Understanding NASA’s Mission Control Map

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We see lots of video from mission control during ISS operations and at the front of the room there are big screens displaying things which are important to all the controllers. One of the most prominent displays is the map which shows the location of the ISS & other spacecraft as well as a bunch of cryptic, wavy lines.
So, let’s explain what all these mean and why they’re important to the control room staff when operating the most complicated machine ever flown.

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James Blair
Bill Ingalis

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    I’ve been to the Johnson Space Centre 3 times and it has never failed to impress me how small the mission control room actually is to how space I imagined they’d require.
    One thing I don’t believe they require is that theme park area they’ve plonked at the entrance. Beyond that however the tour around the research facilities and museum areas is truly fascinating. But maybe that’s just me getting older. Regards.

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    DPC is the Daily Planning Conference

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