Why is it Impossible* For Telescopes On Earth To See Spacecraft on The Moon?

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Amateur astronomers regularly track and photograph spacecraft in deep space using telescopes. Tiny spacecraft can be seen millions of miles from Earth using carefully planned observations. However to view spacecraft on the surface of the moon, this isn’t possible because it’s easy to pick out a bright spot against the dark background of space but doing the same against the bright background of the moon isn’t useful. To get images of spacecraft on the moon (or mars!) you need to get much closer so that the details can resolve.

Here’s a list of special site on the moon which have been observed by LRO:

* and by ‘impossible’ I mean that it’s merely ridiculously difficult unless you build a massive device and someone correct for the atmospheric turbulence.

  1. shahar vahab

    SpaceIL just announced Beresheet-2

  2. Udi Ben-Reuven

    The laser mirrors left by Apollo are detectable by earth telescopes that are also used to blast them with a laser pulse

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    I dunno, Bob the flat earther from down the pub says those shadows are just dust from firmament-moths that fly into the bulb.

  4. Denis Polyakov

    I also made a series of 3 minutes exposures of hayabusa2 using half meter remote telescope in New Mexico.
    it also was at the moment of capsule separation, but I didn’t have the current TLE, so I couldn’t put the telescope in tracking mode. If anyone interested, I published the results on my facebook page. Under Denis Poliakov name.

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    It would be interesting to send a probe to 2020 SO and find out what long time exposure to space does to man made objects.

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    Our moon is the second brightest object in the sky. Please don’t forget to use the proper filters.

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    Also take on account lens aberration and colimation callubration of telecopes

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    The limit of resolution.

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    The 2.3m Lunokhod 1 was lost between September 14, 1971 and March 17, 2010 until it was imaged by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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    They found something shiny in space and think it’s ‘debris’?
    If I learned anything from KSP, that’s more likely than asteroids.

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    I wonder if in the distant future there will be an attempt to capture some of these early rocket boosters and such and put them in some kind of museum in space.


    okay but can hubble see a 40cm stonehenge descend from the ceiling?

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    June 2019 on the coast of California I saw a flashing object (10-second interval) cross the sky which I thought must be a rotating solar panel or fairing but a shiny booster like that might fit too.

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