SpaceX Identifies Engine Problem, Molecular Water On The Moon, OSIRIS REx Stows Sample

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It’s been a busy week so far, and I’ve been busy with a lot of things, so here’s a round up of a few big-ish stories.
SpaceX identified a problem with some of their engines and is working with NASA to demonstrate safety and launch their Crew-1 Mission in November.
Astronomers working with SOFIA announced the observation of the signature of molecular water on the moon.
OSIRIS REx has returned images showing the sample tool has made it to the return capsule, so things are looking good for a return.

Here’s my video on SOFIA from last year:

  1. LegoSonicFan17

    I was just talking about you in another video’s comment section lol! 😂

    And HULLO from America!

  2. Cydonius1

    something so small like some lacquer clogging a tiny part and it messes up a huge rocket

  3. Ian Hutchison

    $200/month for gigabit internet? I’m thankful it’s only ~$70/month in my area, though I haven’t been able to justify upgrading to that plan yet

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    Your videos are great! I am learning so much from you with every upload. Keep up the amazing work!

  5. Mohsen Abbasi

    9:33 SOFIA loves you too, but .. it just cannot work

  6. dragon

    8:15 Wrong, across 1 cubic m

  7. z33r0 Now

    Homeopathic rocket fuel: your mileage may vary!

  8. Aurélien Bertron

    Wow $200 looks like A LOT to me for an Internet connection (I live in France)

  9. Maico

    that rocket issue is quite scary considering the first official manned flight is imminent albeit that the computer would hopefully again abort the full engine start. Still not so good news for SpaceX’s quality control :(

  10. Dino Schachten

    Yeeeeaaah, Scott is freestyling! Mh, aha, give us dem rhymes.

  11. VoltageLP

    lol, I’m paying $6 a month for a Gigabit (in practice it’s actually between 600 and 800 Mbit)

  12. SpaceManMat

    The failure sounds like it could also be the issue they had in March with starlink.

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    Someone named Sofia watching this: :)

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    For some reason I have Freestyler by Bomfunk MCs playing in my head now.

  15. Jake M

    Good show Scott! Love your shirt ❤ We seem to have more in common than our interest in space exploration. I’d love to see a list of your favorite musicians 👍👍

  16. David Kutzler

    That’s the second time that a cleaning lady spiked an engine.

  17. rpavlik1

    I’m glad they ended up reversing the cancellation of SOFIA that was announced earlier in the pandemic. It seems like just such a unique capability and a good gap to fill (especially given the status of the James Webb Warehouse Filler). Plus it’s just a cool craft!

  18. Keavon Chambers

    Sentinel-6 is November 10th not 4th. Looking forward to finally seeing another space launch from Vandenberg at long last!

  19. Eric Hansen

    Couple thoughts. 1: I LOVE the amount of safeties and how they react to prevent things getting catastrophically out of hand! 2: that anodization company is fired, or people if it was a vertically integrated shop 3: Being able to say “this is the problem, and look we’ve found it caused these other ‘transient’ issues” is huge.

  20. CD S

    OSIRIS REx when your eyes are bigger that your belly ; )

  21. DreamskyDance

    I was looking forward to a video by you on this topic when reading article about this on ars tehnica in the morning :D

  22. WheresWally

    10:49 seconds , oh well not to far over.

  23. Watcher Zero

    A local newspaper described the concentration as like a glass of water spread evenly across the whole Sahara Desert or about 1/100th the concentration of the driest place on Earth. Not sure how accurate but puts it into perspective.

  24. Skeptic2006

    I’m now even more sus at my spoons that are aluminium with a black coating on them.

  25. Paul Gracey

    More than a year ago I attended a science lecture about a proposal for a robotic Lunar probe to explore one of the Moon’s lava tubes dropping down inside it on a cable tethered at the surface. I suspect that the cost of such an unmanned probe, which might find more water there than Sofia can observe on the surface, would cost less than just one aspect of the return of manned lunar exploration. As one who had a tiny part in building instruments aboard the MER rovers Spirit and Opportunity, where we complained that the manned shuttle spaceflights were the 900 lb. gorillas of NASA funding, I think NASA sees Sofia as more expensive to operate than the Hubble telescope, due to the personnel costs and more limited observational windows of opportunity it often has. Ground based telescope observing sessions are more weather limited, it is true, and Sofia can be deployed in a way that avoids some or most of it, but the flights to and from the regions where the observations need to be done on any particular night, have a lot of incidental expenses not directly related to the science that can be produced, and its data reduction costs.

  26. Steve Nick's

    1:love the shirt.
    2:i want to hang out on the “shady side of the moon”

  27. Tiberius Maximus

    for anyone, I know the surface of the moon is quite hot during daytime hours, that being true what would be say the surface of Cere’s temp be in direct sunlight? I realize its in between Mars and Jupiter but wouldn’t it still be rather “warm”?

  28. BnORailFan

    Finding a clogged tube can only happen on a brand new rocket engine. When they are allowed to fly previously flown ones it won’t be a problem.


    $200 pm for a Gigabit! _You’re being fleeced in the US_

  30. Niklas Koskinen

    I forgot how funny the short body 747 looks like…

  31. Juan Pedro Pascual

    Really looking forward to how the Starlink beta is going to go. Also, you said the speeds advertised are actually in Mb/s not in Mbps. So I believe it ends up converting to 400-1200 Mbps.

  32. The Aziz

    I didn’t know that Dwayne Johnson was going to fly on a Dragon

  33. Cern Green

    Yeah! There’s water on the moon— let’s go water skiing! Wait, what? A soda bottle’s worth?

  34. TheStormingmonkey

    That feeling when Space X identifies and resolves manufactures recalls faster than your car company!

  35. ofek pearl

    The price for Starlink service is really out of this world.

  36. GiuseppeSan

    Hullo Scott, thanks as always for taking time out of your busy schedule to keep everyone apprised on these exciting updates!

  37. Antonio Loma

    Well, another proof that “water as Moon fuel” may be a shady business :)

  38. DualizedRain

    Imagine someone selling “Lunar Water” in the nearby future

  39. C Wel

    Love the info Scott. Fly Safe.

  40. Locut0s

    When you said they cat scanned the engine I pictured a medical cat scanner lol. But I’m assuming there are industrial imagine devices that aren’t the toroidal machines used in hospitals lol. Otherwise that would be quite the machine :D

  41. David Hemsath

    So, did SpaceX launch their last two Starlink missions whilst figuring out the engine problem? It was their own payload, so I can see them betting big (and getting more data if there was a launch failure). Maybe they self ensure their own missions.

  42. Melon Collie

    Where I live, it’s the largest metropolitan area in the state, despite that, we only have one major internet provider, sparklight, and as you might expect we’re paying 65$ for 700mb internet. We also have a data cap, but it’s 15 terabytes so it’s practically non-existent for us.

    Also, while lack of competition is definetly the main cause for expensive internet, we’re also much more spread out than in other countries, so infrastructure is more expensive.

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    Clavius. Is that near to the monolith?

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    Hey Scott, I always enjoy your content and actually get some news :)
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    And a Vendor made product at that…!! 😱😳🤭🤷🏻‍♂️

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    10:08 Scott Manley: Give me a cup of coffee and 30 mins and I can host an entire episode of OLF, by myself, with no breaks xD

  47. Mikhail Bukhtenko

    Can we just not ignore the fact, that we found MOLECULES ON THE MOON FROM EARTH

  48. RocketSurgeon

    Clavius? Damned, that’s exactly where I was planning on establishing my secret lunar colony/space pirate hideout.. with NASA spying on the place, I’ll have to rethink this whole plan.

  49. William Wheeler

    $200 a month for 1 gigabit? Damn, I was complaining that I thought my $70 a month for a gigabit was still too high. Competition rocks. We have three different venders offering gigabit range links running by our house. I guess it was worth the wait and them cutting up the yard a few times to run cables.

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  53. Emmett Beech

    Looking forward to the asteroid sample return. 2 words: Andromeda Strain.

  54. Jakob Kenda

    “… a can of soda spread across a football field.”
    I never understood why some people use football fields as a unit of area (or why Americans call their sport football).
    Great video though.

  55. Johan M

    Clavius cratre – Isnt there were the US moon base is in 2001? Johan.

  56. John Watson

    Arthur C Clark noted that some people didn’t get when Floyd says he’s going to “Clavius” he’s going to Clavius base on the moon – they thought he meant the planet Clavius.

  57. Genghis Khan

    I pay 95 dollars a month in the caribbean for 12mb down and 0.5mb up. Definatly getting starlink

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    “the shady part of the moon…”
    Blimey, the Mafioso are there already?

  59. Rune Broberg

    Your mention of “the shady parts of the moon” put so many good pictures in my mind. Muggers, hustler pool bars, flickering neon signs – and apparently, lots of water.

  60. John Eriksson

    It’s great the sensors could see something is wrong! Awesomeness! Much rather a cancel 2 seconds before than a boom. Well, boom-booms are great to watch as well, unless there are people inside. :P

  61. xmtxx2

    Scott Manley: “I’m paying 200$ a month for a gigabit”
    Me: *laugh in 50E a month for 10 gigabit*
    In france (where I am), a gbps is around 30E/month

    Those price are hugely expensive. Don’t you have a monoply problem of some sort?

  62. bar04z

    Love SOFIA, I have it as one of my FlightAware alerts so I know whenever it’s flying :)

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    200 dollars a month for 1Gbps connection!? Here it costs 30€ a month :o (Finland)

  64. Steve Perry

    I suspect that the lacquer used in the anodising process was to protect some surfaces from being anodised, I have seen the requirement for this on drawings for some components at work such as where a grounding strap will be fitted as anodising creates an electrically insulating layer. Equally the dye used could react with oxygen and ignite, so plugging the inside of a pipe carrying oxygen would be required, maybe the surface finish was inspected but not the bore of the pipe. The inspection procedure will now include either a visual, ball bearing, or flow rate test of the pipe, two are self explanatory but the ball bearing test requires a little explanation, a single ball bearing of a specified size must be able to pass through the pipe :)

  65. Adam Taylor

    David Byrne shirt for the win!!!

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    This video should have been titled: “How to ‘freestyle’ like a boss!”

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    SpaceX needs to launch a craft named “Untitled Space Craft”

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    “The shady parts of the moon” – yeah you better keep one hand on your wallet in those areas…

  69. Shawn Elliott

    LOL “too concentrated for homeopathy.” Homeopathic medicine is ENTIRELY water!

    Could the water on the surface of the moon be trapped inside silica, the way it often is on Earth (especially in silica gel packets)?

  70. Gidagorfen

    I’m still confused about the announcement of water on the Moon since I thought we learned years ago of water ice in some of the craters that were mostly out of seen of the sun?

  71. Starxteel KJB1611

    Well I’m glad SpaceX rockets don’t run on Windows 10

  72. ReverendTed

    “Maybe it turns out there’s a lot more of it on the shady parts of the moon.”
    Doesn’t every part of the moon get lit during each lunar cycle? Or were you referring to deep craters or polar areas?

  73. Jonathan Cox

    If you don’t stay for the “fly safe” at the end, its bad luck. Proven fact of rocket science.

  74. Frik Na luzie

    Heh. Remember when NASA required brand new, not reused boosters for crewed missions? Now they want flight proven boosters. Oh, how fast point of view can change :)

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    CAT Scanning a Rocket Engine, what will they think of next?

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    Considering the times we live in, Scott seems pretty chipper these days …

  79. Dmytro Picky

    its amazing that things like that do not end up in disasters and get figured out. safety protocols and investigations are actually very hard

  80. Václav Marek

    Hello Scott! I was wondering, perhaps you mentioned it somewhere, but do you know about the current de-orbiting of dozens of starlink satellites? Just this month, about 20 were de-orbited! Could be interesting to look into, and in general, the topic of getting rid of old satellite could be worth considering for a future video?

  81. C Cubed Miniatures

    Crew one will fly before boing can refly their unmanned test. Why are they still given funds, we should have gone with dream chaser

  82. Richard Bowley

    Water in Clavius Crater. Coincidence that Arthur C. Clarke chose Clavius for the site of the American moon base in “2001”.

  83. Cole Smith

    9:44 – That’s a rather…. wide SOFIA right there…

  84. loic gregoire

    $200 for a gigabit is still very expensive, even with other services. doesn’t it ?

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    Me: so our 8Mb is not fast then?

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    Yaaaaay, the OLD INTRO music is back 👏👏👏👏👏

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    2:33 today I found out that they literally CAT scan rocket engines to find problems…I had no idea they did stuff like this wow

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    Scott: I’ve got forest next to me…
    California: Challenge accepted ;P

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    Coming up next, the Electron rocket looked damn good yesterday.

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    Clavius Crater?
    We’re going to find a monolith aren’t we.

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    Thanks Scott. I like how you can “freestyle” and still put out great content. You’re the man!

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    “Soda can per football field” is probably the most American unit of density I’ve ever heard of.

  93. Daniel Newallis

    Found this gem in the Starlink beta terms and services!

    Governing Law:

    For Services provided to, on, or in orbit around the planet Earth or the Moon, these Terms and any disputes between us arising out of or related to these Terms, including disputes regarding arbitrability (“Disputes”) will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California in the United States. For Services provided on Mars, or in transit to Mars via Starship or other colonization spacecraft, the parties recognize Mars as a free planet and that no Earth-based government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities. Accordingly, Disputes will be settled through self-governing principles, established in good faith, at the time of Martian settlement.

  94. Jd Beistline

    “Red lacquer”
    Otherwise called Stop Off, and in its uncured state causes chemical burns to exposed skin(without proper PPE), is very sweet smelling, and the fumes much like chromium enriched paint are carcinogenic.
    Its dangerous like MEK.

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    “I walk down the street, and there are major towns and such.” Scott Manley, speedwalker. Walk safe, Scott!

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    Sofia is accually in a D-Check that means it is being taken apart maintained and put together again. I saw the plane today at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg.

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