Update: earthquakes back home and literal highway robbery in Spain

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Welcome to the new ‘edited on phone’ series of videos, the result of an encounter on the highway in Spain. At least we don’t have earthquakes to contend with…..

  1. OFGW

    Poor Scott Manley, no beats, no intro/exit bumpers, just all nekid. Vacation safe Mr. Scott Manley. Thank you for making a video no matter what.

  2. Kineticartist

    dang glad you are ok could have been much worse stay safe!

  3. victureca2001

    Im so sorry for your robbery. Im Spanish and I hope you have had a good time here. What a pity that some “gitano” found you… .Hope you recover your things and have a good impression pf Spain. Enjoy your trip!!

  4. richfiles π

    “I’m Scott Manley, *_travel_* safe!”

  5. Gsus Head

    So sorry for the robbery… im from spain and i can only say that… there is stupid people everywhere

  6. MickDundee24

    Totally should have ended the video with “drive safe” 😜

  7. Brandon Hamilton

    I’m glad you are Okay Scott!

  8. Jason Carter

    Lol, the out-tro. Awesome. Sad for you about the camera. Take photographs with your memory.

  9. Michael Jordan

    welcome to gypsie europe.
    but dont speak out, that would be racist.

  10. John F

    Long vacation. Must be doing well.

  11. TheFLOW1978

    I’m glad you’re save. Godspeed

  12. foolishwolf

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone be so chill while saying the phrase “I’m so sad”. Sorry to hear this has happened to you.

  13. B A

    Bro, you’re slacking. 😉 I know a guy who was robbed at the entrance of his hotel in San José, Costa Rica at knifepoint but then robbed his robber with a knife loaned by a taxi driver.

  14. Just Because

    Been to 20 or more countries in the world, Spain is the only place I have been robbed… Sad to remember a place for that.

  15. David Richmond

    Lo-Fi Scott Manley videos are still awesome! Just more evidence towards “it’s not the production value but the content”

  16. CaribbeanZapatta

    Bad JUJU
    he will get his …
    I really enjoy your videos

  17. Jacob Tyo

    I like the new lo-fi Scott. The beginning and end music just plays in my head anyway

  18. danny obrian

    My Lord I’m glad your ok that could have been worse keep your eyes on a swivel

  19. PoofyKittyPants

    fix-a flat never works unless the thing that pierced the tire is still in the hole and it has smooth walls (no screws)

  20. Henden Gayoma

    Thanks for soldiering on, Scott. Means a lot to us. Hopefully the Spanish in this community would help get your backpack and camera back. I feel your pain. 😫

  21. Branden Williams

    maybe its just me but i got a kick out of the phone edit. “insert music here lol”
    at least everyone is ok, bummer about the camera and stuff, but as you said its replaceable.

  22. Woodscraps1798

    Never visiting Spain.
    But that’s probably irrelevant because I was never going to visit Spain.

  23. Chris Hayes

    Sad to hear that! Glad you have your Mac encrypted though. I hope the rest of your vacation goes without a hitch.

  24. Andy Hessler

    Speaking of wobbling… Is there a digital camera stabilization software you can apply to this video? asking for a friend…

  25. Yeshead

    Seems like a good time for a Scotsman to pull out his claymore, track down the bastard, and gut him like a fish.

  26. Ben Jacobs

    Those Space X tags look pretty unique. No chance of tracking them down on Ebay or some such?

  27. Mahnarch

    Now, the thieves are probably playing your Kerbal Space Program and purposely crashing your ships!

  28. Twotter54

    Just material Scott, still frustrating i understand. I am glad you are ok.

  29. Hogweed Blitz

    Ive seen Elon live watching some live IIS streams Sun nights on youtube. Maybe you might run into him and ask him for some new Tags.. lol – Just a thought. Loved watching your Kerbal tutorials back in the day!

  30. athalfridhu

    In summer in Spain is very frequent eastern Europe mafia robbing tourists… What you describe sounds as their “modus operandi”.

  31. UltraNoob

    Damn that sucks, Maybe SpaceX can do some good PR and provide you with replacement tags.

  32. Ian

    Doesn’t matter what was stolen when you have such a positive attitude! Would have ruined my trip

  33. Steve Olensky

    Hi Scott, we are also traveling Spain this week by rental car. Thanks for the heads up. Let me know if you are around Madrid Thursday or Friday and we can say hello.

  34. Logically Fallacious

    I recommend you watch out for online listings for your camera. These criminals are not the brightest bunch and are mostly dependent on actual cash to please their gang leader, buy some drugs and firearms etc. I bought my stolen handset from ebay. The seller made it clear in the description that the imei was blocked hence only meant for “parts only”.

  35. Chris Moore

    @scott damn that sucks ! but i dont comment much but Id like to thank you for your casts/videos, keep em comming
    !!!!! always enjoy them
    , chris , RIP carpentry

  36. Nem87

    Hi! LightSail 2 was launched last week, a project to lower the cost of space exploration. Are you going to discuss the project?

  37. eekpie

    top right ocd diamond malfunction. I’ll be in your area on Tuesday. sorry and thanks for the headsup

  38. The Life and Times of a Dabbling Warlock

    Dang, glad you’re okay, but still!

  39. Matt

    tough situation, good thing you’re a tough guy. glad you flew safe.

  40. JP Stone

    Messed up man, so sorry Scott. Be well brother.

  41. indylovelace

    For me, it was never about the resolution or editing…it’s always been about the content. 👍🏽. As always, appreciate you doing this while on vacation.

  42. Zachary C

    *gets robbed*
    “Im scott manley fly safe.”

  43. Andrew Brandt

    Can you carry a gun in Spain? Idk how other countries are with gun laws, glad your okay tho!! ♥️ Stay safe

  44. Sean McDonough

    3:48 – Maybe SpaceX will give you a replacement tag if you call them and tell them about it getting stolen?

  45. pauldzim

    “I know I’m not a geologist but I do live in California” 😂😂😂😂

  46. jaymckibben1

    Hi Scott, some parts of Spain are as bad as some parts of LA. FLY SAFE buddy.

  47. douro20

    Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake…it’s the US Navy’s own aerospace proving ground.

  48. PhysicsPolice

    It’s okay, I’ve got the intro & outro music playing in my head. Anyway, glad you’re okay and sorry that happened to you!!

  49. Zachary Cohn

    I am 100% perfectly fine with whatever quality video your thoughts and knowledge arrive through. I’m glad you’re safe and sorry you went through that. Here’s to hoping for smoother travels going forward!

  50. jay jay

    Oh dear. That sucks.
    Hope u get the stuff back nevertheless.
    More luck for the Rest of the trip

  51. satyris410

    At least you’re still smiling, even if just on the outside. Hope you’re OK

  52. Skyven Razgriz

    Go to spain they said,
    it will be fun they said…
    gets robbed.

  53. Kumquat Lord

    That moment when the opening is just as long as the intro normally is

  54. Jacke e-is-silent

    New tagline: Check your tires! Hope the Guardia Civil track the robbers down.

  55. Alex Mueller

    Thanks for carrying on regardless. You’re an inspiration to us all :) Keep your head up, we are all rooting for you!

  56. Harold Weaver Smith

    Ouch – sorry to hear it Scott. Hope you either get the stuff back or at least the bugger who took it doesn’t manage to profit for it.
    Tip for everyone travelling: take your memory card out of your camera when you’re not using it and put it somewhere safe (NOT in your wallet).
    It’s “China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station” by the way.

  57. Kamron Grant

    My sincerest sympathies mate. The stuff can be replaced of course, just glad you are ok!

  58. Gerg C

    Sucks man.
    The world isnt all shiny happy people.
    Even in 1st world countries sometimes.

  59. robert linke

    sorry to hear that happened to you man.
    shit happens, but life goes on.

  60. Sergi Planas

    Nooo! I’m Spanish and specially from Catalonia. I’m so sorry you had that experience! I swear it is not usual 🙈

  61. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

    Scott Manley: Goes back to Vlogging. :-/
    Glad you’re safe buddy. :-)

  62. Ronnie Pirtle Jr

    I’m sorry to hear that Scott… it’s a shame people are like that in this world! What goes around comes around!

  63. #1 Tako

    Glad you’re safe! It could have been much worse.
    And kudos for accepting a special appearance on Nostalgia Nerd’s video a few days ago.

  64. Oprean Trifan Mircea

    “I’m Scott Manley, drive safe”

  65. John Manderson

    So sorry for your loss ! Have some good time at the beach 🏖

  66. ShadowZone

    Damn. Interstate ’76 still relevant today: “Never get out of the car.”
    Sorry you had to endure this. Hope you and your family can still enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  67. Ox King

    Already had read about it on Twitter, bummer. Hope you still have a good vacation anyway.

  68. Alex Landherr

    Ask Elon for a tag replacement perhaps?

  69. cmdraftbrn

    i believe its china lake naval air weapons station. everyone thats not mission critical got voluntold to evacuate.

  70. ke6gwf

    I often drive up 395 from Riverside headed up to Boise, and it goes right past that quake area. I hope I get sent out there this week, I haven’t felt a quake since I left the Bay Area 5 years ago lol
    Sorry about your loss, but I want to say that I find you just as enjoyable to listen to without all the bells and whistles, and you did a good job of of putting in visuals.

  71. spacex starman

    Wow this is crazy everyone please be safe you too scott

  72. Markus G

    Scott I live in southern Spain, in the coast of Cartagena, if u need anything let me know I’ll gladly help!

  73. Kizz

    chin up Scott, you have added Experience and facts to your holiday. :)

  74. Pacific Joe

    Oh no. Hope that you can get it back. Great video btw

  75. Positive Outlook

    Dutch has been referring to the quake/weather analogy for years. The comparison is obvious when you watch the progression of energy along crustal weaknesses and transmission of energy across solid tectonic plates in relatively predictable patterns.

  76. Don Jones

    In Spain no one can hear you scream.
    Oh wait – yes they do, when your computer and camera are stolen.
    As for the robbers. From Gorgan of Triacus (Star Trek TOS): “Death to you all. Death to you all.”

  77. Connor Miclette

    Get to twitter we need to get Elon to sauce some new tags for Scott, hang in there man we got you

  78. Steve Pirie

    Good on the fella that helped you though! 👍🏻

  79. Mike C

    Fingers crossed the rest of your holiday goes smoothly Scott!

  80. himssendol

    This would have been a good video to end with “drive safe” 🚗
    Sounded like a simple robbery. And very glad that no one got hurt.

  81. Crimson Halo

    Encrypted laptop = good infosec. Too bad Apple products don’t have a self destruct like the spoof ones in Iron Sky 2. I’d love to see him iExcommunicate that bastard in real life.

  82. // REDACT3D

    oh my lord bud, glad you guys are ok!
    look at that commitment to posting- just using a phone now!
    gotta land it!!

  83. Coastfog

    Daaaaamn, that sucks big time! Glad you’re safe!
    I remedied the lack of intro/outro by opening another tab with an old video of yours and played the videos back and forth at the adequate times.

  84. TheDjOfChoice

    Funny enough I got robbed just west of Barcelona, had my laptop stolen from my car at a service station

  85. Carles Ureña

    From a Barcelona follower who lives in Switzerland I’m so sorry this happened to you in my country, it really sucks! Thankfully some local folk helped you!

  86. stu

    Keep all bags chained and locked together making a large mass that will not fit through the air lock.

  87. Gordon Richardson

    In Japan earthquakes are studied by the Meteorological Agency (JMA)! Edit: Posted in response to 01:45.

  88. Storm Sliders 360

    How DARE someone steal Scott Manley’s backpack? We need to start an international campaign to track down these land pirates and bring them to justice.

  89. Valentine

    Those were some epic beats scott!
    Loving the new intro

  90. aullik

    Soo basically when someone comes to help you with your car, always make a picture of his face and send it to loved ones.
    So when something happens there is always a picture and when nothing happens you can tell you loved ones that this was the nice dude that helped you fix your car

  91. FandersonUfo

    Bad luck Scott. Thanks for carrying on with just your phone.

  92. Raw Space

    Scott “Smiles Even When He Gets Robbed” Manley. Inserting beats like a boss.

  93. cyrilio

    If it’s not the fault of San Andreas then who’s fault is it?

  94. Lars Christoffersen

    It’s a classic! It happens a lot, especially in Spain and southern France, but it could be anywhere. I have heard this trick being played on a number of people. The good advice: Take your longer brakes AWAY from the highway restaurants.
    PS: A lot of Europeans also have their summer vacation now, which is why these bastards are mostly active now.

  95. Pardock

    Geez I know apologizing for a behavior in my country means nothing, as I’m not connected to those people really. But it really feels bad that this had to happen to you here 😓
    Hope it didn’t leave a very bad impression!

  96. Christine Meyer

    This is the reason why space traveling is safer.
    Nobody ever got robbed on the way to Moon.

  97. Chris Edwards

    I can send you those Remove Before Flight tags – just send me an address and I’ll hook you up, and more.

  98. Collin Birmingham

    @elonmusk can you hook our boy Scott Manley up with some new tags?

  99. traeng

    “I’m Scott Manley, Drive safe”

  100. Christopher Spencer

    You played Eve Online. You should be used to gate camping by now…

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