SpaceX Completes Crew Demo Mission To Space Station

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Yesterday SpaceX’s crew capable Dragon 2 spacecraft completed its visit to the ISS, demonstrating the technology was sound and clearing one more hurdle on its way to becoming a commercial crew transportation provider.

If you want your own celestial buddy Earth – you’ll have to wait until they come back into stock:

  1. nottiification

    Ironic: the most useful thing you can do with an ipad is use it to remote connect to a windows machine.

  2. Nick D. Johanson

    I’m really curious to know how this “restrictor ring” works to only allow the chutes to partially open at first, then after a few seconds, fully inflate.

  3. TheLobstersoup

    Here’s a Limerick: Is the Dragon 2’s Crew called the Dragon 2 Crew or the Crew of Dragon 2?

  4. zimmy1958

    Fom the first man on the moon till now I love it all. Thanks Scott for sharing.

  5. Drew Stevenson

    Analogue is bald too! Now you have to get Sky to paint your head as an earth for your next stream.

  6. Kraken Burger

    Ziggy forgot to fly safe and forgot seatbelt

  7. Benny Carpenter-Deason

    I like the idea of reusing it for the Launch Abort tests with minimal changes from splashdown. Like how BMW doesn’t wash their race winning cars before displaying them everywhere. Call it a victory lap.

  8. Minokawa

    I wonder how the Celestial Body/Zero G Indicator/Plush Earth raises the social value of the crew, like Wilson from Cast Away.

  9. Josh Wilder

    I love the expression on the plushy, it just looks so awed.

  10. Elias Gallegos

    All of this is just out of this world! ;)

  11. MatthewRulla

    In aviation the altitude of the aircraft is always measured and expressed in terms of above Mean Sea Level (MSL) and in Flight Level (FL), except at the time of landing when it may be measured in terms of Above Ground level (AGL)

  12. George Gooding

    I’m old enough that I remember the Mercury flights on TV. I still get a thrill watching things like this. Love your videos.

  13. Richard

    So excited, finally were doing something to move forward.

  14. ke6gwf

    Scott, just want to say that while I watched it all in long form straight from nasa, a lot of it live, I enjoyed your coverage better! Lol

  15. Beek

    the astronauts would stay in the capsule until it goes on the ship. Because they have to make sure the capsule is at the right pressure before opening the hatch.

  16. Admiral Preparedness

    Being a space buff since my early childhood, I WANT THAT EARTHLING!!!!

  17. Dustin Anglin

    Is that also why Boeing is doing the airbags instead of propulsion for the Starliner ground landing?

  18. Dexter Campbell

    so this is why I subscribed to your channel and I also like the video direct news direct information clear as day a brilliant presentation

  19. Ramon Sauls

    Eart plushie is living the life i see

  20. Gareth H

    That splashdown. Makes me all nostalgic for the 1960s.

  21. Ben Verdel

    Thanks Scott for another great video.
    At one time you mentioned that the craft was still supersonic when they deployed the first chutes?
    If I rememder well during the the live transmission the lady said that the capsule was “now subsonic” and that was before the chutes came out. But I could be wrong.

  22. Secret Name

    “Another Happy Landing”

  23. Charly Shine

    Hi Scott
    in case the parachutes fail do you thing super draco engines would take over and do a propulsive landing ?

  24. Roger Berntsen

    I loved how he gave us additional information on the observing aircraft, exactly what I was going to look up after he first mentioned the aircraft.

  25. the unknow

    about that ipad thing…
    maybe they used a remote desktop program to access another computer on board?

  26. Gregory Kitchens

    It’s so awesome it all went perfectly! I think we’re gonna see a crew on dragon 2 in June! It’s been so exciting seeing it all come together over the last few years

  27. Anonymous Freak

    The “MSL” of the WB-57 is almost certainly in feet, not meters. It’s likely flying nowhere near its ceiling.

  28. Pouria Rafsanjani Nejad

    Hey Scott,
    Im pretty sure I have heard in the live stream that the vehicle was subsonic prior to drogue shoot deployment. Am I wrong?

  29. Josh Kaufman

    15 minute de-orbit burn, hmm . .
    Does this make use of throttled down super Draco with the fuel intended for launch escape?
    If not, what becomes of the escape fuel?
    Does it return to splash down with the dragon?

  30. richb313

    Thanks for the video Scott. Quite an age we live in. It almost reminds me of the 60’s and early 70’s. Maybe we will return to the moon in my life time. I’m 68 so there is hope.

  31. Paul Freedman

    3:23 Scott, he’s likely using a windows remote desktop from his ipad. Even some astronauts like windows, you know.

  32. Mike H

    Seems more likely he is using one of the windows laptops remotely through wifi and screen sharing (rdp or vlc).

  33. Sheppix

    Will Ziggy be next station Commander? :-D

  34. strange0eye

    I just hacked my VCR to fix the embedded cobol program for the Y2K 2 digit fix. Works like a charm now. ;-]

  35. Phil

    They need to send up Wilson next. Maybe on the first Starliner flight

  36. Anarchy Antz

    Space X CGI is definitely better than NASA’s (Joking by the way).
    Awesome visuals of orbital mechanics and what humanity can do when they actually get away from politicians deciding space budgets.

  37. Pascal S.

    I hope elon will play around with propulsive landing of the crew dragon if they use it as cargo only version and not its first flight.

  38. Anders Juel Jensen

    Hey Scott :) You truly have become my one-stop-shop for space news. I love your analysis and anecdotes to go with the imagery.

  39. Laurenz Edelmann

    I like how he fast forwarded the footage x4 like in KSP xD

  40. zomgthisisawesomelol

    11:00 hyperbolic earth theory CONFIRMED

  41. Mark Lucas

    Damn!! I so loved those pictures at the end with Ziggy – made me smile and cry.

  42. Bradley Morris

    I love your channel. I love how you keep me up to date about things i didnt even know was going on

  43. Shiny Bald Guy

    VCR? Nice.
    …Took me a minute to remember what that was. It’s been a while.

  44. Mitch Gordon

    I love all the velcro, It’s how i imagined. What an environment to be in! And quite a view. o7

  45. Ben Hollis

    Love your content Scott, keep it up! Awesome montage at the end, nice pick of music!

  46. MrUnit731

    What are those shoots made out of?
    PS- I’m a new subscriber os af today :)

  47. Gregory Parker

    The thinkpads are running Linux?

  48. Kiyoshi Kirishima

    Amazing achievement. After the two-steps-back of the STS, we’re back on track.

  49. lmb20203

    That was great to watch live. Hopefully this is the first successful Dragon 2 mission in the row, if so it will be the next step in space exploration.

  50. nick4819

    “Glad some of you set your VCR’s to record.” Oh god…vcr’s…lol

  51. AFNacapella

    hey Scott, could you talk about the abort modes of several spacecraft? like, how save is spaceflight today/-morrow?
    “the faster, the saver? 10+ mindblowing facts about your commute of the future”

  52. Blinka Bot

    wow Mr, Scot… the images at the end are pinnacle atop of the cherry on a graet Birthday cake
    Thanks for that wonder spirit you share upon us

  53. Richard Sleep

    I hadnt seen this footage yet but I know Scott will update me ;)

  54. PlunderMyBooty

    Major milestones for both of these programs, I’m tremendously proud. :)
    But what about StarLink??

  55. perstyr

    I had no idea that Bakolite is used in rockets. That’s amazing!

  56. GoSlash27

    It would’ve been hilarious if Ziggy was flat instead of a sphere. Troll level 1,000.

  57. Vincini Car

    It’s saturday “clubbing” night and I hope to do some “docking” as well!

  58. Kevin Street

    Thanks for another wonderful video! You add so much context and such great explanations to these videos, it just makes everything 100x better. This is one of the best channels on YouTube!

  59. Crag

    Always love your videos and your news Scott! <3 Thank you for all you do and fly safe!

  60. T 25

    Scott if you want a tour of WB57 upclose let me know.
    If you’re interested in Orbital debris or hypervelocity impact lab… let me know
    Fly safe !
    Ellington afb, NASA JCS Houston

  61. out4space

    You should reach out to Alexander Gerst, answering your questions (about the computers/tablets etc). Thanks for the video.

  62. hawk7825

    Come on Scott… setting VCR man … lol good one.

  63. Michael Howell

    Elon is our best hope for Mars n the Pentagon is worried bout him takin a toke? Half the engineers in America take a toke! Geez! Give me a break!

  64. Alpha Adhito

    I wish Test Shot Starfish soundtrack kept used on NASA TV, its really interesting to see that (yeah seems SpaceX was in charge of live broadcasting this mission on NASA TV)

  65. DKTAz00

    Maybe real astronauts arent that IT savy, with that skill in regard maybe they were actually more akin to a Bruce Willis astronaut

  66. Starman

    Can Dragon still land propulsive? Like in a situation when the parachutes didn’t deploy.

  67. Elopeous

    In the VERY VERY unlikely event that the dragon2 breeches during the landing and water starts filling and slowly sinking it. Does spacex have an emergency procedure to handle this situation?
    Considering the astronauts may not be able to move on their own after their long stay in space, how will they be able to egress safely out of the capsule before the capsule goes under?
    And yes. I know that their recovery efforts would probably be faster and more efficient for manned dragons etc but it’s just the very unlikely possibility that it may occur.

  68. BAM

    I must say, your voice is actually kind of epic.

  69. Bijan Izadi

    Wow this is so amazing I am so happy I found your channel (courtesy of a recommendation from a Matt Lowne video)

  70. ArchEnema 67

    I always like to drift slowly into the atmosphere of sleep after I’ve “undocked from the hatch”. Better than the traditional shared cigarette.

  71. Carlos Saraiva

    Fantastic. Amazing imagery and what an achievement. Congratalations, SpaceX. While i am critical of the privatization of space there is no denying this was a job very well done. Impressive, most impressive.

  72. Ron Schlorff

    Beautiful images! Thanks to all involved for giving us such a wonderful “front row seat”!!

  73. Michael Thompson

    I set my VCR and all the belts and capstans fell out in the form of a fine powder.
    …and then the tape fell out in the form of a fine powder.
    So much for James Brown and the Tami show…

  74. Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson

    Thanks for all of your great videos Scott! I watch all of them. If you ever need an illustrator for you projects please keep me in mind. :)

  75. rJaune

    I love how astonished the Little Earth looks when looking out the window.

  76. Tim McCausland

    In the SpaceX broadcast the commentator mentioned the astronauts would exit the capsule after it was on the recovery vessel. The extra time wasn’t an issue since it sounded like they could use that time to ensure the pressures had equalized.

  77. Thin White Duke

    THEY USED ANOTHER BOWIE REFERENCE!!!!!! I love you SpaceX. Thank you for naming it Ziggy. Next should be Starman or Cracked Actor

  78. Merlin

    That hopper looks just like the Enterprise being built out in the open next to corn fields in the 2009 movie.

  79. Gary Wordsworth

    If the Astronaut analogue was named “Ripley” then surely the plush planet toy should have been called “Jonsey”

  80. Danny Boel

    they should have hidden a Facehugger prop in there 😉

  81. Markerov

    3:12 So, something I’ve been wondering about the iPads… How do they change the screen orientation in microgravity?

  82. Gh Bazinga

    Pls keep the floating earth in the credits! 😄

  83. Aldi

    If the parachutes failed to open could they use the superdracos to slow down and instead?

  84. Mark Henderson

    The WB-57 is the most Kerbal aircraft I’ve seen.

  85. Askmi Leitr

    @4:15 Audio recording from inside Ripley’s helmet: “Nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  86. richw0123

    I wonder if those SuperDraco thrusters could be or indeed have been programed to be used as a parachute failure backup? It would be better than nothing.

  87. kyle fenrick

    I wish I had stocks in that plush company 😋

  88. Shrike DeCil

    It was stated in the live broadcast that any passengers/crew would not be leaving the capsule until is was bolted down in the ‘nest’ on the recovery ship. Whether this ends up as actual practice or not – who knows. But having an open large hatch on a seagoing vessel that has no maneuverability and dubious stability…. Add the use of the large side hatch instead of the small nose hatch…. Yeah, I’d wait.

  89. Nucleus

    The zero G indicator will be brought back by the first astronauts that will go to ISS in the Dragon 2, in some months 🤗

  90. CephalopodsRock

    That capsule went from Star Trek to Star Wars in half an hour

  91. The Lonely Rogue

    What do you mean Ripley can’t move under her own power?! Is she okay?

  92. Evan S

    9,700 Funds Recovered!

  93. HighFlyer

    Scott I’m a co-op in FOD at Johnson I can tell you how the iPads are used if interested

  94. Yeshead

    Little plush earth is sure to be the hottest toy sold in the Milky Way in 2019.

  95. Pesterenan

    I wish they started calling him *Celestial Buddy* hehe

  96. The Lonely Rogue

    A photograph, of a screenshot, of a scan, of a print, of an email. That’s how the savages are using their iPads.

  97. iforce2d

    Thumbs up if you’ve already seen all the footage and know all about it, but you wanted to hear Scott Manley tell you anyway :)

  98. Silt

    Can you make an Episode about Parachutes and how they open so nicely (Things KSP doesn’t teach)?

  99. Manuel Lorenzo

    The pictures with the plushie are incredibly adorable.

  100. Wallace

    ‘Set your VCRs to record’
    I think you’re showing your age !

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