What Do We Hope To Learn By Sending New Probes To Venus?

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NASA’s latest batch of discovery missions was VERITAS and DAVINCI+ both of which are targeted for Venus. NASA hasn’t sent a spacecraft there since 1989. And by the time these launch it’ll be close to 4 decades since NASA has seriously studied Earth’s nearest planetary neighbour.

DAVINCI+ is built around a single atmosphere probe which will allow more photography of the Venusian surface than has been captured by all the missions to Venus so far. The mass spectrometer and other instruments will analyze the atmosphere on the way down and look for chemical clues as to the planet’s history. As well as keeping an eye out for phosphine which may indicated some complex chemical processes in the atmosphere.

VERITAS brings a new level of mapping capability, allowing the surface to be captures with 100 times the detail previously generated by Magellan

  1. Ed

    Imagine finding fossils on venus or mars

  2. jhune phogz

    they’re there to hunt for new minerals/elements so we can advance

  3. Matthew Palmer

    Looks like a won’t see a mission Neptune in my life time

  4. Benny BooBoo Bear

    I wish Space Engine would be available for Mac and Linux. That way us cheapskates can also get wonderful tools and simulations like you guys!

  5. Günter Kleinschuster

    Never have been a “fly safe” so important as on a Venus landing

  6. Stephen Griffin

    My interest piqued at the question of “How wet is Venus?” I’m too old to hunt dino’s.

  7. Greg Ewing

    Q: Why are we going back to Venus?
    A: You can never have too many science points!

  8. 1000dots

    That Venera ‘parachute’ disk blew my mind a little.

  9. dum_ tard

    Im gonna be excited when those probes reach venus, venus in fact is my favorite planet.

  10. Randy M

    Seems to me that when the sun was younger and cooler it would’ve been pretty nice on Venus for a couple billion years. Maybe I’m wrong

  11. John Długosz

    There’s a book called _Venus Revealed_ that goes over everything learned through the various missions and their instruments.

  12. Tim Wu

    I just recently read Project Hail-Mary, and now I hear this plan to go to Venus. OMG! Astrophage is real!

  13. Matthew Haby

    Magellan spacecraft: exists
    Scott Manley: You’re spare parts, bud

  14. Just David

    She’s a beauty. Don’t fall in love

  15. Miller

    “The answer is science”
    I feel this should be the response to every question in the fan questions answered series.

  16. AlaskaIsCold

    I am annoyed we aren’t going back to the outer planets (I was all about the mission to triton). But it kind of makes sense. A “quick” trip for quick science and a “short” mission time. vs the huge time/resource investment for getting all the way out to the fringes of the sol system.

  17. Matthew Suffidy

    There probably is as much gold down there as on Earth but it is pretty much impossible to access.

  18. Chris Musix

    ‘The Sky People’ by S.M. Sterling was an interesting sci-fi read. What if Venus was inhabited, and the first Russian lander was found by the natives?

  19. Norbert099

    Well, something has been there on Venus for a long time…I wonder in what condition it is.
    Would be great to see it again.
    Especially the russian one…which took pictures.

  20. Nicholas Maude

    It has been 43 years since NASA’s first and only probes landed on Venus’s surface.

  21. J Shepard

    5:17 In Soviet Russia, parachute might be made from steel.

  22. Sunny Jim

    NASA have to go back to Venus because they can’t claim to have finished the game until they’ve got all the achievements and Science Points.

  23. william armstrong

    Could you extend the life of a proble by cooling key parts? By water boiling off slowly? Using the high pressure steam created to drive a turbine generator supplying electricity for the instruments on the probe?

  24. kleines Filmröllchen

    TL;DR: Landing on Mars is hard, staying on Mars is easy. Landing on Venus is easy, staying on Venus is hard.

  25. Helium Road

    Robert Heinlein wrote a classic sci fi story about swamps and plantations on a colonized Venus. It’s called Logic of Empire and it’s about a guy who gets drunk and accidentally signs up as an indentured servant to a colony company, who ships him to Venus and puts him to work in miserable circumstances. Obviously written before the facts of Venus were known, but a great story. It’s in the book Green Hills of Earth IIRC.

  26. One by Land, Two if by Se

    The Venus lander should have been shelved pending SiC transistor development. Then a long-duration Venus Rover could have been sent.

  27. One by Land, Two if by Se

    I’m with you on the 2 missions that were passed over. Especially an Io mission. (1 Venus + 1 Other would have been nice 2).

  28. Trade Futures

    This is so cool!! I’ve always been amazed with Venus. It’s so easy to spot in the sky, and when I see pictures of Earth from like the ISS, I somtimes think to myself, Venus would look pretty much the same size, only it’s a true hell hole there. It’s so crazy to think about how harsh of an environment it is there. Anyway, thank you for making this video. Fly safe!!!!

  29. Ivy Stiles

    Sigh. I’m so onboard with a mission to Triton….

  30. Travis Collier

    Landing on Venus is so easy. Surviving on the surface, not so much.

  31. Jeff

    Just drop a chemically expanding balloon, with a camera

  32. Alex V

    We should create a neutrally-buoyant probe to float around in the atmosphere, sort of like an airship or submarine

  33. 13thAMG

    Question: Does it not follow that the sheer intensity of the atmospheric pressure is such that any rock surface under it cannot remain constant and therefore tectonic activity, no matter how small, is likely?

  34. rob morgan

    Amazing engineering!

  35. 5Andysalive

    One of the advantages over the Triton mission is certainly the flight time.

  36. Taahaa Hussain

    When I first read it I thought it said ‘what we accomplish sending humans to Venus 😂

  37. Big_Tex

    I feel deprived of my opportunity to kill Venusian dinosaurs.

  38. Gordon Chin

    Hopefully two hours will be enough time to determine the hardness of the lense cap.

  39. MrVipitis

    Exciting missions. But where is the love for the outer solar system?

    At least they don’t take 7 years to get there….

  40. Ben Morton

    Been watching Scott for awhile- don’t think I ever told him “thanks”. So- thanks Scott, you’re a great Scott.

  41. Ryan Emmett

    Plus: Detailed explanation of new Venus missions.
    Minus: Motion sickness from visuals.
    Solution: Close eyes and listen. 👍

  42. BlueFrenzy

    we should take the excess of atmosphere in Venus and take it to Mars.

  43. Charles Mouse

    While Venus is indeed a hell scape all that Deuterium might mean any water found there is sweet.
    I wonder:
    It might be educational for the mission to carry a bunch of ‘mini-landers’ along with the main one to take pictures in several locations.

  44. Marco Schön

    They still concentrate on the surface, not the atmosphere? 🤔

  45. OtakuMage

    JPL, doing awesome things since it was a bunch of college students in the 1930s.

  46. nagualdesign

    Surveying a planet to a precision of 2mm! 😱 Incredible.

  47. ElectroNeutrino

    2:41 The answer is always science.

  48. Charonupthekuiper

    The 70 years bit frightens me, I am just about as old as the space age….

  49. Fry_tag

    I’d love to hear stories of the people in the room when it first dawned on scientists what kind of hell hole Venus actually is.

  50. Chris Hayes

    I’ve always heard about the lense cap problems, but I only just realized popping a lense cap off in 93 atm sounds pretty hard.

  51. Jack Mcslay

    “Hot, hellish, unforgiving; a toxic atmosphere; a sweltering surface”
    Apparently Venus is just like Twitter then

  52. Students for a Democratic

    I was rooting for the Triton mission.

  53. Alex Moreno

    was hoping for the Io probe but this is still cool

  54. Vovacat17 Владимир Кузнец

    The lack of an aerostatic balloon probe in this mission makes me sad.

  55. Lukáš Skládal

    “Venus was very much wet” – Scott Manley 2021

  56. Joseph Stevens

    I can’t wait for these missions – too bad they can’t fly sooner!

  57. Gehtdich Nixan

    Goodbye Triton, we let a unique chance pass

  58. Fabio Sadkaoui

    I just wanted to thank you Scott.

    I am really thankfull, that you provide us with information. You are one of the major factors why I am interested in space flight.

  59. Amrit Grewal

    Yup, hunting random species to extinction *just for &h¡¡tt & giggles* is what exactly what I’d expect humans would fantasise about.

  60. Paul Paulson

    5:04 If you listen carefully, you can almost hear Stannis in the background with his favorite F-word

  61. Frenk

    I want a picture over the the cloud where temp and pressure are earth like, i want to see the light scattering effect probably white sky.

    Venera only show the yellow thick smog at ground level, im pretty sure the cloud top look like paradise instead of hell.

  62. Tyrandus

    If anyone is aware of the kind of geologic resurfacing Venus goes through on a regular (cosmologically speaking) basis, there will be absolutely 0 evidence to find on its surface of prior oceans.

  63. ShiaLaBluff

    Damn. You got me with the gravimetry measurements by measuring the communication signals :O That is insanely cool!

  64. anv3D

    So the Magellan probe is basically combining parts like KSP!

  65. Samson Soturian

    You know the real answer is “We have no idea” when existing theories involve aliens.

  66. andrew nelson

    3:25 so the atomic masses on my periodic scale are not accurate outside of Earth?

  67. TheAbc45678

    “Space Engine” appears not available on Macs. That’s a shame, considering where you work, Scott.

  68. Fred Planatia

    As i understand it this discovery mission is still in early days and additional components may still be added before launch, but it seems unlikely that they will include a dirigible to explore the cloud layers about 50km up where temperatures and pressures are very similar to those on Earth) and where phosphine has potentially been detected. This makes me sad. I think this region is the only place that life (if it ever existed on Venus) could retain a toehold. A dirigible (blimp) could explore these regions for longer periods due to the more mild conditions and make seasonal measurements of its changing composition. The search for life is part of the reason we go to these places and we know that on Earth, life once it establishes itself is very tenacious surviving in challenging environments. We shouldn’t miss opportunities to look for evidence of its existence anywhere we can imagine that it might exist.

  69. Harcourt Fenton Mudd

    I hope they send a good phosphine detector.

  70. Jemayel Juma

    Any word on whether they will be able to check for and confirm the presence of phosphine in the atmosphere ?

  71. Space Texan

    Humans: there could be an awe inspiring wonderful world under the clouds we simply can’t see


  72. sulijoo

    Anton Petrov did a video on how they’re designing new electronics and communications for the surface of Venus. I think they’re going to use silicon carbide. They literally put the components in a pressure cooker to see which ones survived and which ones didn’t.

  73. CabanaCaseda

    Looks like venus is back on the menu boys!

  74. Killbotter

    ahhh yes the first few seconds i looked at the right image of the thumbnail i was like: nice! now they are sending chairs to space.

  75. Delivery McGee

    I love how Venera 14 had a surface compressibility tester … and tested the compressibility of a camera lenscap that happened to fall off in exactly the wrong place. The Soviets just had all the problems with lenscaps.

  76. Cameron Jenkins

    These missions are almost exactly what my geologist sister and I have been wanting! This feels like a dream.

  77. p5rawQ

    I don’t know why, but I find Venus much more interesting than Mars.
    It is probably the only true option for Terraforming.

  78. Nick Garcia

    I’m glad we’re leaving Mars alone for a minute. But I would like to go to io and Triton and everything else out there.

  79. Jules E

    Honestly it’s good to see Venus getting some love.

    … but we need to return to Neptune T.T

  80. 99 Nation Videos

    Superb attention to detail and great factoids. I’ve seen other venus vids that do a lackluster job at relaying information. Thank you

  81. Benjamin Lefebvre

    Oh wow Space Engine makes me hope KSP2 has as much surface details!

  82. Patrick's Music

    I needed that “Hullo it’s Scott Manley here” today

  83. m & m

    Back to Venus? I like the sound of that! 😃

  84. Curly Brace

    I am hyped for more pictures of the surface of Venus!

  85. HistoryFan476ad

    I just want some better, clearer pictures of Venus’s surface.

  86. Drake Tamer

    It would be funny if Nasa trolled us by showing an overhead view of Jurassic Park as the lander images start coming back. Just sneak it in there somewhere for the data miners to find.

  87. Arthur Paliden

    I watched the Expanse. This doesn’t end well for the probes…..

  88. Lunokhod

    Glad we’re going back to Venus, really gets my spire forming.

  89. Garth Mage

    Toxic Venus, A bit like Troon on a Friday night.

  90. Venusian Creative

    Super excited to see the images from DAVINCI+!

  91. The TNTsheep

    2:41 my last 2 brain cells during a physics test

  92. Akai Kiseki

    “Double Barreled” Goood damn we ain’t mincing words here !

  93. Alan Brady

    Imagine going to Venus to hunt dinosaurs lol

  94. GunnarLof

    They’re looking for the protomolecule, obviously! 🤣

  95. Jeep Talk Show

    Any truth to the rumor that you’ll be headed into space with Jeff Bezos? We need some communications satellites around Venus, then a probe, or two, floating in the cooler part of Venus’s atmosphere.

  96. Chikiwikie

    Man, I want more blimps on other planets.

  97. Jack

    Another excellent video! Never arrived to a Scott Manley video so quickly before!

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