The Story of How NASA Went From Space Shuttles To SpaceX & Commercial Rockets

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The launch of SpaceX’s DM-2 mission taking NASA astronauts to the Space Station was the culmination of years of development, and more importantly years of political and management decisions which shifted NASA’s reliance on internally designed and built launch systems to much cheaper rides on privately built rockets. It took the support of multiple Presidents and NASA administrators in the face of political opponents who cared more about the money being spent in their districts than the results that the spending produced.

  1. luke otey

    Can someone explain to me how the shuttle is connected to the fuel tank? how those the mechanism work?

  2. kineticdeath

    Its kind of weird, seeing the return to the classic style of rocket design. The shuttle (and buran) just look so different, its like as if they were sort of ideas bounced off a wall, given how they are the only winged spacecraft we’re sent up there and back. Kind of like strange outliers. I wonder how long it will be untill we ever see winged spaceships again. if ever

  3. Oli R

    Can someone remind me why Boeing got twice as much cash?!

  4. n/a n/a

    I hope that we’ll see Chinese entities land rockets because they along with blue origin & SpaceX will put pressure on ULA to innovate. There won’t be anytime for excuses once SpaceX returns people to the moon. I think it would be cool to see a meeting in a capsule in low earth orbit between XI and Trump to kick start the march toward global economic conferences in low earth orbit, it would be like the G20 but in space. Perhaps it would be called “G-X”. The Starship could hold more than two world leaders for sure.

    Overview effect will change our leaders.

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    Thank you Scott. It’s nice to see all the history in one video. I’d have to search through your content for hours to piece it all together. I love the what you do. Keep it coming

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    I mean Scott all US vehicles were built by private companies even apollo, Nasa acted only as a customer even back then but they coordinated and micromanaged more.

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  10. PsychoLucario

    and yet 10 years on, Constellation got renamed and put up front with all the same problems and all the same politics. its always shocking how much people are willing to be fooled by a new name on a failed project just because they like the guy in charge

  11. lextacy2008

    Love all your videos, but this one I’m going to have to thumbs down. Zero coverage of the elephant in the room. Learned nothing about the launch. Could have done the history of Space X as a second follow up video. This was waste of 15 minutes.

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    Long story short.

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    Bob and Doug always gets a laugh from Canadians.

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    It’s always so satisfying to hear “Fly safe”. And I never get bored, I start to watch these videos about the stuff I can make lectures about, yet still I just listen and enjoy. Thank you, Scott Manley, and thank all your audience. It’s all so nice to be united about space technologies.

  15. Allyn Williams

    Really interesting to think that we could be seeing shuttles flying today, not a decade ago.

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    Cheap Labor!!!!!!

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    Instead of fannying around that way they should have used the time and money to build modernized versions of Saturn V and Saturn Ib with reusable first stage boosters.

  21. spider0804

    Loss of congressional control over space supply is the minute space supply started to actually be a thing.

  22. SaturnEnslaved

    60 years on from the dawn of the space race and we’re only just seeing what they had hoped to see in the 80s

  23. Snug Hug

    This is cool

  24. Adam Loverin

    I wanna know why there wasn’t more Jessie Anderson on the Demo 2 launch. Arabsat 6a was great for the 3 landings, but Jessie made it worth watching. Just sayin’

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    What a journey so far

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    Fly safe… or else

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    Wait wait wait wait WAIT…. Endeavor was thrown together from N.O.S. parts?!? You can barely trust those for classic CARS, let alone spacecraft!

  28. Martin Strümpfer

    If I was a project officer and somebody handed me a NASA document titled ‘C3PO’ I would have tossed it in the bin as some kind of joke!

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  30. Busta Rogers

    We’re advancing as a species thanks the sacrifices of the previous generations, life was unimaginable for all of us in the past, yet all a certain few can do is judge, mock and manipulate the truth for their benefit, utter scum. Shame on you Liberal media, i say media but we all know the same people that own the “media” own the politicians. Trump2020.

  31. Kineth1

    I was genuinely surprised to see landing legs on the booster for DM2. Even more surprised to see that they barged the booster successfully. I genuinely expected them to suck every ounce (gram, newton-meter?) of performance out of stage 1 to ensure the success of the personed final stage.

  32. Axonteer

    i totally missed the launches of space X demo 2 and hoped for scott to do another video about the rest of the trip to the iss :-/ either hand rewatching 4-10h old streams is a bit much and i have to work so … guess another thing i missed

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    Scott, I have a question:

    Who is landing the boosters? Are they controlled by humans?

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    halo ;D

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    at 11:00 why is there a random extra plume?

  36. FHM Consulting

    As this video shows, over the last few months the part timers, semi pros, amateurs and enthusiasts have raised the bar so much I think they deserve a dedicated Space\Science Channel. As dreams go this may seem far fetched but, as showed with SpaceX, from small beginnings an awful lot can change in 10 years.

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  38. Putin Kills

    When will the first astronauts be returned by Crew Dragon? From what I heard the current two astronauts will still be coming back by a Soyuz

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    Also russia helped them.

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    Fantastic documentary on this history!

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    “I’m with C3PO.”

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    Thank you for just giving a history lesson. Probably the only YouTuber I’ll be watching so that I can focus on something other than the world burning.

    Also, could you do a video on small rocket engines like Curie, Rutherford, engines on the sky crane for the mars landers, etc? I feel like everyone knows the big boy rockets on the boosters and second stages but the little engines that could never get the recognition they deserve.

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    Wow! In just 15 minutes you covered a lot of history. Can you put it all into a book or pdf?

  57. Knoz

    Nice Video ! I wish they would take some license from SpaceX in their SLS, like using cheap engines and no solid boosters. Hmm. Couldn’t they just use a couple of falcon 9s as booster for SLS, that would be neat if starship fails….. I expect it to work, though, nothing that exotic there, very solid engineering choices from what i can see, but just in case….

    Scott. Have you heard of the MESS around KSP 2 ? I have not looked into it much, but it seems like a MAJOR fail by the publisher. Too common these days….

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    Great video. Could you do a follow up on what is scheduled for the future of NASA and the Commercial Programs?

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    Another great video making space flight and our future more accessible to everyone

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    Great summery! Crazy to see it all recaped and see how far we have come

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    Awesome video. And a great explanation given the launch a few days ago. Most people don’t seem to know about the Commercial Space congressional hearings that had Apollo astronauts testifying that commercial space (SpaceX) was shit and space was too hard unless your a government.

    So it’s been a long road, go to woe.

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    Thanks for keeping the politics out and real info in! Great to see someone made it clear it took 4 presidential terms to get to this point…this deserve to be in US History text book.

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    1:30 “the date of retirement was pushed back from 2012 to 2020”
    Imagine still seeing shuttle flying today

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  94. awesome astronaut

    I cannot believe the one constellation test flight cost so much.
    I had a bit of nostalgia for constellation, cause it was the big space plan when I was a kid, but looking back it was just proto SLS.

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    Every time SG-1 ended near earth needing rescue, space shuttle was ready to help. Damn fine ships.

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