The Spectacular Launch of AEHF-5 – Shadows on Rocket Flames

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ULA’s AEHF-5 Launch turned out to be a surprisingly spectacular event due to small launch delays leading to a launch into the pre-dawn skies. With the rocket heading towards the sun, and the camera looking back into the rocket exhaust we were able to see he shadow of the booster in flight. Pretty amazing!

  1. Josef Horn

    Got lucky in seeing it. Went to gym class at 615am, and because of the delay. Got to see it around 6 am.

  2. Caonabo Javier

    I love this video too! Amazing! They did hold the countdown for abour 1/2 hour

  3. Samuel Doak

    Great piece of video. Thanks for sharing !

  4. Zhu Bajie

    It was one time the binoculars came in handy. Too often this time of year we get a lot of clouds.

  5. [GD] Goose Crack

    I actually came across the live feed on accident but it was incredible!

  6. Pomegranate

    Looks like the SpaceX launch in California earlier this year.

  7. Doctor Bonez

    Yes! This one was one for the books. So glad others seen the beauty of these images.

  8. CoolGuyHMR WT

    I was there! It was my first launch, and it was awe inspiring. 10/10 would go again, well worth it.

  9. Raptorman0909

    The footage was right up there with the December 2017 launch out of Vandenburg of the SpaceX Iridium 4 that was about 40 minutes after sunset. Still hard to top the 2 boosters of the Iridium 4 lighting up the sky with that awesome display.

  10. René

    With this burn to depletion, how many years will that upper stage remain in space? Or it did some latter burn to deorbit or to a graveyard orbit?

  11. tinkmarshino

    Dang I was to lazy to get up… I m glad you did though… thanks for the share Scott.. carry on!

  12. Deborah Cariss

    Why does the fairing enclose the centaur stage AND the satellite?

  13. Timmy Turner

    I saw this launch completely on accident on my way to work. I saw a red dot rising above the houses in my neighborhood, it took me a second to realize what I was seeing. I live on the west coast of Florida near Tampa. Once it got high enough and the exhaust was illuminated by the rising sun the trail was so bright. It was so cool to witness. I got a few crummy pictures of it. I did stop to take them of course. It was my first rocket launch. I just wish I was more prepared for it.

  14. Jim Cole

    Amazing launch, just wish I had set my alarm lol. Would have been an awesome view of a launch in person.

  15. Kevin Colt

    that launch was smooth as fuck and also amazing to owatch
    do these ULA rockets accelerate faster and smoother than falcon 9 or its me?

  16. peppermann

    Brilliant video, well narrated. Keep them coming !!

  17. mumblbee bee

    Thank you Scott! This video should go into the Library of Congress!

  18. Calvin Odbert

    Quick question Scott. This is the *coolest* launch I’ve seen so far, is it the coolest one you’ve seen?
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making amazing and informative content! You’ve giving me back some hope in humanity lol. Peace, Health & Harmony
    – Calvin

  19. Vedrit Mathias

    Scott, you got an immediate Like from me for the FTL: Faster Than Light intro

  20. Eric Melton

    Very awesome 👏 thanks for the great rocket footage. Amazing 😉

  21. Alan B

    I thought you might have mentioned when the ice from the fairing separation hit the exhaust and was blown out in a ring as it was vaporized. That was pretty cool.

  22. Darrin Pearce

    WOW that was incredible, thanks for the video.

  23. Paul Bowman

    Like the new intros… “Welcome to 8-bit Manley” :^)

  24. Jason Hyatt

    I’m actually saving this one so I can link it every time someone posts a launch trail with “OMG!!! A UFO!!!” “OMG!!! WHAT IS THAT?!?!?” You’re great, Scott. Keep up the fantastic work.

  25. donkerwater

    This launch was amazing but having you point out all these little details makes it so much beter. Live coverage when ? =)

  26. st0ox

    FTL soundtrack intro?
    I like that :D

  27. Abbreviated Reviews

    That FTL bit gave me a slight adrenaline rush… I think I need to play it again.

  28. Bruce Benson

    I will always remember when SpaceX launched out of Vandenberg just after sunset. It left me breathless.

  29. Spirit Wolf

    You can even see the puff of exhaust the fairings cause. :o
    All you can see from the shadow is a box, really… <.<

  30. Ryan Linden

    Love the new intro FTL music. I still think we should be recovering these small boosters.

  31. Jason Gates

    Look at how much the fairing flexes when they release it!

  32. budgiefriend

    You really deliver the goods.
    Thank you so much, from Denmark.

  33. Antony Bronco44

    3:50 look at the “fire” on the fairing, there’s a ._.

  34. Andres Paez

    Scott oihope some day you can have other Chanel in spanish. I love it

  35. Ryan Cook

    You fear to go into those mines.
    The dwarves delved too greedily and too deep.
    You know what they awoke in the darkness…

  36. Robin Wells

    Stunning. Thanks for getting up so I didn’t have to!

  37. Jameson 1776

    Awesome video I was unaware of this launch thank you Scott

  38. mike mathews

    Hey Scott I’ve been curious about the Cameras they use on the Rockets and how the system works as far as getting the signal out to transmit for viewers to see.

  39. Andy Russ

    I watched this live, on the train on the way home from work for the night. Was absolutely amazed (my girlfriend, not so much) and was really hoping you’d make a video on it. Thanks Scott!

  40. Sami Anttila

    Would it be possible to put a Centaur upper stage on a Falcon heavy if for example NASA/US government needed really powerful rocket with efficient upper stage?

  41. DrymouthCWW

    What were those dots? UAC confirmed

  42. I Shoot Stuff

    Yes Judge, it went exactly like Mr Manley said, the rocket launch caused me to crash my car.

  43. Philip Whitehouse

    Thanks for the highlights vid – spectacular footage. Congrats to ULA

  44. Alexander Batyr

    Thumbs up for the intro!

  45. Light Science

    Thank you Scott for setting your alarm so I don’t have to!!! I love this channel

  46. Akres

    Hmm, I wonder when someone is going to strap one of those 360° cameras to a rocket.. That would make for some spectacular footage, I think

  47. featherbrain

    Brilliant, thanks! I didn’t have to get up early to see it.

  48. Geoff Gyro

    I’ve seen that effect from Central Ca years ago. A launch from Vandenburg after sundown.

  49. Sp3z

    I really like how you are able to explain absolutely everything that’s going on :)

  50. Adam Steidl

    I watched the launch from Okeechobee, FL, and it was spectacular! Exhaust plume was massive, and I did see interesting shadows.

  51. Emperorvalse

    Wonderful footage and shows why we are still fascinated by these launches.

  52. Gary B

    I watched the launch live and that missed the shadow completely. Nice catch. Wow. Elon, beat that!

  53. Coastfog

    Anti-scottish automatically generated subtitles be like “Oh it’s got Magli here”

  54. Amigo21189

    On only the most tangentially related note, “Shadows Cast In Fire” would be a great metal album name.

  55. Andreas Wundlechner

    I also love the footage, because the pixel errors at 3:50 form a smiley at the tip of the fairing. Good by little fairing.

  56. Phroggster

    All of those rocket-gazing traffic accidents that occur in the middle of the Atlantic ocean have got to be stopped.

  57. Air Command Rockets

    I think your new intro needs to include a shadow :)

  58. Gerard Moran

    I really enjoy your videos! I think your description of the spacecraft approaching the horizon should reference the night/day terminator. Not an astronomer just an old pilot here. Keep ’em comin!

  59. mrmcbaldspot

    One of my favorites: Saturn V punching through the clouds, leaving a fast moving shadow on top of the clouds.

  60. Marc Jackson

    Hunt down Dr Jacqueline Chan direct numerical simulation of combustion they’re fascinating

  61. Viking Teddy

    Oh wow. That was stunning to behold!
    I was never really interested in launches but listening to Scott rave about them has converted me, his enthusiasm is super contagious. Thanks Scott!

  62. Ryan Linden

    Dawn launches are beautiful. like Orion launch.

  63. Tri Diver

    I live about 30 miles south of the cape and have seen many launches. I was just going to watch the webcast but my dog insisted on going outside right at liftoff so I was able to see the exhaust plume being lit by the sun. Definitely one of the most spectacular launches I have seen.

  64. Chris Savage

    What I found really worrying was the amount of people living in Florida (for whom rocket launches really shouldn’t come as a surprise) who had no idea what it was. Oh dear…..

  65. Mariusz Gruszka

    It was a middle of the day when I watched in Poland. Wasn’t very interested in it but I decied to watch anyway. And oh man, it was something!

  66. P. Ricard

    Amazing surreal beautiful footage from so many places already, total space flight porn!

  67. Julien Hughes

    @Scott Manley thank you for waking up at 0300am for us, great video

  68. Murray Ball

    Thanks Scott – that was truly remarkable and great to see. Thanks for sharing. 😊

  69. Steve Watkins

    “Oh its got magli” thats a new one. Well done youtube subtitles, well done

  70. Cole Smith

    This and seeing two boosters land at the same time are my two favorite pieces of rocket rocket footage shot in my lifetime.

  71. Hector Cepeda

    Super-excellent presentation and explanations, Commander “Scotty”. Now beam me up! :^)

  72. Christopher Gammon

    Watched and photographed this from my back about forty-four miles from the pad. One of the perks of living in Central Florida!

  73. parajacks4

    I saw the original and thought “aw yeah!”.
    Then this morning I watched and listened to Scott’s narration and said “WOW! That is so cool”
    He just added several new dimensions to the experience.
    Thank you Scott for enriching lives.

  74. Fred Derf

    For me I don’t see anything beating the Saturn V launch video, but this was very, very cool.
    Thanks Scott.

  75. TheYoyozo

    I saw it from about 45 miles away and it was spectacular!

  76. Death Valley Dazed

    Thanks so much for catching these shadow details. Just spectacular!

  77. Darren Scroggins

    Thank you for this video. Beautiful!

  78. Don Jones

    Thought it would be a mild interesting launch-from-pad video, so didn’t watch the original. Seeing it through your eyes is a totally different experience. Wow!
    Thank you for sharing your eyes and brain, Scott.

  79. Alain Martel

    The way the fairing flexes is very impressive. It goes from an 180° arc to almost 270°.

  80. Michael Goecker

    There sure were a lot of folks in FL freaking out about this. Aliens and chem trails seemed to be the favored suspects by some. An Atlas rocket launch was decidedly the sane answer to the spectacle.

  81. Marty Moose

    Flat earthers will have a hell of a time explaining why the sun was illuminating the rocket when it was still dark on earth.

  82. AppleEater01

    Im loving the FTL intro

  83. Motzer Alles Mist

    Wow what a fantastic video !
    Nice new intro and then this outstanding super film of rocket that blow me away ! Thank you very much !

  84. AWZool

    Is that ship in the intro from FTL?
    This was the most beautiful launch I’ve ever seen btw!

  85. mcpheonixx

    I live about an hour south of the Cape. I saw the launch as I pulled into the parking at work. It was a stunning launch! The best I’ve ever seen from the Cape!

  86. Allegiant804 - Florida Aviation & Railfanning

    I saw this launch about 75 miles southeast of the launch site. The exhaust gasses sure were spectacular, and I was surprised that I could actually see the SRBs and the fairings tumbling after separation. Definitely the best launch I’ve seen since the shuttle days.

  87. Bobby Kogos

    As if Scott could be any more perfect, he hits us with the FTL nod. 🙏🏻

  88. Steve R

    #FTLIntro I love this and the rotating intros. Please consider a Let’s Play of FTL

  89. Witek Borowski

    What is also worth mentioning:
    – they finally have cameras on the rocket, that they can stream from, so they do not switch to simulation immediately after take off
    – the simulation itself finally doesn’t look like something from early 90′
    – they started to use metric system instead of a weird conjunction of imperial and nautical units
    – the stream itself was something interesting and enjoyable to watch (maybe except for that delay)

  90. Charlie Lees

    Such an interesting and informative video Scott. Loved the explanations behind the stunning launch visuals.

  91. Steham

    @ 2:55, 3:35, 4:14 you can see the ice crystals jettison outward when they meet the exhaust cone! What an Awesome time for rocket enthusiasts, Thank you Scott.

  92. jim bob

    watched the space shuttle launch one morning just before dawn. crystal clear skies between Tampa and Kennedy. was a column of fire until the sun hit it and then it looked like the brightest diamond above a column of fire. impressive to say the least.

  93. The Exoplanets Channel

    I wish one day I can see one of these launches in person :'(

  94. jpdemer5

    Flying up into the sunlight? Flat-earthers got some ‘splaining to do.
    (They will – and it will be hilarious.)

  95. humanhiveanomaly

    *Conspiracy hat on*, the delay was intentionally caused by their PR department.

  96. WHColours999

    How many different new intros will you make Scott? It’s as astronomical as those shadows!

  97. Alex Hatfield

    The most aesthetically beautiful launch I’ve seen. They should frame it and it in an art gallery.

  98. Jeffrey Bue

    by luck… I just caught this launch because of the delays.

  99. Joe Meredith

    6:10 that high resolution texture pack for KSP is looking great.

  100. Orillion123456

    Start of video: “I wasn’t really *that* interested in this one.”
    End of video: “BTW I set my alarm to 3am to watch this, including sitting through several delays.”

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