Why I Have a Real Planet Named After Me – (33434) Scottmanley

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Discovered in 1999 – Minor Planet 33434 has recently been named ‘Scottmanley’, I didn’t discover it, but one of the team members chose to name the object on my behalf.
It’s common for asteroids to be named to recognize people who have risen to prominence in many fields – Astronomers, Artists, Athletes, and the occasional Pet (although that’s been discouraged recently). I’m grateful to Alain Maury who made this possible.

Here’s the official name on the Minor Planet Center’s website

  1. Pete Murphy

    Congrats, this is really something to be proud of 👍

  2. Plasminium

    So asteroids can be named after you tubers? Oh god, this means it’s only a matter of time till there is an asteroid named 2019 Ninja lol.

  3. StefanDaBoi

    Hey Scott!
    Have you submitted your name for the Mars 2020 mission?
    I don’t know the URL for that but.. maybe you can search it..?

  4. StrontVlieg

    Congratulations! Good reason to party like it’s 1999 I guess … ?

  5. Anish Koduri

    Low inclination and low eccentricity – mate this perfect! Even my noob skills could fly there!

  6. blackcorvo

    Finally, there’s a possibility of you realizing the dream of having a spacecraft land on an effigy of yourself, as per your outro animation.

  7. inshadowz

    Congratulations! Someone or other ought to mention this to Frontier Developments :)

  8. Quo Niam

    GG Scott ! I bet that wonderful daughter of yours must be so proud…

  9. alflurin

    That’s amazing. You deserve it! :)

  10. Wiwih Firman

    Cool stuff Scott, Congrats for it! Space are full of fun and cool stuff floating around

  11. Floris-Jan van der Meulen

    Greetings from Minor Planet 1689, a 16 km rock between Mars and Jupiter, rotating slowly in 6 Earth days. :)

  12. Sabpot

    Woah this is awesome!! Congrats!!!! o7

  13. Piotr Marciniak

    Wow, someone made Scott Munley mod into a real thing
    Edit: Damnit, that joke was already at the end of a video

  14. Jidge Animations

    Weird Flex but ok.

  15. Spoonclankencuppen999

    TFW you realize the chance that the world will be destroyed by Scottmanley just increased by (an estimated[alright I just made it up]) power of 100!

  16. Gerard Sharp

    1. when are you going to play earth-scale KSP and building a ship to go visit it in the computer?
    2. when are you going to launch a real space probe (or deck chair) and go visit it in reality?

  17. justpaulo

    – Asteroid named after me
    Nice thing to have in your resume :)

  18. American Hiker

    me: mom, do you think there’s aliens living on scottmanley?
    mom: I hope so son…I hope so… (looks to the sky)

  19. Super Cat Elvis

    Oh dam that’s actually awesome, congrats

  20. Ghost World

    “Yea I have thousands of people who hang on to my every word and respect and adore me…..SCREW “EM! BORING”

  21. Chezburger

    and I was proud of making a trailer for a KSP rocket, this is amazing!

  22. TheDjOfChoice

    DJI Osmo action cam pls
    All this shoogling of the background is geeing me a jelly belly

  23. christosvoskresye

    As long as it’s not 1999 FU, Scottmanley!

  24. superdupergrover

    “Sorry guys, but you’re all toads compared to having a planet named after me.”
    That’s okay, Scott. We would do the same.

  25. Celtic FreeMason

    That’s Awesome mate! Congratulations on such a rare “life event”.

  26. Eagle View HD

    Scot, what is the Accumulator Enable Valve on the NGIS OmegA rocket Engine?

  27. Capn Rotbart

    “So the surface features of bodies go through the IAU naming committee…”
    That’s not how we name them at home, Scott.

  28. PageMonster

    You are way more eccentric than your planet. 🤣 😂

  29. aJamDonut

    actually got tears in my eyes for you mate, bet you’re so chuffed :D

  30. Yiannis Mantheakis

    Thanos will be soooo jealous.
    Now you can join the Federation.
    Greetings from Greece.

  31. KamiRecca

    Congratulation on being a stellar father, Scott.
    can we cal it Junior?

  32. Sebastian Jasper

    That’s an awesome story, thank you for telling it; And of course: Congratulations!!!

  33. Gone, reduced to atoms

    Bet you never read “Hellstar remina”

  34. Ben Heinz

    Neither SpaceX or NASA responded to my request to send a probe to 33434 Scottmanley.

  35. Käsebrot

    Can’t wait for Frontier Developments to update the galaxy now^^
    Then you could visit your planet in Elite

  36. Peter Pike

    Cool. I just pulled it up in Space Engine :-D

  37. Hooman Thing 101

    Looks like something straight out of the powder game

  38. Zoltán Pósfai

    The orbit is well known and reliable. Of course… it’s flying safe…

  39. Jacob Woods

    OMG! That’s so cool! Congrats Mr. Planet.

  40. Hype Edits

    He be just lowkey flexing on his followers

  41. jekanyika

    Will AOCs asteroid have to be renamed now that she is a politician?

  42. jon roton

    jon keryy not have pleanet named after hom vot Kerry/birling2020

  43. Tv 5150

    I thought all new planetary names went through Elite: Dangerous these days.

  44. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    I was gonna comment “Weird flex, but ok”
    But that’s actually pretty cool

  45. Thomas Slone

    we love you more…btw 1999 fu? xD

  46. Bork Bork Foxxo

    I like the Firefly references on Charon. That’s pretty dope.

  47. Bryansk Scion

    1999 FU. Indeed that was a bad year.

  48. Fuck off google

    If you were a mountain I would have loved to climbed Mt Manley.

  49. TheTechDragonChannel

    So, when can we expect the kerbal visit to 33434 to plant a flag?

  50. Robin L

    So how does it feel to be up there next to Charlie Duke ?
    Congratulations for this recognition of your achievements.

  51. Cby 0530

    Seriously, you are the Carl Sagan of the web.

  52. Tom Buck

    That planet was a great way for someone terrified of Y2K to quit their job. “UM, LIKE! IT’S 1999 EFF YOU!”

  53. Martial Borschel

    Someone, someday might say ‘I come from the planet Scott.’
    Some space farmer growing cabbage on a tiny space rock.

  54. Busted Shark

    Congratulations Scott, this officialyy elevates you to Geek God status!

  55. andrew lee

    7:21 **Me looking through a telescope pointing up at the sky……..then sitting down, and quietly contemplating about life**
    “What da fck did I just witness???” o__o

  56. robert linke

    cool, Lindsey has an asteroid named after her.
    #stirlingite XD
    also awesome for you scott!
    6:45 Vader Crater.. wow

  57. JerryCho

    Star that was discovered from centuries ago Patrick Star

  58. Pulsar

    Im sure its flying safely, what with such a low inclination and eccentricity

  59. NicK E

    Wow, many many years ago when I was about 10 years old, my family and I stayed at Alain Maury’s observatory in San Pedro de Atacama while on a vacation Chile, that kickstarted my interest in Astronomy and space!

  60. 5Andysalive

    Where can i buy the right to name the Earth after me?
    Btw, glad you specified which Nemo was meant :) Although they were both fictional travellers.

  61. Nicola Tesla

    4:14 As a Dutchie I must say I lol’d quite hard at the name of 9001 Slettebak.
    Also, congrats Scott! You are now a part of recorded history! I can’t even begin to imagine how awesome that must feel!

  62. JoeyPknowsalotaboutthat - alt

    I want to name a neutron star Danny Phantom and a confirmed quark star Dan Phantom.

  63. Ernest Jay

    F U scottmanley
    i mean that minor planet.

  64. Just Mavi

    It is *definitely* a better name than “1999 F U”

  65. OtakuMage

    Anime nerd infodump time:
    Macross is a fantastic name for a surface feature on either Pluto or Charon. In the original Superdimension Fortress macross, a malfunction in the FTL system sent the city-sized ship out to pluto (along with a good chunk of the island it had been on). FTL system happened to lose key components in the malfunction (folded themselves out of existence) so the ship had to use sublight engines to get back to Earth.

  66. Tracey Jacobsen

    1999 F U
    Alright settle down… (sorry but i had to point it out XD ;^;)

  67. Pat Bluetree

    Congrats , oh great Kerbal master.
    Seriously , that is awesome.

  68. Richard Perfect

    Ok so now we need the Asteroid animation re-done with 33434 Scott Manley highlighted please.

  69. Pesterenan

    Scott *Planet:* HULLO!

  70. Erik Uden

    *has 50.000 Tweets and actually 77.000 Twitter followers*
    “I have 50.000 Twitter followers”

  71. Allegheny500

    Congratulations, hope you got the mining rights. Cheer’s.

  72. Fraser Cain

    I actually mention in my Twitter profile that I’m named after asteroid 158092, and nobody has ever noticed the joke. It was all thanks to Jeff Medkeff, a fantastic astronomer and science communicator who named a bunch of asteroids after his friends a decade ago. Died of liver cancer in 2008. :-(

  73. Cx k

    Congratulations, well named.
    Can you please explain why Scottmanley is a planet and Pluto is not.

  74. Harrison Wheeler

    Whoa Scott, that’s huge! Now you’ve go an awesome pickup line… “I’m Scott Manley… I’ve got a planet.”

  75. Kerbal AirForce

    Contact Frontier Development and make sure it’s updated so I can visit planet Scottmanley.

  76. Mark Hancock

    Does this mean we need to add death by ScottManley to the list of possible future cataclysms.

  77. Dallas Barr

    Man brag about having a space rock named after himself but you still learn a lot of valuable knowledge.
    Congrats mate !
    Well deserved !

  78. TurkeysGames

    *looks at thumbnail*
    No Scott that’s Jupiter

  79. David Woods

    Congrats from 15858davidwoods :-D

  80. Jacob Stewart

    Ok guys, let’s get funding together to send a probe
    *Make it happen*

  81. Tomasz Dzieduszynski

    Therapist: Scott Munley doesn’t exist, he can’t check your staging….
    Scott Munley: 7:20

  82. ColonelCat

    Now it’s going to be in Universe sandbox^2 with your name.

  83. Dumbstupidperson

    “Its hard to have a planet named after you”
    Greek and Roman Gods: Hold my beer

  84. RandomPerson 101

    I’m impressed
    You managed to say FU in an actually serious way

  85. Noah Hastings

    “They very quickly ran out of godesses”
    Yet they still have scott manleys

  86. J Phizack

    Earth is actually classified as ‘Man Scottley P31415’ according to the people living on Scottmanley.

  87. TheAnimystro

    Just gonna start a gofundme to send Scott Manly to Scottmanly real quick

  88. Hailfire08

    Let’s send a probe there and etch ‘FLY SAFE’ into the surface!

  89. FreshSauerKraut

    “they very quickly ran out of goddesses” All except one, *S c o t t M a n l e y*

  90. Alain Maury

    Tss, not only for the asteroids animation (which indeed I have used in my conferences, like many other astronomers), but also and mainly for the youtube channel. In Europe at least it seems science communication and vulgarisation is not done on TV anymore, but now on youtube. You are doing an important work. The thing is I looked to see what was your asteroid number, and was surprised you didn’t have one. So now it’s done. Very very well deserved.

  91. Keith Johnson

    I’d say switching from FU to Scottmanley was a positive change.

  92. Electric Bamboo

    Employer:what would you say is your biggest achievement?
    Scott Manley:I have a planet named after me
    Employer:you’re overqualified for this position

  93. Moist Fireworks

    Thousands of years from now … on Kerbalia, proud capital of the Human Colony of Scottmanlya…
    small dude : “Mom, mom, why is our planet called Scottmanlya ?”
    mom *looks up to a statue of a bald man before a flying rocket trailing a sign [FLY SAYFE] : “It’s for one of the great heroes of the first space age, son …”

  94. Alexander Batyr

    You just became immortal.
    That’s the real deal, Scott.
    I think it is going to be an object in KSP which you have to grab and return to Earth (or Kerbin).

  95. Younes Layachi

    Scott Manley : “I’m Scott Manley”
    Me : “the man or the planet ?”
    Scott : “yes”

  96. Mantha

    “Hello, it’s Scott Manley here on Scottmanley! We’re Scott Manley, fly safe.”

  97. Harold Weaver Smith

    Going to presume that it has an efficiently smooth, high-albedo surface? ;-) Congrats Scott.

  98. Warp 8

    Now, we must:
    a) Take a photograph of 33434 Scottmanley
    b) Photoshop Scott’s face onto 33434 Scottmanley
    c) Send edited photograph to Scott Manley.


    I assume the northern hemisphere will be highly reflective.

  100. Hugh Garmany

    Low inclination, low eccentricity? I guess Scottmanley is flying safe.

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