Crew Dragon‘s Second Demonstration Mission

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Crew Dragon’s test flight with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on board the spacecraft marked the return of U.S. human spaceflight and the first-time in history a commercial company successfully transported NASA astronauts to the International Space Station and back home to Earth.

  1. SnowGentleman

    How much will it cost if the Pilot has to pee literally before start and want to go to the bathroom ?

  2. Ruairidh Mason

    Space X: “Hold my liquid oxygen + kerosene”

  3. Jog B

    “Godspeed Bob and Doug”. They sent the McKenzie brothers into space?

  4. Daniel

    The journey of how Space X started to where it is not is simply amazing. Hopefully, I shall live to see the first human Mars landing.

  5. CayPlus Connects

    Mission accomplished SpaceX!
    History unfolds and it’s something good in the world in 2020!🚀

    Witnessed history, amazing!🍁🚀

  6. 03-K64-Firefly

    I remember the game when watching this video: Detroit: Become Human

  7. Jon Garside

    We can , as humans achieve so much when we look beyond our own wants.


    “Let’s light this candle” It wonders me how we have come this stage from Alan Shepard

  9. Skin-n-Bones

    this brings tears to my eyes when I watch it over and over again. Absolutely amazing job by SpaceX

  10. Toxic Aristotle

    it’s strange that just 2 years we were paying Russians to let us fly to space, now we can do it ourselves and more cheaply as well.

  11. bacho yaryarashvili

    “Brightness in 2020” … Space x for me is like a second star that keeps warm the other side of my life..

  12. graffeity

    I wouldn’t be mad if SpaceX says they own Mars.

  13. Oz

    Hope one day when I visit lunar city and when the ship landed and I hear : thanks for flying SpaceX

  14. Juznik

    The future is here! Huge thanks to Elon Musk and all you brave people who believed in his vision – for making it come true! There is a lot left to do, Moon and Mars next!

  15. X-Avenger Plays

    SpaceX: The Force awakens.

  16. Shrey AeroSpace

    In a school in 2040,
    Teacher : Where did you go in summer holidays?
    Children : Nothing much, just a little trip to the Jovian System with a layover in Mars and Bennu.

  17. Danejuris

    Who disliked this?? It makes me feel like there are bots disliking every video

  18. Martin

    “Thanks for flying spaceX” That sounds cool.

  19. Grace Wu

    Still gives me chills FeelsStrongMan

  20. can froggy get 1 subscrib

    Hold up that’s…..

    A nice cut G 😂
    Edit:read my name Lol

  21. StarkosGuy

    The start of a new truly breathtaking adventure to the stars

  22. Natural Technologist

    Well, as a representative of humanity (*if you’re human then your whole life represents humanity) I proudly say that based on all of the views, comments and Likes here, all humanity are proud to be part of this historic space program evolution and just because the majority of us aka humanity refuses to help solve massive global pollution of our ground, air and water, human trafficking, the pedophiles of Hollywood, homelessness, disease, war, crime, corrupt politicians, dumbing down our own children via school systems and etc., doesn’t mean that we don’t care more for a space program that also refuses to solve any of humanity’s most important and massive challenges either. Bravo.

  23. Dave El

    I haven’t see this but because yesterday I see the falcon 9 was not launch :(

  24. Redtro

    Excited for the next mission with Crew Dragon and especially for Starship.

  25. Davi Bareli

    I’m impressed by how excited Spacex can get me

  26. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    That was a great adventure one for the history books and many more to come

  27. Diego Angulo

    SpaceX, I’m on my way.

  28. Les Schorlemer

    Who are the, 14 at this point, people who would downvote something inspirational like this?

  29. Vesrchrieben

    Finally a spaceship and spacesuits that look like sciencefiction!

  30. Butter lover62

    I love that this is edited to seem like it’s a casual thing

  31. Stampeed

    From buttons and switches to touch screens. We come this far humans.


    Imagine flat earthers says this video is fully edited and this kind of thing never happened before and never happens later. I will laugh at him.

  33. DerMax_HD

    The flight that got me into the whole space thing. Truly a mythical moment when I live watched my first ever rocket launch back in late may and have been many more since then. Keep it up SpaceX!

  34. xGarettx

    “Welcome back to Earth and thanks for flying SpaceX”
    probably one of the best quotes ever in 2020.
    Great job guys! Don’t stop till we get to the moon and Mars!

  35. ToasterBathBoi

    Absolutely mind boggling how much SpaceX has achieved in only a decade.

  36. World Achiever xD

    Imagine in the future they drive a tesla in the rocket where the rocket is in a tesla driving in the space station which is actually inside a tesla cyber truck which is in elon musks pocket……..

    I know they have a shrinking machine…

    Don’t judge me……

    U still reading……..

    Creepy person u are…….

    U know what……

    If ur not gonna leave……

    Then I Am!!

  37. Bayan Diş Hekimi. GBD

    Mr. Elon Musk and his team. I’m a young girl living in Turkey. And indeed, these works of yours are a source of inspiration for me. I want you to know that it is wonderful for you to inspire such a young man on the other side of the world and motivate him to make his dreams come true. A young man who loves you, space, planets and Spacex and Nasa. I hope I will be among you in the future and we will do great things. Yours …🥰👩‍🚀

  38. Angie Castillo

    Que emoción!! Ya viene la próxima misión el 31 de octubre. Lista para ver eso nuevamente.

  39. Aiden A

    With all that’s been going on, this is humanity at its finest.

  40. Poul Jensen

    Did they just hug when they met?


  41. Count Dooku

    “Welcome back to planet earth, thanks for flying”

  42. Comedy Earth

    2020 : Welcome to Unites States

    2030 : Welcome to Planet Earth
    Thanks for Flying SpaceX

  43. Don JonBovi

    The Beautiful side of humanity.

  44. Mario Roblox

    You are not first,
    You are not last,
    But most certainly
    Nobody asked

  45. Mariusz Kozłowski

    The inside of Dragon is so futuristic. I hope these screens are more responsive then in most cars ;)

  46. nealynealster

    they took an extraordinary feat of engineering and made it look so normal.
    That is why SpaceX is magic

  47. Eric Perkins

    Was great to follow along on YouTube from early tests of Dragon and F9 all the way through the test mission. You guys are doing a fantastic job inspiring our youth. I hope you keep the level of insight and access as you continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. #mars

  48. Sudhanva M

    “Welcome back to planet Earth and thanks for flying SpaceX”
    Literal chills. One day, that line’s gonna become common to all of humanity

  49. SaStrixS

    This gave me chills. Our greatest days are yet to come.

  50. Kushal Amruthraj

    spacex is that company which makes me feel like i am actually living in the 21st century . Elon sir if you are reading this , first thing- humanity is in debt to you for re-igniting the fire to explore and invent a better future , may u live a long and happy life and hopefully visit mars in your lifetime .Love from India

  51. The Space Coast Life

    Starship is going to change everything as we know it!

  52. Азамат Алымсеитов

    То чувство когда ты первый ,но первый 🐺

  53. Michael Levario

    I can’t wait for a future where the pilot will say: “Welcome aboard everyone, today will be flying up to 100 km & be landing at the Kennedy Space Center.”

  54. Kowalskyrox34

    “We hope it brings a little bit of brightness to a pretty tough 2020”

  55. Leonardo Babić

    It’s all thanks to the one and only…

    Elon Musk!

  56. Live The Future

    “Thanks for flying SpaceX”
    i can already hear the future coming…

  57. guzzu

    that last scene was breathtaking “welcome back to planet earth”

  58. Nadishperanda

    Bob : Wait, spacex dragon is a reusable space capsule?

    Doug : always has been.. 🔫

  59. Aleksa 6ić

    “welcome back to planet earth, thanks for visting SpaceX”
    I wish someone says that to me one day…

  60. Kugelblitz

    “During the pandemic of 2020 the humankind could just stopped everything, every research they were doing at that time, but everything they worked hard for it would be thrown away, even with one of the worse scenarios they were suffering at that time they manage to make, successfully, the first test in a long project that was populate Mars, thanks to the effort of that humans at that time, we are here today, living in another planet”

  61. xWood4000

    The progress is amazing

  62. Mario Roblox

    Cats: meow
    Dogs: woof
    9-year-olds: *FIRST FIRST*

  63. med K2

    when the landing of the booster is so normal now that you don’t include it in montages anymore

  64. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    2:38 I want that coffee cup

  65. FH - Side Booster

    This video gave me goose bumps. I mean Demo-1 was exciting, but this mission was something really special. #LaunchAmerica

  66. Premier League

    Year 2030 – Elon Musk and the rest of the astronauts are voting who to step foot on Mars first.
    *There is one impostor among us*

  67. Premier League

    World leaders: Aight, we need to vote who is going to be Mars President.
    *Elon Musk has entered the chat.*

  68. Goat

    “we hope it brings a little bit of brightness to a pretty tough 2020 ” -_-

  69. Sean Cunningham

    When man leaves earth and joins the stars, it is the first time he encounters his origin.

  70. BlockPlayz

    “Enjoy your flight on the Falcon 9”
    _an hour later_
    “Thank you for flying SpaceX, we hope you have enjoyed your flight.”

  71. Animation Space

    This is it. This is our step forward. Reduction of cost, and immortilization of our sustainable future beyond the upper atmosphere. As we rush on a giant bomb, literally a mechanical dragon, it is up to us to tame it. Hope to see you there… Captain….

  72. Aritra Maity

    We are in an era where we will see the first person to step on Mars and its all thanks to none other than Elon Musk and his team.

  73. Only Look

    We will continue to develop we’re human

  74. astronut42

    This was such a flawless mission. I can’t wait for further Crew Dragon flights as well as Starship paving the way to Mars. 2020 may be pretty bleak but the future is bright!
    Go SpaceX, Go NASA, Go Humans! :D

  75. Javid Rizwan

    “Thanks for flying SpaceX” ???
    Elon wasn’t lying about making space flight just like plane rides.

  76. Puglord68

    Seeing this launch as a child really made me excited for the future, filled me with inspiration and left me wanting more. I will definitely tell my children the story of Dragon and Bob and Doug and how much I loved watching it. Thank you SpaceX for such an inspiring mission. I will remember this launch forever.

  77. Dettol Not sponsored

    “Thanks for flying falcon 9, I hope you enjoy your flight”
    “Welcome back to planet Earth, thanks for flying SpaceX”

    Elon is making space travel commercial, and I love it!

  78. TimpaFFS

    Reality: Years of reasearch and several million and billions of dollars spent*

    Me: haha rocket go brrrrr

  79. Nat Sharpe

    The Space Age is just getting started!

  80. Prerit Sharma

    Dislikes must be done by Boeing Starliners🤣🤣

  81. NEIL

    *Fact: Elon Musk is a History himself*

  82. Kainoa Davis

    Space x Yeeted that thing into space, truly incredible how far they’ve come in a decade

  83. AlphaRP Railway

    Pretty tough 2020 :”)

  84. TillDerWilly

    It already seems like a lifetime ago … 2020 truly needs more of these moments. What an accomplishment!

  85. Hydra 690

    “Welcome back to the planet earth” Oh boy, that phrase gives me goosebumps

  86. James Films

    So lucky that we got to experience that launch live as it happened. What an awesome moment for humanity.

  87. Hastelloy X

    “Let’s light this candle”
    Nice tip of the hat to Alan Shepard.
    Bob, Doug, and SpaceX were a great match. A class act all the way.

  88. AYDS xx

    when the radio guy said welcome back to earth I got chills anyone else?

  89. CoolJWB

    2040: wait it’s all SpaceX?
    Elon Musk: always has been…

  90. Justin R

    “What’s up fellas?! 🤙🏼” made me smile.

  91. Zack

    “welcome back to Planet Earth” gave me chills

  92. Călin Neamţu

    The dislikes are from Boeing & Blue Origin employees

  93. Harty

    Biggest flex when you drive with a tesla to your rocket xD

  94. Cat McNugget

    “thanks for flying spacex” that quote really shows how Elon musk wants to commercialize space travel

  95. Graydon

    Space X has revolutionized space travel in a matter of a decade. It is incredible.

  96. Kraken Kid | Minecraft


  97. TheLoganatorz

    Elon Musk is just playing a game of KSP at this point. Can’t wait for Starship to go to Duna I mean Mars :P

  98. Gnome Party

    You have to be mentally and physically stoic to achieve what these guys did. Even with all of the technology and safety systems, they were strapped to a large cosmic firework and blasted into orbit. Brave people, as are all astronauts.

  99. Kinzario

    it feels strange seeing something I watched live turned into a historical uplifting video, very cool SpaceX

  100. Justin Y.

    It’s absolutely incredible what SpaceX has achieved in terms of spaceflight within the span of a mere decade.

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