Starship Performs First Engine Test Fires & Tom Cruise’s Movie In Space – Deep Space Updates

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There’s been a flurry of small stories this week, and I’ve been especially busy, so I’m rolling these into one big video. Firstly SpaceX finally test fired a Raptor engine on their SN4 Starship prototype down in Boca Chica. The engine was fired twice over 2 nights and now has been removed from the test article presumably for a detailed examination in advance of a longer fire and eventual flight.
There’s the story of baby XÆA-12….
And Tom Cruise’s plan to shoot a movie on location on the Space Station, which is now possible thanks to NASA’s change in policy about private use of the space station.
Finally an update on China’s spacecraft test, the inflatable heat shield failed landing but the main capsule spent 3 days in space and performed a successful reentry and landing.

As usualy many many thanks to
Everyday Astronaut
for shooting the all important Starship test footage footage.

  1. I TF· ·FR ME· ·R ATE TenF

    Scott, would you care to comment on the physics and practicality of the recent revolving-shock rocket engine?

  2. Martin S

    Well they were gonna test the capsule and sent someone to space anyways, so it’s not a cost for them

  3. Les Chortos

    Scott good show as always unbiased and covers all space endeavors fairly and equally. Not like some bias 3 Muskatee club. Fanboy channels….

  4. Andy Compton

    Yet another great video, thanks for sharing.

  5. Mo Herbert

    Tom Cruise will need his hairdresser, makeup, tailor, publicist, agent, and don’t forget personal chef.

  6. Crookedfoot


  7. TheManLab7

    SR-71 is such a cool name!!

  8. Aleksandr Podyachev

    How do you optimize for the lowest g load

  9. Mike Simpson

    If I were Tom Cruise, I would totally try to star in a movie filmed in space, just so I’d get a chance to go to space. Prior to that I’d also try to star in a movie filmed (in large part) in the cockpit of airborne fighter jets.

  10. Samar Vora

    Remember on top gear they after someone who called their child Kia, were given a Kia, they joked about calling their kids something like ‘Pagani Zonda R with the optional ceramic brake package’…
    Now there’s a child called ‘A12’.

  11. Unilockco Smith

    We need to make sure that Bigalow space is used for the gateway.
    He has a flight proven module mounted on the space stationand it
    has been there for well over a year.

  12. Beliefish

    i expected that the moment i saw trailer for Top Gun 2…

  13. Julian Wells

    That’s all tank. Is it twice as tall when you add crew/cargo/passenger compartment?

  14. Billy Grahammer

    I am looking forward to the 27th May, and hope all goes well.

  15. Peeftribos

    Scott, when we will know about what happened (for dummies version) to the failed Merlin engine in the starlink mission?

  16. Kineth1

    I must say, I appreciate very much that in your segments where the only image or video available is in a vertical aspect ratio, that you don’t do the obnoxious “split the video out of focus in the rest of the frame”, and that you simply leave the excess frame black.
    I find the need to fill the whole frame when presented with a vertical video to be quite distracting, and it generally reduces my ability to enjoy/process the subject video.

  17. Shaylee Bell

    i see 8 landing legs on this one

  18. Darkstar

    I’m wondering whether Skye is a firstname after the island or the other way round.

  19. David Messer

    I predicted three years ago that they would soon film a movie in space. With the costs of movies, the cost isn’t horribly out of line.
    I was guessing that they would contract with Bigelow to launch a “soundstage” into orbit, but Bigelow is much slower to get their space stations launched than I thought.

  20. Mike

    Please Scott, see if you can hang with the lads on Our Ludicrous Future :)

  21. Paul Swales

    Happy for you to fill in the information (as no one else holds my attention), while others provide the videos. Keep them coming Scott.

  22. Boris Bacinski

    4:23 😂😂

  23. Nolan Friedline

    Thanks for the updates, you are the only space news channel I actually like to watch!

  24. Michael Cnudde

    “Failed to be successful.” Yup.

  25. Yahmez

    Of course the it would be the Scientologists “leading the charge”.. 🙄

  26. Roger Wilco

    I just noticed you broke 1M subscribers. Congratulations!

  27. Death Valley Dazed

    Space is the best – thanks for this timely update!

  28. Kaltonian

    Brilliant update, thank you for your time

  29. Drew Stevenson

    3D printed Apollo 13 fix would have killed them all given how long it takes to print not to mention the energy uses.

  30. Imre Kruit

    Tim Scott the everyday astronauts when?

  31. elementree81

    THANK YOU !! Scott Manley

  32. Karl Themel

    ? Nice picture. Thank you for your informative videos. Space X, Hyperloop Transportation Technology, the nature preserves, and the various universities and research establishments are the important features of California, the other organizations are secondary.

  33. MrMegaPussyPlayer

    8:09 … x to doubt … power was also low.

  34. Bill Milosz

    “Speculating in a vacuum…” – kind of what a space channel is all about, yes?

  35. Ceres Fast

    That’s labpadre

  36. Allistair Neil

    8:00 If they had 3d printed the adapted air filter the astronauts on board would have died from oxygen starvation by the time it’s finished!

  37. Beaker Rush

    3D printing… One of my top series is the Bobiverse. “We are Legion, We are Bob” by Dennis E. Taylor

  38. Cameron Williams

    Should have called the baby: DaDdYisSueS, after the mother.

  39. Shaun Butterley

    What I would give to see Scott and Tim Dodd together just geeking out on everything space!

    That would be one of the best YT videos of *all* time!

  40. Tyson of the Northwest

    Awww, nobody counts “Apogee of Fear” by Lord British himself, Richard Garriott.

  41. stickemuppunk itsthefunlo

    Hopefully the rocket will explode with tom cruise on board.

  42. Ed Minchau

    Am I the only one who looked at the image at 1:00 and thought “cubic octagonal strut”?

  43. Dustan Jones

    Best thing about 3D printing in LEO must be not having to deal with supports


    Chinese capsule kinda looks like a mandalorian helmet

  45. kickthedonky

    Rocket Lab is also back on the pad getting ready for F12! 🤙

  46. Storm Riordan

    3:10 you see a green flash just before ignition. Is raptor using TEA-TEB? I thought they were using torch igniters

  47. The Dying Duke

    Y’all excited about the Dragon launch in a couple weeks?

  48. SRoFIN

    My first car was a Ford Orion, so we just called it Orion, or Ori. It was the most magnificent beast this side of the galaxy.

  49. Mike Peterson

    Love the chef hats in that final photo!

  50. WanJae42

    Tom Cruise’s ego won’t fit in the spacecraft.

  51. snuffeldjuret

    I wonder if there are any Scientologists that are Flat Earthers as well.

  52. Ryan Caskey

    @0:37 is that microsoft edge??? And you gotta update your chrome :)

  53. Jan Stromback

    I know gravity can be a drag at our age, but Tom, live with it! ;) (we both turn 58 the coming autumn)

  54. Dark Guardian

    5:41 Tom Cruise is an extreme junky.

  55. SuperAWaC

    8:05 would they really have had time to wait the 12 hours it woulda taken to print, and taken the chance at it dropping steps halfway through scrapping the part? lmao

  56. Aditya Banka

    4:22 successful payload delivery

  57. Mathias T.W.P

    3:18 “speculating in a *vacuum*” 😏

  58. Tomáš Zummer

    I can imagine Tom Cruise is finally tired of running, so now he won’t have to run away from anyone on Earth, and in case there will be someone chasing him on the ISS he will just float away.

  59. Martin D A

    @4:47 ”SR -17” Ha Ha ha hahahahaha Ooops!

  60. Nathan K

    My son is also called Orion lol

  61. Matthew

    Scott when do you think space x will begin construction and testing of the super heavy booster?

  62. Tom Spettigue

    A ton! A ton of propellant in seconds!!!

  63. Ralph Ellis

    Love the small engine-groan on the audio, when the engine shuts down.
    It is called the Vulcan Howl.
    Check out the videos of the Vulcan bomber taking off or pulling ‘g’.
    Search for Vulcan Howl. Its an intake airflow resonance.

  64. FHM Consulting

    Tom is escaping via Tesla Roadster?

  65. RocKITEman _ 2001

    I named my daughter _”Athena”,_ after the song of the same name by *THE WHO.*

  66. Serge I

    Imagine an uptight Hollywood blowhard floating around, I wonder if the ISS crew get sick of Cruise and toss him out of the airlock.

  67. Un homme qui court.

    8:02 yes i can imagine that “ah shit we have no power to start the 3D printer” X)

  68. Wiltshire Man

    If Apollo 13 had a 3D printer, by the time they had printed the adapter for the CO2 scrubber they would have all died. Give me good old Duct tape anyday!!!!!

  69. Thomas Heberling

    Please no. That idiot doesn’t need his ego stroked even more.

  70. GroovyVideo2

    capsule was pretty toasted

  71. Nils Jakobson

    I predict that the idea of filming a movie in space will add new fuel to the flat earth theory that this is all fake and made in hollywood.

  72. jonharson

    Fudge packing in SPAAAAAAACE

  73. wheeln 24/7

    Now imagine the film crew needing to film in a spot that a real crew member has work to do, who gets priority?

  74. Mike Cross

    The A-12 had a name, Oxcart.

  75. 1d10talert

    “…and fix their scripts.” LOL

  76. Jamie C

    But Tom Cruise is a Scientologist… lol
    Probably just wants to meet his space overlord over filming

  77. Ken Leach

    Appreciate the update and love space talk, the future is here finally x

  78. Poop Shoot

    Back in my day we had to rely on spacex to get us to and from space. I cant wait to be able to say this.

  79. Prakhar Mishra

    I’m afraid the next movie will be dedicated to Tom cruise

  80. Sir Percival

    Xenu will be his “Co Pilot” …… HA! HA!! HA!!

  81. CrimsonTemplar2

    Don’t forget the short film Richard Garriott filmed on the ISS.

  82. Doug M

    Tom Cruise going to the ISS to establish the first low G retirement village.

  83. Deadly_M

    9:31 Its an R5-D4 Astromech droid!

  84. Dark Guardian

    4:11 Where does he find the time… 🤣
    Luckily, it wasn’t Amber Heard… Congrats!

  85. Johnny Steen

    Petition to name the movie “Topper Gun”.

  86. wildfood

    “Speculating in a vacuum”, now that’s a memorable phrase :)

  87. Zuckerkome

    The Chinese are preparing for an Eve landing I see

  88. Neo Morph

    They should have talked to Kerbals about the inflatable heat shield flipping the craft over. Jeb has had many “incidents” with this equipment. 😂

  89. Leon Pozo

    Well when you’re crazy rich you can name your kid anything and they will be fine in life lol.

  90. hellcat1988

    Launching a scientologist into space? He must be creaming his crazy pants.

  91. Ignorance

    I have suspicions that Tom Cruise filming at the space station is a ruse for Cruise to skydive to the surface in some spectacular fashion.

  92. heatshield

    That capsule came back with a sweet new flame paint-job.

  93. William Wilson

    “The skirt comes all the way down and covers the nozzles.” You have to leave something to the imagination.

  94. Douglas Antonov

    Good, now we will have a scientologist in space to prove how scientific is our mind

  95. Garret Hunter

    Going to be hard to make an exciting movie about an Apollo 13 situation where the astronauts stare at a 3D printer for 12 hours while it finishes up the print….

  96. Zoltán Pósfai

    Studio: Hey, Tom! Any ideas for your next film?
    Tom: I want to fly in space!
    Studio: Yeah, sure. But do you have any ideas, scripts?
    Tom: I want to fly in space! Make it happen!
    Studion: Ah. Ok. We will upload the story and script when you get there.

  97. diGritz1

    LMAO! “Can you imagine how different Apollo 13 would have been”. O2 stores gone in 3 hours, print finished in 12. Filament needed 10 pounds, filament brought 10 grams.
    “NASA we got 1 or 2 more problems here”.
    Thanks for that. In all seriousness I needed a good laugh today and that was it.

  98. Andrew Hawkins

    When you speculate in a vacuum, do you need a nozzle extension?

  99. Blue Mountain

    There’s a very big difference between calling your child ‘Orion’ and calling them ‘X AE A-12’.

  100. Simon Hombecq

    Tom’s Cruise: A Tom Cruise’s Movie

    Edit: with Tom Cruise.

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