The CIA’s Secret Corona Spy Satellite Program

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On August 19th 1960 the CIA recovered the first images from a Spy Satellite as part of its secret Corona program. The Corona satellite flew from 1960 to 1972, providing important intelligence on the Soviet Union and other potential adversaries. The technology of the time forced the use of photographic film which would have to be recovered using a reentry capsule and a capture aircraft.

The program was declassified in the 1990’s along with all the images, however the reports made from those images continue to be secret.

Lots more about the program is available in the CIA’s archives:

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    Don’t forget Hubble was made from spare parts from the KH program.

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    Dang, Scott, the title of this video made me think you joined the conspiracy theorists 🙈 I should have known better.

  7. Noe Carrier

    Hey, does anyone know anything much about the B-58’s Powered Disposable Bomb Pod that was under development and which used the XLR81 motor prior to it being modified for use on Agenas? It seems to have been some kind of ALBM, obviously, but the few sources I’ve found say they would have been armed with “many” and that doesn’t chime with ballistic missile weights of the period, even without a first stage. Maybe that was why they cancelled it — couldn’t make it small or light enough to be worth it. That being said, the B-58 only carried one or a small number of bombs.

    I’d be really interested to hear if anyone else has more info than I’ve been able to dig up briefly poking around the internet. That would have been a terrifying mission, adding to the already suicidally dangerous low altitude toss bombing escapade — here, carry this giant tube of extremely dangerous chemicals to this launch point way up high and at maximum velocity in your giant shiny bomber and then air start it, would you? By the way, I hope you’ve got your zoom climb quals in order.

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    There are about 13 Hubble level satellites in space right now, and only 1 of them is pointing at the space!

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    I think the two primary mirrors that were donated to NASA were supposedly not KH-11 related, but the leftovers from the failed Boeing program that was started in the 2000’s to replace the KH-11. The program sputtered so they put two more KH-11s up with improvements.

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    I wonder whether historians will tell similar stories about the intelligence that Russia and China are gathering these days and whether it will be similarly embarrassing.

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    Great vid, Scott. Back in the day – ’96 to be exact – when I first connected to the internet (using a browser called Super Mosaic and penny-a-minute dial-up!) the first thing I searched for was “satellite” and Corona was the best hit – amazing to see photographs from space taken in, I think, 1961 showing individual cars in the Pentagon carpark

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    Ok, so I feel a bit like a fool. I’ve always known that the hubble was the same hardware as spy satellites. Is that the same as Kepler or any of the other satellites?

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    I also remember that these also had a “salt plug”, which ensured that if it landed in the ocean it would sink after a certain amount of time – Allowing recovery efforts BUT preventing unauthorized folks from finding the return bucket / film package.

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    Scott, be honest, is this just an experiment? Throwing some keywords at the Youtube algorithm to confuse certain people searching for the “truth” and thus getting more views on your video? OMG, I just realised this is also a conspiracy theory. What is happening? What have you done?

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    Project Horizon, a 1950’s plan for a military base on the moon. Sweet.

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    Have you seen the DARPA ACE (Air Combat Evolution) AI program that went 5-0 against an instructor? Might be an interesting thing to look at given your ai Kerbal fighters tournament.

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    the orbital Fotomat with guys living aboard – that’s just the coolest thing I’ve heard this week. That would be a hellova job to have.

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    I’m surprised the CIA did some actual spying themselves.

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    I think we all know Scott did this ‘slightly’ on purpose 😝

    Another great video though!

  42. Joris Geertman

    Bluedog Design Bureau has a whole suite of very high fidelity parts to recreate various Keyhole satellites in KSP, including the Agena and Thor variants they launched on. Really missed opportunity to showcase them here!

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    The subtitles turned “U-2 aircraft” into “YouTube aircraft”

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  45. triibuste von kass

    Soviet Luna 3 took photos of Far side of Luna using US made unused photographic film, recovered from US spy satellites or spy balloons. Soviets didn’t have photographic film technology for extreme environments by then.
    Vladimir Surdin actually told that in his lectures in Moscow University.
    He was,
    as a student of Moscow University, a apprentice of the people who built Luna-3.

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    I love cold war space tech, it’s so incredibly ingenious

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    The program NOVA on PBS had an episode about the corona program. It was quite a feat of engineering for it’s day. Eisenhower was apparently nervous (See U2, Francis Gary Powers) about being the first in space and wanted the Soviets to make the first move and set precedent. After that space was a free zone where you could spy on your adversary and not get shot down. Eisenhower was more interested in spying on the Soviets than being first in space.

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    “The bucket that CIA used to bring Corona back from space”
    Didn’t Corona originate in China?

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    Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio has both Gambit and Hexagon satellites on display.

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    I and placed in a museum… forever.

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    Look up a documentary called “to catch a falling star” .

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    Corona satellites: “Well yes but actually no”

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    Here in Arizona, between Phoenix and Tucson is Casa Grande, where you can still find huge concrete maltese crosses set into the ground at regular intervals that were used to calibrate the cameras on Corona satellites. Many of the crosses are gone now but if you know where to look, some remain.

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    the space program has been had in hand with the spy’s and the history is amazing, i relay hope you cover more!

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    Reality: Education

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    U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio has some of these on display.

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    This proves it. I knew Sasquatch wasn’t lying when he told me so.

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    Read “Insisting on the Impossible” a biography of Edwin Land, one of the greatest innovators second in patents only to Thomas Edison. He led the project that designed and built the Corona cameras. He also invented ‘instant photography’ for Polaroid after his daughter asked him one day why she can’t see the picture he just took of her. A great inventor.

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    I have worked with many of the former Perkin Elmer engineers that worked corona and Hubble. They were bought out by ASML and now work on EUV lithography. They are still the best of the best.
    Instead of capturing the smallest images they now project them to the accuracy of one atom.

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    The Aral sea back when it was still pretty big!

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    TLDR for conspiracy theorists that only came here for the title: “The CIA brought corona back from space in a bucket” (10:27)

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    My grandpa worked on this! He was the Kodak VP, Head of film. When it was declassified my gramps got to keep some of the photo negatives


    There is a small museum on Vandenberg AFB that houses some pictures of the crew that packaged the spy satellite onto the rocket that launched it. The person who runs that museum told us that some guy walked into his museum and recognized the picture and he was confused because he ‘never worked on project corona’ and ‘never met anyone from the CIA’. The guy who runs the museum told him ‘yes you did, you just didn’t know it’

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