Viewer Questions Episode 5

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Another block of questions from my supporters on Patreon

The book I’m holding up is Robert Truax’s autobiography – “American Rocketman”

Geiger Counter is the GQ GMC-500+

And if you’re in the US you can indeed buy Uranium Ore or Yellowcake Uranium from Amazon

  1. S C

    The story is so sweet ) Future Missis Manley: “that’a groovy track… who was that?” Scott: “1200 Micrograms.” MM: “So, you wanna hit some acid?” Scott: “Sure”… several universes later in a tent lit by moonlight, we can hear Astral Projection playing on mp3-player, our heroes holding hands looking at stars… MM: “We could have named her Skye” Scott: “…yeah, and the boy would be Orion” ;) Bom Psy People!

  2. Viktor Kovács

    @9:30 “you not go to space today” This line just turned that switch in my brain and I had to go back and listen Skye’s song again. Still masterpiece :D

  3. Jules E

    Answering about social skills xD TY Mr Manley

  4. JamieSteam

    00:25 Instability of spinning satellites.
    03:35 Railguns on the Mun.
    05:17 Space tourism.
    08:43 Lunar Module control and maneuvering.
    10:35 Companies selling land on the moon.
    12:00 OneWeb news.
    12:26 How did Scott and his wife first meet?
    13:29 How do you make so many good videos?
    14:35 Bananas, and buying uranium online.
    15:50 Astronomy satellite constellations.
    18:35 X-15 rocket fuels.

  5. Anthony Barker

    Lunar linac launch features prominently in Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Misters” (1966)

  6. TehCheese

    I had to double check if I was hungry or Scott was hungry at 2:23. Turns out, Scott is hungry!

  7. Rocket Pavitra

    Can anyone provide a link to the ‘lunar module video’ he talked about? The one in which he discusses in detail how it was controlled without gimballing?

  8. Liam

    The rail guns in “The Moon is a harsh mistress” are pretty cool. Def something I’d love to read for the first time again. Awesome show SM!

  9. kholmar

    if you feel like it, I would like to see a short video explaining how the Dragon capsule does a ‘fuel wasting burn’ without changing it’s orbit

  10. T Argenthawke

    its too late, but I was wondering if you ever saw Space Bothers or Planetes. And if you might review them

  11. Stephen Irwin

    Love your videos! And your answers.

  12. Nick Blackwell

    Have you seen the High Frontier documentary that just came out? If so what did you think?

  13. David Rutland

    Scott, love your work. Watch your videos always on the day of release. Question, how many boutique beers did you have before this video? Quality is just as high, just your more relaxed than normal ;)

  14. David Gretlein

    Great vid, Scott. Wonderful story about how met your wife. Very cool.

  15. agustinbs

    I join others to thank you for your channel Scott, the very first second a notification bell says there is a Scott Manley video, i watch it immediately !

  16. mmartel99

    These viewer question videos need more views, they are genuinely awesome. Hearing a ever so slightly more “raw” Scott Manley is always a great thing!

  17. Arx_ca

    That’s the simplest explanation I’ve ever heard for the Dzhanibekov effect, and it just clicked for me.
    Previously, I knew that it was a thing, but never really understood why.

  18. TheRealBanana

    Ah good. I assumed the banana chips were a warning. I feel safer now.

  19. Alec Coates

    14:40 and I thought you had gotten back into uranium vids…

    PS. pls show everything you do with those cakes :( (A supporter from the UK)…

  20. James Halls

    There is a novel called The Long Run where the main character uses a coil gun as the means of escape from the moon. The author even made sure that there was a ship in orbit to pick up the fugitive.

  21. Walter

    Thank you Scott, for taking the time to answer your Patreon(?) members questions.
    I’d love to sit down and have a beer or 10, with you too!
    I’m not a “mover or a shaker”, just an OG who’s been a Space nerd since 1962!
    Fly Safe!!

  22. kickflipdemon

    glad we all know the relationship is understood but when can we book you for your dope af dj service

  23. Danielle Riley

    Quick comment and thumbs up to push you up the list.

  24. Mark McCulfor

    I love these videos!! It’s like listening to a podcast where you just take callers and share your awesome knowledge!! Keep doing them please!!

  25. AdrianBoyko

    Another great video but I wish that the questions were indexed in the description so I could jump those that interest me.

  26. Keegan Heagerty

    I took the nuclear energy merit badge at Cal Poly Pomona. They did a very good job.

  27. Declan Claus

    makes me happy hearing that you met your wife being a socially awkward DJ. gives me some hope

  28. Curt Watson

    Dr. Sian Proctor is actually the person who helped me realize I wanted to be an aerospace engineer. I met her back when I still didn’t know what to major in. Wonderful person.

  29. Anders Juel Jensen

    Viewer questions are NOT, I repeat NOT, filler fluff. Those were great questions! And great answers! Scott Manly viewers (when properly Scott Manly filtered) are apparently an interesting bunch with interesting things on their minds! :D

  30. Max K

    “For a book, which is different on all the axes…”
    Machinery’s Handbook: For now….

  31. wolfrig2000

    YouTube keeps yeeting my comments on your videos, think your settings are off for auto checking

  32. Kris Planker

    “the same stars can be sold more than once” and don’t get me started on the derivatives market lol

  33. Jack Ottaway

    What model is the Geiger counter?

  34. Michael Zellhorn

    How Scott Manley pulls all this information together, seemingly off-the-cuff is just mind-boggling. What a great educator.

  35. Cyberdactyl

    Scott looks like he had an extra couple cups of coffee this morning.

  36. The8thSpirit

    A day without Scott Manley is a lost day! :))) Really enjoyed very much this Q&A session so much! Especially the “not going to space today” section! :-D
    But you might need to switch off your Auto WB during one single recording session. ;-)

  37. der benni

    I really like your question videos

  38. Scott Proctor

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    I also thoroughly enjoyed the personal background on becoming a DJ, and meeting your wife.

    Stay Safe!

  39. Hangman Jones

    Looks like Scott has been shopping at united nuclear for uranium judging by the packaging 😉

  40. Ben Thilwind

    No way you jus made vol 11 on my ratings list… Always quality understandable content, now your a dj 😂 sik.. What was your spinning name

  41. baze.djunkiii

    good to see vinyl in use in those dj pictures… props from germany from a fellow music enthusiast.

  42. nkronert

    Cool way to meet your future wife!

  43. WeekendWarrior92

    I recently started playing KSP with Realism Overhaul and other realism mods

    After watching this video I can finally understand why my spin stabilized probes were not maintaining the orientation I’ve placed them in

    Thanks 😅

  44. peter borel

    I’m glad that person asked that Personal question about Scott’s Wife! :) I really like the ‘shoddy’ Q&A videos.

  45. Packknn Dee

    The Questions is for specifically viewers that are supporters 👍😍

  46. Nick Poeschek

    I hope Scott doesn’t buy yellowcake, it’s hard to fly safe when you’re on the no fly list…

  47. Skylancer727

    LOL. Now I need to get some yellow cake off Amazon just as a conversation piece. XD

  48. Damian Reloaded

    5:00 Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”. There they use a mass driver to launch stuff straight from the Moon to Earth. I imagine that the tidally-lockness of the Moon would allow for this almost at any point of its orbit? I wonder how long it would have to be to reach Moon’s scape velocity, maybe material for a KSP twitch stream?

  49. Simon Eden

    Please make a video about linear accelerators. I really love your idea.

  50. Jack Linde

    Scott, in the book “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Heinlein, food grown on the moon was delivered by a mass accelerator. (I don’t know what method was used…) It was also turned into a weapon that smooshed NORAD. But, for that high degree of accuracy, it was completely operated by a computer.

    But, yeah, that concept has been around a long while.

  51. monial

    I just need to know how many printed t-shirts you have ? They are all great.

  52. Albert Jackinson

    12:44 to 12:48
    Scott, I think you just did an amazing accidental Doc Brown impression there! :D

  53. DrBrain

    man your like to dislike rate is off the charts! Mad Respect to the community! This is amazing

  54. John La Duke

    Okay, as much as I want to hear Scott Manley tell us all about linear accelerators on the moon, I think what the people really need is a video of wild stories from Scott’s San Francisco DJ career.

  55. DeNomaly

    The sheer enthusiasm for every one of these questions and the love for knowledge and nerdiness in these videos never fail to make me smile even while still getting smarter from watching these. It’s incredible content, no doubt.

  56. Poorman's Claim

    Do you think something like a Homestead system might work well for the moon?

  57. Wampa842

    So that’s how you came up with the DJ S&M twitter handle.

  58. James Mihalcik

    Ha :) Your a member of the “guild” when you add yellow cake to your collection, “Just, because !” and you may be extra special if, you have blue fingers from the layout dye. Easy to spot Nerds at the market.

  59. Carson Matherly

    An office tour would be sick, when Scott’s number talk goes over your head you start to notice all the cool items on the shelves.

  60. Steak Saignant

    I just can’t wrap my mind around the amount of knowledge this man has. The God of nerds!

  61. Luke Freeman

    Hey Scott, Destin from Smarter Every Day (I know you watch the channel haha) did a baseball give away on patroon. Have you looked at doing something similar at all?

  62. htmagic

    Scott, a bag of potash fertilizer is also radioactive. And in Oak Ridge, TN we have landfills here that are really radioactive! lol

  63. Conn

    Scott explains this stuff better than school and makes it more interesting at the same time, Common Teachers, Learn how to explain and make things interesting

  64. T.

    Scott, you can read first three letters in Dzhanibekov as J. Russian doesn’t have a single letter for J sound, so it uses two (ДЖ) which then were transliterated as three (D Zh) to English

  65. Skorj Olafsen

    I’ve done KSP Mun landing/ascent/docking using only RCS, and it is quite challenging. I kept either running out of RCS, or losing control right at landing, until I had practiced quite a few times. Docking was then its own special challenge, as the RCS thrust was never quite balanced. Gave me a new appreciation for the guys who did that for real.

  66. Markus McGee

    laying down the wax!!! Wheels of Steel

  67. Will Leary

    Scott Manley, DJ. I can’t get over this, it’s the best random fact ever. I’d go to a show in a heartbeat.

  68. Hotcubcar

    Getting my nuclear science merit badge was one of the most interesting ones. Glad it’s still available.

  69. Andy Law

    you can demonstrate this angular momentum effect with a pocket calculator. just try flipping it upwards around each axis really quickly and you’ll see the effect before your device hits the ground (or you just catch it again)

  70. Ömer Faruk Sabır

    14:23 How acurate this statement is! Let’s appreciate how Scott’s videos have literally no filler content, no bs, and even if they are not scripted they are just heart to heart conversations between space nerds..

  71. Adam Putz

    Astronaut: Houston, where is the engine for us to get back from the moon?

    Houston: So, your not going back to space today

  72. Zack Freeland

    Loved this so much, would gladly listen to this as a podcast of some sort, very fun.

  73. Graham Rankin

    Uranium ore was included in ChemCraft chemistry sets. They included a viewer that had a fluorescent screen to detect the alpha particles.

  74. cyrilio

    Yes please. Do a rail gin video!

  75. Anacronian

    “Turns out you can buy yellow cake uranium if you wish..I might get some” Scott sometimes you scare me.

  76. Dustin Weatherby

    I love the casual container of uranium ore….and everything else about the video of course! Fly safe!

  77. nagualdesign

    I think it’s brilliant that you do the legwork and find photos, diagrams and animations that are properly licensed, and provide proper attribution within your videos. I’ve been using Photoshop for 20 years and I provide reusable images for Wikipedia (mostly CC BY-SA 4.0). If you’re ever stuck trying to find a suitable image feel free to post a request on my WP talk page.

  78. Space Suits

    What a performance even without script 👏🏻 if you ever need legal opinion on legal space issues I’d feel honored to be your man 👨‍🚀

  79. Onalenna Sehume

    Me: Nice, another Scott Manley video :D
    -15min into the video-
    Scott: picks up *uranium ore*
    Me: O_o

  80. Jonathan S

    Good info!

  81. Håkan Björkman

    Love Q&A! Question probably covered before: Why did they go for a single shot with the big Saturn V instread for two smaller rockets? Two rockets with a Service module and the second with the Lunar module seems to be a ”safe” solution. Rendevouz couldnt be the problem as it was a reqirement for the mission on lunar orbit?

  82. Ted M.

    Awesome chat. Always learn more than I really need but love it!!.

  83. Mike Alvanos

    Love the Q&A format!

  84. Johiah plays games

    Love the Outer Wilds poster in the background!

  85. Chris

    Those 20 minutes felt like 2!
    Damn, these Q&As should be at least an hour long.

  86. Tuga_Ace

    Still waiting for you to found the Scottish space program

  87. Aubrey Freeman

    Forget DJ-ing, Uranium is a fantastic conversation starter at parties. Never know what nerds you’ll find.

  88. Nick D'Angelo

    Your description of awkward youth is all too accurate

  89. A S

    Another awesome video! Thanks dude!

  90. Alexey Burlakov

    I suppose you could attach a kick motor to the stuff you’re throwing off the moon by a “rail gun”

  91. StarTrekkie 543

    I’m learning more from these episodes than I do after hours of googling

  92. Sean O'Brien

    So, that’s even worse than the offers I keep getting to ‘Become a Laird! Own 1 square foot of Scotland!’

  93. Craven Moordik

    My wife got me that same Lego LM model for christmas. I LOVE IT!!!

  94. Music Vibes

    Love these. So much awesome jam packed info

  95. sampsonike

    I think the rail gun Idea came from “The moon is a harsh mistress”

  96. Hicham Mohsen

    This series is getting really good! We need longer unedited Scott Manley videos.

  97. Jacob Jackson

    Hi. Love what you do! Keep it up!

  98. ChevronQ

    Oh yes please 😌 a video about railguns and the space applications for that 😌

  99. Kevin Potter

    Good to know, thanks Scott!

  100. JS 2K

    Really enjoying this series! Thanks Scott! Fly safe!

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