SpaceX’s Biggest Starship Flight Is A Spectacular Success Even After Crash Landing

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We’d been waiting for this first big flight for a long time, but finally Starship Serial Number 8 took to the skies, propelled by 3 raptor engines, headed for the stratosphere where it carefully flipped onto its belly for a controlled aerodynamic descent followed by a powered landing.
In the end the landing failed due to fuel supply issues, but it looks like a way more successful flight that engineers had dared to hope for, with the vehicle demonstrating entirely new flight modes never seen before.

  1. hick schnak

    I call this:
    Starship rich unscheduled rapid disassembly

  2. dannafe

    “Engine rich exhaust” is the best euphemism of 2020.

  3. kmjsuperfly1

    As always Scott has the BEST analysis on Youtube. I’ve learned so much and watched like 3 times already.

  4. Gobl - an Alien abducted

    The Engines burn sooo clean! Wonderful. Methalox is the future

  5. Yam Andrade

    “Cabin” section is pretty complete, AMAZING!

  6. Angry Pug

    That’s so damn amazing. We’re finally getting to the place we’re meant to be with space flight. That was remarkable.

  7. jord 121

    can we just appreciate the aerospace engineers pulling all this stuff off? can’t imagine how complex this stuff would be

  8. Hexed Pedestrian

    “Engine rich exhaust”
    I love that phrase.

  9. Rick Houston

    Finally an appropriate “Danger to Manifold” !

  10. Bryan Neal

    Even with a mechanical issue, the damn thig flew and crashed! On TARGET! Impressive!

  11. Abbreviated Reviews

    1:12 “You can tell how much propellant is in it by the amount of frosting on the exterior tanks.”

  12. Cby 0530

    SN42: The Engine for Launch, Descent and Everything

  13. RocKITEman _ 2001

    Based on a separate comment by _Special EDy,_ I have this…
    Engine 42: _”Goodbye, And Thanks For All The Methane!”_

  14. Packadapod

    I had SO MANY questions while watching this! However, I knew that with patience, our savior Scott Manley would enlighten us. <3

  15. Martin H.

    engine rich exhaust… damn, that one is gold

  16. Ron Gaul

    I love the way Elon’s team think outside the box. Awesome results. Not everything can be designed on the drawing table.

  17. maxmouche

    “I’m Scott Manley, flip safe”

  18. Darell Fergus

    Me: Elon do you love blowing up your rockets?
    Elon: Yes

  19. Sean S

    “…life, the universe, and how to make grain silos fly..” 🤣. Thanks for the laugh

  20. Marvelous_LXVII

    Yesterday at work when we watched this, I told a guy, “Scott Manley will do a video on this and it will explain everything.” I was not disappointed–great video!!!!

  21. English Luhansk

    2:34 “trapped gases” – wrong, something was wrapped in some kind of polyethylene foil and that foil caught fire and quickly burned down.

  22. Anamnesia

    Of all the reviews that will be made of this launch, it was the *_Scott Manley_* analysis that I wanted to see first!

  23. harbl99

    6:40 of success. A few seconds of “Hmmm, that was an interesting outcome.” What more could you ask for? GJ lads.

  24. Elon Musk

    People who think this was a failure clearly don’t understand what a breakthrough this was 🇺🇸

  25. VIM Mentors

    “In case of a failure, they want it to smash into a place that doesn’t have buildings on it.”

  26. idot

    7:45 – 8:20 might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  27. whuzzzup

    That moment when you have so much money, you simply play KSP in real life.

  28. EggHead2103

    After watching yesterday, my first thought was “ohmigosh ohmigosh blew up.. when is @scottmanley doing a video on this?”

  29. Anders Juel Jensen

    We’re at the point where Scott needs to change his signature outro to “Land safe” :P

  30. Crazy Arnold

    5:58 imagine just seeing this flying through the sky.. the first thing I would say is what is that and is it alien!

  31. VoltageLP

    i wish it was recorded in vr, there’s little sense of how big it is transmitted through a video

  32. eliya sne

    *” 42, the answer to the universe, life and how to make grain silos fly “*
    – Scott Manley

  33. Em P

    This spaceship looks rediculus, but it works, can’t wait untill we got the extra sparecthrust to work on dream come true designs

  34. Tiffany Bennett

    “engine-rich exhaust”
    I love these rocketry euphemisms so much

  35. Leonardo Pinchetti

    Adama’s manouver replicated in real life XD

  36. Daniel Leca

    I’m givin’ ‘er all she’s got Captain! If I push it any harder, the whole thing will blow!

  37. President_of_MARS

    Aerospace history in the making and I was here. Maybe I was born at the right time after all. Nice.

  38. Scott Parnapy

    For some reason the landing legs did not deploy as well, Scott.

  39. danz409

    “that is engine 42, the answer to life, universe, everything and how to make grain silo’s fly” ROFL!

  40. Steve

    Those engines gimbal so far and move so quickly! That was surprising to me.

  41. Chris Sartain

    When I want to see something I can go anywhere.
    When I need to Understand Something I go to Scott Manley!

  42. Oliver Jenkins

    “The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.” From Douglas Adam’s springs to mind.

  43. Anyoldion

    When I was a kid I watched Thunderbirds, now I watch this, same thing, and it’s still great.

  44. meetoo594

    Looks like the landing legs didnt fully extend as well.

  45. Big Sky Neal

    Scott’s “It was going well until it exploded” quote is extremely appropriate!

  46. bitflogger

    “engine-rich exhaust”, I don’t think I’ve heard that one before!

  47. desert123100

    Seeing Starship go from horizontal to vertical in like 1 second was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

  48. Angel Hernandez

    “Controlled fall” = “Buzz Light-year” To a regular person this was so incredible almost hard to believe !!!!!!

  49. Minh Luong

    SpaceX is literally playing KSP in real life and I’m loving every moment of it !

  50. Sky Jordan

    There’s only so much thrust that you can make using LOX and engine as propellant

  51. Mireaze

    The explosion and the smoking nose cone on the landing pad is very kerbal

  52. Eric E

    “Engine rich exhaust” -That’s a really great way to describe it!

  53. Captain. Obvious.

    I would have appreciated an altimeter. It’s hard to determine ascent or descent. Still, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Fantastic work Space X

  54. Scott Harrison

    This was cool to watch but my jaw dropped when that engine fired it back to vertical. Absolutely incredible and I think they are closer to successfully landing this thing than anyone had previously thought.

  55. grandfathergeek

    A totally survivable landing. I’ve had worse.

  56. Andrew Wanders

    The smoking crater was exactly in the middle of the landing pad!

  57. videolabguy

    8:00 – “I’m a leaf on the wind!”

  58. Mn On

    The belly flop is up there with the two rockets self landing simultaneously

  59. STILL

    Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🔺

  60. Scott Manley

    Notice that the legs never deployed. Also loved the camera view of the rocket coming at it, haven’t seen that one anywhere. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  61. Eduard Šajgalik

    Just seeing those engines gimbal on their own with autonomous systems is just crazy. That precision and constant adjustments. whoah

  62. Dave Hennessy

    this sort of brings to mind the early space race race where testing and launch disasters were looked upon as failures by the media but were a steady evolution in design.

  63. muppetnumpty65

    Quite frankly, the most insane thing I’ve ever seen!

  64. SeaElf gaming

    I was just looking through my subbed channels going “c’mon where is it?” Lol

  65. Denis Shulakov

    Yeah, after 2 sleepless nights (It’s quite difficult to follow SX from Russia), it was the coolest moment in my life!

  66. Tom Greaves

    9.5 out of 10 from most people…..4 out of 10 from the Russian judge, missed the landing

  67. TheGorby

    I’ve never heard the term “engine-rich exhaust” before, hilarious!

  68. Gdpud

    Wow!, That’s got to be “The Most Successful Failure!” of modern pioneering space engineering, i have ever seen!

  69. Top Secret

    I have to admit seeing a rocket flying intelligently: accelerating upwards, cruising upwards, hovering sideways, translating into a dive glide and pitching up into an attempted ballistic landing?
    Its simply been unimaginable for anyone to see it happen until now.

  70. Ivo Bonev

    I cannot stop smiling, while watching this. This is probably how people felt during the Apolo space program era. History in the making.

  71. The Captain

    My kids and I cheered, and didn’t stop when it exploded. They understood it was still a success!

  72. George Okez

    Fans: SN8, how’d you want to go out?
    SN8: With a BANG!

  73. twinturbostang

    Buzz Lightyear: “Falling with style!”

  74. Moises Diaz

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate that Raptor SN 42 was the engine that took SN8 all the way up? 😂

  75. Rocket Moose

    Meanwhile Starship hopper is just out here getting traumatized seeing his family members explode in front of him

  76. PalimpsestProd

    Probably could have made a neater pile on RUD, they should design that in.

  77. Jens Krabbe

    This is like watching Stuff Build Here, Smarter Every Day, and MythBusters rolled into a 6 minute highlight.

  78. Mountainman

    Me: takes a drink of coffee
    Manley: ‘How to make grain silos fly’
    Me: Cleaning up coffee off of my monitor.

  79. NavyVet

    Imagine Robert Goddard standing there in Boca Chica watching this.

  80. PH-G

    This is the craziest thing I’ve ever watched on livestream no question

  81. Olysk8er

    “The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”
    – D.A.

  82. Dave Allen

    The entire flight was impressively stable.

  83. huntingsthompson

    Engine 42: “Oh no, not again!”

  84. Lucky 13

    Got to admit, for a flying water tower its impressive.

  85. Brian Haygood

    “Engine rich exhaust” is an outstanding expression.

  86. turarwanaa

    So, the issue is basically that the liquid fueled Raptor turned briefly into a hybrid rocket engine?

  87. Ben Sawyer

    The nosecone, which is where the crew cabin will be, survived, so I guess now we know what their abort system is: ablative landing gear.

  88. Donald Parlett jr

    As a guy from the Gemini and Apollo era I find this amazing. Werner Von Braun would be impressed.

  89. theonlyari

    How many times have your Kerbal rockets ended disassembled on the ground with nothing but a nose cone left?

  90. Nails077

    Nose cone didn’t get completely destroyed. This is a perfectly acceptable landing by kerbal standards.

  91. CMDR Alvin H. Davenport

    Once they get this figured out, they’re like 80% of the way to getting this thing to orbit and back. That’s amazing.

  92. al h

    Next: Make the rest of Dorothy’s farm fly with her house.

  93. Lee Turnbull

    Cat: “100% successful mission”, Kryten: “but sir, we lost Mr Rimmer” – Cat: “100% successful mission”

  94. Anders Peterson

    rocket: **EXPLODES ON LANDING**
    rocket manufacturer: “That went better than we expected.”

  95. Rui

    this bottle flipping trend is getting out of hand

  96. Tyler TheFriendlyItalian

    There was no mention of “falling with style” but otherwise, a great video nonetheless

  97. A Barbarian Horde

    SN9: “The pressure is on now…”
    Elon: “Then if you could please send it to the O2 header tank… you’ll be fine”

  98. ublade82

    “Sir, we’re running low on fuel!”
    “Burn the engines! DAMN YOU!”

  99. lavapix

    The cameras were saying yeah, we’re going to die. The ending looked like something out of a Buck Rodgers episode.

  100. Special EDy

    Engine 42: “Don’t Panic!”

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