The Most Important Space Things From The Last Decade (IMHO)

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Because looking back it’s been a pretty amazing decade for me as a fan of space, and the end of the decade kinda lines up with my birthday and my channel crossing the threshold of 1million subscribers.

So thanks to everyone who’s been a part of this, see you all in 2020.

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  1. Dustin King

    Congrats on 1 million!

  2. Denis Polyakov

    A decade in 10 minutes – just awesome.
    I’m sure that’s the one that will bring you a million!

  3. grodhagen

    “flying _safely_ ”
    Unless, of course, instead of sending up another Tesla, this decade we will send up safes, or you never finished your sentence by adding a noun after the adjective _safe_ .

  4. Ivy Stiles

    Congrats on reaching 1M! Well deserved. Wish I could’ve done as well explaining Latin & Classics to my HS students….

  5. Michael Thompson

    Found this channel this year.
    It was a good year!
    Here’s to more for us all!

  6. E Zearo

    999,999 subscribers! We need one more!

  7. Micah van Everdingen

    1 MILLION!!! :D:D
    Congratz Scott!

  8. Mohd Razif

    Congratulation on 1 million subscriber.

  9. Glenn Scott

    congrats on 1 million; earned by merit!

  10. DoktorDinkel YT

    Congrats on 1 million subs! You deserve it!

  11. Robert

    Just saw an article on how the moon at one time had a magnetic field twice as strong as the earth. Would you be willing to do a video on that subject as I would love to hear you explain it?

  12. WacKEDmaN

    nice vid Scotty…
    and congratulations on the million subs!

  13. SkitzoJedi

    I guess we’ll be living in different decades for a year. Glad I can still watch your videos and don’t have to wait for the future. Lol.

  14. Amir Haghdani

    Why is’t there earthquakes on Mars?
    – Because there they are called marsquakes

  15. Dmytro Picky

    congratz on 1 mil. well desurved

  16. Chris Freeman

    Here’s to watching Scott Manley for the 2020$!!!!!

  17. Crusoe

    9:12 it probably has very strange Elon gated shape :D what is it to do with Elon Musk again :D

  18. Mobiyus

    Amazing feats were accomplished this decade! Looking forward to the future of astronomy and astrophysics in the next 10 years!

  19. Cole009

    Give him a million

  20. Andy Lee Robinson

    Happy New Decade Scott and thanks for everything you’ve done and are doing.
    Here’s to the next million!

  21. Micah van Everdingen

    Happy new year
    And fly save!

  22. Benton Jackson

    Seems pretty exciting when you time warp 10 years into 10 minutes!

  23. Travoid

    I started watching your channel for KSP tutorials, and I’m really glad to see where you’re channel has gone since then!

  24. Bob Marley

    fly safe this decade!

  25. Ivo Drinković

    The most important channel of the decade!

  26. MegaPhester

    At exactly 1M subs when I’m watching this. Congratulations!

  27. Peter Quinn

    happy 2020 Scott and a very happy Hogmanay

  28. Oliver Bombosch

    Thank you, Scott. Your youtube channel has become one of my favorite space-related information sources.

  29. Tray Terra

    Happy New Years, cheers to another decade of humanity in space!

  30. Aaron H

    Wish I would’ve found this channel when i was still playing EVE. Love that Rifter model, Scott. Fly safe, thanks for the good work o7

  31. Seibastian Mustermann

    Interesting as any of your vids BUT my eyes felt like looking into the sun at 5:15😂. ( I watch this in my bed in the dark)

  32. Ryben Flynn

    Congrats on 1 million in just 15 hours since I was last here!

  33. PsychoLucario

    RIP Voyager I and II sometime in the 2020s, the math on the RTGs just sadly shows they’re gonna run out of power sooner rather than later

  34. NowLookHere

    Glad you’re back on the old intro – the new one looked rude, almost Richard Johnson

  35. Keith Christensen

    I need a transformative moment enjoy your day

  36. etherealessence

    new horizons will always have a special place in my cold icy heart.

  37. Ange Einstein

    Im still sad that there is no more Space Shuttle. It was just so majestic

  38. Magnus Holmgren

    One million subscribers?! Great Scott! I mean: Great, Scott!

  39. Tangent

    Thank you Scott, I really enjoy this look at the decade, including some things I missed! Happy birthday, and may you have a wonderful new year.

  40. Marc Barrett

    Happy New Year!

  41. Ashley Warren

    Happy new year Mr Manley! You’re so close to that million subscriber accolade!

  42. J A

    I just bought a piece of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite in November! Such an amazing thing to own a piece of.

  43. Dennis Vance

    I love space things, they are among my favorites.

  44. Vincent Fischer

    Who remembers the Eve days?

  45. Philippe Santini

    I really enjoy this channel.
    Plus, everytime I see or read Scott Manley, I instantly think of “Chet Manley” from Archer…and have a little laugh. ;)

  46. Francis Maxino

    The end of the last decade ends at the end of 2020, the first year of any decade, century or millenia is ‘1’. This is because there was no year called ‘zero’…1BC, 1AD, 2AD etc.

  47. Death Valley Dazed

    Thanks Scott hope you’re around in 2030!

  48. bryan mccann

    Happy new year sir all the best. :)

  49. Daniel Lopez

    The last 10 Years have been wonderful since i found your channel!

  50. Bad Beard Bill

    Congrats on a million.
    Here’s to 2020

  51. WR10

    Congrats on the 1 million subs Scott. Keep giving us the content please.

  52. ot0m0t0

    2019 – First car in space.

  53. Cary R.

    Creeping up on 1Mil Scott!!! Been watching you since like 2010-2011 ish? Thanks for getting me hooked on KSP!

  54. Socks With Sandals

    Thank you for a great decade of space missions and discoveries Scott

  55. morskojvolk

    Happy New Year, Scott! Fly safe!

  56. S. G.

    Most important space thing for me was reuseability of rockets. That to my mind is a game changer to getting us spacebound
    Gratz on the 1 mill subs Scott. o7 Fly Safe

  57. Luna Lover

    Congrats on 1 million subs!

  58. TheHammer

    The end of every year is an end to a decade… any ten year period is a decade

  59. Unknow0059

    8:45 that’s where nfkrz lives

  60. Martel DuVigneaud

    Happy New Year, Scott! :D
    C is, by far, my favorite language. Professionally I mostly write PHP (and of course JavaScript, HTML and CSS) but C is such a pure language. :D

  61. Yevhenii Diomidov

    3:53 I’ve seen gravity waves in my bathtub. What LIGO discovered was *gravitational* waves.

  62. Erik 567

    I always get a kick out of watching the Shuttle engines gimbal closer together after start up.

  63. Alexander Seeley

    1M subscribers, what a way to start the year!

  64. Benjamin Crom

    So close! One million coming soon!! Looking forward too your future content! From Alberta Canada

  65. OK Boomer

    I always watch Scott Manley until the end of the video because I need to know whether “Fly Safe!” is said ominously or not. I refuse to fly on any days that sound particularly ominous. This is all very scientific and everything. HNY Scott Manley!

  66. Kamil O

    very nice summary of 2019

  67. Edison DiBlasi

    3:48 If I remember right, gravity waves are a weather thing, and gravitational waves are what LIGO detected. Great video as always, though

  68. W1se0ldg33zer

    Congrats on hitting the magic million and happy birthday!

  69. Ragna Rock

    I have to like the video when I hear your voice man :) GL in 2020!

  70. MrSirRecon

    I think the Grand Finale of Cassini is another milestone of this decade. A probe that did so much for science and public outreach.

  71. David Huber

    Dec 22, 2015. Orbcomm 2, the first landing of an orbital class booster.
    I was in billeting at Edwards AFB and got some dust in my eyes.
    Ok I lied. I cried.

  72. replica

    (chanses are interstellar objects would spin them selves to pieces and become background radiation)

  73. Zerg

    Most important space event of 2020 so far… Scott ‘million’ Manley gets a special delivery from youtube.

  74. Zhu Bajie

    Remember watching Voyager launches as a teen. How far we’ve (and they’ve) come.

  75. uNstructured U.ndersTanding

    The two new earth facing methane measurement Sattellites were important, or will be.
    More earth facing space news please.

  76. Harry May

    Thank you for the telescope video
    It really helped me because i thought my travel scope was pathetic and after seeing that vivitar one in comparison…

  77. ItBeNiro

    “Maybe a Million by the time you watch this.”
    I just paused my video and scrolled down. Sure enough, 1 Million!
    Well done! I remember watching your videos back before making a YouTube account. Your content is the reason I bought KSP, and I still explode occasionally on reentry.
    Thank you for the last 2200 videos, and heres to a lot more!

  78. Wisdom Night

    Thank to you Mr Scott i learn a lot this year i watched your chanel since January and even when my born lenguage its not the English for some reason i understand clearly the way you explains things on your videos .. Im happy to be here

  79. Christian Oswald

    I am disappointed Scott.. From a guy of your caliber i would have guessed you know when a decade ends.

  80. Free Spam

    in 2010 i become more interested in space science things and some thing epic was coming JWST(Just Wait Space Telescope)
    maybe 2020s are more promising

  81. Martynas Valevičius

    happy new decade everyone!!

  82. ichglotzTV

    Automatic subtitle: “Although it’s Scott Manley here…”

  83. Sci Fience

    please do a review of the realism of sci fi spacecrafts

  84. Mitch []

    Starting off the year with 1M subs my mannnn, thanks for keeping us groundlings posted

  85. Michael Bibby

    The GAIA mission to map the nearby region of our galaxy, an event which represents a major step in the history of star maps.

  86. EpochRazael

    I too am going to start calling the 2000 decade as the “naughties”. 😃

  87. Bartek K

    Crossing my fingers for succesful deployment of J Webb telescope

  88. 15gamers haven

    Yay this is the first full decade I survived on this blue spec have an amazing 2020 my fellow space fanatics

  89. Heat Lerr

    Hey man
    I’m from Iran 🇮🇷
    And I’m definitely a spacex fan

  90. Mohd Razif

    The saddest space event in this decade was September 15, 2017, the day Cassini plunged into Saturn, effectively ending the mission after 13 years orbiting the planet. Not gonna lie, that was the first time I cried for a space probe.

  91. Anacronian

    2010’s :”My battery is low and it’s getting dark”.

  92. Studio Space

    Only 1k till 1 million!
    Edit: We Hit It

  93. ETNN

    Most impressive space feat of the 2010s— when I stayed up until 530am to land on Duna for the first time, then worked the entire day. ☠️

  94. Gintaras64

    James Web Space Telescope! Man, I waiting for this one to launch.

  95. phil 84

    Happy birthday Mr. Manley. I discovered you this year and i must say, one of the best channels on yt. Fly safe!

  96. Jimmy Swenson

    999k Subscribers? Keep it up Scott man. Hopefully you hit 1 million by midnight :D

  97. Daniel Jensen

    Been a pretty hype decade honestly. Shout out to the Higgs Boson as well, even if it isn’t strictly space related.

  98. Christian Wright

    Watching those Falcons land in tandem was really something special I think space x got alot of respect for that

  99. everintransit 42

    So glad I found your channel. Your channel content improved my 2019 a bit. Here’s to the success of your channel, present and future.

  100. Tucsoncoyote 2019

    2011- 2019…Three simple Words: Kerbal Space Program.

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