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*The YouTube event start time reflects the targeted liftoff time for this mission. The live webcast will begin about 15 minutes before liftoff.

SpaceX is targeting Tuesday, August 6 for launch of AMOS-17 from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The launch window opens at 6:53 p.m. EDT, or 22:53 UTC, and closes at 8:21 p.m. EDT, or 00:21 UTC on August 7. The satellite will be deployed approximately 31 minutes after liftoff.

Falcon 9’s first stage for the AMOS-17 mission previously supported the Telstar-19 VANTAGE mission in July 2018 and the Es’hail-2 mission in November 2018.

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  1. Cocoy Nohay

    The guy narrating sounds like the announcer from NBA Live 2003

  2. t-14 tu-95

    The girl has a great diction!

  3. Al Fa

    Full active UFOs in minute 52:00, i love them . )

  4. Zapan 99

    What is the point of watching a mission if they don’t land ;)

  5. Diego Lucas

    Increible!!From spain

  6. boring man

    Rocket launch starts at 19:47

  7. Charles Miller

    Elon- Pure genius putting streaming video cameras on and between stages and at recovery sites! Bravo

  8. Chris Rok

    You should build a space station for the study of biology from other planets astrobiology

  9. Eis biss!

    When does the BFR starts?

  10. HardFlip Mike

    Did he say “Anus 17.”????? 17:10

  11. Yura Rozhko

    Hey, When you nuke Mars?

  12. Fangirl Jewels

    That was pretty cool :)

  13. Tyler Mclain

    Always nice watching a successful launch and we all love the on-board cameras through the phase seperations. The music is great and your pre launch videos are really nice!

  14. مقدام نجد الغطفاني

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم القوي الجبار الحليم الرحيم

  15. Maxim Kudinov

    that music is awesome!

  16. AritMia


  17. Ansar Nevrekar

    Love spacex for their camera quality

  18. Fresh Toast

    Aliens at 49:49 😁

  19. vasyasmanager2you

    Great job closing the circle of Amos-6, SpaceX. Respect.

  20. Look Around

    Is it only me? I can’t read the different stages anymore, after the new elliptical layout. Too small for smartphone view (in my PC screen it’s fine thought)

  21. a b

    Came here for stage 1

  22. For Comment Purposes

    Wish i could have seen it pass through the clouds.

  23. AGG Production

    Skip to 5:57 to get started


    I feel bad for the first stage.

  25. Putra GamersYTB

    52:04 What is that,On the right screen?

  26. Grumpy Grobby

    I love the transparency of SpaceX launches. They are remarkably reliable, and I love watching every one of them! Thank you for keeping US in space. =)

  27. Eddie Mittelstedt

    53:55 UFO zooms forward to the right of stage 2, then banks left. No ice that I know of banks left on it’s own.

  28. XgameY

    If got the ability to make 2 persons immortal first guy I would make is me and 2nd Elon Musk 🙂🙂🙂

  29. Yousef Dajani


  30. F.B.I Open Up

    19:47 *T-10s*

  31. Venom Animation

    Perfect ambition, perfect plan, perfect rocket design, perfect logo, perfect stream HUD, and a perfect owner. :D

  32. Pr0f. 8 St0rM

    I think I know why they choose Kate Tice to host the livestream! ;-)

  33. A H

    Starts 5:57



  35. Average Joe

    they couldnt’ve found some excuse to put C behind AMOS?

  36. Vishal Dharaneppagoudar

    5:57 for #SpaceX fans

  37. Aron Jensen

    Elon musk: I fear no man
    But that Think (Parachute) it scares me

  38. Aksel William Danenbarger

    I like the beautiful emeges you show in the beginning of the animation. 👌🏼😉 I think it’s good to get a little bit variacon, so it’s not so boring to follow on the screen.👍🏻

  39. Algo Basket

    Nice background music at the beginning :)

  40. lazer tag

    no landing, no watch!

  41. Shalvus

    Would have loved to see Ms. Tree fairing’s catch though :(

  42. Olde Dominion

    What kind of Luddite Morlocks down-voted this?! 392 troglodytes so far!

  43. Garik Nevskoy

    38:57 i love this track

  44. First Last

    I like to think I’ve played some of them on rocket league before.

  45. DeManual

    With one cut you can save everybody from a 6 minute intro. Just trying to save everybody’s time. Everything else was lit like always!

  46. Y. Shaked

    25:50 – If that strap is not needed once launch has started, why leave it on the engine? Isn’t it effectively just another piece of space junk now?

  47. Brandon M.

    AddMeOnSnap-17 Mission

  48. paulamirada2

    Audio sounds great, and of course the visual always is the best, thank you. Nice job everybody!

  49. Litty Committee General

    Where the cheering at tho

  50. RikGamer2410

    One of the dislikes is the the booster that hasn’t been recovered :)

  51. Channel Yootub

    Dammit I missed it

  52. Eric Decamps

    Launch at 19:53

  53. Юрій Борисов

    Bravo! From KYIV/UKRAINE.

  54. icancto


  55. Steve

    What else is flying around at 52 minutes

  56. Peter B. Sims

    @20:55 – Love this guys voice!

  57. нечеловечныйчеловек нечеловечныйчелоков

    When you wach SFS videos alot…

  58. tim smith

    Go Science and Innovators like Elon Musk!

  59. anyone

    48:22 lol
    what is name of the music?

  60. Smith’s Space Company

    19:46 Launch (T-10 Seconds)

  61. thextrmntr

    start at 5:57

  62. Hippo Bruh

    I just hope one day I could work here as an engineer or astronaut

  63. Shady Ady

    19:52 ; rocket launch

  64. MsMotron

    when the video is unlisted but you watch it anyway

  65. Stash


  66. Mr Derek Huang

    This is just awesome. I can’t wait for the next one!

  67. HardFlip Mike

    The Annunaki would be proud… Oh wait.

  68. Tom Oakhill

    I sit at my keyboard facing 847 distinct issues of _Analog Science Fiction_ magazine. Every issue since December 1962. Many of these stories described the rocket descending on a tongue of flame, lowering their landing struts, and settling gently to earth; the pilot climbs out as the rocket flickers and pings. Now, only now, only after a lifetime of waiting, only after 55 years does Elon Musk and Spacex turn these promises of the future into reality.

  69. klerta marta

    20:53 Super sonic

  70. Krish Munot

    Launch starts at 19:47

  71. Riaz Eligaar

    19:55 Rocket launch is at 19:55 , save some time

  72. SaturnXL3

    19:47 is the launch

  73. LimonAstuto

    53:22 We’d also like to thank all of our wieners

  74. Klaus Weise

    Interesting what happens when reaching the speed of sound. Or to see. 20:55

  75. Jake C Gaming YT

    Love the new music on the orbit view

  76. cyclonicleo

    I’d love to see onboard footage of the first stage re-entering and breaking up, same for the second stage as well.

  77. TuanVN 2007

    52:04 and 49:50 have some weird light

  78. Nikita York

    Press F to pay respect to F9 Block 5

  79. Kenz300 x

    Elon Musk is amazing. What he has been able to accomplish is tremendous.
    I just wish he would slow down and take better care of his health.

  80. Wadoud Mena

    5:58 is what you’re waiting for 🥳🥳

  81. Canine Rocket Technologies

    21:40 got some good footy of the exahust!


    19:59 take of


    The place to be if you love space exploration and electro! Perfect collaboration!

  84. Douglas Joshi

    Does anyone know how debris could change its trajectory like at 52:03?

  85. Pinochet

    “Cities In Flight” is awesome, seriously!

  86. ΛCE —

    A 6 minute intro 🤦🏻‍♂️ here guys 5:58
    Make it blue

  87. Manoharan Ramachandran

    How many of you miss the first stage landing today?

  88. Luka Bowen

    5:57, that’s when this starts.

  89. Tezlashock

    Can’t wait for starlink to go live so we can get full 1080p from space!

  90. SherriNDallasTx

    SpaceX, these videos are so well done! Love the camera positions, great narration, as well as education of the particular launch. Thank you!

  91. Super4Jet

    Those Livecasts are still great, but it’s sad they couldn’t get the booster back.

  92. Nick Shabazz

    I love how quickly I’m offended when a first stage is “wasted”, given that they were never not wasted 5 years ago.

  93. The Exoplanets Channel

    *Congrats for another amazing launch!*

  94. ‘i like food‘

    49:50 Some dope lightning, bottom left btw

  95. Daniel the Big D

    This live stream was amazing and was so heartwarming. I also saw some lightning (49:46).

  96. clayman0 skycade

    I don’t think I clicked on the right video
    is this ASMR?

  97. Milan Kocurišin

    Elon : ” No! I said lunch, not launch!”

  98. OneEyedUser


  99. Aidyn Wyatt

    I love how the Space-X team allows people to see what used to be science fiction

  100. cgirl111

    I’m old. Really old. When my friends tell me young people just aren’t what they used to be I point them to SpaceX and tell them to look and listen to today’s young people. Every time I see those two boosters landing back where they started from at the same time at the same place I kinda choke up.

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