Stunning Views of Rocketlab and SpaceX Launches

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In the last month there have been a few rocket launches which provided some unique visuals which I want to show off – Rocketlab’s ‘Return to Sender’ mission carried a garden Gnome into orbit and subsequently recovered the booster under parachute.
The 30th Space Wing released a fantastic recording of SpaceX’s launch of Sentinel 6, a continuous tracking shot of the booster launch, separation and landing. I matched this footage up with other footage from the live stream and inferred telemetry data from to give a complete look at descent and landing.
I also made a full length version with music here:

  1. Doc Will

    Love the play-by-play slow-mo detail of stage-separation. Good job…

  2. Elwin de Witte

    Wow, seeing that F9 booster genuinely flying through the atmosphere was incredibly stunning! Thanks to whoever did the tracking shot, that must’ve been quite hard!

  3. Zach Manburg

    Thank you so much for everything that you do.

  4. Dori Ownbey

    Great video! I love external shots of the boosters coming down.

  5. Андрей Метасов

    Wow, that footage of falcon 9 was just incredible, I didn’t even know that it was filmed so good during this launch

  6. kelly

    Sure did enjoy that!!! Brings me back to all the apollo stuff when I was a kid. THANKS!

  7. Sid Vicious

    3:47 whats written in handwriting on the inside surface? bottom left

  8. Mr Mullett

    Thank you Scott .. my wife totally loves it when I play your videos, apparently you have the sexiest voice .. makes Sunday morning in NZ so much more interesting ;)

  9. JohnyG29

    He went where gnome man has gone before.

  10. Flowride TV

    great content as always…the fact that you have over 1M subs gives me hope :) keep up the good work!

  11. MOLE

    That impressed me
    Love the noise too

  12. Ray Mobula

    Oh, thank metallic clink at 11:36 is amazing.

  13. rsanjur

    damn, the F9 tracking video of the ascend and reentry is gorgeous. Kudos to the Space Force.

  14. Taylor DeCastro

    Mr. Manley, I know you hear this all the time, but thank you. Your excitement and passion fuel others wonderment of space.

  15. spwicks1980

    Love it! Great HL2 easter egg :D

  16. RC Hobbyist Extreme

    watching the payload engines ignite was so awesome! Technology of filming these events just keeps getting better and better!

  17. Ekiskalibur Nirvana

    What goes up comes down. Earth has a solid dome there nothing can pass through it.

  18. Inevitable Crafts Lab

    04:59 you can see the 360° camera in the reflexion

  19. SüdAntares Cosmonautics

    Hell that second stage staging and engine ignition was epic!

  20. Tony Jackson

    I would like to see footage from within Dragon on the launch, much like we have from the shuttle launches.

  21. Laurie Dooker

    How told me that there was no sounds in space.

  22. odessa muana

    0:39 Gnome Chompski from Left 4 Dead 2?!?!?

  23. Morgan Sinclair

    Gods, that stage separation. My smile muscles haven’t worked that hard in far and far too long! Absolutely awesome!

  24. KaStas26


  25. t K

    I’ve watched that stage separation probably 50 times now lol.

  26. Maeyanie

    Yeah, these _are_ pretty stunning. One of my favourites though is still the SpaceX fairing cam footage, which you showed a while back.

  27. 4thImpulse

    This was an incredibly awesome use of 11 minutes. Thank you.

  28. John

    Yes, I enjoyed that “visual treat”. Thank you Scott.

  29. Firefoxfifty

    I carried that gnome through left for dead 2 for an achievement too!!

  30. nobody important

    “It’s always great to see the rocket changing the environment like this”

    **Greta Thunberg has left the chat**

  31. Andrew Vieira

    love the editing skills here. thank you for making and sharing this =)

  32. Luke Petrowski

    i can’t wrap my head around how the camera on the electron first stage picks up the sound in space. like that blows my mind

  33. Maddo

    That noise at first stage separation is something I never knew I needed to hear, But now its all I want to hear on every launch

  34. Andrew Foss

    10:39: I’ll be in my bunk.

  35. Daniel

    5:00 Parts held together by duck tape? Jeb’s getting too many contracts…

  36. Rocketeer

    There’s also the Minecraft “Return to sender “ achievement hidden in the mission name

  37. ReinhardB100

    Ahhhh…back to my regular dose of “Grown men stare at rocket plumes”. Neat!

  38. Mifodiy35

    3:36 The best rocket porn of 2020 !!!

  39. UV_Lightning

    I’m about four hours from the Bay Area, I didn’t know you lived in California.

  40. Victoria Williams

    This was awesome! I love watching SpaceX reentry and landing. Thank-you!

  41. Secret Name

    Thanks Scott, amazing work!

  42. Rens Bakker

    4:12 what’s happening to the aluminum plates? You can see them flexing. Like they get pressurized or something.

  43. Kermit the Mutant Levitat

    That stage separation was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

  44. Makar Lock

    6:30 From what I understand about pintles, oxidizer rich and fuel rich zones, and those carry slightly different temperature and chemical gradients.

  45. ilmarinen79

    Heroic footage on the F9 landing! It deserves some kind of a prize! Wow!

  46. Zerg

    3:39 – Duct tape hard at work once again, and it’s the reflective sort, very exotic and space age.

  47. FZ

    Amazing footage, thank you! One of the most impressive I’ve ever seen of this kind!

  48. ut000bs

    That launch in 4k there at the end was stunning. Thank you, Scott.

  49. Rory Shields

    Don’t forget the Elvis reference in “return to sender”

  50. Eduardo Maciel

    3:45 vs 3:51 look at the soot from the second stage ignition blasting and covering it all

  51. Chris Musix

    We’ve all inhaled vaporized, re-entered rocket bits at this point.

  52. Cocoalbu

    Been with ya for 7 years, keep it up Scott!

  53. Skyett

    8:10 the first time I saw that I couldnt believe it!

  54. Don Jones

    And I remember when it was a big deal we got to see some grainy slow-frame-rate footage of John Glenn in a Mercury capsule. (Think it was him, or some other Mercury flight.)

  55. Doping1234

    The condensation event is beautiful!

  56. Michiel Stikkel

    “I chose my family over the rocket launch, which turned out to be the wrong choice” hahaha

  57. Google Sponsor

    6:00 Looks like some wires melted or something in the top right of the image when the rocket engine lit.

  58. PhysicsPolice

    10:45 begin playing the song Baltar’s Dream here

  59. vk6uu

    I live in Perth Australia. In the 1960’s I would look for Radio America on my parents SW radio in the hope of hearing the launch or any information about the latest NASA launch.
    Now I watch it live in colour and high definition. We live in amazing times. Well done Scott on your efforts, most appreciated in Perth Australia.

  60. eFeXuy

    8:05 “I can see my house from here!”

  61. Scott Kent

    Love that you can see the camera in the reflection on the rocket nozzle.

    Maybe the Kodak PixPro?

  62. David Messer

    Thanks Scott!
    I like that you appreciate the beauty of space flight. A lot of engineers only care about the nuts and bolts.

  63. Xavi Ondoño

    “We need to stop pumping CO2 into the atmosphere for stupid reasons”
    Also me:
    “That Gnome Chomsky joke was epic”

  64. Zoltan Peter

    I saw the comment saying “Scott Manley will make a video about it” under the Electron staging vid and I knew it was gonna be true :D

  65. Medical Cannabis

    Hello from Scotland, it`s cold here.

  66. Anthony Rodemus

    So many flat Earthers / space deniers having convulsions right now…

  67. RC-1290

    1:12 The music by Jonathan Coulton is in Portal. The Rocket launch in HL2 Ep2 does not have music.

  68. Hendrik

    Man, this stage separation is so cool.

  69. Ross Betts

    Easily the best footage I’ve seen in 40yrs of watching us go to space.

  70. ShoeDoctor

    im waiting for the go pro ads to come out saying “guess which camera was on THAT rocket”

  71. Zahidul Hasan

    9:58 The grid finn action was amazing.

  72. little philo

    I Love watching the falcon 9 booster coming in !!!

  73. Walber José

    3:45 The closest you will get from be in an hyperspace

  74. quantumac

    Scott, keep doing these videos and they might leave a message for you in the fairing. Would be cool!

  75. LegendaryFruitLoop

    My favorite part of that F9 launch was Jessie finally getting to hear the sonic booms in person. She cried lol

  76. Nic

    3:45 Okay…that was insanely cool!

  77. Dieter MacPherson

    We need more flame trench!

  78. Zanthum

    3:47 that was a lot of soot very fast

  79. S Desmier

    “In space, no one can hear you scream”. But they can hear you burn. Nice.

  80. Doug InOrlando

    I’m expecting this video to inspire attempts at realism in Sci Fi movies.

  81. Bob Roberts

    3:25 So it is true that if you hold a rocket to your ear you can hear the ocean.

  82. Bschill

    Holy crap, I hadn’t seen that view of Falcon 9 doing it’s entry and landing burn from the ground. That was crazy cool. Gives a much better representation of how it flies to avoid and target the landing zone.

  83. The Capacitor

    _”I couldn’t even be down there because of, you know, family commitments up here. And it turned out that was totally the wrong call because the visibility was stunning.”_ 🤣

  84. Samuel Hancock

    Rocket Lab may not be as flashy as some of the bigger kids on the block, but they sure know how to put on a show when it’s their turn to shine.

  85. Ry Bread

    You’ve been GNOMED!

  86. Jan1270

    The Launch confirmed Half Life 3

  87. Tony MacDonald

    Thank you Scott, Nice to see some quality footage of the SpaceX flights because NASA made a proper mess of things. And the detailed walk through of the Electron launch was cool.

  88. Linus Fap Tips

    I kind of wish the rocket crashed, and then in the corner it just says:
    *”Achievment unlocked: Lift Off”* (0:13)

  89. Astronacademy

    I wish all rocket launches got achievements like that

  90. Sebastian Radakovits

    “Return to sender” is also a Minecraft achievement.

  91. Adik

    “Gnome Alone
    If you are reading this achievement, Gabe Newell has successfully launched Gnome Chompski into space. If you did not also receive the achievement ‘Manufacturing Ascent’, Newell has abandoned his plans to shoot Noam Chomsky into space.” – achievement from Half-Life: Alyx (and probably other H-L games)

  92. Omaar Poiriez

    Rocket Lab deserves more attention in my opinion. What they achieve with the budget they have is incredible.

  93. Xbolt

    The sound during the Electron stage separation is the most amazing thing ever.

  94. Mandanara

    I love this. that electron separation is a work of art.

  95. Parax77

    3:46 I Love how fast everything turns from clean and shiny to soot..

  96. InventorZahran

    “…Gaming headsets in their mission control.”

    What’s next? Using KSP for their concept animations?

  97. Jacob Nusbaum

    That footage where the booster is flying horizontally is amazing!

  98. Simon Geard

    FYI, the fundraising effort on the Electron launch was, fittingly, for the Starship children’s hospital in Auckland.

  99. Lucid Nonsense

    On behalf of parents, with kids who need the Starship Hospital in Auckland, NZ: thank you space fans. <3

  100. daveduna

    That’s probably the best footage of a F9 landing I’ve ever seen.

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