150 Meter Starhopper Test

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Starhopper’s test flight in Boca Chica, TX.

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  1. Cheddar Wang

    When you leave your house for vacation and forget your wallet.

  2. James D. Morgan

    Congratulation SpaceX engineering team and command group, that was spectacular!

  3. Pintuxo

    So much fun. It reminds the beginning of rocket science.

  4. déjà vu

    It reminds me of a scene from a Flash Gordon movie.

  5. Phoenixster YT

    0:16 when my parents saw my report card

  6. Área Militar

    Beautiful Technology!

  7. The Exoplanets Channel

    Step by step, *closer to Mars*

  8. Felipe Arrua

    Wooooo This reminded me of a Wally scene. is awesome!

  9. Alison Abs

    If here there’s dust imagine in Mars.

  10. MrX

    Half of the sound volume was from the mixture of the epic scream of Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut!

  11. N1k32h

    I am from the future. I’ll have to delete this in few moments time. The James w telescope. Destroy it. It’s gonna bring benevolent aliens here

  12. TheCaptain102

    a casual flying silo. space farmers these days…

  13. M Roy

    The starhopper looks like the one from regular show

  14. 张洋

    哈哈 好像高压锅的压力阀。。。


    Rip my ears

  16. 유니TV

    oh my god! it’s just like SF MOVIE!!?? i am so happy because i can see this in my life time

  17. Anorax

    The most ridiculous and awesome thing I have seen this week. Elon Musk you crazy man I love you.

  18. Oderus Urungus

    Notice how perfectly centre the Starhopper is? Amazing.

  19. Angela Vrillante

    R2D2, in flesh and bones :)) dude!!!

  20. Skeletor

    This is just a genius way to get a giant keg of beer on Mars once we’ve colonized it. Stay thirsty my friends…

  21. pudnbug

    The 50’s have finally arrived (I mean what the SF movies looked like then) This looks just like them.

  22. Crystal Ball

    “Elon musk built that in a cave, with a box of scraps!”

  23. Сергей Логачев

    1:30 – КЦ кончалось ))

  24. Tony Carver

    and THAT my friends is the right way to take the recycling to the curb….oh ya

  25. Dhkan

    RIP the guy at the end on the water vehicle who had just one job :
    Water the damn rocket

  26. Assurer

    “I bet it lands”

  27. Andrew

    Good show Starhopper! Thanks for two excellent flights showing water towers CAN fly.

  28. all business

    💪👍Great job, however it already looks like some old school Sci-Fi.

  29. Daylight

    Love that hose watering the concrete at the 2:17

  30. MOSkorpion

    Me: that’s awesome.
    Elon: What should we make flying next?

  31. Zac Dior

    Where do i suit up?
    I am ready to go to Mars. 🚀

  32. Hrishabh Sharma

    Elon musk and his spacex team making reality way more cooler than fiction.

  33. Andrew Bond

    The exhaust turns bright orange on landing due to ionizing the sand.

  34. Rimuru tempest

    right on the X

  35. Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer

    Now imagine 3 Raptor engines, just phenomenal!

  36. Andreas Lindful

    you need to develop a battery for rockets. Not just for a better view ;)

  37. jellyaj

    “That’s one small hop for SpaceX, one giant hop for mankind.”

  38. BzRazor

    when you missed your landing spot in KSP and end up hovering towards it to get that research

  39. Clay McCarty

    Those mach diamonds are beyond gorgeous. Can’t wait to see 30 raptors at once!

  40. CinnamonDuke

    I just wanted to let you know, thank you for contributing to team trees and giving us fresh oxygen. -A MrBeast member

  41. The ThinSin

    Small black water dispenser:
    *Okay they’re looking, time to do my job*

  42. iliketrains0pwned


  43. Alex Tisch

    Красивый “ПривеД” Рагозину :-)

  44. Seldom Prodigy

    Sounds like a howitzer, handles like a drone. Mars here we come! Nice going, Elon! Bless ya SpaceX!

  45. Vextros


  46. Seyyah-ı Hayat

    “Nothing improves intelligence as much as traveling.“- Emile Zola

  47. POOTIS


  48. Mark Pearsons

    Reminds me of R2D2 and I’m pretty sure that I can hear Tim Dodd screaming his lungs out in the background. What an awesome little piece of kit.

  49. I am a Bitch

    Peace & Love 4 everyone involved with SpaceX and their families.

  50. Riaan G

    The aliens will love their flying rice cooker gift.

  51. withebois

    when you only have the flea SRB engine unlocked so you send it up with a bunch of mystery goo canisters to unlock the bigger engines

  52. pi314159265358978

    That was absolutely amazing. Thank you SpaceX!

  53. Shashin Maharjan

    Some people just don’t get it.
    In mars, there might be a crater which will be impossible to cross it or to take some photos for actual navigation maps in mars for water. So the spacecraft is created for that.

  54. Jim DeCamp

    Come with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear! A cloud of dust and a hearty “Hi Oh, Silver!”. The Starhopper rides again!

  55. Dennis Shih

    Elon Musk: *flying water tower*

  56. Theo Schijf

    Reminds me so much of the very early Thunderbirds visual effects. Am never getting used to the images of hovering and vertically landing rockets. Great.

  57. SoupFork

    Scientists: we have ample evidence of water on Mars, but no means of utilising it.
    Elon: Flies water tower to mars.

  58. carlos fernando palma vallecillo

    magnifico es un principio a marte

  59. Richard Doi

    Oh! Historic!!

  60. John Hero Salvador

    That single is loud. Can’t wait to hear the full engine of the starship!

  61. RC Homemade Hobbies

    You know all the thumbs down are just flat earthers lol 😂

  62. MrSuperdooperflooper

    It’s nice to see “we now” have the ability to vertically land a space craft.

  63. yoga armuza

    glad they are using metric <3

  64. King Rooster

    “The future is now”
    Cable guy

  65. Chairman Meow

    Now imagine 35 of these firing at once.

  66. ZephyrAlphaOne

    A flying fuel tank. Casual day at SpaceX.

  67. Steve Smith

    Hey, I remember seeing that episode of Flash Gordon.

  68. Золотая Долина

    вот это пепелац! ку, енцелопы!

  69. Joefox American

    This is where Daffy Duck steps out!!🤣

  70. Elem

    *scientists* : you need a lot of water to live in mars. it’s kinda impossible.
    *Musk* : hold my beer.

  71. BlueberryNeko

    -Mission successful
    -Lots of data to improve the errors recieved

  72. Abijith Kantha Raju

    Me: What’s new coming in next Tesla update.
    Elon: Starhopper fart

  73. krzemian

    Slowly it’s becoming a “so what’s the big deal, they just landed another spaceship, that’s it” thing.

  74. And Crafter

    and in the distance you can hear Tim Dodd screaming

  75. Jules Morrison

    Science fiction illustrators of the 1950s are feeling so vindicated right now.

  76. benjamin fröhlich

    Mexican boy in 2049:
    “Hey guys… I know how to cross the border with style 😎”.

  77. Arundas Haridas

    If landing on mars like this, the dust will fly miles in the air 🚀

  78. john georgiyev

    The future of one day shipping

  79. Sasha Brnc

    “Киндзадза” look rus moovi

  80. Tim

    The only thing this is missing is the sound of thousands of SpaceX employees cheering

  81. Lenores

    If he change the shape into a ball, then he will have his own saiyan space pod

  82. Cyrus 1Clutch1 Samuel

    Lol SpaceX making meaningful progress while celebrities spend disgusting amounts of money of material possessions^^^^^

  83. Jon

    I’ve watched this over 20 times and still can’t get over how perfectly and precisely it flew considering how it’s just a bunch of things bolted together with no precision equipment. No accurate 3D model for the computer that is controlling it to use for simulations.
    Also can’t get over how powerful that one engine is, the amount of dust that it kicks up from so far up in the air is unbelievable.
    The fact it worked flawlessly FIRST TIME with pin point precision is just insane. The little pirouette it did with is just jaw dropping. The amount of control it had is staggering. Just absolutely awe inspiring.

  84. cyber freakkss

    An alien named earth_name(Elon musk) is trying to get back to his planet

  85. Alden O

    1980s: I bet there’ll be flying cars!
    2019: *flying water towers*

  86. Sir Troll

    Every dislike of this video represents a flat earther😂

  87. D W

    Water tower :🎶I believe I can fly🎶

  88. I am

    When it is your first time building a rocket in kerbal space program:

  89. de0509

    Id like to point out how efficient they are doing this test
    >Launching stably
    >Hover with thrust vectoring
    >Horizontal displacement (rather than up and down in same spot)
    >Roll (See the rocket rotate 180 degrees around 0:35)
    All of these tested in a short 1 minute test flight. Perhaps theres more tests spacex did, idk. Cool how they use brains to save money and time

  90. Java Man

    A Texas water tower built in an open field in a few months officially has more flights under its belt than SLS.

  91. AppleJax.

    Nothing to see here,
    Just Elon taking a trip to the grocery store around the corner…

  92. Supriyo Panda

    Did I just see a fatass water tower fly up and down…

  93. Chunky Kat

    Water tower: “aight ima head out”

  94. Blaze10523

    Everyone: You cant make a flying water tower
    Elon: Hold my cryogenic liquid methane

  95. Mark Joshwel

    When I see Starship in the future, I’ll tell my friends, “I saw that rocket grow up.”

  96. Every 1000 subs is one new video

    All previous spaceships: **made long and thin**
    Space X: _i like em big, I like em chunky_


    MrBeast: “I make the most expensive videos on YouTube”
    SpaceX: hold my boosters

  98. Flying Architect

    In my opinion, we are experiencing the most exciting period of space exploration since 1972.

  99. Dopamine

    Imagine seeing aliens fly into your planet on a loud ass water tower

  100. Stuart Coutts

    Surely they could have just walked that distance. Too many people taking their spaceship to the shops these days when its just round the corner.

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