SpaceX’s Latest Crew Mission Is Unlike Any Other

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Hours from now, SpaceX will launch a crew of 4 people into space for a unique mission, a flight that’s not part of NASA or any other space agency. Inspiration 4 will take Jared, Hayley, Sian and Chris into orbit for 3 days for a free flight, higher than the International Space Station, in a modified capsule with the largest window ever flown in space.

Countdown: Inspiration 4 Documentary exclusively on Netflix

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  1. Greatest Assassin

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m a 22 year old stuck in community college trying to figure out what I wanna do and this launch has def inspired me. I always adored space and actually partook in an engineering academy for 4 years in high school but stopped engineering when I hit college cuz I didn’t think I’d be good enough. I’ve been so lost on what I wanna do the past few years but now I think Im going to focus on aerospace engineering. I want to be part of the machine that propels humanity further into the stars. And I may one day be able to fly commercial space travel!

  2. emgee44

    Yes I couldn’t help but notice how much the rest of the crew were getting coverage compared to Chris. For me he’s the most down to Earth and relatable, especially when he up chunked on the centrifuge, I’m sure I would’ve done same 😊👍. Still, he’s up there doing it and you can’t take that away from him.

  3. Gerre van der Meer

    I would love to see the big SpaceTubers 4 on a flight! I mean who wouldn’t love to see a flight with Scott Manley, Tim Dodd, Marcus House, and Felix Schlang!

  4. Mitchell Horn

    I don’t like the whole argument of the super rich blowing money on “doing things for rich people and not donating that money” when they create jobs causing more money flow for the economy by doing “rich people things”. I’d rather the rich blow their money on “rich people things” cause those things create a butt ton of jobs, many of which are long term. “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Team a man to fish, he’ll eat for life” kinda thing

  5. N O

    That launch was so beautiful.

  6. mumblbee bee

    Thanks for this video, Scott – much as I adore Tim, and can geek out over the engineering, I have gotten quite jaded about a lot of the circus of space courtesy of billionaires… having a TV series tie in seemed just too neat and I avoided it all until now. (totally watched the launch of course! And been a fan of Sian for a while too). But your video reframed this nicely for me. Thank you!

  7. The Intrepid Lowlander wi

    I can only imagine Tim chiding that journo at the back of the queue about his video on the “environmental impact” of rockets. Hahahahahaha

  8. null090909

    I can’t deny I am envious.
    But I am also happy not to fly a mission where cinematics seams to be the top priority.

  9. Dazanar

    i got to see it east of orlando! it was very cool and you could see blasts waves coming off inspiration and making ripples in the atmosphere and you got to see the return booster fire back down!! it was insanely cool! coolest launch i have seen this far inland so far.

  10. BjornAgain99

    Hey Scott, love your work.
    Inspiration 4 is a very exciting venture to put civvies in space.
    Just wondering why SpaceX do not have a mission status so we can watch what is going on up there, but.

  11. codediporpal

    I’m not sure how I never heard about this until today. I’ve been watching Netflix a few times a week, and the documentary didn’t even get recommended until today. Didn’t even see anything about it on youtube until today, and I sub to this and other space channels.

  12. AskDrJohn MIS 390 USCB

    Thanks for the heads up on the east coast Inagination4 show this evening!!! I managed to get some pretty decent smartphone shots of the second stage as it passed HHI SC (southern coast of South Carolina). It was quite spectacular. Let me know if you want to see my pics, John

  13. Saint Burnsy

    I don’t know how I managed to _not_ hear anything about this until after it’d already happened ☹ Seriously this is the first I’ve ever heard of this mission

  14. Matthew Stuart

    Fantastic level of humility by Elon Musk for leaving the spotlight to the crew

  15. Cale Therault

    I tried getting aboard this mission. All my wishes and hopes to the actual astronauts aboard Inspiration4!

  16. utubecustomer0099805

    Mr. Manley, even though the chat column was super fast over at NSF during the launch, it is appreciated that you took the time to answer and clarify some of the questions that were asked by viewers. You rock, sir.

  17. Wanda Pease

    This gives me so much hope and fun thinking about the future. I had dreams of going into space, so did my nephew and niece. Sadly not this generation. My grandchildren will be Earthlings looking at keeping the Earth for us.

  18. Novice Green Energy

    Glad to see some love for Chris! He’s easily the most “regular guy” of them all and is giddy like a kid about this whole thing.

  19. mVm MotoVlogMusic

    Scott’s enthusiasm is palpable on this episode. Love it.

  20. Pew Heretic

    Now we need Elon to put together cheaper, better, longer-lasting pods that his awesome ships can ferry to orbit and make our own freaking space station! Exciting times and looking forward to what we as “the people” and not “the government” can accomplish.

  21. Mikiness Analog

    “Great. My prosthetic works at 8 G.
    Imma have to tell my surgeon.”
    I just died LMAO

  22. william gorham

    I’m so excited for this mission!

  23. minh bach Ho

    I am happy for them. The 1st longest tourism in space, that will make their life change a lot with this famous experience. Us we will continue to dream, ha ha.

  24. Simon Bunker

    I think Chris is definitely the most relatable crew member!

  25. Travis Collier

    I live a ways down the coast from Kennedy, so caught the launch tonight. Clear skies and perfect timing to see the upper level plume in sunlight against a dark sky.
    This launch was about PR, and boy did they pull it off. Beautiful

    (I got my gripes with SpaceX, but credit where it is due.)

  26. RicardoA BH

    It’s simply beautiful…

    Not really much more to say, my best for the return.

  27. QuantumBraced

    I’ve developed a bit of a crush on Hayley, she is amazing and a true inspiration. This is space tourism done right.

  28. Hugh Waller

    Thanks for your great coverage! I watch because of your enthusiasm, but this one was pure excitement. I couldn’t miss this launch. John Glenn’s launch was on my 13th birthday.

  29. Tom McCaffrey

    Did Scott just say that Chris was “gooder at answering the questions?” haha

    I love the extemporaneous nature of your videos, barely scripted just ripping 20 minutes of content off the cuff. Never stop!

  30. Mark Hancock

    I just watched the Inspiration Launch. Very Cool!! Watching this brought to mind a Starship/Dragon question I had been thinking about.
    For first human flight on the Starship, would it make more sense to launch the Starship crew to orbit using a Dragon and rendezvous with the Starship in orbit rather than launching the crew on the Starship? The Dragon is already human rated and is inherently safer as it has a launch escape system and a lower risk landing profile. Also, the lunar Starship is already supposed to have a docking adapter since its crew till travel to the moon on the Orion so it will already be equipped for that. I am surprised that I have never heard this approach discussed before – or did I just miss it.

  31. David Messer

    I love St. Jude. I think Hawley being there is going to really inspire the kids in the hospital, especially since she is a cancer survivor.
    I doubt that she is going to be a regular Physician’s Assistant any time soon though. :)

    Everybody donate!

  32. Frank Woodman Jr

    Been watching launches since the very beginning. From the first gemini through today its been an amazing experience. Just glad to SpaceX put things back into high gear.

  33. A Canuck

    Thanks for this, Scott. I’m glad that you covered this with sympathy and respect–so many in the commentary world chose to take a different tack. The Inspiration4 mission is really special, as are the lovely people (including Mr Isaacman) who make up the crew. I did watch the Netflix series (what’s been posted thus far) and it was worth watching.

    I still cannot quite wrap my head around the sour grapes that the Guardian’s reviewer felt obliged to unload in her review of the Netflix series (and her rather fact-free dissing of the whole thing).

    This is worth celebrating. I wish them all the best.

  34. PsychoLucario

    The dome also doubles as bathroom, its great, also absolutely terrifying if you think about it

    I’m not sure how they’re able to send these people up without an astronaut onboard

  35. Jamie Gillyon

    It was an amazing feat, truly Inspired millions 👌

  36. David Nuttall

    9:00 “They could just go to an industrial scale aquarium supplier to get the dome.” So SpaceX are just did what Bones and Scotty did in Voyage Home, but they paid for it with cash and not by telling them how to build anodized aluminum windows.

  37. skaltura

    This really drives home how far things have come in very very short time. I guess tech was finally ripe for private innovation to happen :)

  38. LexieAssassin

    You know, Scott, being all chill about knowing astronauts ‘n’ stuff… You know, no big deal.

  39. Hebl von Heblowitz

    I love the fact that Bezos was making such a big deal about the “largest window” – and Elon just gets a whole dome installed! xD

  40. Donald Parlett jr

    A high orbit for several days. I’m really cool with that. I came from the Gemini days when high orbits were the norm. About time we return and 3Dragons flying?! Hey it Game of Thrones!

  41. Mark Raymond

    “Fly safe” has a bit of extra meaning on this one!

  42. AAAyyyGGG

    8:34 So that’s where Scott got his new logo idea from!!

  43. Saqib Sultan Temuri

    The most intriguing Questions to me are: how do you get your OWN PRIVATE AIRFORCE?

  44. Jack Linde

    Scott, having seen a video about making a submarine for research and/or tourism, I’m pretty sure the acrylic dome on the dragon capsule did not come from some specialty aquarium manufacturer. In the sub video, a UK sub manufacturer was making the sub for an U. S. buyer, and their dome (I think was an eight to ten foot diameter hemisphere of acrylic two to three inches thick) had to meet US’s specifications for underwater vehicles, or else they couldn’t get it certified and registered by the US government. And, the first casting of the dome had to be rejected because it had a couple of tiny voids that could weaken and compromised the craft.

    I’m pretty sure that the dragon capsule will have similarly stringent requirement from NASA and/or the FAA about the construction of any viewports and observation points. This means, while it seems to be just two sheets of plexiglass molded into a dome shape, it’s going to have design characteristics and performance specifications that will far outstrip what an aquarium manufacture is capable of producing. It’s things like this that make aircraft ownership and maintenance expensive for most aircraft (excluding ultralights and experimental craft.) This is true for even something as old and simple as a Piper J-3 Cub.

    It’s been years, but if you want, I can see if I can find the video about the sub. Should still be on YouTube.

  45. jfan4reva

    Welcome to the brave new world where a few people have more money than many governments, but have none of the social obligations of governments – spend money wisely to protect and benefit citizens. They can party any way they want!

  46. Secret

    This is exciting. We’ve dreamt about this for decades.

  47. しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ

    next inspiration mission you will be onboard Scott, I’m pretty sure of it.

  48. ddthames

    Bob Hoover (great historic pilot) had a lot of issues with motion sickness. I did too when I first started skydiving. It is awful but if you want it bad enough, you can deal with it.

  49. Dhaval Brahmbhatt

    Love how Scottish ppl say “anyway”. Scott, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson. I can listen to it all day long

  50. Sevro auBarca

    That “fly safe” had just a little more emphasis than normal.

  51. ChromeFD

    Can someone please just fly Scott Manley into space, it would be such a great journey to follow for his 1.3m subscribers and great exposure for the sponsor.

  52. Jason Antes

    Man I wish I was going! Could test out how the rods in my back do in zero-G. :D It’s one of the reasons I’d want to go to Mars, probably help with my back. Excellent vid as always.

  53. Rastersoft

    So the Dragon can travel upper than the Hubble? Mmmm… that makes me wonder… Although the Dragon isn’t designed for spacewalks, what if they put a “dockable airlock” in the trunk, in a similar way to the docking adapter of the Apollo-Soyuz mission, with an spacesuit inside and anything needed to fix the Huble? That way they can be launched into orbit, “drop” the airlock, dock with it, and also dock with the Hubble using the passive adapter installed in the last Shuttle mission to the Hubble; thus the Hubble would be docked to one side of the airlock, and the dragon to the other side, this last one with a hatch to allow people to enter the airlock, close the hatch, put the spacesuit, depresurize the airlock and exit into space to fix the telescope…

    Of course you can’t take big things like a new sensor for the Hubble, but a new computer would be small enough…

  54. Sir.Craze-

    “he seems pretty cool himself.”
    I’d say the safest place here is squarely on the fence.
    Not sure about that one.

  55. Zachary Hutchison

    If we’re talking about the vanity projects of billionaires, it’s ok to use terms like 1st place, 2nd place, etc. Real space exploration is always a winner. Axiom is still cool!

  56. realvanman1

    I’ve always thought of the Dragon as transportation for relatively short duration, and never thought about how “the facilities” might work. When I heard that this is a three day mission, I became REALLY curious as to how exactly that’s going to work! The technical aspects of it would surely make for an excellent video topic. Hint hint. ;)

  57. Żel Wojtek

    Epic as always Scott.

  58. Blueberry Neko

    I am so happy for them and kinda envious.
    Even though I gotta say that I kinda missed most what was going on with that mission. And probably can’t watch the launch

  59. Hank Kingsley

    Love your work. When you give times in a vid, mention the time zone, you’ve got viewers all over the place :)

  60. Kevin Street

    Thanks for another great video! I hope they do fly safe, and have a flawless mission.

  61. Les Hemmings

    We have clear skies in the UK at the moment. So it’ll be worth looking west just after launch.
    I think I remember catching the shuttle on my scanner about 12 minutes after launch so eyes peeled folks!

  62. Martin D A

    Hayley Arceneaux is sort of wonderful. I’m delighted for her to take this journey.

  63. Oldřich Bezunk

    Been watching your shows for like years… Never seen you so EBULLIENT & ENTHUSIASTIC ! Definitely infectiuos, pardon my pun: you made my day, or actually night – am in very special TZ UTC+5:45. Deciding whather to go to sleep for like 3 and half hours or see the Netflix series once again… Thanks Scott!

  64. John Dimelow

    Scott why is “Use of Weapons” upside-down on your bookshelf? I can’t unsee it now!

  65. KernArc

    “Plexiglass… to be clear, it is a type of plastic”. Well done sir, well done.

  66. Trevor Hearne

    Chris is clearly the red-shirt… RIP! 😜😁🤣

  67. Charles Lambert

    Can’t help but think of:
    Farnsworth: Dear Lord, that’s over 150 atmospheres of pressure.
    Fry: How many atmospheres can this ship withstand?
    Farnsworth: Well it’s a spaceship, so I’d say anywhere between zero and one.

  68. Sammy Mak

    Really looked forward to the Inspirati4n flight and their after flight briefing … totally agreed that they did a good job on all aspects including team up with Netflix; marvelously put together docu; similarly look forward to watch the finale

  69. Rajarshi Sen

    Reckon this is the first time your `fly safe!` end note actually means something 😁
    for regular people, in the context of spaceflight of course.
    Pre Cheers for space beer 🍻

  70. Joe Nichols

    On my way to Kennedy space center right now from Fort Lauderdale! Can’t wait to see it

  71. doltsbane

    Amazing Scott, you managed to make it through the entire video without a single Fantastic Four joke.

  72. WOT Arty Noobs

    If Scott was called by Jared – he’d be up for a flight!

  73. Erik 567

    Watched in person days ago the Starlink launch out of Vandenberg from Rancho Palos Verdes, the site where a Nike targeting radar had been in the 60’s and 70’s (now a park). A first for me. It was incredible to see the launch and the burn to slow the first stage rocket to touch down. Landing burn was over the horizon, bummer.

  74. Mike Hunt

    Great video Scott! I watched the preflight videos on Netflix, and for me that young lady cancer survivor turned physicians assistant AT the hospital that saved her, combined with the whole story behind this being about fundraising for this hospital, it badass cool! Wish em luck!

  75. Anna Fraley

    This show here you did is a “Must Watch” for Anyone that interested in this inspiration launch 🚀

  76. Jeff K

    Hey Scott, glad you loved the series too! I was really impressed. I love how Haley’s call-sign is “G-monster”.

  77. TheWindigomonster

    Scott with the casual flex “I was talking to an astronaut this week”

  78. Kevin Schaefer

    Scott Manley: Casually mentions that he was casually talking to an astronaut.

  79. Troy Rubert

    3 dragons in space is pretty cool. We’ve come a long ways in such a short amount of time.

  80. MrGoesBoom

    My only complaint about this is that I’ll be at work, so I won’t be able to watch the launch live. Plenty of other things to comment on ( the mission duration, the fact they’ve all trained for months now just like how government agency astronauts train, the fact this is the first completely civilian mission to orbit, etc ) but one thing I see lots of people bitching about…billionaire is not an inherently evil word…not all of them get there by being evil comic book villains.

    Admittedly I haven’t done some sort of year long in depth investigation into the guy behind this mission, but from what I do know he built himself from the ground up, does lots of charity, isn’t an asshole, and he honestly wants this mission to both inspire people and generate donations to Saint Jude’s. But it seems people have this pretty much ingrained reaction of ‘Oh a billionaire is involved, must be ego stroking or self aggrandizement, or self interest’ afaik this guy really is interested in this stuff and wants it to improve and spread to more people. And that’s great.

  81. Cole Smith

    How would you like to have a “SpaceX Crew Dragon” type endorsement in your logbook? That would be amazing xD

  82. mug17

    The cupola has three layers.

    From the SpaceX site:
    “Dragon’s new cupola observation dome will be the largest contiguous space window ever flown. The three-layer observation dome, which was extensively tested and qualified for flight in six months, replaces the mechanism used on Dragon’s previous flight to dock to the International Space Station.“

  83. Kenny Phillips

    This crew can have real astronaut wings, not the fake ones.

  84. Larry Hogue

    Finished watching the four episodes of the documentary last night. In addition to the crew members, the person who impressed me the most was Sarah Gillis. I remember hearing her during that close pass with an object during a previous Crew Dragon mission and was impressed with her then too. And she’s only 27!

  85. Dave Twisleton-Ward

    Hope the Axiom guys don’t get salty at losing the “first” badge. What they’re doing is equally exciting as they’re moving towards a new space station and all that brings. Will be watching those too.

  86. Frik Na luzie

    This is not a wimpy suborbital hop that barely scratches the space. That’s how you frigging do space tourism!

  87. Evil Monkey

    Dome has 3 layers according to spacex website

  88. Where Nerdy is Cool!

    I wish them good luck….I know if I was onboard, waiting to launch, I’d be saying “Oh Lord, don’t let me fuck up” 😂

  89. Patrick A

    It’ll be cool to see space tourism actually get to space this year.!

  90. AmigaClone

    I think that the term ‘Civilian’ is in terms of none of the crew being current or prior professional astronauts.

    I believe the planned apogee of this flight would make it the highest crewed earth orbit mission since Gemini 11 (September 12 to 15, 1967 – 55 years ago). It also is the first orbital crewed mission since the last one to Hubble that has not been to a space station.

  91. Seth Blumenthal

    That “fly safe” hit different

  92. Johnny J

    Their smiles are absolutely contagious.

  93. PHIL

    Can’t believe I’ve not heard about this until now. This is awesome 👌👏😎

  94. Dark Guardian

    The crew all have call signs.
    Leo, Hanks, Rook, and Nova.

  95. MultiMal3

    Given the branding of this mission, I keep wondering if they’re going to run into a cosmic ray storm, and if so what superpowers they’d get.

  96. J Z

    I just found out that this is not going to the ISS. crazy how it is going to a high orbit :) nice

  97. Asher Campbell

    Just Inspirational!

  98. Skul

    Inspiration4 living up to its name!

  99. Mate Egyed

    Hey Scott, could you cover the difference between the just awarded NextSTEP-2 Appendix N: Sustainable Human Landing System Studies and Risk Reduction contract and the old HLS (Human Landing System) contract in your next video?

  100. DJ_Level_3

    Good luck to the Inspiration 4 team!

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