Why Rockets Fail – Earth’s Rotation Leads to Explosion of The First Soyuz Rocket

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in 1966 the first 2 Sozyuz spacecraft were supposed to meet in space, Soyuz 7K-OK-No.1 ended up being delayed after problems with Soyuz 7K-OK-No.2. Months later No.1 was readied for launch, but never made it off the pad due to technical problems that ultimately lead it its destruction.

Unfortunately, there’s no pictures or recording available so I instead rendered the event using Kerbal Space Program.

One of the best sources on this event is Anatoly Zak’s work:

Also See David Portree who wrote a great history of Mir hardware

  1. Nicholas Maude

    The Kerbal Space Programme does a crap rendition of the Union rocket.

  2. Patrick Simmons

    The potatos (solid fuel) fermented in 27 minutes into vodka (liquid fuel) which leaked. Was strong Russian explosion.

  3. Gustav Gnöttgen

    Every tractor has its history…
    I knew nothing about the most reliable orbit transporter system’s fails. That’s something else today!

  4. Nice Jungle

    Insightful & fun : I love your videos ! Thanx Scott

  5. K1lostream

    Got a distinct feeling of dejá vu on this video! Have you done a vid on this before, or do I watch too many programmes about space rockets?!

  6. b. griffin

    3:09 I like how the very bottom remains intact and unburnt.

  7. SuperVstech

    I can just imagine the engineers reactions as the escape module launched…
    A little poo came out…

  8. Le Z

    greetings everyone. incredible!!! rocket engineering is so “ sensitive ” that the rotation of the Earth can cause accidents !!! very good. success.

  9. mad zak

    ahaha you should be nominated for an Oscar award for these reconstructions in KSP!
    ахаха ты должен быть наминирован на оскар за эти реконструкции в KSP !

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    Mr. Scott Manly, many years of YouTube success. Keep it coming! 👍

  12. Sandro Walach

    Obvious anti soviet propaganda, we all know the soviets had 32 bits fire by that time!
    Great video by the way, A+ for effort! :P

  13. TheGorby

    2:45 Those Kerbals running away are HILARIOUS

  14. Tim Othy

    You forgot to say how many komrade technicians ended up in the Gulag as a result. 🚀🔥☃

  15. vince d

    Thanks for this interesting video. Just one thing, I don’t understand how not being on the equator slows the angular speed ?

  16. Jair Reyes

    Rocket: Im finally gonna go to space.
    Earth: Im about to end this mans career

  17. Contrarian Advice

    Took me a couple of re-watches to figure out what all the numbers at 5:11 were about (4, 7, 28…). The visualization helped though!
    (and also the kerbal reenactment is amazing)

  18. RogerWilco

    “High Grade Ethanol”
    You mean Vodka?

  19. Drew Christensen

    That’s not what Alan Shepard meant by “Let’s light this candle.”

  20. weeral1

    The most impressive thing to me was a gyro that can keep spinning un-powered for that long. That is some well built stuff.

  21. Lucy Tycho

    Absolutely love what you’ve done with this episode format. The archival footage adds a lot, and don’t stop with the KSP!

  22. Alan Hardman

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  23. TheDerpy Kitty

    What was that line? “It did exactly what it was told, and did it well… but it was told the wrong thing.”
    Sums up the LES here perfectly

  24. Valentine

    you could say that 7L-OK-No.2… wasn’t OK

  25. Gitarzan 66

    This time I got a big notification all the way across the top of my YT page fore your video.

  26. cmdraftbrn

    didnt vintage space cover this? not that i mind.
    where any kerbels harmed?

  27. Gleb

    Mission that didn’t live up to its name

  28. Asger Vestbjerg

    Interesting stuff
    Keep em comming :-)

  29. Dangermouse

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    Thanks for putting them together 👌

  30. LeCharles07

    Flamable coolant? Why would you do such a thing? [Looks at the Rocketdyne F1] Ok, maybe there could be reasons.

  31. ghostdasquarian

    Well, at least the team on the escape system got bonus paid…. maybe

  32. J.J. Shank

    This is brilliant! I love this!

  33. PiEn

    “It’s highly ulikely that LES would fire on the pad”

  34. norm1124

    So happy you are not one of the Soyuz for US-Rocket basher.

  35. Crazy Ginger

    I guess this would be another very clear piece of evidence that the earth is round and that it rotates to flat earthers. Why would the government be trying to cover up evidence proving that the earth is indeed spherical? Its a conspiracy by Big Flat Earth!

  36. Seth Goldberg

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  37. MrVipitis

    Can you make a video about the hidden space race of reconnaissance satellites that weren’t talked about publicly yet played a vital role in the cold war?

  38. Maap

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  39. Psilocybe Vibe

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  40. archingelus

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  41. TungstenCarbideTmpr.

    I wonder who’s more pissed -Soviet engineers then, or flatearthers after watching this video.

  42. Reed Silvesan

    a common saying in communist Russia was they pretend to pay us so we pretend to work

  43. Tony Elsom

    Those Soyuz launch escape systems are impressively efficient.. ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano,who will be going up to the space station in the MS13 Soyuz mission on the 50’th anniversary of Apollo 11, has a very high opinion on the track record of Soyuz..
    As usual Scott went into those great detail I love about this channel…interesting explanation on the actual cause of this early failure in a otherwise impressive up to date Soyuz track record …Great presentation as always..🚀

  44. mz505909

    i like how You left the ladies under engines ;) cheers.

  45. Adymn Sani

    excellent video, let’s hope that all the early events stay in the archive of accessible human knowledge…

  46. Sean McDonough

    Guess it was really Soyuz 7K-_Not_-OK, then…

  47. jedi1357

    High grade vodka er, I mean ethanol was used as a coolant. heh…

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  49. Robert Schlesinger

    Excellent video. Very interesting explanaton of the failure in an early Soyuz launch.

  50. Sean McDonough

    5:48 – Well, yes, but, considering that _this_ particular mission _didn’t have any crew on board…_

  51. Eletronicafg

    Союз aka ‘Soyuz’ sounds more like ‘Sayuz’ in russian (means union), ‘о’ is pronounced more like an ‘a’ when the syllable isn’t stressed. Sorry to be nitpicking, but _the more you known ™_ . Anyway, your content is always excellent!

  52. Dávid Kertész

    technically, this proves that the earth is not flat

  53. Wyatt G

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  54. It's all Good

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  56. Jakub Sciuk

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  57. WartimeFriction

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    Wow! What a crazy oversight by some amazing minds
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  63. Temp Name

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  64. dr Krig

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  70. AKing1

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  71. François Best

    07:02 – During that test:
    – That coolant could cause a fire.
    – He’s delusional.

  72. Moeシt

    Soyuz couldn’t hold its alcohol.
    Go home rocket you’re drunk.

  73. J Waugh

    as the gyros spun down they would eventually begin to tumble which would have set off the escape system regardless of the earth’s rotation

  74. Alman556

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    “There’s a whole bunch of examples of Russian electronics in aviation which used high-grade ethanol as their coolant”
    Aka extra-strong vodka cooling

  80. AdurianJ

    The Soyuz launch escape system also saved Vladimir Titov and Gennady Strekalov in 1983 when their rocket started burning on the pad.

  81. Greg Ewing

    “Hmmm. Since we moved away from using ethanol as the coolant, that mysterious leakage we were experiencing seems to have stopped…”

  82. Underbird [former X8X8]

    What an engineering masterpiece the R7 rocket family is – Korolev was a genius!

  83. Olivier Delarosa

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  84. LiquidDestruction

    When you have a million variables to work with, it makes sense that eventually one slips through undetected. But that’s what tests are for, and it’s good that a pre-manned flight test discovered this issue.

  85. Montgomery Burns

    We’ve all explained “eureka” moments. It always amazes me when I have one of these, (about once a year). Imagine how these scientists feel when they figure out these problems. Success comes from failures. Great explanation Scott! Thank you!

  86. Warriorking1963

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  91. Sean McDonough

    4:53 – Technically, the gyroscope would still have been _in_ its original starting position; the _rocket_ was rotating around it.

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