The Viking Rocket Engine – Ariane’s First Engine & Ancestor to ISRO’s Vikas Engine

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In the Space Expo museum near Noordwijk there’s the rear end of an Ariane 1 rocket, with 4 Viking engines, one of which has been carefully cut open to expose it’s inner workings. I found this exhibit to be a fascinating bit of hardware and made a video on the spot.
The visit to Space Expo was part of a trip to ESA’s open day as a guest, and as a member of the media, there’ll be more to come….

  1. Puc Mahone

    Thanks for your great work!

  2. HolaMiMundo

    Thanks Scott.

  3. Dennis Thompson

    Love your videos, but the audio levels on this one are all over the place.

  4. David Watson

    I can barely hear you. Turn up that mic or get it closer to ur mouth, brobro. I love your videos!

  5. Jeff Cox

    Amazing report Manley Scotty. I loved the metalurgical cutaways and seeing an actual turbo pump, whilst years ago fussing with an automotive turbo pump; “Above and Beyond. (DJ Reference inserted here…)” No where near close to the exact and far far away pressures obviously. Well done matey.

  6. Tiisiphone

    Very informative!

  7. RedFox

    am I first?

  8. HellishGrin460

    Yep, this engine is made out of engine!

  9. Marvin Hensbergen

    Cool that you visited holland! At space expo you can “always” visit esa with a guided tour.. I remember the burning smell of a returned capsule of the iss that was present at the time at the esa facility… years ago😁👍

  10. phonzy

    Wow that is one beautiful rocket launch. Long Live the Viking 2

  11. spookmineer

    They really need to clean some of those pipes…

  12. Filal

    Thank you for coming to the open days Scott! Really unlucky that you couldn’t come to Delft in the end, you’re more than welcome next time you’re in the area.

  13. Nom DeMorte

    0:45 LOUD NOISES!
    Headphone user warning.

  14. playgrrrr

    You were in the nether regions?

  15. Melody Gurman

    3:56 Whats that part with the green light Scott? :^)

  16. Samuel Hopely

    I hope for a future where we can optimize hydrolox engines to the point that we don’t have to use carbon based fuels at all. If only there was a way to use hydrogen as airline fuel too! We’d be green as can be!

  17. Aaron Taylor

    What would it take to fly the International Space Station to the moon?

  18. BouncingBob

    It was a wonderful talk, despite the time issues

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    Great look under the hood! Thanks…

  21. Junk Mail

    Starting at 0:05 what happened to the sound? can barely hear ya! Suddenly at 0:47 it comes back. What happened?

  22. MrGonzonator

    You rocket my world.

  23. Allan Copland

    Great intro Scott.

  24. Lersus Allarhand

    So Scott Manley had a chat with Alexander Gerst. Two awesome guys!

  25. Merijn Vogel

    Hope you enjoyed our country! I’ve been almost that close to Andre Kuipers once during an IT conference :-) He is always so enthusiastic and energetic, you surely must’ve had a great time at ESA.

  26. Wanjockey

    Thanks Scott. Love your deep dives.

  27. Edaz

    Vikings were the first ones to get in space!

  28. My Opinion Doesn't Matter

    So… On which side is the fuel injected? ^^

  29. W P

    Dang! You were only a few km away, hope you had fun 🇳🇱

  30. Wavetrex Infinity

    Well, to be added on the list of things to visit the next time I take the train to Leiden.
    Had no idea whatsoever that such a museum exists.
    Thanks Scott !

  31. Steven Wrigley

    Another great video. Im 10s in and I know it’s a great video.

  32. Jesse Bateman

    a countdown with no launch… Noooo.
    Lol. Thanks for the video.. That cut away is really cool.

  33. tinkmarshino

    thanks for the quick fix Scott.. you Fly safe and see ya soon!

  34. Jeremy Klein

    Wow, such a cool cutaway!

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    This is so cool!

  36. zapfanzapfan

    I have been in that exact place looking very closely at those engines! Did you get into the proper site as well? Christer Fuglesang had a very nice corner office with a nice view when I was there last :-)

  37. Love Contemplation

    You should do a video about the alleged engines on the tic-tac videos. Some science behind it and what is known and what it hust speculations in field engines! Cheers!

  38. Mark B

    Fascinating Scott! Can’t wait for the videos to come out.

  39. For Civilizaton

    Love your content buddy. Great information!

  40. Chris Hayes

    4:22 The plaque literally says red is fuel and yellow is oxidizer 😂

  41. Clorox Bleach Chan

    In the field, with Scott Manley!

  42. Lost Cosmonaut

    Hey I was in that museum too!
    But that was problably 5-6 years ago…
    But hey nice to know you where there too Scott :)

  43. Antony Borlase

    Good, the proper start is back!

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    Great content as always, but the sound balance was a bit off. The start felt quite low, and I cranked it up only to find the audio later on in the video was much louder.
    No biggie, but I felt I should point it out.

  45. Tom Ulcak

    Yay! Your cool intro is back !!

  46. Neil Worldtraveller

    Hi Scott, could you do a piece on how to reach L5 – 60 degrees away from Earth, e.g. for the latest proposal for monitoring the sun and providing advance warning of CMEs.

  47. HouseofRecordsTacoma

    thank you for translation that technology into normal speak.

  48. Rowdy Yates

    @2:32 is that Douglas Fir or Hemlock?

  49. Christian Ivarsson

    Look at the clearance of that turbine! That’s som high precision engineering

  50. een eenzaam persoon

    I live like 10 mins from that museum

  51. Jake S

    That is amazing!

  52. Zanzalur

    I really enjoyed the ESA open day!

  53. tnexus13

    4:54 location of the water pump would suggest that gold is the N2O4 system?

  54. Mohamed Farid

    Thank you very much for this masterpiece of engineering 😍

  55. tycho

    Nooooo I can’t believe I missed this! Hope you enjoyed the Netherlands anyway!

  56. J Cataclism

    Such a cool intro! :-D

  57. Jochem Lips

    Thanks Scott for your talk at ESTEC, I’m glad you got us off the moon first before exiting the building!

  58. chris746568462

    3:09 The hole at the bottom pointing down and left slightly looks like it’s for film cooling the combustion chamber.
    3:14 You can see a ring of holes lower than all the others pointing down towards the throat.

  59. Chris2008

    Keep the Intro!!!

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    Woah, you volume was extremely low here.

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    Thanks for letting me ask the question! I crapped my pants when I could ask it

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    I almost clicked off this video (lie) then stayed realizing the intro is epic.

  63. Edward Thompson

    Excellent! That really helps me understand how a rocket engine works!

  64. reasonablebeing

    When you were showing the cutaway Viking engine I wanted to reach through the screen with a feather duster.

  65. James Sullivan

    ESA need a cleaner!!! Where’s Tim Dodd when you need him?!?

  66. QuasiRandomViewer

    2:31 FOD?

  67. graymalkinmendel

    2:54 that woman squawking in the background distracted me as much as she distracted you XD
    What was going on over there?

  68. Andrew S

    That’s an awesome exhibit! I could stare at those engines and power packs for hours. Can’t wait to see the videos you turn all this footage into!

  69. Henninger Henningstone

    0:22 they almost look like brothers next to each other, I’ve known both before but never realized the similarity

  70. Rune M

    We love it and look forward in great anticipation whenever you have a tun of fütiche :)

  71. Ottery Lexa

    One of the things about going to have lunch with my dad when he worked at ESTEC was seeing all the bits of hardware they had set up in the hallway.
    (The other thing was that the ESTEC canteen was awesome – I was a little kid)

  72. Mister Itchy

    A bit of an ear exploder after the quiet intro.

  73. Johnny Nimble

    Neat! Roadtrip intro is always a harbinger of a good vid.

  74. Stephen S

    Interesting water cooling.
    I’d guess they went for stoiciometric gas generator to avoid unburnt UDMH from leaving the exhaust.

  75. Space-Expo Noordwijk

    Dear Scott, thank you for the great vlog! You’re right about the text on the plaque. We’ve immediately replaced it with the right information. Hope to see you again at Space Expo soon. Always welcome!

  76. loginvidea

    When i first looked at a cutaway of V2 motor it took me something like 2 hours to catch all the interesting details, but it was before i started looking on your videos. So thanks for all the things you teach us and have a nice day.

  77. Michael Thompson

    Astounding insight into the workings of these things.
    As always…thank you Scott Manley! :D

  78. Cepheid

    The audio is very quiet untill 0:46

  79. Eka A.

    The water injected would turn to steam and go through steam expansion which means more pressure and gas volume driving the turbine.

  80. Tank R.

    3:58 That is a HORRIBLE place to put the telemetry radio module!!!
    hehe hoho harhar


    Welcome to the Netherlands.. Scott Manley.
    The place where we fly high but never leave the ground😂😇

  82. skuzlebut82

    Would have loved to hear the sound of the launch from inside the museum.

  83. Sx

    Some arrows pointing to what you’re talking about would be nice

  84. Chris Bowen

    5:33 Liquid boosters around a solid-fuel core? That is Kerbal as hell. You go, ISRO!

  85. Bill Seidel

    So sad these fine machines are lost, every launch.

  86. Ricardo Becerra

    Love these new intros!
    Keep it strong

  87. Ferrariman601

    There’s the intro!

  88. Matt S

    “YEET! YEET!”

  89. Lee Goldberg

    Thank you Scott – your diligence answered a question I’ve had for over 30 years concerning the loss of an Arianne IV(?) and the RCA DBS satellite that it was carrying which I had worked on. A second or two after liftoff, one of the four engines suffered a dramatic drop in thrust, causing the other engines to gimbal over to compensate, raking the launch tower with their exhaust in the process.
    The flight appeared normal for around 30 seconds and then the rocket began to visibly deviate from its planned trajectory to a lower line of flight. There was a heated argument in the control room between the range safety engineers who wanted to issue the destruct command and the engineers who wanted the rocket to fly and produce engineering data as long as possible. The rocket settled the argument by going supersonic and hitting Max Q at a much lower altitude than it was designed for. Most of the former rocket’s remains rained down into the ocean, although I’m told that a sizable chunk did land in the parking lot of one of Koru’s only shopping centers.
    We were heartbroken (the first of 3 spacecraft losses in my career) and were finally informed about the engine failure, and that it was traced back to “a rag that technician failed to remove after they cleaned a water line”. We were never told the function of the mysterious water line and speculated on what type of cooling or thrust augmentation function it might serve. But the truth remained hidden until your curiosity and insights provided the answer.
    Thanks for all you do from a fan, admirer, and “recovering rocket scientist”

  90. Kuba Jackiewicz

    Aaaaa I was literally 20 km away and I missed the whole event!

  91. chicken lurd

    I was there at the ESA open day and though I couldn’t make a selfie with you after your great lecture, at least you signed my copy of “Ignition!” which really made my day, thank you for that, all the fun education I got from you in the past, and all the fun education I will get from you in the future. I love your videos and this one is no exception.
    And now I also realise how stupid I look in the picture at 0:15 but I still have no regrets, it was a ton of fun and I hope you come again if there is an ESA open day here in the Netherlands (because there is no way in hell I’d be able to make it to one in another country with the life I’m living)

  92. Alejandro Alcantarilla

    Scott Manley: hey I’m in Europe and I have a new video for you!
    Scott Manley: *uploads it at like 1am in most of Europe*

  93. mdbssn

    Is the wifi router in the middle standard launch hardware nowadays?

  94. Darrell Leber

    “I’ve been talking with space people”. Scott Manley has confirmed all of the alien conspiracies, lol.

  95. Andy Lee Robinson

    OMG! The amount of work involved in just making the cutaway of the rocket engine is astounding, let alone its design and fabrication!

  96. Adymn Sani

    did you scold the museum docent for not having the engine better labelled? :-)

  97. Lovecraft

    “The more they overthink the plumbing the easier it is to clog up the drain.”

  98. Pew Pew

    0:46 “Okay so what we’ve got here are two eardrums exploding”

  99. Aluminum Oxide

    There’s me in the blue flight suit, at the beginning. A pleasure to meet you Scott.

  100. Electron bolt

    I’ve always been curious as to how the engine mounts to the rocket and How’s the force from the exhaust is transferred through the engine and to the rocket.Maybe you can do a video on that .That would be great.

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