SpaceX’s Shiny Stainless Steel Starship Prototype Takes Flight For The First Time

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After many iterations, and some spectacular accidents we finally got to see a StarShip tank and thrust section take flight for a 150m hop, demonstrating flight control systems using only a single raptor engine. This is a very visible step on the long road to developing Starship and Superheavy into a fully operational, fully reusable launch vehicle.

Once again, thanks to all the space fans who are covering this from Boca Chica, I couldn’t do this without your coverage and you’re doing the community a great service.
Footage from:
NASA Spaceflight

Trevor Mahlmann

Also, not in this video, but continued respect for SpacePadreIsle

And of course Tim Dodd – Everyday Astronaut

  1. pauldzim

    We should start calling it “Siloship”

  2. snuffeldjuret

    the video we all’ve been waiting for :).

  3. Ivo Bonev

    Flying silo. I love it. SpaceX certainly makes me excited about the future of space flight.

  4. Trevor Mahlmann

    Thanks for sharing Scott! 👊🏼 yesterday was so kerbal🤣

  5. Richard Doyle

    “So long and thanks for all the fish”

  6. Paul Belson

    Thanks Scot. You just made the Vogon fleet more real. All I need now is for you to burst into poetry…


    I wonder how many of you saw that outboard fire on TV and thought, “OOoo Scott Manley’s not going to like that.”

  8. Dejawolfs

    imagine the passengers on the rocket going “the engine is on fire!” and pilot answering: “No worries, that’s completely normal”

  9. Ben Thilwind

    Smashed it thanks Scott.. My first thoughts were exhaust flame, (on the back of the raptor) mad fuel new engine bound to be some issues

  10. Mr Mullett

    Thank you Scott, always a treat to listen to your commentary. One of my favourite channels.

  11. Hat Kid 2.0

    *The Silo Takes Flight!*

  12. ripvanstinkle

    10:01 shows the launch pad seemingly exploding!

  13. Chris R

    I want to offer my appreciation for the perfect application of a Douglas Adams quote.

  14. Phill M156

    Engineering marvel, incredible flight. But I can’t help looking at it and see a big can of brake fluid.

  15. Malhar Gadgil

    I was waiting for your video to hear about the engine fire after seeing spaceX video😅


    I’m so glad to be alive and see space xs accomplishments,the things massive and didnt blow this time 👊

  17. tasman_devil

    @Scott Manley: missed opportunity for the title: “RIDING, SHINY AND CHROME !” :-)

  18. Jesse Turner

    “catastrophic might still happen ” – keeping it real

  19. Guido de Caso

    10:01 something explodes on the pad, 10:30 something comes lose from the landing leg on the left of the pic

  20. SundayRide Texas

    Comforting to know that whenever a technical science video comes out I can always count on Scott Manley to have a explanatory video. Love from Texas

  21. Paul Cadden

    So far, no one has said what it was that blew up on the pad structure! So there’s the question, what went bag?

  22. Noah Spurrier

    Flying thermos! It’s really impressive.

  23. Mad Cat

    0:34, slipped in a quote from THHGTTG from Doulas Adams, nice touch. 🚀✨🌍😂😂

  24. PbPomper

    Love the Hitchhiker’s quote. One of my favourite lines in there! :)

  25. Warren L.

    Instead of “fly me to the moon” it’s “Silos to the moon”

  26. Seventy Chev

    When I first saw it, I thought it was a can of Campbell`s soup with the label torn off.
    Then I realized it was actually a lady`s best friend.

  27. Andrew Heagwood

    Space X, evolving, literally, with every single launch, in real time, with one giant leap for all mankind.

  28. Glen Petherick

    0:32 Grain Silo – “Who am I, what am I. What is my purpose in life”….. Well played Scott M.

  29. J R

    Explosion @ 5:04?? I see a flash right before some debris flies up….

  30. The Darth Knight

    “One small hop for Starship kind”…🤣

  31. 1000dots

    The venting out the side as it started the flight reminds me of a steam train’s trail :)

  32. Lenni Hyttinen

    Could the engine fire have been caused by the debris that flew out when the starship launched?

  33. Tech Master

    7:20 Finally, where is LOX tank and methane tank? It seems that even with mass simulator, placing LOX tank on bottom will result in much lower center of mass.

  34. steynglass 100

    A flying silo….? I’m reminded of the poem “The Donkey” – “When fishes flew and forests walked….”

  35. Scott Pearce

    @10:01 there’s an explosion on the base the rocket(silo) is on, is it possible it damaged the legs, mite explain why its tilted a little.

  36. jordan shaw

    Love how Scott says “nose cones”

  37. Doug InOrlando

    That Raptor engine lifting the huge silo reminds me of a comic book where Superman lifted the Eiffel Tower

  38. Mike S

    “More exploding stuff”. Your Americanisation is complete :-)

  39. stilllearnin

    “One small Hop for Starship kind” 😂👌🏼

  40. Reno

    It takes hold my beer to a whole new level!

  41. Einherjar218

    Seeing this fly has put me in the best mood for the week.

  42. STS1804

    It did also blow up part of the stand too, you can see that just after it takes off and the rocket exhaust goes over the lauch stand.

  43. Daan Wilmer

    9:20 aww, I was really hoping for some remote-controlled Thunderbirds-style vehicle to come and attach to the rocket and detank it. Maybe next time…

  44. Tyler Walter

    Man that was just one engine imagine 31 or however much for non heavy lift but 42 on heavy lift 🤭 boutta split the ground open 😂

  45. Amir-Hossein Karimi

    10:40 “now we can feel good about this one small hop for starship-kind” hahaha

  46. Nicholas Maude

    “More explode stuff”

    Has Scott been watching too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently? Because that sounds like the sort of thing Buffy would say;).

  47. Leaders aA

    Can you imagine 31x of these engines? I’m nearly more excited to see the power of the finished rocket, than the mission itself.

  48. MPart

    My uncle always told me “Sure, when grain silos fly …” 😁 Stay safe. -Mike😷

  49. Sean O'Brien

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought of that Douglas Adams quote when I saw this thing hovering in defiance of all common sense.

  50. kickinbackinOC

    “The Leaning Spaceship of Bolsa Chica” Congrats to SpaceX and Elon, wish you continued success!

  51. Krystyna Białek

    What is this black stuff exploding from the surface, a few seconds into the fligh? Ground or ground equipement?

  52. Mobley House Video

    Dragon Returns with Bob and Doug: “Best Rocket and payload ever!”

    *Starship has entered the chat*

  53. piloto paiva

    Waiting for explanation about the explosion at the start of flight.
    Scott M.: nothing

  54. Chlorine

    3:21 If you look carefully at the leg on the very left, you can see that something falls as it deploys. Not sure whether it’s bad.

  55. Denomolos

    It’s all part of the master plan to deliver grain silos to wherever they are needed in the solar system. Look at that precision landing, they could get it to a farm and not even singe the barn!

  56. Samuel Price

    No thoughts on the debris that yeeted out at the beginning?

  57. Brian Streufert

    I’ve been waiting for this video. Your channel has become one of my favorites to watch. Thanks Scott!!!

  58. coreross

    So Elon plans to start the Mars colony with these flying Grain Silos

  59. WinterHell

    ERE (Engine Rich Exhaust) leads to RUD, leaving your rocket FUBAR and your payload customer SOL.

  60. gijbuis

    And yes, everyone following your channel admires Douglas Adams, “The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

  61. Daniel Hermes

    10:00 tf was that

  62. Xyma Ryai

    please manually place ads, it is so infuriating when you say “I’m Scott Manley, fly PLAY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS NOW safe”

  63. Mitchell Milligan

    @Scott Manley, what is that secondary flash and then all that debris fly up on the lower right of the test stand @ 10:00 ?

  64. Evilmike42

    Grain Silo: MY PEOPLE NEED ME!!

  65. moboutmen

    The Flying Thermos

  66. SBNR ACE

    1960s SciFi here we come! 😁

  67. 321GhostRider123

    Oh so is it called. My Car was running engine rich too last year xD

  68. WillieRants

    0:15 looks like that rocket blast took out some sort of structure. That thing isn’t messing around.

  69. Guy 1 \

    0:15 See the explosion sending debris flying from the launch stand just after takeoff ?
    Oh, love the quote “hanging there like a brick doesn’t”

  70. The Rocinante

    It looks so strange yet so awesome! As soon as I saw that fire I thought, “Scott Manley will explain this.”

  71. rocketsocks

    Ideally your engine to oxidizer propellant ratio should be 0.

  72. Stephen Jones

    Appreciated the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference :D

  73. kschleic9053

    The fire on the exterior of the engine could have been extinguished as the skirt filled with very low oxygen engine exhaust, removing the oxidizer from the fire triangle.

  74. Sfco Awol

    You’ve seen my low poly cyber truck but have you seen my flying corn silo!?

  75. jonepomuk

    I wanna hear Scott pronounce „noescoens“ again.

  76. Ignacio

    “Betcha I can fly that cereal silo” – Elon Musk, professional gambler.

  77. Edward Nutter

    Watching the landing again I suspect that exhaust plume blowing back up into the engine cavity may have removed enough oxygen that whatever was burning on the outside of the engine could not combust. When the engine was cut off, pumps upstream of the leak or whatever it was were stopped so the leak stopped.

  78. The NotFlat Earth

    I think Elon took the words “missile silo” too literally

  79. Bill Whittaker

    00:40 The deployment of the feet somehow reminds me of the luggage in Pratchett’s Discworld books.

  80. Siliconjim

    Bit of WD40 burning in the outside of the engine? Think my dad must’ve been buffing it up before launch.

  81. heatshield

    3:30 “I don’t know”
    The first sign of a truly beautiful mind looking for answers.

  82. Akshay Anand

    Engine Rich Exhaust and Lithobraking are some of my favourite science jokes. Honestly, rocket scientists are hilarious.

  83. Karolis

    now they need to build reusable launch pad

  84. Yonathan Siemiatycze

    The US Space force will have to update its terminology to include ICBSs now. Intercontinental Ballistic Silos 😂

  85. therealx401

    Getting the job done faster, possibly cheaper and likely more explodey. Who would say no to that!

  86. James Wilson

    It’s literally a flying gas tank. Can’t wait to see it mounted to it’s payload.

  87. Brian CP

    God it looks so funny. A silo gently lifting away like, “I must go. My people need me!”

  88. Christian O. Holz

    The legs extending reminds me of a great scene in the movie “Interstellar” when the hatch latches are trying to connect


    it did have a nose cone it was just clipping into the fuel tank so spacex could qualify for the height challenge

  90. Szabo Wabo

    No comment on the flying debris just after liftoff?? I’m looking forward to finding out what it was. Looks like a small explosion on the ground caused it.

  91. Rasha Seden

    “…in exactly the way that bricks don’t.” I laughed out loud. Perfect reference!!! ^_^

  92. Uriah Siner

    9:38 Elon said they want to do numerous short hops with some rapid refires to get the launch process just perfect before moving on to high altitude flights with aerodynamic body flaps

  93. Calvin Dodge

    “Engine-rich exhaust” is hilarious.

  94. Andrew Robinson

    Most go for “grain silo”. With that mass simulator I go for “spray can”.

  95. Richard Bull

    Coke could’ve funded the the whole Mars project if they’d let them paint that thing.

  96. bingo_fuel

    1970: in the future…grain silos will fly

    2020: accomplished

  97. Llamasquishy

    Scott Manley: “I’m Scott Manley, Fly S-”
    YouTube: “Buy a coffee from Tim Hortons on August 12!”
    YouTube: “Go to Popeye’s!”
    Scott: “-afe!”

  98. Rocketfox

    I think Elon heard someone say “missile silo” and misunderstood

  99. Iron Man

    “In exactly the same way that bricks don’t” Haha

  100. Jamie Cottrell

    “Engine rich exhaust”

    I love rocket science euphemisms.

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