Crew Dragon Animation

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SpaceX will soon demonstrate Crew Dragon’s ability to safely and reliably carry astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

  1. Carter Field

    lol imagine hopping out a model x and onto a rocket

  2. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Space X has the best music, sound design, rendering, and cinematography for their animation videos! I always love it!

  3. Fin L

    Why is there no live chat smh

  4. shaik sumair

    I will cry when Elon musk land on Mars 🖤

  5. FlashFrags

    “This video was brought to you by Kerbal space program 2”

  6. Allen Sleigh

    0:57 I can’t tell if it’s a footage of a real physical suit or just an animation. It looks so real.

  7. The Aziz

    Remember Falcon Heavy animation? And actual footage of first launch that looked identical?
    This is going to be the same.

  8. Star of the Sea

    I can’t imagine life without you.

  9. Não se inscreva e veja meus vídeos

    0:19 Tesla?

  10. Surreal Engineering

    Finally! a good looking spaceship will dock and carry humans to the “International Orbit Station”

  11. Alex Korocencev

    Video is great, but a first stage landing would made it perfect!

  12. noLieBowtie

    Curls up into a ball saying “FFFUUUUTTTTUUUURRREEEEE!!”

  13. Carlos HJ

    Thats the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Txs Elon

  14. the ravedaddy

    ISS: “damn! Who plugged up the toilet again”?
    SPACEX : “ok understood. We’re sending up the janitor right now”.

  15. Samuel Roy

    Goosebumps and chills. I never want to grow old just keep exploring the whole solar system.

  16. alida flus

    The beginning looks like actual footage of Elon leaving for his home planet…Rolling up in a model X

  17. Rush

    2020: Time to send Elon home.

  18. God IsHere

    I thought elon gonna animates some *THICC* dragon waifu

  19. Dizholut

    Is that animation is present on Christmas for Elon?

  20. Jeff Kogut

    Upon reentry I imagined the commander pressing the whoopie cushion button on another crew.

  21. Polimax 258

    We will explore all of the universe. Good work on exploring the cosmos SpaceX, keep doing the good work of exploring space !

  22. Sad Mad

    Nasa: You cant colonize Mars
    USSR: I know, but he can
    *SpaceX has entered the chat*

  23. A.J .L

    I cried 😂

  24. retard

    I just read the Ashlee Vance book and holy shit this is amazing, one of the best reads in a while

  25. Prowler Cam

    Ooh, I love animations! I like reality a whole lot more.

  26. Shawn Esquilona

    Even tho few mistakes and accidents, thats what i call real science and a proof to take risks, and a bit fun ofcourse hah.
    (edit : thx for 1 likes!)

  27. NotPoodle

    When can we preorder our flights?

  28. Madd Endd

    Ok now give us an animation of a Starship docking on the ISS, just doubling the internal volume of the spacestation.

  29. TA-KaRmA _

    spacex got the most drip when it comes to rockets.

  30. Karthik

    Everytime the stage seperates….. I thought… they could have used it more….

  31. agustinbs

    This is so inspiring, cant stop watching it.

  32. Eff You

    I expected the space station to rock when they docked. I’ve played too much KSP.

  33. Aditya Vadlamani

    1:12 What was unimaginable 4 years ago, has become so routine that even SpaceX stopped showing booster landing. Amazing!!!

  34. TotalMegaCool

    Its amazing how much effort goes into delivering a pizza nowadays!

  35. Think while drawing

    Elon to Boeing: “Watch n learn…see kid this is how it’s done”

  36. Harish Prabhakar

    Ofc they pulled up in a model X 😂

  37. Satyam Priyadarshi

    I’m optimistic about the future. Thank you Elon Musk for enabling us to dream again.

  38. MrpoopymanO0O

    Love space X I watch all their launches even though I’m in asia

  39. Venom Animation

    Welcome to 2020
    Where everything will be awesome starting with this year!

  40. Muffin Milk Cookie Dough

    Who came from the live stream?

  41. Uzair Ali

    elon musk: hey ermm guys hang on, why does the fuel gauge say we’re out of fuel when we’re only half way there
    engineers: sir ‘m afraid we may have significantly overspent on our rendering budget

  42. BOMBA

    IDK why this last few hours of 2019 there’s so many space video on my recommendation from NASA, SpaceX, and others. Does this tell us that 2020s are the new space age?

  43. Huy Gia Hoang (G.H)

    i thought it was the mission to mars lmao

  44. Shauka Hodan

    I love Tesla, but SpaceX is still my favorite company ever!!

  45. Norbert Gergó

    It’s the new decade so Elon should recreate the Kennedy speech

  46. Francisco Gonzalez

    So finally not paying the russian govmt to send american astronauts to the station?

  47. Pony Express

    “One small step for a man…”

  48. Universe Science

    At first I was skeptical about Elon Musk’s plans to go to Mars. But my faith in him grows everyday.

  49. Toadal Chaos

    Crew Dragon
    Coming to a space station near you
    Some time in 2020
    Definitely this decade

  50. Ricardo Ortiz Serna

    RTX: On

  51. who am i

    Other company’s product name: xvs dkkshhf something something
    Elon: hmmmm what would be interesting or will be a pun

  52. Kohen Williams

    Elon and SpaceX: “The future is coming.”
    Trump, Iran, and China: “You said what?”

  53. Original

    I love how they are arriving in model x’s. Can’t wait to see that 😂

  54. Jonathan Doss

    So, since there was only one astronaut in this animation is it safe to assume Elon will be taking the crew dragon on its first manned test drive?

  55. monika laosi

    That is so damn gorgeous and beautiful. I so can’t wait for this next milestone!!!!!!

  56. Adi Gaming

    It’s clear to see that their sponsor is an amazing moba rpg Raid Shadowlegends

  57. The legend Crashes

    2020: The year of Spacex

  58. Jack Matthews

    Kerbal Space Program 2: Elon – DLC

  59. LilDicc

    They’ve gotta vlog it all so the flatbrainers can finally see a sphere

  60. Aryareza

    The “Go for launch” call always give me the chills

  61. BLR Rocket Technologies Inc.

    2020: Time to send Elon home

  62. QuantumBullet ✔️

    0:39 that’s a informative screen

  63. Ibrahim Osman

    This animation is next level animation that I want to achieve someday :0o looking forward to this future!

  64. Christofer Riche

    Those new suits look comfortable & less “bulky”

  65. Krzysztof Florek

    Maybe someone wants to see what the Martian spaceship looks like when they
    reached Earth? You can see it on the cover of the book
    Obcy w epoce kamienia ( Alien in the Stone Age).

  66. Nikolai Toxværd Jørgensen

    When the animation is realised u know it’s gonna happen soon

  67. Jonathan

    The beginning looks like actual footage of Elon leaving for his home planet…Rolling up in a model X

  68. 1Energine1

    I like to think that Ms. Tree watches that ending for motivation while pumping iron.

  69. NSC Fortnite Clan

    SpaceX: Lets go to Mars
    WW3: Allow me to introduce myself

  70. BTG02

    21:9 Masterrace: OH YEAH ANOTHER SCORE

  71. Joshua Santos

    I’m telling you, the 2020’s will be the decade for space again

  72. Why are you Reading this

    2020: A SpaceX odyssey

  73. TheDeVoiDAnGel

    they are going to land in water?  the testing was on land?!

  74. jose salas

    “Humanity has the potential for greatness.” Carl Sagan.

  75. Lord & Savior, Cheesus Crust

    I wonder what the bullies who bullied Elon Musk are thinking right now.

  76. Gas Farmer

    Could anyone tell me what soundtrack this has? And where I can find more of it?

  77. rukiddinbro

    Thanks to Elon Musk it’s amazing times to be alive :)

  78. Alastair Stephen

    outstanding visuals; man I get emotional seeing these every single time ha, looking forward to experiencing this so heres to a very successful next 10years

  79. It's Trixs

    My brain throughout the entire video :
    *that’s so COOOOOOOOOL*

  80. Dr. Andromeda

    I love how SpaceX continues reach for the stars and redefine the idea of what is possible.

  81. zoli11

    Not realistic at all. After “separation confirmed” – where is the cheering from the headquarters?

  82. LarezPlay's

    My mans hopped out that tesla like “😎”.

  83. David Zhabin

    Love from Russia! Wish you all the best! Come here one day. We have a lot of interesting stuff.

  84. Davide

    I thank Elon for having such beautiful dreams and I wish him to be able to make them all come true. I would like to see humanity land on Mars before the end of my life

  85. heheboi 6000

    *this is better than YouTube rewind 2019*

  86. StarkosGuy

    2020: The Year of SpaceX

  87. KuboF Hromoslav

    The nostalgic feeling in 2030 when Crew Dragon is already obsolete because of full working Starship 😐
    SpaceX is building future every day!

  88. Endorion

    When is this game coming out?

  89. Future is Now!

    I love Tesla, but SpaceX is still my favorite company ever!!

  90. pantherowow77

    Needs Hans Zimmer interstellar music.

  91. wnnalis cioov

    “Humanity has the potential for greatness.” Carl Sagan.

  92. Cristian Bacu

    Amazon 2019: Season 4 of Expanse
    Elon Musk 2020: Hold my Dragons.

  93. Ofer Krupka

    *2 0 2 0*
    • SpaceX launch astronauts to ISS.
    • SpaceX launch Starship to orbit.
    • SpaceX launch a lot of StarLink satellites.
    • Tesla release beta version of FSD.
    • Tesla makes 1 millions mile batteries.
    • Tesla makes Model Y.
    • Tesla makes Roadster.
    • Tesla makes Semi.

  94. Frostfire

    Every other billionaire: You making profits?
    Elon Musk: I am saving humanity

  95. HerikDR

    Elon Musk: This is the safest spacecraft ever made in history
    Astronauts: How do you know that?
    Elon Musk: Jebediah Kerman told me

  96. scurtDA kerfun

    It was so badass when they pulled up in that model X and walked into the Dragon.

  97. Timber Micka

    NASA: “ok guys we need help”
    Boeing: makes people go to space
    SpaceX: makes people go to space
    (with style)

  98. Nevada Hamaker

    I’m looking forward to the day when this is recorded instead of rendered.

  99. Benjamin Chen

    By “animation” I think you meant “trailer”

  100. Planeboy 2520

    Uhm you forgot the MASSIVE amount of cheering that’s going to be heard from SpaceX mission control.

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