Virgin Reaches Orbit With The Help of Cosmic Girl

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Virgin Orbit have joined a short list of private companies which have successfully developed and launched an orbit capable rocket. Launcher One is an air launched, cryogenically fueled 2 stage rocket able to carry about 300kilograms to a 500km orbit.

In terms of payload it’s more capable than Rocket Lab’s Electron, but more expensive, and able to operate from an airport so may actually launch satellites from the UK in the future.

Virgin Orbit’s website (in case you need to launch a payload)

Here’s Erik’s video of the launch from the beach:

  1. Robbe Elsas

    Me: *puts on his Joey voice* “I bet she did!”

  2. newsgetsold

    The specific impulse was strong and hard. The Virgin was literally shooting hot white blasts after getting help from the Cosmic Girl.

  3. David Pereira

    “Cosmic Girl Helps Virgin Get To Space”. I’ll have what he’s having

  4. ste kra

    I love how the Pilots are Just watching the awsome Rocket Launch.

  5. fatarsemonkey

    The other thing is they could literally build the payload wherever and then just send Cosmic Girl to pick it up. The more you think about it the more flexible this system is.

  6. SamZane

    “Virgin Reaches Orbit with the help of Cosmic Girl”
    that’s a line

  7. Rick Smith

    Inverted “U” shape… shame we do”n” ‘t have another letter that would fit here…

  8. jrmorrisjr

    “Hello, it’s Scott Manly here…” I can just hear the smirk, hehehehe…

  9. 00 7

    Virgin Orbit: Does not want to stream
    Staff: Leaks internal stream
    Virgin Orbit: Am I a JoKe To YoU??

  10. Jan Nowak

    “Cosmic Girl loses virginity”

  11. Youtube User

    Fly safe has a different meaning now, after that title.

  12. J. Mucka Fignotti

    Yes, that would be the “fifth pod” hard point.

  13. Nolan's Projects

    Imagine having a company that makes a spin off company that has more success than the original company

  14. Calhoun Zabel

    Kudos for the title, but I have a launch question: Why wouldn’t they ignite the engine before they drop it, to allow it to start thrusting at a higher angle?

  15. SloneStudios

    Man, look at that space agencies spraying us with “chemtrails” for no reason. Man everyone wants us dead. ;D

  16. TheLastNoise

    Shouldn’t they change their name at this point? No longer a Virgin anymore. So, yeah…

  17. Danger Bear

    Cosmic Girl. I like that , Sir Richard certainly would never let a cosmic boy touch his rocket. I can’t blame him

  18. Valentine

    “Flying from the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter”

  19. Arnold Sherrill

    Let’s say that the loss of orbital virginity was rather explosive and quite speedy shall we say., actually ended up in orbit

  20. Ali Gallaton

    You can hear the uncontrollable smile as he starts the video, thinking “I’m saying this, why am I saying this?”

  21. deadlizard64

    “She’s just a cosmic girl, from another galaxy”

  22. lazy pizza ship

    Alternate title ” Virgin rocket is pulled into space via Cosmic Girl”

  23. master shooter64

    wow that’s interesting I thought the gimbal region that they show as a polygon would be a circle in any rocket engine that can gimbal, I guess there are things on rockets that physically limit the amount the engine can gimbal

  24. Shoopus

    “powerslide through the atmosphere” is the coolest thing I’ve heard today

  25. Andrea Romano

    The title suggests that Scott Manley is really just Johnny Sins on one of his many jobs, probably just waiting for some step-engineer to get stuck in a differential equation

  26. Ueslei Porto

    She’s just a cosmic girl
    From another galaxy
    My heart’s at zero gravity

  27. Deven Grace

    I laughed a little too hard at that title… I had no idea for Scott’s sense of humor.

  28. J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅

    Title’s not bad, but I would have gone with “Big Rocket Busts Virgin O’Ring.”

  29. sharpfang

    Seems like the only vehicle currently capable of launching into equatorial LEO.

  30. SKM

    The falcon 9 got into orbit with the help of its first stage. This is the truth

  31. Kai Sutherland

    I’m such a rocket nerd I didn’t even realize the joke in the title.

  32. Game Mo Tron

    8:18 My first thought was “That poor cat”

  33. ArrKayCee

    Question: When is max q for a rocket launched from an airplane? Edit: just got to the part with the screen I am an early comment andy.

  34. Parker Shaw

    Looked a bit tight at the beginning, fortunately everything smoothed out later on, successfully averted a premature ending. Bravo!!!


    I must’ve died and gone to heaven ’cause it was quarter past eleven
    On a Tuesday back in 2021.  Right across from where I’m standing from her belly she was dangling:  It was clear that she was launchin’ Launcher One.

  36. Knuddeknokke

    “She’s just a cosmic girl
    From another galaxy
    My heart’s at zero gravity
    She’s from a cosmic world
    Putting me in ecstasy
    Transmitting on my frequency
    She’s cosmic” – Jamiroquai

  37. Emmett Turner

    Anyone else have Jamiroqui in their head right now? Coooooosmic giiiiirl!

  38. ch3burashka

    I wonder if Noby Noby Boy is still reporting his length to Girl.

  39. Hubba404

    For a terrifying second i thought Scott had started posting anime memes!

  40. David Grim

    “lost their orbital virginity” 😂

  41. Splatter Kat

    Cosmic girl helps Virgin launch his payload into space. Fixed that for you.

  42. Stephen Howard

    So, the “Cosmic Girl” took a ride on the Virgin?, I hope it was satisfactory for both. The images that conjures,…

  43. TheMoonSeesMe

    Hey Scott, any chance of doing a
    Video on the rules of dropping used rocket stages?

  44. Derek Cheyne

    Hey that’s my CubeSat seen on the right inside the fairing!!! Congrats to VO it was an amazing launch to watch.

  45. The Best

    It’s only January and we already have title of the year

  46. Somewhere South of Minnes

    Richard Branson has been trying to do this for 30 years!! Respect his perseverance.

  47. Cameron

    He knew the title before he hit record. You hear that cheaky “hello its Scott Manley”

  48. Lee Nux

    “I must’ve died and gone to heaven
    Cos it was a quarter past eleven
    On a Saturday in 1999”
    I think it will be in my head every lunch …..

  49. ME262MKI

    And to think Virgin used to help to develop NES games, like “The Jungle Book”, now they are heading into the space

  50. Krampus

    The title sounds like the description of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl Hentai.

  51. Skyler Azzuolo

    Their launch vehicle is reusable and has a much faster turn-around time.

  52. carso1500

    8:10 does someone has the link for the image on the background, i would love to have it but i can’t find it

  53. Spread Aviation

    The oscillation looks like asymmetric vortex shedding. Pretty common with long tubes at high AoA.

  54. Peter Pike

    There’s so many jokes with this title… Junior high was so much fun.

  55. Jolly Heathen

    10 dislikes? Looks like the Flerfs are out in force!

  56. Stephen Lisle

    I never knew Louie Walsh was a pilot in his spare time for Virgin.

  57. Adam Fitton

    I can see the military paying money just for this capability. The ability to quickly launch a small satellite from many locations around the world and with less dependency on weather, would be very useful strategically.

  58. ThePhiphler

    For some reason this video makes me imagine Cosmic Girl being used in a Christopher Nolan movie. “Was getting launched into space from a giant plane part of your plan?”

  59. Irontusk341

    With that Title… Youtube is just looking at you like the disappointed Indian Guy meme…. Here i am trying not to choke on my iced coffee.

  60. Guy Smith

    I wish I could be excited by this, but SpaceX is stealing everyone else’s thunder.

  61. Tiago Miranda

    Bramson waited years to make that innuendo a reality.

  62. fedos

    Are we not doing “phrasing” anymore?

  63. Sketch

    This video is so Manley it made me smash back a whole beer and crush the empty can on my forehead.

  64. Matej Lieskovský

    Could that roll instability be vortex shedding due to angle of attack on a cylindrical body?

  65. Artjay3

    Hey Scott. As I can see, they have fixed winglets at the bottom of their rocket. Do you think with movable wings it could help the ascent instead of relying only of the engine gimbal or it would just be too redundant?

  66. Dominique Eybers

    For years i wonder when we will see something like this. Congrats, probably the cheapest why on the long run to put small satellites in orbit.

  67. terry boyer

    I knew a girl in the 60s nicknamed Cosmic Girl. She was real spacey. But fun!!!

  68. Paul Haynes

    Now, who else is going to make it to orbit before Blue Origin does? No rush, chaps.

  69. Daniel Agramonte

    “Cosmic girl helps Virgin reach orbit” … I want the sauce

  70. Robert Vorster

    So… More successful than the jumping Dillio… 😂

    Congrats to Virgin Orbit!

  71. Alex Mitchell

    It was a hard challenge for Virgin but Cosmic Girl helped bring it to a happy ending

  72. Vladimir Dyuzhev

    Interesting fact: the launch video was made thru a keyhole.

  73. blackops2960

    Reads title*
    Freaks out thinking there some space juju going on… 👀😂

  74. Jack Dog

    No matter how confident you are, sending a live payload when you’ve never achieved orbit before is a stupid decision

  75. R4P70R

    8:00 I feel like he is talking about SLS without talking about SLS

  76. Fred E

    i wonder why they are afraid of failing publicly, i dont think any of us would make fun of them or think poorly of them.

  77. Matt Horkan

    For those doing the “Being high isnt as important as going sideways” thing, the point of this isnt really adding performance to the rocket. It means that the risk of “a boat has ruined your launch window” is much reduced as they can simply swing back around and try another shot, or they can launch from sites where ground debris is a concern, or they can loiter until the right moment, ect. It has some useful things

  78. Lewis

    Imagine how exciting this must be for the students who worked on those nano satellites. Amazing that space is so much more accessible.

  79. Andrew Kerr

    Launcher One: *Whispers softly into Cosmic Girl’s ear* “Voulez vous l’espace avec moi ce soir?”

  80. Yanis L.

    Virgin galactic just lost their orbital virginity I guess!

    Edit: frick Scott made the same joke…

  81. Sam Ferguson

    The virgin SLS vs the chad Virgin.

  82. Brandon Johnson

    Many interesting hypersonic and fractional orbital weapon systems could come from this.

  83. Ryzen

    I’m used to see sexual innuendo in my feed, but they usually don’t lead to a space rocket video.

  84. Adam Harvey

    15 seconds in and we’ve already gone for gold

  85. Bladez Andrew

    *_Virgin Reaches Orbit With The Help of Cosmic Girl_*

    So how can i get in touch with this “Cosmic Girl”????? Asking for a friend of course….

  86. XMarxtheSpot

    I’ve been on youtube over a decade. In all that time, this title takes the goddamn cake.

  87. Parker Raimondo

    When “Cosmic Girl” was stationed at Long Beach Airport i have a picture of her in the background while i was solo hovering.

  88. Alberto Cattaneo

    It shall now be called “Chad Orbit”

  89. Brit boy 2009

    2:27 “first flew in September 2001”
    Oh no

  90. Obi Wan Kenobi

    R34 artists are going to have a great time with that title

  91. J Shepard

    Kind of sad to lose your virginity to such a small rocket.

  92. Nicholas Hylton

    *_”…lost their orbital virginity…”_* LMAO! Nice one!

  93. john johnesn

    Well, got to admit it. That title was kind of hard to ignore.

  94. Cameron Deatcher

    “Orbital Virginity” LMAO I’M DEAD 💀

  95. The NotFlat Earth

    *sees title
    He definitely knew

  96. Maxwell Fuentes

    I just saw this pop in my notifications and was so confused and until you started to explain.

  97. Ethan Moore

    What a title. Scott had some fun with that one.

  98. Colonel Graff

    That’s a porn title Scott….

  99. MrHyde 180


  100. (S)-Riley Dunn

    They are now Chad Orbit

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