SpaceX’s Starship SN10 Successfully Lands After Amazing Flight. Dismantles Itself Spectacularly.

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SpaceX finally proved that Starship’s signature freefall and landing maneuver can work as claimed using their full scale SN10 prototype vehicle. The flight replicated the previous attempts by SN8 and SN9 right up to the actual landing where almost everything appeared to go as planned.
I say almost because the vehicle may have touched down a little harder than intended and landing legs failed to deploy. The vehicle eventually exploded on the pad as the propellent tanks ruptured.

Because the SpaceX feed ended we don’t have any official footage of the Rapid Unscheduled Second Flight so I’m grateful for the independent videographers who were on the scene to record, and in some cases react to the surprise post credits scene.

  1. DontPanicVU

    There’s a hint of green fire when the second engine shuts down after the flip. 5:57

  2. Cern Green

    “I’m Scott Manley, fly safe…. and don’t land so hard next time because you don’t wanna blow up”.

  3. MikeBru

    “Flip and burn” …. man let me tell you, hearing that in reference to a real spacecraft is so freakin awesome.

  4. vaderbase

    “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

  5. ᜋᜌ᜔ᜎ᜔ᜐ᜔ ᜋᜐ᜔

    So, was it a success landing?
    SN10: Yesn’t

  6. Project SAM

    “Leaning tower of starship” lol

  7. PookDaWook

    So funny I had the same thought on thumbnails after seeing the first couple

  8. John Ehteshami

    Love the “this Elon time” great analysis Scotty! It just needed a bit more power at the last seconds! Also you would thing the would have test those landing Gears at bench top level just make sure deploy! 50% no deployment is not that promising

  9. Ultralagger R.E.V

    The explosion of SN10 has to be the best example for “Task Failed Successfully”

  10. Fred Pilcher

    I can’t watch Everyday Astronaut. He screams like a little girl.

  11. Simon O'Connor

    Now, how the hell are we going to de-tank this?
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure it will just solve that itself.

  12. Owen Patterson

    They’re gonna need a lot of puke bags on board when humans fly this maneuver

  13. Bovineicide

    “The landing was a success!”

    *Rocket violently explodes minutes later*



    Just take some time to appreciate the quality of this video.

  15. Alex Seour

    “Getting as high as it would at 420” you knew what you were saying 🤣

  16. King Arthur

    *SN 10 lands without exploding*
    Also SN 10: “So I started exploding”

  17. d. t.

    “It was going well, until it exploded.”

  18. flippert0

    Reminds me of: “..there is a moment…” *KABOOM !*

  19. Adrian Untalan

    My reaction: “Oof… Better to land with a thud than a bang.”
    Moments later… “Oh…”

  20. Unknownz 123

    This is like something out of a movie right here when aliens land and invade Earth

  21. Unsaturated Hat

    Sn10: “you only said I had to land without blowing up”

  22. To Cu

    Had it gone all smooth some would thought the feat was easy to copy.

  23. Nigel Cockburn

    This (as is so often the case) is the very best explaination of SN10 test flight. Well presented, Thanks.

  24. JayneCobbsBunk

    “It’s not a pretty sight…”

    I’m not so sure about that!

  25. Texas Jack

    Soon they’ll have it launch, hover, land–and wash, rinse, repeat two hours later.

  26. Josh Harris

    Re: clickbait: You forgot the “hurt face” facial expression at one side of the thumbnail, LOL

  27. James Manning

    I came for that meta-thumbnail.

    Stayed for the commentary ❤️

  28. Rob Watson

    “So it actually does the whole bellyflop maneuver, albeit at a lower altitude”. HA!

  29. ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀᴍᴜᴛᴇ _

    “Tickets now on sale…”

  30. TheVaf

    Love the caption in NASA’s stream: “Starship SN10 landed on the landing zone; then burned off the excess propellant in a rapid fashion” XD

  31. SternLX

    SN10: “We cool? You got all the data you needed? Aight, Ima head out.”

  32. Stephen Nowak

    Whoever ran the graphics for NASA Spaceflight’s live stream should get a medal.

  33. Sam Sam

    “Its not an engine problem… Its a plumbing problem!”

  34. State of Missouri

    Ever tried to use AI-Upscaling software to increase both the FPS and Resoltuion of these videos to get a better analysis? The technology is amazingly effective!!!

  35. Jim Base

    “It was going well until it exploded”

  36. Luci Feric

    It’s so graceful, unworldly is accurate. The shot of the rear while diving with fins straight up reminded me of the old lifting bodies.

  37. Brian

    Half of the internet wants an explosion.
    Other half wants a landing.

    SN10: Welcome to Texas, hold my beer!

  38. Spoony

    Tim “we need to start dumping footage”
    SpaceX “dump this!”

  39. D.O.M.

    In the control centre the newest employee asks, “What does this red button do?”

  40. niko b

    “I’m Elon Musk land safe”

  41. Crit Happens

    “Very Involved combustion process” – may be my new favorite way of describing an explosion.

  42. kondaments

    Question for Scott: Any idea why didnt we see *at any time* thrusters puffing out the sides to help correct its flight? At apogee and especially landing…

  43. Digital Dan

    Scott Manley: The “Blancolirio” of spaceflight.

  44. Wade B

    “why did it blow up?” Its rocket science bruh

  45. EclipsaMyrtenaster

    “That’s just the fireworks going off.”
    – Elon probable

  46. Poop Scoop Productions

    Scott Manley: …”which cannot be healthy for something that size”
    Starship SN10: “you calling me fat bro?”

  47. InvictusByzantium

    This is like when you crash a big rocket in KSP and the game just locks for 5 mins

  48. Mason Fullam

    That’s why it was called a test flight. Pretty cool to see a starship test launch for the first time.

  49. Tim Ypp

    That would be me.. watching straight for hours and then relax, turn away and it decides to blow up.

  50. MindSET

    Scott Manley and Electroboom are the only Youtubers I truly respect.

  51. Charlie Foxtrot

    1:40 the shot of it coming down and changing course looks so surreal, like CGI

  52. Ollie Beeston

    I saw that fuel burn colour issue and was like “I’ll wait for Scott Manley to explain this”. Not disappointed.

  53. Matt Darveniza

    10:05 shots fired at thunderf00t’s garbage clickbait videos.

  54. BillinhoBamford

    The lesson that we’ve learned? Never even talk about dumping footage! ;)

  55. Rocketplumber

    “…and fly again in more controlled fashion.”
    As opposed to the rather uncontrolled fashion seen here….

  56. aplacefaraway

    “Dismantles Itself” LUL

  57. Cly Blue

    Is it just me but does it look like a valve didn’t close and fuel was leaking out of the engine.

  58. Adveroy

    SN8: Remember to explode
    SN9: Remember to have an engine failure!

    SN10: Whoops looks like i missed your requests, i’ll give myself a fuel leak and explode one sec

  59. PsychoLucario

    “Look dad, I’m the Hindenberg!” SN10

  60. Long Peter

    I can just hear the jaunty music in the montage of all of their failures that will inevitably accompany future reliable success.

  61. Margie

    Elon watches Scott’s analysis to find out what happened.

  62. Domo arigato Mr. Roboto

    Scott Manley: Space Crash Investigation.

  63. Dennis Nicholson

    Will like how many of the rockets blew up before they got the falcon nailed down.

  64. Alex Brett

    Could e.g. a fill line burning have ‘fed back’ and overpressured the tank?

  65. M5guitar1

    Nice feature. That saves having to figure out how to safely move a leaning tower.

  66. Alex Antonie

    That shot of it coming down horizontally against a blue sky and flipping gave me real Adama maneuver vibes.

  67. Nelson Gil

    Remember kids this is a 12 story building “bouncing”

  68. Petar Georgiev

    Now this is what I call “step by step, furiously” 💥

  69. Allon Kirtchik

    Amazing! An 8 minute turnaround time!
    Amazing how quickly they ramp up the reusability

  70. LTVoyager

    This is called a “touch and go” landing.

  71. Tom Watts

    That explosion looked like something out of a Gerry Anderson show

  72. Robert Tonkli

    I’m Scott Manley: land safe! (Would have been funny if he said that)

  73. Francisco

    I was looking at the news and thinking “these pesky new outlets are getting previous missions footage” rolf i ended the video too soon.

  74. Walter Stuermer

    SN10 to Tim: Do not turn your back to me!

  75. Doug Kemme

    “Belly flop again, albeit slightly lower altitude” too dang funny!

  76. Orion

    After seeing the explosion, I knew you‘re coverage would follow. And I was not disappointed

  77. Ronpaulbot123

    “The leaning tower of starship” 🤣

  78. Renaissance Man

    “thank you for flying Space X. Sorry bout that rough landing, please get off as quickly as possible … just in case.”

  79. Jacob Szymczak

    “What’s gonna happen? Am I gonna blow up”
    “No worse, you’ll land a little hard and end up crooked”
    *”And then you’ll blow up”*


    “Belly flop maneuver once again, albeit at a lower altitude.” This had me cracking up.

  81. 태선우TaeSunWoo

    Us: SN10, will you have a successful landing?
    SN10: Yesnt

  82. Johnny Nimble

    Sn9: “Hey dude, you’re supposed to explode”
    Sn10: “Oh hold on a sec”

    But yeah, never skip leg day.

  83. Agamemnon

    So, they have fixed the simple reasons that caused it to explode. Now it still explodes but in more interesting ways. :D

  84. Dalibor Zak

    Engineer: “Would you like it to land safely or explode in spectacular manner to make worldwide headlines?”
    Elon Musk: “Yes.”

  85. mjproebstle

    “It would suck to lose them at orbital speeds”

    …pretty much true of anything at that point

  86. u2zero2u

    I was just watching the news and they called this a “disaster”. This was a great test flight and in my opinion was successful. Thank you Scott for these videos, they are awesome. Have a great day everyone!

  87. Netopir

    I always wait for Scott Manleys analyses, and he never disappoints me.

  88. Str4fe

    “whether it lands or explodes, it’ll be spectacular!”
    SN10: “why not both?”

  89. Big McLargeHuge

    “It does the belly flop maneuver, just at a lower altitude”
    See, they pulled it off twice in one day! Genius!

  90. Fraser Manley

    The Raptor’s still need a lot of tweaks and testing. They’re complicated beasts. Still this was absolutely awe inspiring to witness.

  91. Tim Peterson

    “we’ll talk about that fire later” is the most day-after-spacex-blows-something-up statement ever

  92. Akash Das

    Elon Musk: please land safely and don’t explode.

    SN10: *YESN’T*

  93. Mathias T.W.P

    This is that “rapid relaunch” they’ve been taking about.

  94. Xefe

    Starship lands. Does a celebratory flip.

  95. TTex11

    “It is not a pretty sight.” Hey now, say what you will but SpaceX does know how to make some really pretty explosions.

  96. David Harrison

    “Congratulations, SN10, you landed!”

    SN10: “I belong in the sky…”

  97. Kyle Cramer

    Do you want to land or explode?
    SN10: Yes.

  98. Jeff Geerling

    01:05 “Vehicle getting as high as it could at 4:20” 🤔

  99. Evan Richards

    The first starship to fly 3 times in 15 minutes. 10km, 1m, 50m.

  100. Shlargo S. Yeetington

    “Change da world”
    “My final message”

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