Why Spinning Was A Good Trick For America’s First Space Launch

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The first satellite launched into orbit by the US was Explorer 1 in 1958, this was launched using a rocket design developed by the US Army using mostly off the shelf rocket hardware. One of the most distinctive features of the rocket was the visibly spinning nose which contained the top 3 stages of the rocket. This design enabled the rapid development of the design and meant that in theory it could have launched a satellite into space before Sputnik were it not for the political problems associated with the Army team being lead by a former Nazi.

Spin stabilized rockets are actually a pretty common trick in space launches since it means you can forego thrust vectoring and other complicated guidance and control systems if you’re happy to live with a satellite that can handle the spin.

  1. sixstringedthing

    I’ve read pretty much every wiki article and anything I can get my hands on re. the early converted missiles and their fuels, read about Hydyne in “Ignition!”, but I never heard about Bagels and LOX. Man I love this channel, something new in every single video!

  2. Joseph Stevens

    Scott – Great explanation of spacecraft spin stabilization!
    …. I like the term “yo-yo D-spin”

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    What a great episode! Thank you for sharing your knowledge,

  4. StringerNews1

    When I was a kid, I thought that liquid oxygen was available at many retail shops, because the sings in their windows said they had fresh LOX.

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    NASAkin: “I’ll try spinning! That’s always a good trick!”

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    Neat always wondered what it meant in the footage to see the satellite was spinning like that.

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    I’ve personally come a long way from thinking we just shot stuff straight up and it was there. Thanks Scott!

  10. Carstuff111

    Rocket science…one of the many reasons I love physics :)

  11. simon bulgaris

    Thanks Scott I always wonder why does that really spins so fast

  12. Winter

    I discovered this back early alpha of KSP. Spinning prevented my rockets from flipping over

  13. fatarsemonkey

    Good informative video, I knew about spin stabilization but never knew about that yo-yo method and its employment.

  14. Caleb Carpenter

    I never get over how many totally bonkers things we’ve done to get to space. Something that big spinning that fast is frickin’ terrifying.

  15. Angel Arch

    LOX and Bagels into space, Yo-Yos in orbit… checks to see if it is still April 1st…

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    I can’t stop chuckling, every time you said it, it sounds like you are saying “Exploder One”.

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    God speed.

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    Thanks for the view through your eyes, very interesting.

  23. RadioChief

    I went looking all over the WWW just last week to find an explanation of why they did this. I figured it had to do with gyroscopic action but you filled in so much more detail. Thank you Mr. Scott Manely.

  24. Penny Lane

    That spinning upper stage still looks like a scene from an old-timey science fiction movie though.

  25. Joseph Attanaseo

    Love learning about unintended discoveries!

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    This was really interesting, Thanks scott!

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    I remember I learned how spinning is a good trick in one of your old Kerbal videos

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    *Me before playing KSP Real Progress One:* Why spinning?

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    Very interesting – even if my brain did fail towards the end! We shouldn’t be too surprised at spin stabilisation, though – after all bullets have been doing it ever since rifling was invented. And long may you continue to pronounce the ‘h’ in ‘when’ – so good to hear!

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    1:32 Ouch. Her pun hurt: Bagel and LOX. :)

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    “She thought it should be called ‘bagel’ because it would be combined with liquid oxygen.”

    For the benefit of those who didn’t pick up on the joke:

    Liquid oxygen is abbreviated as LOX, LOx or Lox depending on the group doing the documentation.

    A common breakfast is bagel and lox, which in this context are slices of salt & sugar cured salmon.

    I don’t doubt that this was clear to many of you but there is probably at least one viewer who didn’t make the connection.


  38. Sev Frost

    that t handle brings me some real joy

  39. Jacob Wagner

    Just a suggestion for a future video. I would love to see a video on apollo’s poo program, or program zero zero. When I listen to the flight recordings, mission control talk about it somewhat often. I have spent some time looking into this and haven’t found much on the program.

  40. Kevin Charls

    still remember this example of explorer 1 from my “attitude dynamics and control” course


    Very cool reminder of something I learned long ago and had forgotten. Thanks!

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    I’d say that the drain cover over the underground nuke test in 1957 is more lost aha

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    You gotta love conservation of angular momentum to help keep things stable!

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    I am now fondly thinking about being on a tire swing as a child, and how kicking out my legs made me spin more slowly. thank you for the trip down memory lane.

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    I’m with Mary Morgan on this one. “Bagel” is the best fuel to pair with LOX.

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    thank you for your productions. I laughed each time you said “explorer 1” because to me it sounded like “exploder 1”. carry on!!

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    250 years later, deep space transport gets hulled by a high velocity mass.

    “What hit us?”
    “God damned yo-yo.”

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    unbelievably interesting! how many hours did you spend researching for this video? just being curious.

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    early space program is something straight out of Kerbal. 4 stages, 3 of which are just clusters of identical solid boosters, with the whole setup spinning so it doesnt crash

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    I absolutely love how your accent makes “Explorer One” sound like “Exploder One”
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    8:00 “…you fire off this hunk of metal, it keeps going until it hits something. It could be a ship. It could be the planet _behind_ that ship! It could go off into deep space and hit someone in ten thousand years! Bottom line: You pull the trigger on this thing, you _are_ ruining someone’s day— somewhere, sometime!”

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    I like to think, millions of years from now a couple on another watery world somewhere with an atmosphere will see a shooting star and make a wish on a small piece of New horizons

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    How do you learn that de-spin factoid? Amazing!

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    I really enjoy your videos. You break down so many things to where I can understand them. I am not a dumb person but am no rocket scientist either. I believe since you are not one either but have studied for your own curiosity you know how to break it down.

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    Spin stabilization, what a great concept. We knew about that as kids in the 50’s.

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    That’s it, I’m calling the LiquidFuel from KSP Bagel from now on.

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    Explorer 1: Wow, look, Van Allen Belts! New Science! Telemetry!
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