Crew Dragon Parachute Tests

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SpaceX is returning human spaceflight capabilities to the United States with one of the safest, most advanced systems ever built.

  1. The Bad Guys

    crew dragon or crew jelly fish?

  2. Larry David

    This might just well be the most beautiful video SpaceX has ever put out. Hypnotically beautiful.

  3. TheGreenguy85

    ah, Kevin (cl) will be stoked about this :D

  4. Alien

    Freaking Awesome,… What a Sweet Deployment.
    Now, If only I can buy some shares lower than $186.

  5. American G.D.A.

    I like the way,
    they cover up stuff,
    with this useless information!

  6. Igor Schmidlapp

    Really LOUSY jump-cut editing… only reason it gets a dislike…

  7. Song Master

    Nice old footage. Where’s the latest footage of the hopper fire?

  8. Haemosu l

    Beautiful Sky JellyFish.

  9. blooneyful

    Inception parachute sat it down so gently.

  10. Doodle

    Elon, permission for us to drop into area 51 with this?

  11. justin h

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing

  12. Tariq Summoned

    Respect for Elon sir ♥
    Love from 🇧🇩

  13. Romain Smordowski

    Great job ! So eager to watch you guys, make space flight common during the next decades !!

  14. jediemils super videos


  15. mesa sisa

    Elon, you are breath taking!

  16. R EE

    Nooiiiccceee :) another small step :)

  17. Brendan Scott

    I use the parachutes
    To deploy the parachutes

  18. Hoppy Sappheiros*

    Thanks SpaceX! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  19. Gikorgio

    This new ksp update looks great

  20. Got Grapes?

    Thank you Elon and SpaceX!!!

  21. TheLegend 2442

    SpaceX hasn’t played tuber simulator yet…

  22. Iain Sutherland

    Wtf did the crew dragon forget to thank the bus driver?!

  23. Arvin

    Landing with just parachutes????
    No explosion for softer landing? 🤔
    Hmmm… That’s cool

  24. joelshack85

    Remember democrats if not for corporate America we wouldn’t be as advanced in the space industry.

  25. ItzDJ

    So how many parachutes you need?
    Crew Dragon: Yes

  26. Empty Gaming

    It feels like PUBG airdrop 😂

  27. Swamp Fox

    Thanks, Elon for helping our vision into reality
    Thanks, people who work for Elon and using your time and effort to improve your field of work.
    Thank, the Editor who edited this video and making it twice as good as the original.
    <3 Godspeed!

  28. Doreen Richter

    I see Crew Dragon, I click ❤

  29. Safir

    A big thank you to everyone on the SpaceX team! You don’t know it, but you’re making our world a better place.

  30. Glitched Blox

    This will be used in september 20 2019.

  31. Marcelo Abreu

    Que incrível sequência de frenagem… Maravilha.. parabéns pelo trabalho 🍀👍🙏❤

  32. sibaar

    One small parachute to stabilize once reentry is complete.
    Two drogues to reduce speed.
    Four main chutes.
    Am i right?

  33. OldGamerNoob

    This is the video where we get cloudlicker freaking out all over the place
    maybe he can enlighten us about what constitutes “advanced” here, though

  34. Adam

    Yo dawg, I heard you like parachutes

  35. Jon A

    Just the engineering a quad shoot deploy is mind boggling

  36. Eliza Wrona

    The hype train is back on track! So Beautiful!!!

  37. rocketUp

    Как же красиво! Удачи в пилотируемых запусках SpaceX!

  38. Zyipitoe

    You know what is cooler than Dragon 2 test?
    Starship presentation
    Hopper should hurry up xd

  39. Sanath Sanu

    That is how flare drop in PUBG comes down

  40. Florian Marcher

    Here before Everyday Astronaut

  41. Danyella Music

    A truly innovative and amazing company.

  42. Tom Storey

    Crew dragon by volume: 50% awesome, 50% chutes

  43. David Wolf

    I love this stuff! Pretty damned impressive!

  44. thamara berrios

    Elon-san help us entering area 51 OwO

  45. gordn ramsi

    *slaps roof of Crew Dragon* This bad boy can fit so many parachutes in it.

  46. SrWardo93

    Me: on my bed at 2am
    SpaceX: Crew Dragon parachute test
    Me: Watch the video until 6am

  47. The A.D.D Maker

    Regardless of what you think about SpaceX, there’s some amazing footage in this video.

  48. vexonica 02

    Parachute that deploy parachute
    “When you take safety as number one priority”

  49. Linda Wallace

    Let’s get to Mars NOW!!!!

  50. Steven Ruppe

    Great job team. Making us all excited to wake up to a new future. Onward and upward!

  51. Jared Kennedy

    That’s awesome. SpaceX has really brought SciFi to real life. Having rockets land vertically after send a payload to orbit has become commonplace. Mars seems like it’s in reach for the first time since the 80s.

  52. Jim's videos

    Gorgeous cinematography!!

  53. Yatie Tie

    Perfect! Beautiful landing 👏👏👏👍

  54. bobasaur squared

    This looks amazing it’s awesome. Even in 240p

  55. Barbarian Bira Gaming

    Good Luck for all coming Spacemissions! 💪😎👍

  56. Des

    NASA: Meh, we’ll still sink $150m a day into the SLS rocket

  57. Happy John

    0:16 Almost an AC-130…
    10:30 PM
    Still Seattle! (Washington*)- whale watching!

  58. What am I?

    Wtf first i thought these were darts in the thumbnail 🤦‍♂️🤣

  59. Sammy The Frog

    Somebody tell Wile E. Coyote to order from SpaceX next time if he’d rather have these parachutes over Acme’s forks and knives dinner set.

  60. S1NB4D

    I say kudos to the space X team that put all these videos together including the launch programmes ect,they just do a much better job than nasa and other vlogs,always enjoyable to watch,keep it up team.

  61. MSC TheGamer

    Only SpaceX can make a video about parachutes look awesome & cool 💕

  62. akselmani

    So Elon, how many parachutes you want to include?
    Elon Musk: “YES!”

  63. playgroundchooser

    I can haz propulsive landing?? O.o

  64. Sudarshan

    Private companies will soon go way ahead of government organisations like NASA, ROSCOSMOS, RSA JSA, ISRO etc.

  65. Khemani’s World

    The way the parachutes deploy is so satisfying! 😌

  66. fire dragon

    Scott Manley and Tim Dodd about to jump on this

  67. StanHere

    Such a gentle landing / splashdown – best wishes from Russia👍 Hope to see new SpaceX advances soon!

  68. TheStormingmonkey

    Me: Plays 1000 hours of ksp

  69. A M

    Wow… there´s a lot of pyro technics going on for deployment. Pretty amazing to watch!

  70. Game Guardian

    Elon musk, you will soon make our human species greater and more eco friendly! Well you already are! Your my role model!!

  71. Naren N


  72. DH Yukon

    All those guys saying the Dragon V2’s parachutes won’t work be like 😰

  73. Redouan

    It’s all fun and games, untill we use this to raid area 51

  74. Sydney Shorltz

    Let’s start a trend typing #Mars2024. On every video we click on. We need to spread awareness if the HUMAN species is going to be living on a diffrent planet. Copy paste below if you want.
    #Mars2024. This is a trend about humans reaching mars. Copy paste to spread popularity.

  75. Rad Brick Dad

    Congrats and great work to the SpaceX team! Those chutes look amazing!

  76. Taylor Hancock

    SpaceX, where even our parachute tests look brilliant

  77. Trap Astronaut

    So happy to see a video like this from SpaceX!

  78. Silt

    Almost as beautiful as propulsive landing would have been!

  79. SnowTiger45

    This is where Art and Science meet to create Symmetry in Motion. It’s Beautiful.

  80. Elon

    Amazing! Hello from Russia!

  81. Model RC

    That must be the softest capsule landing I’ve ever seen…

  82. mb_ jay

    We playing endgame music when were rushing area 51

  83. Carson G.

    For anyone wondering why they used like 3 stages of parachutes, the first 2 stages are used to rapidly slow the Crew Dragon, because if the main chutes deployed without the 2 stages, the main chutes would tear apart at that speed.


    *Parachutes not included for non-paying customers

  85. Stephen Mattison

    OMG, slow-mo double-drogue chute into ‘Main Chute Deployed” 1:19 is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! #GOELON #GOELON #GOELON

  86. No Name

    the Song is called Fading Away (Ambient Mix) by Braak

  87. iLove Games

    We are living in the Future people … What a great time to be alive … God Bless you Mr Musk

  88. Michael Westman

    Imagine the stress of being a parachute rigger for this.

  89. Uriah Siner

    Only saw “Crew Dragon” in the notification and got VERY excited lol

  90. londonnotlandon

    The new Kerbal update looks great!

  91. Nick Schmitz

    There isn´t a company in the world which is cooler than SpaceX!
    Greetings from germany.
    Edit: Thanks for all the likes😱

  92. Pulsar

    Its like huge cloth jellyfish billowing in the sky

  93. Nirvana Soha

    Literally everybody: “why are you so obsessed with Elon Musk”
    Me: “YES”

  94. Lewis East

    *looks at clock to see how long it takes for the Everyday Astronaut to turn up in the comment section*

  95. Tom Mercer

    This is how Elon gonna deliver the flamethrowers to area 51

  96. Alan Hardman

    My favorite thing about SpaceX is that they just stick cameras on everything.

  97. Scott Manley

    Looks beautiful in Slow-mo

  98. Garrett Byrum

    The ol’ parachute, within a parachute, within a parachute trick

  99. Ryan Hogan

    Only SpaceX will make me enjoy watching a video about parachute tests

  100. Adam Belkebir

    Figured out how we’re chuting into Area 51 boys

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