Why Rockets Fail: 1997 Delta II Explosion – When a Booster Comes Unzipped

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On 17th January 1997 a Delta II rocket exploded seconds after launch and scattered burning debris over the surrounding area, it’s one of the most spectacular rocket failures, and it was caused by a solid rocket motor splitting while under pressure.
I’ve talked about enough exploding rockets in recent years that I wanted to start a series of videos about historic rocket failures. This isn’t just going to be talking about the impressive RUD’s but the nature of the failure and the hardware involve.

Images & Video:
Northrom Grumman / Orbital / ATK

Delta II ICESAT-2 image by Brady Kenniston

News Article from Aviation Week

Carbon Fibre test video:

  1. Jeff B

    More strap on boosters for better atmospheric penetration, but beware of explosive warts. OK it was easy.

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    I’m Scott Manley, I’m making a series about rockets not flying safe.

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    Absolutely awesome video, Scott!

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  18. Kit Sandham

    Great new series!
    If all the worlds ICBMs were launched what do you think the failure rate would be?
    Any chance of getting ‘lucky’?

  19. Ojas Deshmukh

    Basic question…
    Why have we shifted from multiple first stage boosters to only 2 of them…
    Other than the increase in efficiency and twr of engines such as the Merlin are there other reasons…
    Plus why is the two booster configuration flown the way it is..

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    Rockets fail because they don’t work well after exploding.
    All failures can be eliminated by only launching in the USA on the 4th of July.

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    Why rockets fail:
    7 seconds after launch their license expired.

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    *We have had an anomaly*
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    And how about on the next one we do the Proton -M that crashed..
    (The one where the Internal Guidance was installed Upside down!

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    Agent: I’m so sorry your car burned. Did everyone get out of your car alright?
    Engineer: What do you mean? Nobody was in the car.
    Agent: Oh, that’s good. So did your house catch fire and spread to your car?
    Engineer: Actually burning solid rocket fuel rained down after a rocket explosion and hit my car.
    Agent: *confused staring*

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  71. Waterfordmaxx

    I was there!!! I was 10 years old and I still remember the noise and the incredible explosion that rocked the building I was in… we were getting ready to board the big red boat and they said if that boat wasnt between us and the explosion, all the glass in this glass wall facing the ship would have shattered!!!
    I remember the sliding doors coming off their tracks and the security guards running around not knowing what had just occurred… when we got on the boat we could see the smoke and fires still on the grounds…

  72. aron askengren

    I remember the LEGO set of that rocket, its what got me interested in rocketry from the beginning. Sad that it will never fly again :(

  73. Wroger Wroger

    I thought the explosion and the showering brought 3 ideas forward.
    1. It’s pretty cool and spectacular.
    2. There is a reason why observers are kept a long way, away fron the launch.
    3. They should blow up more often and,
    4. Can I come watch when it does?

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  78. Jeffrey Bue

    I’m shocked the engineering team didn’t mandate a full-up NDI (using ultrasonics) of the composite structure after loading it up to 95% ultimate. Sometimes you learn things the hard way.

  79. Spacedog49

    My friend Marc was a member of the launch team in the blockhouse during this event. He manned the instrumentation bay and after the explosion they noticed that noxious fumes were leaking in through the cable conduits. They rammed rags, paper and their shirts into the conduits to block the fumes. Marc’s car was one of the severely damaged.
    Scott, contact me if you do a report on the Delta 3000 #134 failure of Sept. 13, 1977. I was a solid propellant consultant for the McDonnell Douglas failure review team. That failure resulted in a major change in solid propellant formulation.

  80. David Messer

    I saw a documentary on this failure once where one of the engineers described making an insurance claim about is totally destroyed car. Apparently the insurance company was skeptical when he said that “a rocket fell on it.” :)
    They also described jumping under the desks in the blockhouse as the debris came down. I’m not sure that doing that would’ve helped.
    Clearly, this could’ve been much worse.

  81. DH Yukon

    Thor became fat. It got heavier and heavier and became the delta; the tanks have been stretched, a second stage was added. It then blew up.

  82. OverclockedSanic

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    They are so large but the scale throws off perceived velocity.

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    The second stage and payload flying of the disaster is so Kerbal.
    But kerbals would probably have tried to ignite the second stage to softland the payload ;)

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    Or “Great explosions in space travel history!”

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  89. Teh_D3th_St4r

    My favorite part of this particular rocket failure was mission control:
    *rocket explodes*
    *Everyone gasps
    “Uuhhh. We have had an… anomaly?”

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    Would be super awesome if you could cover the failures of the first rockets/rocket motors. I’m very curious what went wrong in the early days

  95. mattcolver1

    Very good report. You did your research.
    I worked for McDonnell Douglas Delta program back in 1997. It was a sad day. 
    Steely eyed missile men get misty eyed when one of their birds fail.
    Funny story; Once at Vandenberg  one of the solid boosters was out of storage and sitting outside to get some testing. People were standing around near the nozzle. A plastic protective cap on the nozzle popped off with a good loud pop sound. I think the people standing by the nozzle had to go clean their shorts after that. 
    I assume the air heated up in the nozzle expanded enough to pop the cover off.

  96. Aaron Ray

    If your SRB has a hairline crack, you will not go to space today.

  97. Paul Drake

    My brother in law was in the blockhouse that day. Everyone had parked their cars right up close and consequently had them destroyed by falling debris. He used to have a lump of melted glass on his desk that was all that remained of his windshield.

  98. baddoggie101

    I worked on the upgrade of Delta RS-27 engine to Delta II back in ’87. I discovered a flaw in the engine analysis, in that they had failed to perform a fracture analysis on the turbopump main shaft. They had done a long duration durability analysis but that was insufficient for the cryogenic conditions to which the shaft was subject. They knew they had a flaw in the engine as they were losing one flight in 23 and half of those were due to engines going “boom”, but they had not been able to find the cause. After I pointed out the flaw, they changed the design and the reliability doubled.

  99. Matthew Bishop

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    Composite material: “Well actually…”

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