Why Atlas Is Using Dual Engine Centaur For Starliner

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Boeing’s Starliner crew vehicle will be the first payload to use the Dual Engine Second Stage on the Atlas V since 2004. While the 2 engine version offers better payload to orbit, it’s very expensive and the actual reason for the 2 engine requirement is a bit more subtle and stems from earlier plans for post-Shuttle crew vehicles.

NASA Spaceflight Forums has a lot more on this subject, including links to many of the documents I’m citing

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    Why N for no fearing? It sounds nice and it’s logical but why not just use 0?

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    the problem with a lot of rockets is there powered by Russian engines and that’s shows weakness and we cannot allow Russian talking point to say American can’t do this without Russian engines

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    Nice updates Scott! I don’t know if you ever made a comparison video of the various crew capsules and what will be the differences, but if not, please explain this topic!

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    Was there really ANY situation where a shuttle SRB could quit and it would be recoverable? I thought the asymmetric thrust would destroy the shuttle anyway.

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    Astronauts are crazy! Now don’t me get wrong, I’d do it if allowed. But crazy none the less, crazy.

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    Is the Orion capsule definitely done for then? Or are they just going to look for a new rocket to lift it, since the Ares I isn’t viable.

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    I hope Starliner is a success as Boing is an American icon and are an example of American excellence.

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    Anyone notice the shielding at the end detaching and floating by the stage before then engine started?

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    Im not a rocketscientist but shouldnt three engines make for a far more stabile system Like a chair needs three legs ?

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    I still believe Aries 1 would have been better for the Country to avoid the gap. The Air Force study is biased., Lets pray for successful commercial crew.

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    Slight correction: The RL-10 can be scaled up quite a bit, which is where the RL-60 comes from. Though it’s probably not worth starting up a new production line when a new thrust structure and twice the engines will do a good enough job.

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    Does this mean , that a droneship landing is more suitable for crewed dragon?

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    I feel like your educational videos on the mechanics of spaceflight are such a great way to supplement and build up watching the actual launches. Anyone can watch a launch and be impressed by hardware involved, but knowing just a little more makes it even more impressive to see these engineering marvels work.

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    I must admit that I was surprised to learn that the original unmanned moon Landers, the Mariners I believe, used centaur upper stages. I thought how long have they been flying these things? I’d love a history of the centaur rocket video or a pointer to a good reference.

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    3:54 – Scott, I’m super interested in this. Is there anything academic written that acknowledges what you’re saying here or is it just the general feel in the discipline? I do things with theory-laden perception and interpretations of evidence.

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    N22? Why not just 022? N22 sounds like some obscure model number, not a booster config. :(
    Also, what caused that one Atlas CBC to crap out before its burn time was over?

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    The weird SRB placement on the Atlas family just bothers me. Even when there are an even number of boosters, they’re not positioned uniformly. Is there any functional reason why this is done?

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    Atlas Cantor is man rated we flew on them during Mercury and Gemini

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    I’m a bit confused about the current Atlas versions.  I worked on the original Atlas at Astronautics in San Diego, as well as the Centaur, and there is virtually no link between the original and the V, other than the names Atlas and Centaur.

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    I’ve seen some diagrams of ULAs Vulcan and on it they have a 4 engine upper stage centaur

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    Meanwhile SpaceX plans to use a single engine upper stage with a reusable 1st stage to launch crew.

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    The expander cycle that RL10 use can be scale up with 2x of thrust, the Pratt and Whitney RL60 feature 2x of thrust of rl10. NASA or other launch provider just don’t want to pay more money into development of a new upper stage engine and end up with only RL10.

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    However I think the RL-10 is really pushed to its limits in terms of future manned missions. They should really continue with the J-2X development and use it as upperstage engine for the SLS instead of clustering RL-10 engines like on the Saturn I.

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    By contrast, SLS Block I will fly with just the single RL10 engined ICPS upper stage. Is this because the SLS Core Stage puts the Orion capsule and the upper stage very close to being in orbit, so no lofted trajectory required for the ICPS to make orbit?

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    Hi Scott, at about the 5:00 mark, you said the study did manage to find a way to bring an Atlas V401 just within limits.
    1. How was it proposed that this be done, and
    2. Why then does CST100 “Starliner” require a dual engine centaur?

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    The RL-10 is an extraordinarily expensive 1950’s technology rocket engine. If NASA and the Air Force had finished funding the development of its replacement the RL-60 with 200-250 kN (50,000-65,000 lbf) of thrust none of these issues would exist.
    The weakness of the SLS is it is an essentially a conglomeration of old to darn near ancient technology. It will never be economic. The SLS will launch a few times before even its most ardent supporters will have to admit it is unaffordable and something modern will replace it.
    What a horrible waste of tax payer money.

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    Notably, SLS’s SRBs incorporate the Air Force’s finding in the new FTS that runs up the side. (additional trays can be seen as angled branches off the main FTS tray near the bottom) Charges are sequentially timed and additional charges are at the base so that if an abort does happen, most of the debris is blasted backwards and away from an aborting capsule. That said, this wouldn’t have been enough on Ares 1 though, due to much closer proximity to the single booster.

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