SpaceX Intentionally Destroying Things For Science!

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On Saturday SpaceX will perform a rare full scale in flight abort test, I don’t think anything like thais has happened since the days of Mercury & Atlas. So it’ll be one to watch, and deconstruct, as the veteran 1st stage booster gets consumed in Dragon fire.
Elsewhere they also destroyed a test tank to verify the welding perfomed as expected. There’s a strange Japanese dating game where the winner might get to go to the moon, and SpaceX has become the #1 satellite operator in the world with the 3rd launch of Starlink.

  1. Dustin

    That guy is just trying to be the first to smash in space

  2. Keine Schwäche Zeigen

    4:24 I thought SN1 is mk3?

  3. Brett

    Most women would be happy with a few hundred dollars for what she’s going to have to do.

  4. Bush Master Flash

    A Billionaire who seems unable to get a girl 🤷‍♀️ .
    I think you have to be some serious weirdo for that to happen. Just sayin’.

  5. Cillian Luckass

    8:05 Debris flying by at pretty decent speed. What was that?

  6. Positive Outlook

    I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that a weld is stronger than the material welded. Why then do these tanks fail at the weld?

  7. Brock Hooper

    This pretty much an episode of SpaceX in the news

  8. TheSpacecraftX

    That dude wants to bone in space.

  9. Mark Maslowski

    New Shepard’s in flight abort test didn’t destroy the booster.

  10. randomnickify

    About Starlink – Billions will get the access to the internet while few thousands rich kids will have to learn how to use photoshop to remove satellites from their pictures … I can live with that :)

  11. Karronz

    Hey Scott, just a little bit of feed back from a viewer. I almost skipped the video because of the red box around the thumbnail. It made it look just like the red line that indicates I’ve already watched the video.

  12. Daniel Staal

    Easy solution to the ‘good Internet vs. good astronomy’ problem: Put the telescopes in space, above the satellites. ;)

  13. C.C. ORR

    That’s just Japanese culture
    To us it’s weird but

  14. Turtle_burger01

    2:20. Why am I getting Seth everman vibes

  15. simeon136

    Definitely not made of cardboard, or cardboard derivatives…

  16. Julian Rossi

    Gonna get the worlds biggest candle on my birthday lmao, cant wait haha

  17. Brian CP

    Alright Scott, I’m driving up from South Florida to watch this.

  18. paradigm respawn

    When a Space Nerd can’t get a Date unless he promises to Fly Her Around the Moon.
    That’s what they make RoboGirls for.

  19. KnightsWithoutATable

    Elon Musk now has almost 200 laser equipped satellites in orbit.

  20. Taylor Inase

    We’re calling mk3, Serial 1!

  21. Bram Moerman

    Hmmmm. . . there seems to be some confusion between “Pressure” and “Force”

  22. Leg so hot Hot hot leg leg so hot you fry an egg

    He looks like an old an tired Elon musk

  23. Thiago Lanni

    2:40 Ah Japan… Japan… awalys so goddamn weird… hahah… never change please.

  24. Laughing Orange

    The Falcon Heavy customer was the current Starship customer, it was confirmed on the reveal.

  25. Darcy Coderre

    I’m not a woman. I have been accused more than once of being sexist. That said, having the first woman to orbit the moon, win a beauty pageant; is a step back for the species.

  26. Sandeep Kavi

    4:20 starship mk3 is actually now known as Sn1. Nice vid tho!

  27. Ralph Stewart

    The test should have been done with LOX to test at that temperature,

  28. Zerostar369

    Scott, your delivery of the space news really is the best out of everyone doing it nowadays. Please keep it up!

  29. Alex Pope

    Landing: “Not planned”

  30. Memelord Andromeda

    Exploding rocket gender reveal is literally a huge flex lol

  31. Bob Grau

    Pfft. A man in a shirt like that, says he doesn’t understand the dating game?

  32. Red Dwarf XII

    🎶🎷Fly Me To The Moon🎺🎵. Literally

  33. Gert Sønderby

    Scrooge level work conditions, there. 3AM Christmas Eve? Yikes.

  34. KerbalFacile

    Hmmm, damn, can’t propose to Maezawa-san because I don’t meet the requirements: I’m against world peace.

  35. tcntx

    why yes the FRONT fell off lololol good stuff

  36. Uriah Siner

    Wonder what they’ll name their child..?
    Grimes Elon
    Grime Elon
    Grime Lon
    Grim Lon

  37. Oswyn Faux

    lol, someone is really hoping for some space sex.

  38. Justin Fincher

    The front fell off.
    Good call back!

  39. John Boze

    Scott Manley redefines the word SATIRE. Nice.

  40. Railgap Esoterica

    “the pressure on that was about four and a half thousand tons”. No, the pressure on it was 7.1 bar. ;) The FORCE on the end cap was four and a half thousand tons.

  41. Gil Wanderley

    Maezawa wants to take a date to the Moon because, you know, _the implication._ The date will never be in any danger, of course. Just _the implication._

  42. Gitarzan 66

    Hair is getting a little shaggy there mate.

  43. TjornSTELLAR

    Imagine this test goes wrong and the rocket doesn’t explode.

  44. Ross Elliot

    “gender reveal” doesn’t sound right coming from Scott’s mouth.

  45. MrGhjkl63

    Elon should absolutely put something in the second stage as a gender reveal

  46. Alex Buss

    Someone waking up at some crazy hour to watch this live. Me:I’ll watch the video Scott makes.

  47. Jamal Howard.

    i heard they’re making a musical bachelor lol i thought that was crazy but now the bachelor in space?😂😂

  48. David Bierbaum

    Question: If the tank was filled with liquid, wouldn’t the pressure at the bottom (of the tank -edit) be greater than 7 bar, just because of the weight of the liquid?

  49. Ben Pyman

    I’d always kinda assumed that at least one of the artists would be female, so his date wouldn’t be the only first woman around the moon.

  50. mork orson

    The whole Maezawa dating thing kinda cheapens the whole aspect, I know he’s funding a lot of it but….come on.

  51. stardolphin2

    Mmm…I would say ‘For Engineering!”

  52. vinak

    This was a triumph.
    I’m making a note here:

  53. Grzegorz Kapica

    Why astronomers complain, when they can send dirt cheap telescopes onto the orbit now/in few years.

  54. Jared Gutierrez

    On the transition from the matchmaking advertisements, I was fully expecting Scott to be wearing a wig and lipstick… :)

  55. Nicholas Maude

    This is the SpaceX launch i’ve been looking forward to for months.

  56. R D

    Astronomy: SpaceX using Starship to launch a very large space telescope would be great for astronomy, wouldn’t it…

  57. Daniel GN

    This is going to be the best not-a-flamethrower ever

  58. Jim Cameron

    Literally flying to the moon and making it into a reality-TV dating show? Most. Japanese. Thing. Ever.

  59. Rude Potato

    I’ve seen a few Japanese game shows and have a feeling that at some point on their trip to the moon the video feed will need to be pixelated JAV style.

  60. Cecelia Cacti

    That sound like something Elon would do, exploding something for “ science “ with “dragon fire”

  61. William Swenson

    And “Fly Me to the Moon” will be the theme song, no doubt.

  62. GroovyVideo2

    Thanks for giving the Photographers credit they deserve for what they do-
    their onsite ALL day long tacking pictures

  63. Robel W

    The gender reveal thing isn’t ridiculous. It is kind of cool actually.

  64. Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fett Mane III

    well technically the root cause of the booster RUD would be fire leaving the draco’s mouths

  65. christopher bell

    Elon: good now blow it up
    Rocket: I’m sorry Elon, I’m afraid I can’t do that

  66. James T

    ‘Do you want to come on a date’… women, yes, pick me up at six… where are we going lol!

  67. Thom Wescott

    Re: Starlink and the astronomers, this is probably the best place to ask this question. TL;DR Is this really a problem with modern digital instruments?
    Back in the seventies I was an operator for a near twin to Mt. Wilson’s Hooker telescope. It was like driving a cab where all your fares were Ph.D.s, and I know how lucky I was. On cloudy nights I worked prototyping new instruments, and even then the future looked pretty dim for photo-emulsions. Is anyone still doing serious work with chemicals any more, or are there new electronic instruments that require long physical integration times between readings? Because I can’t think of a single scenario with digital astronomy where removing the satellites would add more than a small fraction to the post processing that is already being done, whether by photoshopping an artistic image or running python filters on data for academic publication.

  68. marlboro9tibike

    Were still living in a time when you wont hear->Im afraid I cant do that Dave.

  69. Dash

    damn, last time i was this early, the booster was still intact

  70. andrew nelson

    3:40 I thought that Elon musk stated that as fact during the dear moon Announcment

  71. Maksymilian Pasternak

    It’s gonna be him and a “guest”. I see powerful funding by brazzers.

  72. temper44

    I would argue that turning a moon trip into a casting call for a date is the perfect representation of our times.

  73. Dale Sparrow

    “The front fell off” XD where’s that from again?

  74. andrew nelson

    I was hoping for the beatbox intro with a impromptu rapid unscheduled disassembly 😉

  75. Kilian Ortmann

    If it ain’t broke, try harder.

  76. InCrIpTiOn

    “I will now initiate self-destruct”

  77. Morgan Sinclair

    So, this will be _scheduled_ disassembly event!

  78. Eulemit Beule

    Ah, the front fell off and it was towed beyond the environment. And the front fell off because a wave hit the ship.

  79. Lieven Petersen

    4:20 starship mk3 is now actually called SN1

  80. woolfoma

    The falcon will die so the dragon can fly.

  81. Corey Waller

    My Maezawa Dear Moon theory is that he wants to line up a ‘life partner’ beforehand so he can be the first human to conceive in space. Children are art.
    Think about it….

  82. Cesar Gonzalez

    LMAOOOOO use the rocket for a gender revel of Elon’s baby!

  83. I Collect Stories

    “crewed” != “crude”
    Tells ya where is my mind.

  84. Dan Bhakta

    Just imagine if the internet and ubiquitous cameras were around when the first colonists from all tribes throughout all of human history could be seen impregnating the local populations. #RealWorld

  85. Prowler Cam

    Maybe we could send Gwyneth Paltrow to the moon and leave her there.

  86. Jigen

    “Ah. Well, you see. The front fell off.” – scorched intern

  87. Cody Dockerty

    I’d put a fiver on it actually surviving somehow

  88. William Swenson

    And “Fly Me to the Moon” will be the theme song, no doubt.

  89. NoName

    Scott is betraying his “most efficient hairstyle”

  90. Владимир Кузнецов Vovacat17

    Yeah, it’s sad to see that particular booster going out. The B046 stage has a great story to itself. First block 5 booster ever. First booster to fly for the third time. Used all 3 launch sites that SpaceX uses. Too bad it’s not going to see its 10th flight, but well… This one is not going to a museum. This one goes out with fireworks, this one dies the way it lived. Flying.

  91. FallenCookie

    The moment when you don’t know if a Billionaire will use an exploding rocket for a gender reveal

  92. Robert Petersen

    Rapid Planned Disassembly

  93. ryanraymond321

    A dating game show with the winner flying to space? That’s such a Japanese thing to do.

  94. Pvt. Duckling

    At the control room:
    Engineer: Separation complete, booster intact with enough fuel to return
    Elon: Good… Now blow it up.
    Engineer: Boss?…
    Elon: I SAID BLOW IT UP!

  95. Feiner Fug

    „The front fell off“ made me choke on my food and I coughed for several minutes.
    Space is dangerous in many unsuspected ways.

  96. OdniindO 1776

    Definitely get a thumbs up for how awkward the dating segment made Scott feel lol

  97. ProudestSheep

    SpaceX: What disposable income really looks like.

  98. Cirrus4000

    ” Intentionally Destroying Things For Science!” , never a more Kerbal title made for a video not about KSP :)

  99. audience2

    It started out with him saying he was going to bring artists with him.

  100. Tjaart Venter

    “Remember kids, the only difference between Science and screwing around is writing it down.”
    Adam Savage

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