Why Does it take BepiColombo 7 Years To Get To Mercury?

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And other questions people have been asking me about this european space agency mission. It’ll take 7 years to get to Mercury and then reach a lower orbit than MESSENGER with more payload.


    No no no you have to make another video before 2025 Scott. I can’t wait that long.

  2. Stephen Gillie

    Will future exo-archaeologists study the modern day from the satellites and other debris we leave on other planets?

  3. B.B. Does the Thing

    Why does it take BepiColombo 7 years to get to the other side?

  4. Plauze

    2:25 – 3:40 Physics are awesome!

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    Will you not be Scott Manley after 2025?

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    I’m from Padua! And I love your channel Scott 💪🏽

  7. Live. Vibe. Lasers.

    Scott, you have all the answers to my questions before I even get a chance to research them myself. Get out of my head!

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    I just love your videos!

  9. Nighthawk

    “Baby” Columbus.
    in Argentinian slang, “bepi” is backwards “pibe” which itself is slang for “kid”
    I thought they were dedicating a tiny probe to Columbus lol

  10. Smokey '87

    Another great and very informative video, Scott!! Love ’em!!
    On a sidenote; shouldn’t it be BeppeColombo, if it originated as Guiseppe?

  11. TechyBen

    WEeeeeeeelllll…. Mercury’s not exactly close ya know. ;)
    “then it crashed”… so we have put a *lander* on Mercury…. Technically. ;)

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    Wow 100% thumbs up ratio, minute after releas

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    Looking forward to your 2025 edition of the BepiColumbo report!

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    thank you Scott :D

  15. HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

    I like how the lander would’ve had a “tethered minirover” that sounds cute. Now I want a tethered minirover…

  16. Vistico93

    I wonder how much more it would’ve cost to give the craft enough fuel to go straight to Mercury and make the necessary slowdown right then and there?

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    Shall be called Bepiscolumbo from now on.

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    This dude Scott if taking a seven year break from YouTube😂

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    Haha excellent, until 2025, fly safe :D

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    The outro made it sound like he wasn’t going to post vidoes for seven years

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    Thank you for normalizing the camera angle. Much more comfortable to watch.

  22. Jayaprakash s

    Can you tell me about the artificial moon that China going to launch at 2020.

  23. John Doe

    what is the max speed that BepiColombo will reach?

  24. Samizdata

    Lovely presentation and good data as always!

  25. Baron von Quiply

    Scott, would you mind checking with NASA to see if I can have those solar panels when the probes are done with them?
    I’ll get started building the giant catcher’s mitt.

  26. Giovanni Foulmouth

    University of Padua represent!

  27. Lemon

    The 2020’s are more and more sounding like an amazing time to live… :D
    As I believe Space X is launching their Crewed BFR’s to Mars in 2024, will arrive in 2025, and plan on sending 2 unmanned BFR’s in 2022 as well…
    Hope they make it, even if there are some delays which are likely…
    There are also other things but I’m not going to sit here for an hour saying them all, so I just said the most exiting one :)

  28. Ben

    Hey Scott and Community, I have a question (and I don’t know if you answered thisin a previous video but hey too lazy): how do satellites find their way through space? So for example bepicolombo: how does it know, when to burn or to turn around? I mean, if you would put a timer on there or something, it would be damn stupid cause you could not react spontaneously.
    If it didn’t become clear, here is the actual question: how do spaceships/probes/etc orientate themselves in space?

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    They should habe sent conk in space instead of bepis

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    7:15 You heard it here first folks… Scott Manley is going on hiatus for until 2025…😢

  31. SarahLJP

    6:45 perihermion as in Hermes? The Greek equivalent to Mercury.

  32. Zarcondeegrissom

    Ah yes. Every time I get frustrated by the lack of fault-system info around the Tharsis region and basic geology of Mars, I can remind myself that on Mercury real geology happens that does not have basic research sidelined in favor of looking for signs of life on a rock that has no magnetic field to protect the surface from solar radiation, lol. For once I think I am excited about a mission, and I suspect BepiColombo will result in a better geological understanding of Mercury then the past twelve years of Mars missions have provided of Mars. MRO has been in orbit for twelve years, and still not a single GPR pass of Valles Marineris, My best wishes for BepiColombo and team. B)
    Great vid Scott and crew. B)

  33. WheresWa11y

    Holy frame of reference batman. So once in space we “go down to the sun”

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    About time for a Mercury mission. Now we just need to convince them to go back to Venus!!

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    Scott Manley could you please do a video on the Japanese space agency?

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    Why is the CM missing from your Saturn 5 model?

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    We should colonize Mercury first, there is plenty of solar energy there!

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    I’ll miss you, but I look forward to your next video in 2025.

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    Hats off to whoever worked out that trajectory, it makes my head hurt considering how you’d have to go about it…

  40. Just a Zebra that does minecraft totorials

    watching the tracking for this is like watching royal mail tracking…

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    So I guess I’ll have to mute notifications from you until 2025! :-P

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    BepiColombo sound like StrikerEureka or GypsyDanger, i dont know why :)

  43. fred jones

    Clearly Mercury will end up looking a lot like earths moon, but as we have seen before there are always surprises

  44. Casey Goddard

    This actual mission to Mercury is surprisingly similar to a mission to Moho I did in KSP about five years ago…

  45. uglyduckling81

    How much did the orbit change each time it went around?
    With no atmosphere I can image it screaming by the planet a few times 50m from the ground.

  46. Isaac Westawski

    Turned on the tv and then i watched… colombo.
    Beastie boys

  47. Saxton Hale

    Hey Scott, can you please look at some of the science behind China’s “artificial Moon”? If it’s actually feasible? And who would be able to see it?? Cheers mate

  48. Leytra

    This video in condensed into Tl;Dw format: ORBITS

  49. John Montgomery

    Could you do a video on how space craft navigate. On Earth we use latitude and longitude. What points of reference do space probes use ?

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    The name alone reduced the speed of the craft by 1000x .

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    Hey, uh Scott your command module is missing on your Saturn V

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    I wouldn’t mind mining that metallic monster. Maybe one day.

  53. Gordon Freeman

    Rocket science is hard alright, that gravity assist was beautiful.

  54. Kevin Spencer

    BepiColombo helped me appreciate why getting to Moho in Kerbal Space Program was so difficult. KSP allows somewhat overpowered spacecraft. But even these aren’t enough against the sheer speed you build up in reaching Moho. It’s why BC is doing the slow route. I’d love to try to emulate this in KSP but I understand the scale of the system doesn’t emulate the gravity assists as well. But still, might be fun.

  55. Frik Na luzie

    Grrr. Now i have flashbacks of all my failed missions to Moho, that became mere fly-bys because my rockets lacked dV or had insufficient TWR to properly brake into orbit :P Good times LOL

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    Ticki Ticki Tembo No Sa-Rembo-chari Bari Ruchi-Pip *Bepi Colombo*

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    Can you do a video on the “kozai mechanism,” please?

  58. T-65B X-Wing Fighter

    Could you do a video on the New Horizons rendezvous set for Jan. 1, 2019?

  59. Abe Barrera

    I was lucky to watch the stream but becuase it is arianespace and Tim dodd the everyday cornstraunt does not know about them I was forced to watch a 15 min burn towards mercury very bored

  60. ApolloWasReal

    One of the things that the movie “The Martian” really got right is that space navigation is mostly about velocity and not very much about altitude (or position). But the common misconception persists, which is why people have a hard time understanding why, given how close Mercury is in distance, that it takes so long to get into its orbit.

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    Why is your Saturn V model missing the CM & LES?

  62. KaletheQuick

    Another fantastic video :)
    We should send you to space :D

  63. Simon Watt

    How do you even receive radio signals from something that close to the sun in the sky? Are they relayed from somewhere else?

  64. Link's Space Program

    Ok so if they are really sending science there they better discover Mercury on Mercury or I’ll sue the universe

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    I’ve been playing ksp v1.2.2 forever and I only just noticed “Flying Safe” in the witty loading hints. 😂

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    The Gravity Assist animation was very helpful in explaining the entire process. Much appreciated.

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    I’m happy they installed our ‘selfie cam’ to get some things to show until 2025…
    The first image came like 2-3 hours ago :D

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    No more videos until 2025?

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    This was an excellent video. Liked. I wish there were more space missions. There’s an entire universe out there to explore and colonize :)

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    A friend of mine actually worked on this and was at the launch!

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    Baby Columbo, can’t get that image out of my head.

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    Because it wanted to have a slow ride. Slow n’ Steady wins the race (most of the time).
    *You know I’m kind of a scientist myself*

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    Do you ever hang out with Paul Shilito, aka the curious droid?

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    2025. And your age then? I’ll be some 70 years. Will I be around for future space ventures? I certainly hope so.

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    So it will actually arrive in 3 years, but to slow down enough for orbit it will take 7 years. Makes sense. Thanks!

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    I was watching the ESA youtube vid about this the other day and was asking “why” it was gonna take 7 years for this probe to reach Mercury and as usual… Scott comes through again!!! thanks brother!!!

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    I love your videos so much!
    Keep them coming! ❤

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    Hey! I study physics at the uni of Brunswick where they developed parts of the spacecraft! Everyone here is quite excited about it!

  80. RFC3514

    Bepi isn’t exactly a nickname(*), it’s just short for Giuseppe (like Joe is short for Joseph).
    (*) Incidentally, “a nickname” is just a misspelling of “an eke name”, meaning “a little name”, so in that (older) sense, it is.

  81. Kelvin Yang

    Basically you can buy delta v with fuel or with time and computing

  82. Snoort Pod

    That’s a very interesting game of ping pong in getting to Mercury.

  83. Efstathios Dimopoulos

    In the comments section of an article about this launch someone ( Musk fanboy) asked why SpaceX wasn’t chosen – they could have cut the trip in months. Somehow people are convinced that E. Musk can bend the laws of physics and reinvent Newtonian mechanics. The article was in space .com btw.

  84. Noswolf kop

    with danish technology on it \o/ sooo proud danish person there :P

  85. ChAnimations

    When I read about BepiColombo on german news Tagesschau I was really shocked about the poor article, they claimed that BepiColombo would land on Mercury on 2025 and didn’t really mention much more detail.

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    Thanks for making these videos because I’m dumb and need explaining and also it hard to keep up with the space news. Loved the video, keep them coming

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    Maybe you should write a book. Like Space for Dummies . Like your videos a lot!

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    so like 4 iphones from now?

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    TLDR: mercury is too hot, were giving it bepis to cool off, but we didnt want to pay for 2 day shipping so its gonna take 7 years to get there

  90. Agost

    Bepi Colombo UniPD pride!
    “Bepi” is a very common nickname for “Giuseppe” in Veneto

  91. FukU2222

    Scott – kinda random, but could you do a video on data acquisition//sensors used for missions like this? As an auto technician it intrigues me to wonder what kind of sample/refresh rate they would be working with both on a local level (aboard the craft) and at mission control. I know when you are logging parameters via CANBUS//OBD in a car or in any ECM, the more parameters you are logging/retrieving the slower the refresh rate gets. Would be interesting to know about, sorry if you’ve already done a vid on this too, am a relatively fresh subscriber, heh….
    Cheers, from Vinland.

  92. Raging_H2O

    7:20 no i can’t wait till 2025 for your next video ;_;

  93. Charles E

    Can you do a video on the Artificial Moon that China is trying to send up? Maybe also talk about the failed version Russia tried to launch in 1999?

  94. WheresWa11y

    Colombo always walked away and came back :”one more thing”
    So maybe BepiColombo is doing that. ie gravity assists to slow down…

  95. Braylon Vuong

    Well, guess I’ll check back once I graduate from college!

  96. Alfred Potter Guitar

    That multi assist animation was gorgeous

  97. petlahk

    Someone designed this entire mission in KSP. You can tell because they went with Ion engines and a half-dozen or so assists.

  98. Ma An

    I am really disappointed by the lack of a lander now that I know that it was considered.
    I know it might not worth it from a science point of view, but I think it’s a great stepping stone for humanity every time we land on a new planet in the solar system and send photos back home.

  99. Shawn Elliott

    TL;DR: Because going from Earth to Mercury is equivalent to falling down a _57 million mile_ cliff and trying to land softly at the bottom. The spacecraft has to bleed-off a huge amount of potential energy that it has by virtue of being built on Earth, it’s totally impractical to carry enough fuel to use rockets to slow down that much, and there aren’t many places between Earth and Mercury where a spacecraft can do a gravitational-momentum-transfer maneuver to bleed off energy. So it has to take the long way around.

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    I hope you post more videos before 2025.

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