The Launch Umbilical Tower Model for the LEGO Saturn V

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Everyone keeps asking about the Saturn V model and launch tower in the background of some of my videos.
Many of you know that the Saturn V is an official LEGO set which was hugely popular and is still available for purchase ( despite being retired earlier this year. (EDIT: I found out it’s being reissued under a new model number)

The Tower and platform are based on a fan designs by Valerie Roche and Emmanuel Urquiet which made it through the LEGO ideas voting process but was rejected after human review. The plans were made available but building the set would require tracking down the pieces on Bricklink or other lego markets.
This set is a kit made of compatible elements, not legitimate LEGO, and this makes it hard to build, the pieces are unsorted, the fit is poor with some things falling apart or requiring excessive force. You’ll need to make modifications to strengthen the structure, thankfully there are guides online on how to do that.
I’m not including a link to the purchase, because you can google it and I want you to be really sure you want to embark on this task.
  1. JimBob4233

    ‘We don’t think that a 3 000 piece set that requires you to have another 2 000 piece set would sell very well.’

    Have LEGO just not heard of Warhammer or something?

  2. Jordan Gutierrez

    Oh my God FINALLY you talk about it. Thank the Lord

  3. FunBotan

    Ah yes, _tolerances,_ the absolute bane of all engineering

  4. Wouter Stassen

    Seems like the tower assembly definitely is a 3D IQ test that you obviously aced!

  5. James Coyle

    I started trying to redesign this model to use easily available Lego pieces that wouldn’t be as expensive and rare as the ones required for the actual design. I should look into getting it done at some point but I can’t really afford to buy the parts for IRL testing at the moment. I really don’t want to buy this fake crap.

  6. D.O.M.

    We bought the Light my Bricks kit for the Saturn V and ISS.

  7. MetallicaLife4

    for those that want to build one out of real Lego, you could probably find a parts list of this tower online, and order the parts on BrickLink or some similar site, if you’re willing to pay the price.

  8. Jonathan P

    Would you recommend getting the ISS and the lander for the regular retail price?

  9. Jake Griff

    ok… i will have to build my own variant… as a Lego fanatic with a large collection… quite large im sure i can get what i need to build it. may not be th Red… but i prefer using the real Lego bricks.

  10. Pale Emperor

    I was going to get the launch tower, now i decided i’m not getting it. I already knew it had issues but didn’t realize it was this bad. I would probably end up losing my mind and not finishing it.

  11. Ted Cameron

    I just love how there is 1969 pieces in the Saturn 5 set lol. That is awesome.

  12. Ted Cameron

    I just love how there is 1969 pieces in the Saturn 5 set lol. That is awesome.

  13. The Aziz

    I bought and built my Saturn V for 50th Moon landing anniversary, totally worth it.

  14. Digital Dan

    Kinda don’t get Lego, especially the kind you don’t take apart at the end of each project. Glad you all enjoy it though. Fun things are fun.

  15. Demetrius Hacker

    November 1st, the Saturn V will be re-released and available to purchase

  16. Ryan Linden

    Yay, I merely mentioned how cool the launch tower is and BAM! a video. lol I honestly did not expect one, The new launch tower is also pretty cool.

  17. Fredashay Klavierstein

    Lego makes so many different pieces that you could probably build a very accurate and sturdy launch tower similar to that out of real Lego.

  18. Friti

    Yes! I’ve been looking for what set or such you used! Thank you!

  19. jjeherrera

    This reminds me that back in the 50s and 60s, when you wanted to build models, you had to do some work in order to make pieces fit well. We didn’t have the precision that Lego provides, but it was part of the fun. Yes, I know: “Ok boomer.” :-D

  20. bombjack78

    I was one of those people asking about it, thank you for the video.

  21. Berlin Trilogy

    i thought me building the lego Saturn V was impressive. Then Manley does this and im like “nevermind”

  22. Naithí O'rea

    I had so much fun building that Saturn V. I am a school teacher, and on the way home from school, starting summer holidays, I got it!

  23. brywithay1

    I bought the Saturn V Rocket kit for my son last Christmas. I was able to find it at Barnes and Noble. He loved it and we both marveled at the fact the designers made sure it was exactly 1969 pieces.

  24. lotto77102

    >colour variations
    Wow, interesting to see that bootlego is getting closer to actual Lego!

  25. Ichirou

    imagine if it broke while the vid was going on

  26. Richard Stewart

    I gotta tell you, Scot. I saw the first Saturns launch on TV when I was a teenager and I gotta say, owning a model like this, gantry and all would have been the dream of every kid back then, and even now we look on your wonderful model with a lot of admiration and even a bit of envy. Well done indeed.

  27. Chris White

    I’m extremely concerned about the location of the grappled VV on the LEGO ISS… gonna have to mask a lot of the sky for the Ku-Band system 😅

  28. tom jones

    I 3D Printed a 6′ tall Saturn5… it lives in my entrance hall love these models.

  29. Louis Ayme Vernon

    I was wondering what that was

  30. Demetrius Kent

    I was looking at this exact set (or something very similar) on Amazon, lmao. I settled for the ISS model c”x

  31. Sheldon Petrie

    I bought the Saturn V Lego to build last Christmas, it’s still in the box. Maybe this year!

  32. AubriGryphon

    Wow, makes me glad I got a Saturn V when they were on the website!

  33. Christian Fitzgerald

    Thanks Scott! You just saved me $200. I was close to pulling the trigger on one but I’ll stick with the horizontal display it came with.

  34. Frank Ruiz Jr

    That’s badass!
    I’ve always wondered where you got that tower from..

  35. william gorham


  36. Rick Rubenstein

    This video is sponsored by Not Real LEGO — “It’s not real LEGO, and it sucks!”

  37. koen konst

    Bought that set last year in the lego store, it’s now sitting pretty in my background while on a call for work. Got atleast 10 comments about it from different people the first week of covid.

  38. Ancientreapers

    If that model was mine, I would be so tempted to equip it with a bunch of Estes f15-0 engines for a launch. Kerbal in real life. 😁

  39. Regulator Machine

    thanks for the extra seconds at the end so we can see your mess!

  40. Karl West

    I made one of the not lego cars, and it made me appreciate how well designed the official lego kits are, not just for looks, but for how solid they are, and how easy to build

  41. Skipper Vicky

    I actually missed the sale of Saturn V, now waiting for Lego HLS, SLS or Starship, whatever comes first

  42. Astrofox

    Wish I could have gotten my hands on the parts list and instructions for the tower before they became unavailable. I would have totally invested the time and money hunting down the appropriate LEGO pieces for my Saturn V kit.

    Now that I think about it, and on a complete tangent, it would be pretty cool to build a LEGO Saturn I rocket…

  43. Anarchy Antz

    Lego: We don’t think anyone would be interested in this umbilical who brought the Saturn V
    Space nerds: TAKE OUR MONEY!!!!!

  44. Jerry Ferguson

    Yea, I just received my not Lego Lego LUT kit yesterday. I just found out I must sort everything first…. this one is going to be daunting. I love my Saturn V Rocket (have built 2) and want to display it properly. I hope I have it in me to do this thing… Thanks for the vid!

  45. the ravedaddy

    I remember building the airfix saturn 5. I wish that was still around.

  46. Ghrey

    I remember the massive Revell kit… I think it was Revell….. back when I was to young and poor to buy it….

    Your setup looks great.

  47. John Fife

    Fly safe…with genuine Lego parts.

  48. Amechi Amanugi

    I have the knock-off tower. It’s been sitting in the box for for the best part of a year now. Delayed starting it due to various reasons. About ready to start sorting. I’m sweating it already! Oh and I DO indeed have the Saturn V I built about 3 years ago. Thanks for the info!!

  49. robin farman

    Thanks for the advice, I’ve been looking at it as a build. Fore warned is fore armed

  50. Kevin Tessner

    I wondered if it was the Vonado ‘set’ and was digging through your Twitter a week or two back to see if you’d mentioned it. This video was excellent, thank you!

  51. Reactor Four

    And that, my friends, is why I don’t recommend buying a third party LEGO knockoff.

  52. mx2000

    This really, really needs some greebling to look more interesting. The way it is now it just looks kinda plain and simple.

  53. CocoaButt

    Having built model airplanes as a lad, I found myself watching the stacking of SN8 yesterday and thinking that it would make an awesome kit (SN8 in final stages of stacking with cranes and the tank farm).

  54. Raphaël Casimir

    – Unleash the KRAGLE!
    – Noooooo not the KRAGLE!

  55. Printed Props

    When i built my lego saturn v a couple years ago i thought of making a launch tower. But i never got around to it.

    I saw it in your other video thanks for showcasing it!

  56. lawrence beeler

    It felt like you were talking to me I was wondering when you were going to fix that Leaning Tower of Pisa

  57. ReDGryffyN

    To be honest I am more interested in the Space X models ( I have the Saturn IV etc), Scott where did you get those from ?

  58. A Brit

    Meccano used to put mistakes into their instructions.
    It’s character building :)

  59. Eliot Mansfield

    I feel dirty saying this – but there’s a chinese fake version of the saturn 5 rocket for about £40 delivered to the old country via banggood et-al

  60. Danilo Metzger

    7:20 I wonder where Günter Wendt?

  61. Alan Holck

    Grandson (6 yr old) & I are building and having a lot of the same problems. We are about to resort to glue as well. And we added some addition structural support under the base as well

  62. moosemaimer

    Capping off a meticulous, expensive project with a flimsy, half-baked supporting framework? Sounds like government work to me.

  63. Pawel

    So it is a non-Lego lego Saturn 5 launch tower that instead of supporting the rocket is actually supported by the rocket itself?

  64. Aaron Mathewson

    That is an awesome “technic”-al build ! 😜

  65. Jimmy James

    I hear lots of enthusiasm when people find they can buy a “not-lego” launch tower, but I never hear what a grueling chore assembling one is, so thanks for this!

  66. John Kempton

    my wife bought me this tower set for Christmas last year and my experience was exactly as he describes… I was almost mad at my wife for getting it for me when I was done building it because it was so stressful!!! you also actually get to build some parts of it 5 or 6 times because it will keep falling apart, and then you will get to rebuild it several times trying to get it strong enough to hold together longterm. in the end, I ended up getting rid of the tower and just putting my Saturn V model on a shelf by itself. this was partially because the tower just never looked right, and partially because I couldn’t look at the tower without getting flashbacks to the torture that it was to build.

  67. Elijah Wills

    Woohoo! Lego Saturn V launch tower. wish i had it

  68. Christopher Rill

    I think the Saturn V was voted #1 out of all Lego sets.

  69. Steve Perry

    Lego need to get their act together and offer the tower with and without the Saturn 5 !

  70. Samar Vora

    “Ah, Guenther Wendt! I vonder vhere Guenther vent.”

  71. Michael P

    I never agreed with Lego’s decision, although I understand their logic. I ended up purchasing the plans, and I have about 85% of the LUT parts. BTW the aftermarket price, through Bricklink, for the genuine Lego parts version is prohibitive; this is not a model for everyone.

  72. John T

    I concur with your build experience. It got so bad (and I’m someone that owns almost every Architecture set) that I dismantled it and it’s now in a box in my garage awaiting disposal. Don’t buy from Vonado.

  73. WinterHell

    It’s jarring when the video doesn’t cut out immediately after the “fly safe” tag line. It’s strangely disconcerting LOL.

  74. E Tallguy

    I wonder where Günter Wendt 😂

  75. eliya sne

    I love the fact your content is so diversified, from worm hole rendering techniques, to airothermodinamics, basic computer science, nuclear power history, rocket Lego sets and of course KSP.
    Most people would say you have something for everyone, but i would say you have everything for someone.

  76. Eric Lotze

    10:04 Now i want a desk setup overview…

  77. SRFriso94

    And now you’re gonna get a bunch of questions about that Falcon Heavy Mars poster.

  78. Wargon

    There is a famous German channel that is all about bricks.
    There are some high quality fake Lego manufacturers out there and Lego also has color inconsistencies sometimes.
    And don’t get me started on the prices and sets that don’t work without a smart phone…

  79. Bob Blum

    “Some assembly required.” And reassembly, and glue, and sanding, and reinforcing… And lots and lots of time. Oh, and patience. 😉

  80. FunBotan

    It wasn’t “almost 2000 pieces”, it was _exactly 1969 pieces!_

  81. ReinhardB100

    I scoff at people who say that LEGO is for kids only.

  82. aristhought //

    Love the lego! Wish I could afford a ton more space lego to build during the pandemic.

  83. ShadowZone

    Thanks for the warning about the “not Lego” tower. I am definitely NOT getting it for my Saturn V :D

  84. Caroline Tyler RC

    Lego real or fake still hurts just as bad when you step on it!

  85. Matthew Brost

    When I was a wee lad I always wondered why Lego sets were so expensive. Now as an adult with a full understanding of the engineering and manufacturing process. I’m now amazed at the precision and quality of Lego bricks and sets. You definitely get what you pay for.

  86. Carter H

    I’ve never clicked so fast😂

  87. Tyler Klatt

    I want to get one of them but there so expensive:(

  88. Marceline Nolan

    Definitely worth clarifying that Valerie doesn’t approve of the clone sets as they never asked for any permission to do so.

    This is also the reason we never released instructions for any of our later designs

  89. Kaiser Indrasil

    Vonado used to steal instructions from the original creators and they sell bootleg lego-like bricks. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  90. Steve Pearo

    I built my Saturn V with my son when he was 4. We thought it neat because they were practically the same height. Now we use it as a benchmark to show him his growth. He’s 5 now and 1.1 Saturn V’s tall!

  91. Dion Bottcher

    The lego Saturn 5 set is re released

  92. Eric Lotze

    8:50 DEFINETLY always support original creators, even if you have to buy a clone. Don’t let OS projects dissapear into to the Alibaba Void

  93. AlmightyArjen

    As a Lego Youtuber and Scott Manley fan, I totally aprove this, except for THE FAKE LEGO (I know it’s a 3rd party product) ;) It’s a pitty that you’ve encountered all those problems during the building process. This is why I stick with original Lego only, which can be expensive with structures of this size. But very cool that you got also the tower!

  94. Simon Paul

    The Saturn V is officially being re-released as set number 92176. It’s otherwise identical to the previous set number.

    Amazon has actually already sold some under the old set number product page.

  95. Shadowgolem

    I’ve always wondered why LEGO can’t just have this sort of project available for order. The whole factory is automated. Why not let folks order an ideas kit in a plain box with no special instructions beyond what gets posted on ideas site? I can think of a pile of them I would get. If the get enough orders they can make a proper kit out of it. They can even have a Month delay on the turn around time. Still easier than a month of work and uncertainty on brick link.

  96. Simon Paul

    Scott you should join our Facebook group “Bricks in Space”, Valerie and a ton of us other space Lego designers are in there.

  97. Jason Wemyss

    I have built the tower using real lego, via bricklink it ended up costing about $700 to buy all the pieces as some are super rare. Maybe I should have got the fake lego one…

  98. RedPandaGaming

    Summary: This was hard as hell to build and not recommended.

  99. Jordan Macdonald

    Scott, could you do a whole historical video on the launch tower? It sounds like it would be fascinating. I’ve seen many on the Saturn V, and even a couple on the crawler, but none about the tower specifically.

  100. David Sheldon

    it was actually 1969 pieces :)

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