posting these. I do enjoy watching them, even after the fact.

  79. don son

    Cant wait to pay elon musk for internet, so i can help going to mars a bit.

  80. Crazy KSP

    One of the smoothest landings i’ve ever seen.

  81. Racoon KIM

    이제는 뭐 당연하다는듯이 부스터 재착륙 성공시키네 진짜 대단하다…

  82. cool

    If you’re watching this after live, ten-second countdown starts in 14:49

  83. K.o.R

    24:55 “Thanks for the ride.”
    Made me smile.

  84. Tomasz

    Obi Wan Kenobi: Another succesful landing :D

  85. DH Yukon

    754 dislikes by Flat earthers and Blue Origin engineers

  86. Rocco Regalbuto

    Such an amazing thing to watch. Thank you Elon Musk for the dedication and determination to achieve higher.

  87. CanaDATA

    the 44th successful landing, gosh, how much had spaceX saved so far. Great Job!

  88. 375GTB

    GO TEAM!

  89. Forever Petty

    Elvis has left the building is being replaced with *The Falcon has Landed*

  90. Antonio Nešić

    Another great one @SpaceX. Can’t wait for starhopper to jump.

  91. Kingsizeshrimp

    I love seeing the metric system on screen, not the imperial

  92. Thad ward

    doesn’t matter how many times I see it, just unbelievable. gives me hope

  93. Jyotirmoy Jash

    Holy**** They are launching rocket every month. I m confused they are launching rocket or making YouTube video content.

  94. Rene Gates

    “Non-Newtonian fluid to the ISS”… Is it a sort of Mystery Goo observations?

  95. C L

    These launches and successful rocket returns never get old.

  96. Vatsal Singh

    First stage recovery has become more interesting than launch these days. Good work.

  97. Dred Hawk

    NASA- we landed in Mars an
    Isro – we land in moon
    Spacex – we go to space and then come back and landed on earth.

  98. Jacob Juul Klejs Kolding

    1969: The Eagle has landed.
    2019: The Falcon has landed.

  99. Otopon

    14:50 Launch
    17:20 Booster seperation
    22:50 Landing burn
    23:20 Landing
    24:50 Dragon seperation

  100. Kyaw Zaw Aung

    Imagine just having an average day driving in Florida and suddenly you look right and there’s a giant rocket landing on its own. What a time to be alive.

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