The Space Programs of Iran and North Korea

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Iran and North Korea have been sharing technology since the 1980’s and their space programs are very similar, with their launch vehicles being derived from the North Korean Nodong missile. Which itself is likely derived from the Soviet R-17 missile, better known in the West as the Scud missile.
Lots of credit for the images and diagrams goes to Norbert Brügge’s website on rockets, there’s a lot more detail there if you want to go deeper.
Thanks to Cody for his video about nitric acid:

  1. IsakH85

    I’m also familiar with the disappearing alcohol phenomenon, it’s very strange indeed!

  2. Kumquat Lord

    Could you please do a video on the purpose of sounding rockets or SRBs?

  3. etbadaboum

    ‘Fly safe’… but what if I’m an ICBM?

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    4:23 Gigity…
    That’s what she said…
    Hence the big rocket!

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    I would love to see a video about Anousheh Ansari! She seems like she has a really cool story!

  6. Ryusennin

    And maybe, just maybe, I’m a Chinese jet pilot.

  7. Lion King

    First of all: most of the scientists believe that Iran’s space missiles are nothing like ICBMs, and besides, Iran has already developed a number of satellites to launch. I believe they are really up to something special about sats.

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    The S.C.O.T.T M.A.N.L.E.Y

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    I tried to research about their programs and from all the tons of text on google your 10 min video explained it the best. thank you for the hard work and your fantastic channel.

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    Haha you did butcher the name, you did pronounced them all great, and great history even I didn’t know, thank you

  11. ShamblerDK

    Russian and North Korean relationship has since improved a lot. These days there are North Korean slaves working in Russian forests.

  12. Sam Bishara

    I think the shahab should be pronounced shihab which means comet I believe.

  13. herojh

    I really enjoyed this. It’s really interesting to see the genealogy of these rockets! It would be great to see you delve a bit more into the military area. Take care Scott.

  14. Kerosene 42

    North korea has Better Rocket Than South Korea.

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    My new all time favorite very informative.

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    “Warning: This Video is Full of Bad Pronunciation”
    Well, I don’t think there was enough bad pronunciation to warrant that disclaimer.
    … Just to prove that there’s no avoiding complaints, no matter what you do!
    Hey, thanks for the info! You always seem to have some fascinating stuff.

  17. Data Intensive

    Wasn’t sure at first that I’d be interested but…. Absolutely excellent video summary. Another video on this subject would be very welcome

  18. S C

    rocket designs seem to hang around a long time – but never knew the V2 had so many offspring!

  19. kg b

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  20. Tech_ 49FPV

    I had a Patriot model rocket I adored growing up. The Scud missile you mentioned reminded me

  21. Captain Wonders

    When your missile is named Nodong

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    I love this, these types of rocket history lessons are great. Keep ’em coming!

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    Thank you so much for doing more research than I have the patience to do! It’s great that people like you explore the rabbit holes want to go down, but dont have the time to! Keep up the good work!

  24. LineaHund

    Did you stumble upon any information regarding Israel’s assumed nuclear and rocket programs in more detail?

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  27. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

    N. Korean trying to develop rockets to orbit.
    Mainwhile… flat earthers’ convention in first world countries.

  28. antsolja

    who knew tech related all the way back to the v2 was being used for modern space flight

  29. Kevin Harlow

    Check out the Arms Control Wonk podcast – they are amazing at digging into Iranian and North Korean missile tech!

  30. planetrob555

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  31. Laurent 74

    Before I watched this I had no idea what was in my picture. It was just a random picture I took of a missile in a military museum.

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  33. Brian Streufert

    Great video, Scott. I too have been enthralled with the rocket development of these nations for a very very long time. Very interesting stuff and rather comical at times.

  34. dontcheckmychannel

    We really should stop using the thrust of engines to describe the power of a roket.
    I propose we start referring to rockets by their max acceleration at full wet mass.

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    I love this kinda thing, please keep them coming maybe with different countries and how they acquired and developed space tech!

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  40. vdiitd

    Its funny that US concentrates on Iran and North Korea and forgets about the country where Osama Bin Laden was found living a luxurious life.

  41. capt. B Gates

    Thank you. Another spaceflight topic not getting enough exposure. How about Pakistan and India?

  42. Darth Mortus

    Very interesting I knew Norks had a successful satellite launch but did not know about Iran.

  43. Filip Skotnica

    The castrated version of NK’s missile – The “No dong”

  44. Gordon Chin

    Please do a video featuring Anousheh Ansari. I have never heard of this amazing person before.

  45. The Crater Games

    1:04 I wonder why the alcohol would just disappear. It’s not like Russians are on something ;-)
    Good ol’ memes

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    Scott, amazing material and really detailed and thoughtful insight into these countries’ rocketry. Thank you!
    Ca you please do a video on space tugs?

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    Scott’s knowledge (and video skills) is priceless.
    As an added bonus, his accent sometimes reminds me of Shrek….
    I mean no disrespect…it makes me happy….

  48. Y H

    Wonder if North Korea regrets lending their jets for the Yom Kippur war.

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    What type of guidance systems are used and what’s the accuracy like?

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  52. Ark

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    SpaceX sold [Iran,Nk] the rockets.

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    Iraq also tried some clustered design for satellite launch but that seems to not have gotten far… and then they invaded Kuwait…
    Fascinating routes these old Soviet designs have taken around the world. Have you done a video on Wasserfall? I think that was the origin of hypergols in large rockets.

  57. Silverdarlin

    At this point, I’m fairly sure North Korea are just launching fireworks they bought from TESCO

  58. StYxXx

    Sending other primates than humans to space is so 1950s…

  59. PapaQ

    I’d love to see a video on amateur space programs. I know Copenhagen Suborbitals are planning to launch a man into space at some point. Getting there using only crowd-funding and a bunch of volunteers would be pretty amazing.

  60. Gemmel

    Thanks I’d always wondered just how the technology got released to the wild.

  61. Mush V. Peets

    At some point, a certain North Korean leader realized that he had Nodong. To compensate, bigger rockets were constructed.

  62. Dave Rauschenfels

    Who builds the best Scuds? Asking for a friend.

  63. Gay Boy

    Bro your knowledge is weak. lran os one of nine orbital launch capable nation. It successfully launched its first sattelite back in 2009. It successfully launched sattelites from simorgh in 2016. Yes the recent one was failure. Another thing is that lran became orbitaI Iaunch capable nation years before NK.

  64. MBk

    It’s the second most used ballistic missle. First most used rocket in combat is the PG-7 rocked propelled grenade

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    I’ve never heard anyone pronounce tortoise that way, I’ve always heard “tor-tis”.
    Good video. Not a hope of keeping up with all those names though.

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    But it’s seemorgh, like sea. Or see. Do you see?
    Fly Safe, Scott!

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    hypergolic. It’s a nice word

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    “The liquid alcohol would disappear for some reason”;-).
    “Down the hatch, Comrade”;-).

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    North Korean space program? Guess we learn something new every day. Certainly with Scott.

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    Please someday do a video also on Argentina and Mexico space programs and satellites

  72. Mr.Sandman

    “Shahab sang” means meteorite, “Shahab” = space, “sang” = rock.

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  74. rkan2

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  75. king J

    You missed a lot Iran’s carriers between first one and the last one. There are 6-7 carriers that Iran has.

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    What’s that clip at 1:38 from. That looks absolutely insane.

  77. The Lonely Rogue

    KJ: Comrades, our glorious satellite hangs in orbit as we speak!
    Peasant: Glorious Leader, how can we listen to the glorious songs it plays?
    KJ: You cannot. (Take him to Gulag.)

  78. TechyBen

    First: Scud One. Second: Scud Eleven. Third: Scud B. Fourth The “Hwasong-6” and Fifth: Nodong *One*.
    Oh, now we know where NVidia and Microsoft went to learn how to name products!

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  91. Amir Alavi

    As an Iranian I should say that you pronounced most of the names perry well. Just the pronunciation of “Simorgh” was way off. In fact it’s pronounced like a combination of the words “see” and “morgue”. And thanks for the great video.

  92. Roballium

    4:30 the diameter is 1.25m
    *They are designing their rocket in KSP*

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