Why The Juno Spacecraft is Afraid of the Dark

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It’s been 3 years since Juno arrived at Jupiter and it’s array of sensors have transformed our understanding of the planet. It makes low passes over the giant planet every 53 days and due to timing of these orbits it was going to end up in Jupiter’s shadow for 12 hours, long enough to kill the spacecraft.
Find out more about Juno here:

Jupiter image in thumbnail created by:
NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Roman Tkachenko

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    That’s no shadow, that millions of TMA’s preparing to collapse the planet!

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    If your solar powered,you’d be afraid of the dark too.

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    5:45 10 hours for 55m/s of dV? Makes you appreciate how powerful KSP ion engines are in comparison, not mentioning its actual attitude control thrusters!

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    Scott I love these videos about a spacecraft and it’s mission and what it does! Can wePLEASE see more videos like this or even make it a series!?

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    The Juno spacecraft is awesome. I find it awesome that we can put artificial satellites in orbits around planets that are not earth. Science is awesome. Great video, keep up the good work. The pics from Juno are just beautiful. I really like looking at those beautiful pics. I liked this video.

  17. David Analyst

    Great vid! You didn’t include one of the most interesting facts about Jupiter, which is that the wind speed inside the eye is 300 mph. I’m curious why there has been no earth-proportional type of stasis in the weather.

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    its cool to imagine if the big red spot might actually be an impact scar where a solid planet collided with the gas giant but got stuck there at the surface and is slowly sinking down to the core

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    @Scott Manley Love your content! Could you do a video on why Mercury still has a magnetic field, despite it’s small size and slow rotation?

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    Awesome, inspirational stuff! I had no idea the raw imagery was available for amateur enthusiasts. I’m confident your words will help get people involved.

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    We’re fortunate to be living in this glorious era for space science! It’s good to see beyond the current strife-filled drama of human existence.

  46. klausvonshnytke

    10:38 I recently heard different explanation to Jupiter’s aurora. You may want to check out Dr Becky’s channel for more info.

  47. Pronto

    The vortices trailing off the back of the red spot are stunning. 11:37

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    Why is Juno trying to look into the Great Red Spot? It wants to find SCP-2399.

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  56. Lin Yen Chin

    6:56!? The centre is colder? So it is just like the eye of a storm being much more calm than the trailing arms which flair out of it?
    Oh 7:02 completes my visualization, I see the funnel shape of it, with the compression effect at the bottom being why temperature is being focused to greater heights…also the blanketing effect of being way down there in the atmosphere.
    Thanks for the upload!

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    12:00 They think that the ions get formed when atoms essentially fall down from Io…
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    What do think of the proposed “Jovoscope” experiment? and does this maneuver make it more or less likely for the spacecraft to be capable of doing it or the Juno team to be convinced to try it?

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    I should hope so, if it arrived earlier than after, I’d start to question some of the relativistic effects we’re seeing. :)

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    5 Newtons- so about the thrust of an Estes B or C size model rocket engine, albeit for “ a few” more seconds.

  76. TheOneWhoMightBe

    Ivanova: I’ve always had a hard time getting up when it’s dark outside.
    Sinclair: But we’re in space. It’s always dark outside.
    Ivanova: I know, I know.

  77. shoved to the right?

    Or what ever spacecraft do when they are inactive
    V’GER: We evolve and become killers!
    Hal: That’s right David!

  78. Buck Starchaser

    One reoccurring theme with these space missions that really piques my interest is thermal management. It seems like a lot of the troubles and worries come from not being able to keep warm or cool out there. It seems like thermal management is a very basic need, with plenty of room to experiment and improve.

  79. Destructor1701

    Somewhat overusing the word “obviously” here, Scott… Many of these things are not obvious.

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    they watch football, jon bois did a documentary about this

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    Just a heads up, we’re going to have an orbital spacecraft turned up full blast and aimed at you for the duration of this next test. I’ll be honest, we’re throwing science at the planet here to see what sticks. No idea what it’ll do. Probably nothing. Best-case scenario, you might get some planetary data. Worst case, some pictures, which we’ll throw out.

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