Why SpaceX Will Move To New Thrusters To Simplify Starship

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Starship and SuperHeavy development continue, there hasn’t been any more test flights of Starship as they have decided to move on to testing the booster and putting Starship into orbit.

Photo showing RCS is by Brady Kenniston
The high quality images are at

Thruster Test Audio from Nicotine Jenkins

  1. Jared Nelson

    Thank you for this video. The information is incredible. Love it.

  2. Peter Barber

    I just want to say that even now, whenever I see the name “Absolutely No You-Know-What” I still laugh. Those names are genius (as are the Culture books). RIP Iain M. Banks.

  3. EasyApeBake

    Imagine being able to build and name a barge to reassure your wife that your marriage isn’t dead lol

  4. Hunter Wall

    “this looks likely to be the hit has version”
    typo is best.

  5. 『 OtB 』Mutanт

    Are we gonna see a tower on the semi submersable The Mighty Servent??? Thank me later Elon ;-)

  6. Somewhere South of Minnes

    Generations of Red Snapper and Amberjack are going to love their new Starship Stage homes!

  7. Piemur1

    Everytime I notice this, I’m always happy to see Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern on the bookshelf behind Scott.

  8. paradigm respawn

    “Of Course I Still Kerbal…”

  9. untouchable360x

    “What does God need with a starship?” Captain James T. Kirk

  10. Michael Benno Butter

    Scott, besides your brilliant technical explanations and your coolness… I love your accent! Thank you for your high quality commenting! Mike, Germany

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  12. riley mcpherson

    Kestrel on Meth is my new speed metal garage band name 😂😁

  13. John Lumpp

    Very interesting segment. Thanks Mr Manley! I feel much smarter now.

  14. Gerard Hammond

    Thanks Scott, I had never thought about gas-gas vs liquid-liquid starting points for engines before. Neato

  15. TheOldMiners

    I wish someday I had that amount of knowledge. Always a pleasure to watch your videos! You da best

  16. مصطفی نظرزاده

    6:15 You might wanna know what is the difference between the existing system and this new fancy hot gas. So, yes!

  17. Andrew Onymous

    OMG another Culture novel reference, Gravitas.

  18. Tranquility Base

    Listening to Scott I somehow feel like my IQ increases just a little.

  19. Edwin Chiu

    Kestrel! Now that’s a name that I’ve not heard in a long time.

  20. Black-Metal Doggo

    Petition to make BFR (Big F#$ing Rocket) an actual rocket class

  21. Maadhawk

    Confirmed, Elon follows Scott on Twitter. xD

  22. Daniel Weir

    Okay, that ‘Kestrel on Meth’ got me 😅 I’m not 100% sure what was said after that, cause I just started wheezing

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  24. Howard Phillips

    Kestrel is also slang for ketamine, so “kestrel on meth” sounds like quite the junkie

  25. tavdy79

    Scott Manley: “It’ll be kestrel on meth”

    Me: “Not a mental image I needed before my morning coffee.”

  26. PhilfreezeCH

    3:25 I think the difference there is that previously, when everybody dropped their boosters, they would also not test them on a biweekly basis.

  27. Don Ingram

    A man after my own heart, it shall forever be a BFR to me ;-)

  28. Allan Stewart

    Why not a lot of small solid rocket cartrages were u cyval them like a revolver

  29. Paul A.

    I’m waiting for the ship named “The laundry tag on life’s rich tapestry”

  30. CptTangerine

    “Down in Boga Chica, Texas” has got to be the start of a space Western song.

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    “Kestrels on Meth” is the name of my Industrial Funk band…

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  33. J Shepard

    I’ve been watching SpaceX since they were blowing up Falcon 1s on Omelek Island. I always thought they’d succeed on some level, but if you’d told me that they’d have a monster reusable stainless steel rocket on the pad at their own spaceport only 15 years later, I’d have laughed in your face. The pace of progress with this company is just insane.

  34. Joshua Graham

    A new, better equipped drone ship opens up the likelihood the we’re going to be getting much better landing footage in the future. Super pumped.

  35. Emma Humphries

    Instead of “The Face on Mars,” we have “The Face on the RCS Thruster.”

    Also “Mestral”?

  36. Big J

    Scott cheated. He’s got one of them hypergolic cold gas thrust things disassembled on the wall behind him.

  37. Pete OConnor

    I think that’s Homelander on the thrusters, why? Haven’t the foggiest.

  38. Asher S.

    “Kestrel on Meth” LMAO

  39. Michael Gian

    @ 2:10 : Mighty Servant is not really a barge; she’s a fully functional sea-going ship.

  40. David S

    Definitely Still a BFR! Been awhile since that name was around. I rather liked it.

  41. philburch1970

    I really hope that SpaceX lets Scott co-host a launch/landing one of these days. (Same with the Everyday Astronaut.)

  42. lspringerjones

    I hereby dub thee “Professor Manley”. Excellent exposition and speculation.

  43. Wayne Borean

    Great explanation of the different thruster types. Thanks Scott, you do a great job.

  44. Максим Золотухин

    Could it be “RICK” Astley on a “ROLL” thruster?

  45. Kevin Street

    Thanks for another great video! I really love the videos where you do a deep dive on a subject like this.

  46. Juan Paramio

    Scott <3 can you talk some day about Mars Cycler Trajectory, and Moon Cycler Trajectories proposals? <3 you are a genius!! greetings

  47. Bao Mao

    SpaceX moving at the speed of light. The explains “Elon time” (time dilation).

  48. Gordon Chin

    That gizmo is called a greeble. It’s there to make it look more visually interesting.

  49. muleshoedude

    After talking 4 minutes about the test flight
    Scott: “I actually don’t want to talk about this booster test flight”

  50. objBobby

    If “BFR” doesn’t stand for “Big Fucking Rocket” I’ll be sad

  51. ZekeTheSquirrel

    “Kestrel on Meth” is absolutely what they need to be called officially.

  52. Strothy2

    can’t wait for the first orbital flight, the fireworks show is gonna be amazing :D

  53. Allegheny500

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  54. Jarno

    Could you have one pressure chamber inside another one, drive it with higher pressure and when entering space, move the inside engine to increase ratio inside? Cooling only outside bell.

  55. Knowlege Isgood

    To my knowledge Starship tanks have an operational pressure of 6 bar, not 3 bar. Any sources Scott?


    Cool that you got a reply from Elon! Make a second Interstellar Quest when KSP 2 is out please. A legendary series deserves a sequel.

  57. Nick Horvath

    But if their main engines and RCS thrusters use the same fuel, how are the kerbals supposed to limp back home on RCS thrusters when they run out of fuel?

  58. Papagolash

    The photo is Frankie Muniz who played Malcolm on the show Malcolm in the Middle. He’s on the middle thruster hence, Malcolm in the middle.

  59. murdelabop

    Elon said it will fly in July, he didn’t say what year.

  60. Jaloman

    Wow… it took me way too long to figure out, that “hit has version” was supposed to be “hot gas version”

  61. The Capacitor

    They should call the Lunar landing engines “Buzzards”. Naming them after birds like they did with Falcon and Kestrel but it would also be a reference to Buzz Aldrin’s lunar landing.

  62. John Hughes

    Thank for clearing up so much, Scott. Keep well, keep safe and enjoy life.

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    I have to say it again, you lines are just so good

  65. David Analyst

    I really don’t recommend Elon drop rockets in the Ocean. We were making such good headway in negotiations with mr Nimbus.

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    “it will be kestral on meth” ~Scott Manley

  72. Jules E

    Are we really talking about Starship orbital test ? The future is real…

  73. Ford Genereaux

    Make more videos like this Scott! This was really cool. Maybe about the starship heat Shields? How can this be rapidly reusable where the Space Shuttle had months of refurbishment?

  74. njdeputter

    “Kestrel on meth” -Scott Manley

  75. Particlese

    Ah jeez, now I’ve got “gas gas gas” stuck in my head again.

  76. MobiuSphere

    You could say these thrusters are the new hotness XD

  77. Glenn Pearson

    Thanks for the refresher on hot-gas thrusters, Scott. My grandparents lived near McGregor and I remember a time when the only thing McGregor was known for was a distribution hub for propane. Those thrusters firing sound more like someone firing a machine gun.

  78. mjproebstle

    once a BFR…

    always a BFR. Cheers!

  79. Gibb

    Great Book on the shelf Scott, “The Dragonriders of Pern” Ann was truly a great story teller. Thanks a million for the video.

  80. Ryan Hamstra

    “Spacex is testing BFR” *Looks longingly into the distance* “That is a name I haven’t heard in a long long time.”

  81. NOLNV

    Kinda feel like “A shortfall of gravitas” is a far less witty name for a gently bobbing landing pad than a superintelligent superweapon I feel…

  82. Alex Matthews

    Nice one Scott, love the breakdown so I can understand it :)

  83. Dan

    Morpheus – powered by essence of Taco Bell and liquid oxygen

  84. Craig Duncan

    It’s kind of like how when I fart in the bath and not let all the bubbles escape to the surface with one creating a tavern inside my bum cheeks, under a higher pressure.
    Then when it does go the fart noise the bubble contains is at a much lower pitch?
    Am I understanding along the correct lines an following you here? Thanks

  85. Eilaithen Harvey

    Never thought I’d hear Scott say something’s on meth

  86. James Hughes

    I’m still waiting for cars with RCS thrusters. I want that zoom zoom

  87. Mishn0

    I don’t think getting the pressure needed will be a problem, diesel high pressure fuel pumps provide 2500 bar even now.

  88. Mikicat

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    I tried it, and the poor bird didn’t survive the vacuum of space let alone the meth.

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    Nothing makes me happier than commenting about a typo. So glad to be alive now! woo!

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    The good old times of the BFR!

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    The landing engines would be like 20 something hot gas thrusters and that’s fine for lunar gravity

  94. CocoaButt

    Engineers on the Morpheus program forgot to instal a chair with a life-sized plush Jeb Kermin on the top.

  95. Richard Bowley

    At 10:30, think about the “sump tanks” used in the Apollo CSM on the lunar missions, which took the hypergolic propellants from the storage tanks and stored them for use for the SPS engine and RCS thrusters.

  96. Special EDy

    Space X isnt dumping boosters into the ocean, they are demonstrating Starship to the Dolphin Overlords.

    Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

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