Visiting All Kerbal Planets Using Gravity Assists – Kerbal Space Program 1.7

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Kerbal Space Program just had its 1.7 update, reskinning and rebalacing a few parts, but more importantly adding some really helpful navigation tools. So, I wanted to use this to try setting up a series of gravity assists to visit all the planets in the Kerbin system.

  1. Daniel Karbach

    It’s Interplanetony II: Attack of the Nodes

  2. NissanR33Ztune

    Question – will our files / saves work from well back in the day when Hock gaming was going strong ?

  3. Jack Evans

    Wait, it took them how long to do that? That’s literally a two minute job.

  4. Cookie Clicker

    no one:
    scott manley: landing on tylo is a lot of fun

  5. Weta

    Can you explain more gravity capture?

  6. Mark Tuggle

    Started playing this game when it was version .25. This game has come a long way.

  7. Roger C

    New voyager probe! APL’s Interstellar Probe

  8. David Horn

    The Falcon heavy Center core fell off the drone ship into the ocean

  9. Scott Chamberlain

    “The physics are correct…” suuuuure. #LiesWeTellToChilden #NBodyPhysicsLawsMatter

  10. kaspariito

    ah yes, finally. Please do KSP moar!

  11. The Garden of Eatin

    I was kinda wondering if you were done with KSP, frankly.

  12. R3Pents


  13. uzimonkey

    Smashing the maneuver node stack for fun and profit.

  14. Liam Cockcroft

    nice 1.7 looks awesome

  15. Gold Pylon

    Finesse the trajectory!!!!!!

  16. xImpalerx

    I’d like to point out how awesome it is that KSP is still putting out updates after all these years.

  17. Tymoteusz Kazubski

    KSP has one problem with its physics engine, it is not N-body simulation

  18. RocKiteman _ 2001

    SCOTT: _”Which makes _*_landing on it_*_ a lot of _*_fun.”_* 😁😁😁😁

  19. Felipe Rickson

    9:40 “I’ll save that to another encounter” almost literally

  20. The Flying Gasmask

    a ksp video? :O My prayers have been heard.

  21. Mark Kromeke

    What’s a Kerbal space program video doing on my favorite space news Channel? LOL

  22. Max J.


  23. Jim Peck

    Nicely done. That was fun

  24. Sal

    What the frick I literally just got the notification

  25. Burn Victim Yoda

    Never fails. I finally get back into the game, get some satellites, a space station, an interplanetary mission. BOOM UPDATE

  26. xrangk

    you had to lauch at the moment when the planets are in one line

  27. Dolphino Egglet

    A kerbal video from scott? WHAT YEAR IS IT???

  28. Nico Steffen

    Hey Scott, did you watch The Expanse?
    One episode deals with slingshot to get somwhere whithout using the Engines!

  29. Kirk Wagner

    All that on 1500mps boggles my mind.

  30. Jordan Camba

    Is it possible to visit all of the major bodies with just a single precise insertion at the beginning of your journey?
    Thinking this would require a plugin and some serious maths; I may look into this.

  31. Mano Paulistano

    put caption in video plz.

  32. nomine

    when you’re passing gas you’re also producing thrust

  33. TheZoepers

    in the next update they should really do a 2nd solar system or other starting location in that solar system. need more things to do in ksp

  34. PsychoLucario

    beppi-columbo just sounds like columbo’s italian cousin

  35. John Tindel

    love the kerbal content, love the normal content. you keep doing you Scott

  36. Andrew Ross

    About Bloody time…..u I mean not KSP. well u doing KSP to be specific

  37. Ricky Neff

    Scott, dock with me in dark multiplayer on stream

  38. Nighthawk

    suddenly I know what the Mercury and Apollo astronauts felt when the shuttle was introduced: “Heh… in my times, we used geometry and math to plot our navigation! Now all you kids have to do is push a button!”

  39. The EpicSlayer7 SSS

    i was wanting to see more KSP videos but in a way you have been playing non stop for years… so we kind of forget, you are not a KSP guy, you are a “Space Guy”! it just so happen that KSP’s realism and accuracy in a few ways were what every thing else lacked in space simulation. (and were provided by mods from the community so… and i kind of want to try the realism overhaul but i wonder what version of KSP i need for those to be compatible.)

  40. your mom

    I usually do all that but end up smacking the planet at 10,000 km/sec.

  41. Petros Adamopoulos

    What would be the “efficiency” formula for visiting all planets with V delta-v in T-months.
    Obviously the more time you have on your hands, the least delta-v you need but I wonder if there’s a sweet spot we could define for this.

  42. Jim kerman

    we want more ksp videos

  43. millermonsterair

    FINALLY!!! KSP!!!! the reason how i found this channel and why i bought the game when i built my pc!

  44. John Rivers

    Scot, what life support mods would you recommend?

  45. antisocialmunky

    If only Bizi Bitiko had the 1.7 update…

  46. joe jane

    MORE KSP please your incites help this earthling out

  47. SpeedOfHarmony

    We missed ksp videos! <3

  48. L N

    Woah, a KSP video from Scott?

  49. The crap adventures of Che Simons

    Radar altimeter was already in the core game IVA. New feature is heaps easier though, and not a hard to find :)

  50. Patrick Egan

    I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this. Sometime’s I find it more enjoyable to watch KSP than play it for this reason. Thanks Scott

  51. Le Z

    Greetings everyone. To infinity and beyond!!! Success.

  52. DLNphotos

    KSP Video 😍 I love these but I also really enjoy your other videos! Thank Scott for bringing us all this content

  53. Dr Pepper

    you have done the one thing ive been wondering is possible

  54. LunaticFPV

    Scott, I’ve watched your KSP videos for a very long time. Thanks for being awesome!

  55. Oscar Jeans

    I just jumped back into kerbal and got all my mods working with 1.6…

  56. Jiří Bednář

    That’s an excellent thumbnail! By the way, I personally stayed behind on 1.5, where most mods and my saves still work well.

  57. Cj Mars

    I was hoping to learn a little more about the finesse. Oh well, still an amazing video to watch! Thank you, Scott!!

  58. CombraStudios

    Kerbal Space Program 1.7 Update – Epic Gravity Assistathon!

  59. Chemist4271

    Would love to see some more Surviving Mars, thanks for the great content Scott!

  60. Verbruggen Bob

    I like to imagine kids in the future “speedrunning” this IRL just for fun

  61. nope nopê

    Hum… am i the only one that knew there was a radar altimeter in the vanilla game wayyyyyy before this update? You hard to go in the in-cockpit view and spot the radar altimeter display. Tadah!

  62. Sean McDonough

    11:33 – I wouldn’t call Bop and Pol “practically planets in and of themselves”, given that they’re the fourth-smallest and second-smallest bodies in the entire Kerbol system, respectively (the smallest and third-smallest being Gilly and Minmus, respectively).

  63. Bad Beard Bill

    You should show off a low tech mission to Pol or Bop using KEKKJ…

  64. Sean McDonough

    9:30 – I half heard that as “Siri analogue”. :-P

  65. Jan Negrey

    Please do another KSP Tutorial, it’s been years, and I love those videos. Also the Delta V was added earlier, and helped a little. Also since I’m in career mode could you cover the gravity assist? I know some, but not all the tricks.

  66. P3x310

    Is this the “Y Que” piloted by Manéo Kerman-Espinoza?

  67. General Jack Ripper

    It only took them 4 years to add a radar altimeter.

  68. Bruuman

    Dude. Your mission took 36 years and 40 days. That’s a long ass time.

  69. Shahid Siddique

    *when the theme starts to play*
    “Now that’s a song I haven’t heard in a long time”

  70. Gaming Kraken

    The Spark is the same as pre-1.7 Scott, just pointing that out.

  71. Mulberryman

    Please do another series on *Surviving Mars* it has had major changes since you last played it?

  72. Mikoto

    This video makes me and my minor in Astrodynamics very excited hahahah good content Scott!

  73. Erik From Canada

    “Dres”? Are you sure that isn’t just a mod?

  74. Little Hyena

    The 4 Directional RCS thruster now glows independently ie You thrust forwards, the nossel/s pushing you forward glow, It’s really cool
    Two days ago I updated ksp from 1.4.5 to 1.7 jeez everything changed

  75. GLaDOS42

    Finally a KSP video from Scott, such nostalgia…

  76. Alexander Mortensen

    He felt like people were passing his ability to play the game, so he needed to reassert his dominance as King of Kerbal Space Program

  77. TechyBen

    Elon Musk killed the Gravity Assist. ;)

  78. Mohamad Ghotbizadeh

    KSP without realism overhaul is kind of weird for me.

  79. Graham _

    I would love to see another KSP series if there’s enough interest from your fan base! Some of my favorite videos to watch before bed

  80. diGritz1

    You had to bake in an extra maneuver? So then your original plan was half baked?

  81. FreezerBurn

    Yay! Scott Manley and Kerbal Space Program go together like Mac and Cheese!! Moar pleeeese!!:)

  82. AlohaMilton

    Super stupid badass me can dock without RCS! Because me too dumb, didn’t know about RCS… it was tedious.

  83. noxabellus

    This reminds me of the good old days of months long KSP playthroughs

  84. JKerman511

    Holy crap, I need to get back on KSP!

  85. TJ Truttmann

    Glad you’re going back to KSP. Wish this video was more on the old tutorial style. I was all excited to see you explain gravity assists in detail and show how you made your timing decisions. Hope you’ll get back to actual teaching. I miss those vids. Maybe even a reboot of the tutorials???

  86. Matthew Moonen

    YESSS! MOAR KSP!!!! The “gamer” part of Astronogamer cannot be without Kerbal. Interstellar quest was awesome.

  87. Cody'sLab

    Yes! i’ve been waiting for this!

  88. Reed Bowman

    “Normally these days when we’re sending spacecraft to Jupiter…” Think how awesome it is that that’s a perfectly reasonable sentence.

  89. Mr. mc derp -alt-

    Are you doing a kerbal space program series again? That would be nice

  90. Cole Smith

    Mr. Manley, would you ever consider doing another series like Reusable Space program or something a little less ambitious? I really loved that series.

  91. TheAmazingCowpig

    I had to check that Youtube wasn’t recommending me an old Scott KSP video.
    And that classic Scott Manley opening o my.
    also omg radar alt *finally*

  92. Justin Oxford

    Confirmed: Scott is the 17th KSP player to visit Dres — 4th if you do not count devs

  93. Glenn Burrow

    Lol, the length of the mission was 36 years.
    -Almost as long as we have been waiting for another KSP video

  94. Carbohydration Walrus Cuttlefish

    Kerbal Space Program?
    What is this <2015 era madness?

  95. Han Neko

    Glad to see you are still doing KSP videos. KSP is how I first found you, years ago. After that I kept coming back for all the great science and space info you provide.
    Keep up the great work.

  96. Jim Greason

    Can you make a video using principia’s lagrangian point for the Interplanetary superhighway concept?

  97. Altrue19

    In case none of the 163 other commenters pointed this out: There actually was a radar altimeter in vanilla KSP but it was inside the cockpit!

  98. High Sierra

    “It took weeks, months, years, for me to work out the formula, but once I worked out the formula for the maneuver node, Scott played KSP again”
    -KSP Devs 2019

  99. master shooter64

    Finally a kerbal space program video from scott

  100. simonTemplar

    What? An actual edited Kerbal video from Scott? Wooohooo

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