SpaceX’s ‘Wet’ Fleet Gives Up On Catching Falling Fairings

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SpaceX has dismantled the massive nets on Ms Tree and Ms Chief which were used for catching fairings falling from space, but, they still have a large fleet of ships used for ocean recovery operations so this seems like a perfect opportunity to talk about this:

More info on SpaceX’s Ships

Cool people who have shared photos of the SpaceX Fleet

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  1. Amon San

    10:45 for a secound there i thought you would talk about the seagulls living on the droneship ;-)

  2. Quasar_24

    It didn’t initially click with me that they used a parachute and I thought they were catching these things at terminal velocity.

  3. Honolulu Boy

    I love watching your episodes, always make me laugh and very informative!

  4. Łukasz Czubek

    I did not realize the names of those barges. These names resemble the names of the Jeraptha ships in the Expeditionary Forces series. for example the heavy cruiser Come Over Here and Say That Again, or the stealth frigate It Was Like That When We Got Here.
    I recommend the Expeditionary Forces series by Craig Alanson.

  5. PeterK6502

    I see a book in the background named: “Numerical recipes in C”, I know that book, I have used it 20 years ago.

  6. Ant Wat

    Hey Scott love that T-Shirt – where did you get it!

  7. Zoltan Peter

    “of course I still love you” is definitely the best name ever given to a ship.

  8. jim nolan

    This seems a very wavy hand episode,

  9. Robert Bowman

    Love the T-shirt!

  10. Matt Cooper

    Not sure if this has been mentioned already, Scott, but what about the Boston Dynamics-built super dogs that scout through debris/wreckage? I’d love to get some info on these (brave!) little robots!

  11. Marcel Verheijden

    Love your wibbly wobbly timy wimy shirt, in my humble opinion it is one of the best episodes..

  12. Ray Sutton

    Nice tee Shirt!, Gallifrey imports?

  13. Mark Reynolds

    Ian M. Banks is the business. The Culture ship names are epically outstanding. I wonder if you could get “Mistake Not My Current State of Joshing Gentle Peevishness For The Awesome And Terrible Majesty Of The Towering Seas Of Ire That Are Themselves The Milquetoast Shallows Fringing My Vast Oceans Of Wrath” on a barge bow? (The Hydrogen Sonata, which I heartily recommend).

  14. 0 0

    All Tugs are special in my heart ❤️

  15. FectacularSpail

    I can’t even express how much I love that shirt.

  16. John Smith

    Fair winds and following seas, Ms. Chief and Ms. Tree.

  17. PsychoLucario

    should give a call to amazon, I’m sure bezos has a giant amazon delivery drone they could borrow to try and grab these things from the ocean

  18. Juan Martin

    There was speculation a while ago that A shortfall of gravitas was a new design (at the time it was still thought that it would be built for Starship). I’m sad to hear that there probably won’t be a new barge design, although surely Deimos and Phobos will be quite interesting.

  19. Paul Murray

    It’s amazing it was easier to completely dismantle the drone ship sides to go through the canal than to go around cape horn! Maybe the weather there is the limiting factor.

  20. mnrobards

    Great Video… Thanks for covering the ships. Need a video on the ‘

  21. Alex Ooi

    Hearing “Comprickly” made me chuckle a littel….see what I did there?

  22. Wayne Coutts

    That vessel is called a walk to work vessel, it was pioneered in Norway / UK gas pipelines. The crane you see has a walkway on the crane arms. It is designed the hold a stationary position whilst the vessel moves up and down underneath the crane and work platform, it is a very special crane for allowing workers to access non manned ocean platforms.

  23. Skorj Olafsen

    Richard Garriott holds a unique distinction as the only man to have been fired while in orbit.

  24. WillieRants

    Thank you so much for covering all these ships, but most particularly octagrabber. I’ve been curious about these for some time.

  25. jackimo22

    Always felt like they missed the opportunity to name one of the ships ‘Ms Isle’

  26. Jason Etter

    Hey Scott, Do they recover the parafoils or just leave them to sink in the ocean🤔

  27. hero314

    Always a treat!

  28. Adallace

    The Culture is one of the best sci-fi series.

  29. Daniel Monge

    “For every great booster, there is a great octograbber securing them.” – Source: It is known.

  30. Long Peter

    I still want to see a ship named “Falling outside the normal moral constraints”. Maybe more Jeff Bezos’ style, though.

  31. SlowDancingWithAMongoose

    Had to pause at 2:19
    I Have the same Shirt!!! In the same worn shape from wearing it so much. Let me guess, Ocean City Boardwalk? Lol

  32. D Ronillon

    Great T-Shirt!

  33. Homura Akemi of Koumakan

    Wait, I just misheard Lauren Foss as Lauren Faust.
    Well, after Elon self-identified as catgirl Kagerou Imaizumi, who is actually a wolfgirl from Touhou Project, I was nearly sure that he went deeper, and was about to name one of the recovery ships in the honor of the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and pretend to conquer not only the Moon and Mars, but also Equestria.

  34. Bill Milosz

    I love the Iain M. Banks Culture series of books. Sad there won’t be more. I named my first smartphone – an HP iPaq- Skaffen Amtiskaw.

  35. yv6eda

    Great info Scott! Thanks.

  36. Ouaha Ahmed

    Amazing video as usual…

  37. OneCupOfCoffee204

    Of all the “SpaceX, Space Junky YouTube providers” this is the best.

  38. That Guy

    “Just Read the Instructions had to go through the Panama Canal but it’s actually too wide”
    Oh boy, here we go again…

  39. Art Dodger

    Anyone know how I can get work in the space X navy ? I’m a master 5 skipper & MED 2 engineer !!!

  40. Kevin Street

    This is a really great video! Thank you for making it.

    I had no idea SpaceX had such a large fleet. Phobos and Deimos are the big, attention getting new additions, but it’s the drone barges, support ships and fairing recovery ships (along with the tugs) that make reusability more than just a word. It was really interesting to learn about them here. And what the heck is an Octagrabber? They grab onto the booster and secure it for transport? Very cool!

  41. Robert Schlesinger

    Interesting and worthwhile video.

  42. Paul Comeau

    love the use of Banks’ ship names, but also a fan of his books.

  43. EJ Ambulo

    Love the Doctor Who shirt! Geronimo!!

  44. Sebastian Wlodarczyk

    Wow, that shot with fairing separation and a stage blasting off with the payload was absolutely gorgeous!

  45. South Shore Adventures

    Please direct me to where you got that shirt. Thank you.

  46. Jason Plant

    Mister Scott Manley, I just returned from the Houston space center.
    It was AWESOME!!.
    I REALLY liked rocket park.
    The redstone was my favorite part.
    And I did touch the saturn.
    It’s very big.
    The falcon 9 was all burned up from numerous reentry missions.
    It stopped me heart.
    The f1 was amazing.

  47. MrJoCCe78

    Was so nice to meet you activ yesterday at Yuri’s night🖖

  48. David Gould

    Great T shirt. Blink was June 2007 – nearly 14 years ago. I was staggered. And horrified at how old I’d got without noticing.

  49. J Coo

    Hi scott thank u for post

  50. Anderson Parra

    When he was about to talk about the octograbber, I thought he was gonna mention the seagulls on the droneship when the booster was loose

  51. John Valerian

    I’m curious how navigable the fairings are. I would be interested to know if they can get the halves to land reasonably close together.

  52. EvelynNdenial

    can’t wait for spacex to name a droneship “Mistake Not My Current State Of Joshing Gentle Peevishness For The Awesome And Terrible Majesty Of The Towering Seas Of Ire That Are Themselves The Mere Milquetoast Shallows Fringing My Vast Oceans Of Wrath”


    Love the shirt!

  54. Billy Bok

    0:41 “…and when I was at SpaceX’s factory…” Wait, what? Did I miss something here? When was Scott at SpaceX?

  55. Deltarious

    Perhaps a missed opportunity for “I’m Scott Manley, sail safe.”?

  56. Elliot Smith

    Thank you. How do the thrusters work on the drone ships? And how do the Octograbbers really work? Enqueuing minds want to know.

  57. mattcolver1

    Interesting how several launch vehicle companies have ocean vessels. 
    ULA has Space Ship previously called the Delta Mariner for shipping launch vehicle hardware to the launch sites. There was also Sea Launch which launched their rockets from out in the ocean and had their sea going launch platform and command ship.

  58. elzar760

    Maybe they should name one of their recovery barges “Still Under Construction”.

  59. Carsten Maul

    Hopefully one day we will say: You are Scott Manley. Fly Save. DM

  60. Masaharu Morimoto

    Great lil update on the fleet! Thanks Scott, I’m sooo busy I only have time to watch your videos and a few others, I appreciate your efforts to keep us abrest of what’s going on in the aerospace world, thanks again from Ottawa, Canada :)

  61. jp

    3:04 that’s a nice Sheila you got there, mate

  62. Christopher

    “For every great booster… ” this killed me! Thank you LOL

  63. Quazar501

    “There is nothing special about them.”
    *sad tug noises

  64. Java Man

    I thought the Octograbber was operated by crew members once they arrived on the drone ship.

  65. SpocksLesserKnown2ndCousi

    Fascinating 🖖🏼

  66. f3xpmartian

    All I can say is “Don’t Blink!” Weeping Angels are indeed about…..

  67. StealthCN

    At this point, I won’t be surprised they start to add giant fishing poles to recovery the fairing. Launch tower already gonna have arms.

  68. Guardsman Miku

    i swear to god if space x actually manage to outfit an oil rig with a massive booster grabber and actually pull of a successful landing on it i’ll eat my hat.
    The hell are they thinking


    0:14 The fish all around these boats thought these were the dumbest fishermen they had ever seen until one of them said HOLY CRAP! They just caught something from space!!! If they remember we are here we are screwed!

  70. Jä

    wtttt “my voice is” … so great

  71. Liquid Flames

    Thank you, Scott. I’ve been wanting someone to do a rundown on all the wet ships Space X uses. This was awesome.

  72. Rev_Logos

    One of those fairing recovery ships should be renamed “Miss Take”.

  73. agito289

    I really love your videos Scott, they’re so pleasant to watch :)

  74. GYrill

    Sad, but now there is more space for new nice things. 🤷‍♂️

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    Nice T-shirt :)

  76. Isaac Amante

    Great content! Keep the good work! I’m from Brazil!

  77. Mel Clifford

    What’s your favourite Culture ship name for use by SpaceX. I like the Anticipation of a New Lover’s Arrival, or maybe the Sleeper Service. But The Ends of Invention and of course the “Funny it Worked Last Time” would also be kinda cool.

  78. Artie M

    Made my nerd day, many thanks!

  79. Eben Waterman

    Instead of the Octograbbers they could use giant Silly String sprayers. Maybe both. :)

  80. strub

    Please don’t forget about the Men and Women of the US Coast Guard who are out securing the offshore range during every lunch regardless of weather and seas.

  81. Not Done

    Hey Scott if you got to the fairings before anybody else would maritime law allow you to claim them,Jack Sparrow needs to know,thanks

  82. Johnny Spacer

    The new ship looks like it maybe useful for offshore Starship operations, working with the platforms at sea.

  83. Regolith

    The thing I love the most about their drone ships is that a whole bunch of stuffy reporters and news anchors have had to repeatedly say “Of Course I Still Love You” on air 🤣🤣

  84. Jeffrey Dorfman

    “For every great booster, there is a great octograbber securing them.” 🤣🤣🤣

  85. Chez King088

    I have that same shirt! One of my favorites

  86. Commander Shepard

    The KSP Kraken nabbed a permanent position at SpaceX I see. Good for them 👍🏻 glad to see them bringing rockets home instead.

  87. Prot Eus

    “For every great booster, there is a great octograbber” – The Saying.

  88. T. Bone

    I wonder if the plan is to tow Phobos and Demos to different points for different launch inclinations, or if they’ll just stay in the one place.

  89. mjproebstle

    We won’t give up on you Scott! Cheers!

  90. mphRagnarok

    I hope the engineers on those teams find new teams in the company :)

  91. TheAmazingCowpig

    Well, not all things can be fully successful as envisioned I guess. But sometimes the only way to really find out is to try it out for a while.

  92. CryrokidMC

    29th comment, also RIP Ms Tree and Chief.

  93. Harrison Spain

    Makes perfect sense once they made the decision lol. I don’t think barges are fast enough to adjust for the variable fairing descent.

  94. Nickvr628

    I got to see these ships in person heading out to catch fairings, shame they won’t be doing it anymore.

  95. Matt Horkan

    I said years ago it’d have been worth spending a little mass budget on retractable floats and just lifting them from the sea.

  96. Magnus jacobsen

    hey Scott, will you being doing a video on for all mankind season 2? Its out now and there are *a lot* of things to talk about. I completely understand if you dont want to make a video on that though. Love all the content tho!!

  97. Family Popio

    Hullo! Will miss those amazing catches!

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    Hi Scott. Support from Alberta Canada!

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