What Wormholes Would Actually Look Like According To Physics (VR/360)

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Using relativistic raytracing I created 360 videos of what it looks like to travel through wormholes. We’ve seen wormholes in TV Shows, Movies and Video games but very few get this right. There are many formulations for wormhole geometry, and I use two, the Ellis wormhole (also known as Morris-Thorne) and the DNEG wormhole used for the movie ‘Interstellar’

The starting point for this was the paper which describes the geometry of the wormhole used in Interstellar which describes the geometry they used and an algorithm
Unfortunately this algorithm uses a coordinate system which causes singularities that generate errors in some parts of the view which made it bad for 360 cameras, so I improved the system to make it safe and also thousands of times faster. (
The basis for the code is David Madore’s black hole rendering code (black holes are coming soon) but everything has been changed at this point and I’ve added a ton of new features.

Many of the skymaps were taken from Eve Online, which introduced wormholes to its game universe 10 years ago in the Apocrypha expansion. I’d originally intended for this to be part of my fanfest presentation before fanfest was cancelled.

There will be a follow up non-360 video showing some other renders and explanations, like what it looks like when we observe someone else falling through a wormhole. Then I’ll make the code available on my patreon page.

  1. SmolPotato

    Some parts kinda remind me of the effect you get when you put two mirrors next to each other.

  2. Samar Vora

    “The first handshake.”

  3. Billy Hoyle

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Great job. Very interesting.

  4. Alban Vieille

    What a mind bending experience, literally. Thanks Scott!

  5. Doug Kemme

    Ahhh, I finally understand the marbles in Men In Black!

  6. Tim Smith

    Just fried my brain. Wasn’t ready for that on a Sunday morning.

  7. Nooze

    Well that was an interesting experience. I knew my Google cardboard would become useful one day.

  8. Jessica Janiuk

    This was one of the coolest experiences in VR that I’ve had! Thanks for this!

  9. Trinquity

    i didnt realize that it was 360 until you mentioned it almost halfway in

  10. VR 360 TV

    Wow, Scott this was amazing, would love to know how you did this, well done 😀

  11. Eric Taylor

    This just broke my brain. I am feeling unwell, so now I’m just going to take a nap. No fever (yet) though, so maybe not Covid-19.

  12. FiguraCinque

    This is brilliant, the most plausible visualization ever made of this “THINGS”, they perfectly render the sense of possible and impossible at the same time.

  13. Markus Korriman

    I *cannot* be the only one who started hearing Nouvelle Rouvenor Hero after the run through the first wormhole.

  14. Wolf McCoy

    I can finally say I have traveled through a wormhole! Thank you, Scott!!

  15. prdi ludi

    Well there goes my 360 video virginity. Had no clue this was a thing.

  16. Flodgeshploff

    Ok, that was freaking cool, thank you Scott!

  17. NOS

    Imagine 500 thousand years later and you are trying to reason with a flat-wormholer.

  18. esbrasill

    Besides having a small ship, What are the criteria to “fly safe” around and trough a wormhole?

  19. NPException

    I want to see this in VR somehow.

  20. Me And mine

    So trippy, I did not know this was a 360 vid when I tried to adjust the image…

  21. Breakfast of Champions

    More likely it’s just dark without the decorative ambient lighting.

  22. ZX Spectrum

    Wonderful work, having had to always imagine this its so cool to see it

  23. Jacob Ellinger

    Took me way too long to realize I could move my phone to look around…

  24. floobertuber

    2:40 … kind of looks like Katie Couric’s colonscopy. Never could scrub that image from my brain… ugh.

  25. Jaffa Rebellion

    “Look upward, and share the wonders I’ve seen”.

  26. Reptilia12

    6:30 watch out for that void ship

  27. Curious Crocodile

    GREAT SCOTT!!! I mean that was GREAT Scott. That was an amazing demo – thanx mate.

  28. Roy

    4:19 great video, I think in this shot I can actually see the Worm !!!

  29. BluesyBor

    I’m giving a like, but there’s no way I’m watching this in 3D…

  30. Bashkov B

    This reminds me of a DMT trip i had, must have fallen through a worm hole. Certainly felt that way.

  31. rpcritteden

    That was really freaking cool, and kinda broke my brain when I realized that at the neck of the wormhole you can see both poles of both ends of the wormhole.

  32. Julian Danzer


  33. Ryben Flynn

    Remember when entering uncharted Space to raise the Shields and go to Red Alert in case of hostiles in the area.
    Something a Captain in a JJ Trek movie didn’t understand and got his ship destroyed.

  34. SHDZ

    6:35 so that is sort of the purgatory.


    [insert eye close up here] 6:42

  36. John H

    Finally! A video that shows the entrance to a wormhole as being spherical, 3D. It would not be a disc, a 2D portal in some kind of circular frame.

  37. PDG !

    Just wow, Scott! Sharing this with everyone I know.

  38. Mark Bryans

    The most intriguing and interesting look at the “Ins and outs” (pardon the pun) of wormholes that I’ve ever seen! Thank you Mr. Manley.

  39. Whiskey Drinker

    @:0:57 It looks like the”Pillars of Creation” nebula was used to give the effect of the mouth of the wormhole.

  40. Raideur Ng

    I was waiting for the part when the dual web Loki tackles him.

  41. Michael Thompson

    “Space is big…I mean really big…”

  42. Daniel DC88

    I just watched this on my Quest. Thanks for this , really cool. I’ll have to download it and watch on the Index for a bit more clarity, as I don’t think the quest can stream at 2160s. See you in City 17 on Monday!

  43. Timothy Pirnat

    Theoretical astrophysics in a visually rendered media. Makes me think anything is possible in the universe. Great content Scott.

  44. BattlePants74

    Seeing the entire universe move towards me like this gives me severe anxiety.

  45. jamesmanoni

    Bit sadistic to drop us in a wormhole, tell us to “fly safe” then bugger off Scott.

  46. Cythil

    This is exactly what I imagine the portals of my Table Top RPG setting with Aethernauts looks like. But then again I might have been inspired by concept of wormholes when I made these “Interdimentional” portals for my setting.

  47. tjudawous

    I like the Sinq Laison backdrop. ;) Also think I saw Cloud Ring….and a few others I guess.

  48. HyperCatsInSpace

    This is incredible, and I feel proud that I predicted the whole “sandwiched between two planes” thing before you showed it

  49. pentagramprime

    Question from a six year old: “I wanted to know whats outside the universe and what the black hole is in the uni-……..in space.”

    I know physics. But I’m worried I’ll botch my response.

  50. Jim A

    How have I never seen a VR/360 YouTube video before! This was amazing!!

  51. Patrick Greenwell

    This is awesome! Any chance you’ll be open sourcing the code that you used for the raytracing? Always amazing to see this and your other videos describing space phenomena. Will you be updating your known asteroids video anytime soon by chance?

  52. Max Mogavero

    Really cool, Scott! That was helpful and immersive

  53. Henry Bevan

    “This is a 360 video by the way”… oh… That’s why you’re not looking around!

    (edit: noticed that at 4:00, then went back to the beginning, and realised you mentioned it at the start!)

  54. InvictusByzantium

    Scott, is this the secret reveal that you’ve finally started working on a stargate?

  55. Tim Robinson

    Wow didn’t realise I could manipulate it on the screen

  56. Sion

    *@Scott Manley*
    6:07 YES! This was EXACTLY what I was thinking :D
    “what if traveling sideways inside the whole?”
    Thank you :D

  57. Nic Der Hund

    I really enjoyed this, and I understood most of what was being said, but the visual representation definitely has my head spinning! Good work Scott!!

  58. Benjamin Schubert

    Day 7 of quarantine:

    “So I wrote a raytracer…”

  59. Carl Stanland

    Wasn’t it Fritz Zwicky that called someone a “spherical a**hole”? They were one no matter how you looked at them.

  60. Eagles_Eye

    “which won’t be a 360 video” ,, was the moment i realised this was a 360 video… so i didnt notice it in the title xD

  61. tinkmarshino

    When I was young I told the girls that they were exotic matter does that count? Oh dang.. no gravity? This was a very good one Scott.. I do not understand wormholes much at all and this was interesting and thought provoking… carry on.. can’t wait for part 2

  62. Lasse Hovlandsdal

    Ever since I read Peter F. Hamilton’s “Night’s Dawn” trilogy, I keep waiting for the day we encounter a sentient naked singularity :(

  63. Ek Wiseguy

    360 hell yeah

  64. Photografer

    warning: photons behaving irregularly may cause headaches

  65. Toms Tech

    “We are exactly in the middle of the throat” – Sounds like a line from a certain 1970’s script.

  66. Lisa Lionheart

    I watched this in VR, you broke my brain. Looking down when I crossed the threshold gave me vertigo in the extreem

    When you are in the throat of the worm hole would you see yourself? I’m imagining some sort of really weird hall of mirrors effect.

    Rendering the same sequence with a spaceship model below or above the camera posistion might be interesting.

  67. The Rogue Wolf

    Y’know, I’d kinda hoped to go through today _without_ my brain being completely broken….

  68. Reid Linnemann

    That closed captioning tho… “Oh oh it’s got manly hearing…”

  69. James Dean

    this was awesome while also a bit scary lol

  70. bbbaaaaaaaaddddddf

    Windows 95 Science screensaver had something that looked like that, took a screenshot of the desktop and used that as a background to morph. The more you know…

  71. Kano Slayer

    Would love to have a PC strong enough to run this on my own and play around with all the variables and the like… So COOL!

  72. timbargen

    Showed this to my 6 year old using VR goggles. Mind blown. Thanks for the dad cred Scott.

  73. marrslink

    I was half expecting Scott Manley to start out with: “This wormhole is beginning to decay, and probably won’t last another day. This wormhole has not yet had its stability significantly disrupted by ships passing through it”

  74. leto452

    Wish he ended with “This a Scott Manley, this worhhole is safe”

  75. Andrew Kovnat

    I remember seeing something very similar to this on a website. It had Saturn on one side and as you go through the wormhole you enter another area.

  76. master shooter64

    this is totally unrealistic, due to the spatial lensing when the mass was raised i should have seen the back of my head TOTALLY UNREALISTIC

    jk Scott Luv ur vids

  77. Fuck Off

    I just watched 5 mins looking down at my phone wondering why the camera angle was so bad. Then I realized I was supposed to be moving the view myself lol.

  78. fburton8

    It may be just a rumor, but I’ve heard there is a network of wormholes linking every Dweller gas giant!

  79. Xeno

    It looks as though you’re standing between two planes when you’re in the throat of the wormhole. This reminds me of how some theories point towards our universe being a hologram on the surface of a black hole. Are these two concepts related?
    If you don’t know what i’m asking i’d hope you forgive me. As i don’t even fully understand what i’m asking either. But if i knew exactly what i was talking about i wouldn’t be here i’d be getting a degree in theoretical physics.

  80. Dmitry Zenin

    When we are close to the wormhole or inside the throat could we see ourselves? I’m guessing we do and multiple times as well. Would be a cool feature to add.
    Or am I wrong?

  81. Dindunuthingwrong

    I noticed these were eve online skyboxes as soon as I went through the first wormhole lol.

  82. bodugok

    I was getting “2001: A Space Odyssey” vibes toward the end there.

  83. Jim Dox

    This is freaking awsome! Nice work Scott!

  84. Name not found

    *My god, it’s full of stars.*

  85. Bram

    me, halfway through the video:
    “What?! THIS IS 3D?!”

  86. Karl West

    “I decided to write a ray tracer to see what it would look like inside a black hole” as anyone would 😀

  87. TheSpacecraftX

    My brain thinks it understands what it’s being told but my eyes can’t comprehend this. Mostly with the spacial lensing.

  88. NewGAME

    6:30 – Stargate Transition XD

  89. Saanguinee Fwedit

    “when ur close to a sphere is looks flat” try telling that to a certain group of morons

  90. infinitesunrise

    4:00 Scott: You can look backwards because this is a 360 degree video. Me: Wha..? *rewinds* WHAT. WHAAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!

  91. awesome astronaut

    I wonder, according to the math, what would the use of Alcubierre drive look like if it were a reality? I’ve tried to find material on it, but it’s very scarce.
    The only thing I’ve ever found was the extremely vague and probably wrong statement “it would probably look similar to Star Wars.”

  92. sidharth cs

    Me : What to do in quarantine?
    Scott : let’s go to another universe

  93. LtCWest

    > Flys through the Saturn wormhole, ends up in New Eden
    Me: *relisation*

    (Interstellar is a prequel to EVE Online)

  94. Bitchute is better than Youtube

    This looks nothing like my garden and the wormholes i find there. Theyre not even slightly close!

  95. Tom SawYerMom

    god scott, how long did this take to render?

  96. Zoltán Pósfai

    “When you are close to a sphere then it looks like a flat object”

    A lot of people are already lost at this statement :D

  97. Jonathan Stiles

    “It would loop back around and crash into itself”

    That sounds like it deserves at least a passing mention in a sci-fi setting.

    “I’ve checked the math again, it’s still 665.52 meters. Why are you being so paranoid all of a sudden?”
    “Ever heard of the SS Voidslicer?”

  98. Sean Whelan

    “wormholes are wierd”
    I can now see why…

  99. lextacy2008

    “the ship would crash into itself”

    At this point, you know we are dealing with weird

  100. baltakatei

    Caution: Make sure to cloak and scan as soon as you jump through a wormhole.

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