100 Successful Flights

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On Saturday, October 24, 2020, SpaceX completed its 100th successful flight since Falcon 1 first flew to orbit in 2008. Over the course of these flights, SpaceX landed Falcon’s first stage booster 63 times and re-flew boosters 45 times.

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  1. QuantumBraced

    And I’ve seen everyone one of them. Watched at least 80 of them live.

  2. vortmax1981

    This is a triumph!
    I’m making a note here: Huge Success!

  3. Ca][aN

    Only ones to beat Mr Beast!! ❤️

  4. Andrew Pino

    Congrats Elon and you’re team you have been an inspiration to me a young person and to all my friends. THANK YOU AND CONGRATS

  5. Orion Pax

    Congratulations SpaceX on a job well done. I just know that SpaceX and every one of its employees will one day make space accessible to the common man.

  6. Ermuun Boldbaatar

    Really is quite amazing, hoping we see 200 launches far faster than this.

  7. Blake Hutchison

    Now we need an updated “How not to land an orbital rocket booster”

  8. Purge W. Eldiablo

    💯🎯Literal History in the making!🚀🛰
    Your work is beyond respected🙏🖤❤

  9. Valentine Nduka

    Congratulations SpaceX!
    More success to LEO, Moon, Mars and Beyond. We’re proud of you boys and girls!

  10. Drags _

    Elon musk is smartest man alive

  11. Dcool

    Just to think 100 flights in the future will happen in a week timeframe with starship once it gets fully running.

  12. Brier Smith

    NASA: no you can’t build rockets
    Space X: haha rocket go brrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. B N

    I’ve been watching SpaceX since 2010 (every single test/flight).🙂

  14. Lord of Sadness

    Good job SpaceX!!
    I too will be making stuff when I have the components.

  15. SDtoby123

    “Thank you for riding space x”

  16. Buy Bitcoin

    And even more in the future!

  17. Edify

    Every day we’re getting closer to Mars. 🔥 🔥 🔥

  18. Aussiebloke0001

    I’d actually like to see an extended version of this, with more details about each flight, as a historical record.

  19. Rogue spider

    Wait till there’s a thousand launches that will be cool

  20. Konaalii Alohaohana

    Elon, Sir thou have hired the best minds in the business. Congratulations to all y’all.

  21. Mr. Spaceboy

    This video makes me feel so crazy

  22. Tic Toc

    Thank you for bringing back hope to become an interplanetary species

  23. Fask

    0:46 _nice_

  24. Thomas Chow

    “There is no easy way from the earth to the stars”
    Ad Astra.

  25. Alex Reyes

    They would have put the song of the “the Beatles” “I my life”

  26. Dan Chang

    Cant wait until they do the 1000th launch of a spacex rocket version of this vid

  27. Robert Johnson

    Really puts it into perspective when you add it all up!!

  28. Bryson Moats

    Thank you guys you have inspired me to do great things in life

  29. Rishi Gandhi

    Elon Musk has a competition when I come to the game.

  30. CopleyTres


  31. Spartan J

    Spacex : keeping the dream alive since 2002

  32. Pekkaso

    “The falcon has landed” quite proud of these words

  33. Hunter Kutz

    It feels like just the other day I heard a private company had reached orbit. Can’t wait to cheer you on to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

  34. Vaidik J

    Who started to count in the beginning but gave up🤣

  35. Raunak Thakur

    Elon Musk: Today I am selling spacex and use this money to venture in other fields

  36. News Moto

    When you know Elon Musk himself edited this video

  37. kdjs

    I see how Elon editing this at 3 am

  38. Voyd VR

    We did it! 🤗💪

  39. Tristan Leblanc

    Plot twist: They did 100 flights just to make this amazing video.

  40. RamSLade On Blitz

    Road to 1 thousand!

    *”We strive through perseverance, and we learn by failure.”*

  41. ayJaoMa

    I must have missed the 69 Successful Flights video

  42. Jackalovski

    This is the best “how it started; how it’s going” memes so far

  43. Blaze10523

    In thrust we trust!
    Here’s to the many more to come!

  44. Weather World

    Congratulations SpaceX! Always the best at what you do! Keep up the excellent achievements!🚀😁👍🏽

  45. J Gentry

    If I wore a hat.. its hats off to SpaceX. I remember it all from 1965 till now, amazing!

  46. Feltimus

    Would give up my networth and my possesions just to die on mars a old man <3

  47. Zack Kayuryuk

    Keep up the amazing work, love these launches many more to come

  48. Mike the Doltish Gamer

    Congratulations SpaceX! Thank you for inspiring my generation! THANK YOU for caring about the future while politicians twiddle about the present. The finale frontier is a locked door, but you are the key! GOOD LUCK!

    -Some Student who strives to explore, learn, help, and turn pages on the books of history.

  49. dhart1951

    And, I watched most of them. Only in America do we have that disposable income!

  50. Momo Chief

    Soon to be millions of successful flights as they commercialize space flight! The future is near and I can’t wait!!!

  51. Canine Rocket Technologie

    I got to say they’ve made the most progress in the shortest amount of time in the history of aerospace

  52. Raell

    in b4 the smooth brains come in and say “tEh EaRf Is FlAt!!”

  53. øLîvër X

    The future is now

  54. Skeptic Fucker

    Ever sense I was a little child I have wanted to see space, hopefully with the way things are going it might become possible.

  55. Eagle Aerospace

    Congratulations! You’ve reached the level of the “space program”!

    To go to the next level you need 9999 experience!

  56. Guy Mediocre

    here’s to paving the way on our journey to escape this island home

  57. Rama Raditya

    2021: 100 booster landing
    2022: 100 Astronaut 😆

    All of this in less then 20 years after SpaceX established.

  58. James Films

    Massive congrats guys! Keep knocking out those milestones, we’re all routing for you.

  59. Saquib Rakhangi - X.GM.26

    The budget of this video😂😂

  60. Wagner

    …and a million yet to come!
    SpaceX making humankind history!

  61. delinquentdesign

    😭I just love it so much thank you Elon for bringing back space travel with a vengeance 😭😭😭❤️🤍💙

  62. Itz Idle

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds <3 Thanks SpaceX our future is bright because of you!

  63. Aiden Campbell

    It’s been good high hopes for the future

  64. I Fly Central

    Congrats on this new milestone. Here’s to the next 100.

  65. X A E A-XII Musk

    *We should be proud of living in Elon Musk’s generation*

  66. SeungJun Lee

    Imagine ur Elon Musk and watching this video, how would it feels like.

  67. Marcos Mendes

    Congratulations! You’re the best in rockets! You’ve changed the world

  68. Ryan Thomas

    “Fly safe” -Scott Manley

  69. Mr. Pinecone

    I always love when smart people do amazing things.

  70. nfoleg jon

    Watch Musk’s old interviews where reporters thought he was crazy. I truly believe today that he will colonize Mars

  71. MusicWithSAGAR

    I don’t know why but I want to play this video on loudspeakers just so my neighbours can also hear this legendary sound.

  72. Emmanuel M

    Whenever you get such a high like rate from the general population you’ve done something revolutionary. Hats off to you Ellon.

  73. CouchCommander5000

    well i didnt expect that when i clicked on the link. that brought tears to my eyes.
    p.s. how dare you not put starhopper in that video!

  74. Mike Toreno

    You know they’re gonna make mars our second home, looking at the frequency of their launches.

  75. Jamie Todd

    Excelsior Ad Astra, you steely-eyed missile guys.

  76. 가르강튀아방개

    I want to can also spend that moment in my seat! Just wait for six years. I’ll go

  77. Bryan Lucas Skalski

    And this is the begining ! Can’t wait to see where this wonderful journey will lead us !

  78. Li On

    Enter: Leonardo DiCaprio holding glass with approving smile and fireworks.

  79. Patrick Brisbin

    Happy to hear the SpaceX I know and love has become so successful.

  80. yellow walrus

    Spacex: 100 launches

    Blue origin: jim where does this rocket engine go again?

  81. Boat Chips

    And here’s to a 100 more! 🍻

  82. basbekjenl

    I wonder how many i’ve seen on camera. would love to experience one first hand one day. perhaps even ride starship before I die, there is a good reason to live healthy

  83. Car Silk

    You’re quickly becoming the only hope I have left for humanity! Love you guys👍

  84. Arcadia Green

    When you are tired of waiting for the Horizon to come to you, and you run towards it


    This is just the beginning of thousands of successful flights

  86. Isaac Madsen - TDA

    just think that 45 of those flights where reflight of a booster

  87. Don Larsen Jr

    Standing on the shoulders of giants. Thanks SpaceX and Elon for dreaming big and inspiring the rest of us to pursue the impossible.

  88. F.B.I.

    I actually love how normal it is to see that SpaceX is launching another rocket. What a time to live!

  89. Scott Meister

    I will never forget those immortal words… “Let’s light this candle!”

  90. HypotheticalHany

    The future is one step away.

  91. Insert a Name

    I feel like i need to pay some money just to see this video

  92. Brian Riddle

    I can’t wait until the day we get to see a montage like this for starship

  93. Andrew

    With 100 flights surely the time is right to one-up NASA video library and make a SpaceX library where you upload every ITAR abiding SpaceX video, good or bad, so we can enjoy them instead of them sitting on a hardrive.

  94. Siderealplague

    Me and the boys waiting for that starkink wifi out in the countryside.

  95. TiiME Design

    The most expensive video ever on YouTube right here

  96. Jesus Christ


  97. Притяжение

    Блин, как красиво, еще четко подобрали саундтрек

  98. HerikDR

    like everyone who sees the trajectory of all aerospace companies, this is rocket science baby!

  99. Space.Coast.Beach.Bum

    Huge congrats! This is only the very beginning. The coming years with Starship are going to be absolutely spectacular!! So excited for the future!!

  100. RobbinRams

    You guys are the best!❤️🚀🚀🚀

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