Space Updates – Crew Demo, Spaceship Two, Elon Memes

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We’ve had some official updates on SpaceX’s Crew Demo Mission, Virgin Galactic went to ‘space’ again and Elon couldn’t stop posting things to twitter. No, not that dumb meme review show, really useful pointers about SpaceX’s plans for the next few months,

  1. The Brazilian Guy

    MEME ๐Ÿ‘ REVIEW ๐Ÿ‘

  2. 2A Talk and Politics

    Crew Dragon capsule…. will be awesome. Was awesome to watch Thursday launch. They landed the “spiciest” drone landing. Congrats

  3. Scott Oliver

    I’ve got a bad feeling about that obtrusive, conical Dragon nose-cone. Just saying…

  4. FesixGermany

    I really want to see SpaceX bringing astronauts to the ISS.

  5. ugowar

    I’m wondering how much the ASDS landing vs RTLS is driven by performance and how much with any abort blackzone considerations if MVac fails to start for any reason. Reentry G limits and all that. Those extra few seconds of burn time on ASDS landings do add some significant velocity in the end.
    Also, CRS-16 is not really comparable to in-flight abort stage survival consideration, the stage was going down engine first so it was a more dynamically stable configuration, center of pressure behind center of mass (dart-like). On ascent, the situation is reversed so it will very much “like” to tumble.

  6. whit 1

    noice fine print in the thumbnail!!โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜†

  7. BGal

    Hey scott will you come to LA for Yuris Night this year?

  8. Joe Duke

    Soon the boosters will be landing in the Bermuda Triangle, and so tunneling through
    100 years into the future, I hope bank accounts are being set up for the crews?

  9. Eanna McNamara

    Yes! Nasa really should bring the nerva back.

  10. Mig Ano

    Thank you so much for these videos <3

  11. HydraulicTater

    7:30 but… but… everything is lead lined! :)

  12. Keene Tiedemann

    SpaceX talks while Virgin Galactic delivers

  13. Sappy-Seaman

    Meme ๐Ÿ‘ review ๐Ÿ‘

  14. Allen Hentges

    Hey Scott any chance in future talk in miles vs. Km

  15. Ruiluth

    Wait wait wait, hold everything. Nuclear rockets? They’re actually thinking about them again? That’s the most exciting space news I’ve heard in a long time.

  16. Chris Paterson

    March 2nd is my birthday. A successful mission would make a fine gift.

  17. Nuovoswiss

    Anyone know what SpaceX makes their second-stage nozzles out of? I was surprised that they could hold up to a white-hot glow (ie, temps over 1000ยฐC).

  18. Charles Bates

    SLS. Got to keep that taxpayer money coming to keep those political donations going in.

  19. Jason Carlson

    A bit of a fight on that one. Well done! I had no doubts you could knock it open.. Have a great Sunday!

  20. Rian Pe

    Merlin engine has world record on TWR? How about good old Proton ะ ะ”-253?
    And many other โ€œstinkyโ€ engines)

  21. Bob Stein

    6:09 Waitaminit, “pintle” was converted into to “Pinter” in _both_ your tweets?

  22. Marco Roepers

    I was expecting Scott reporting the Hayabusa-2 news. It is a spectacular mission IMHO.

  23. HO LAM YIU

    DM-1! DM-1! Woo! So excited to see a capsule designed to carry humans flying from American soil, we’ve never seen that since Apollo!

  24. Mihai Lazar

    Oh March 2nd is when the First Tech Challenge Regionals are going to be
    Working in CAD for our robot right now while listening to good ol’ Scott

  25. Dunkleosteus

    I actually enjoyed the meme review. I thought it was very funny.

  26. Mike Richards

    Friday night circus, Saturday morning opera – please say you are starring in both.

  27. Gorilla Swirl

    1.21 gigawatts, if you actually watch the movie, its 1.(twenty one) jigawatts. the doc says it completely wrong. hahaha

  28. LondonSpade

    Been shopping for jackets have we, Scott?
    Antarctica vlog coming 2019

  29. Tom Meakin

    That’s ๐Ÿ‘ my ๐Ÿ‘ boi

  30. Tony Elsom

    HEAVY space activity this year,…I just LOVE it…..GO ELON!… ;-)

  31. ChrisBrengel

    This was great. Thanks for the vid

  32. Denis Volyntsev

    Great video, Scott! Thanks for bringing all this amazing news to us! -)

  33. HDLiggett

    Correction: 11:48PM Pacific on March 1

  34. Ming Lord

    yes, do a livestream during the DM! launch-that’d be really cool Monsieur Scottley :)

  35. Beezqp

    Scott – thanks for all the amazing coverage we get from you almost on a daily basis!! :)

  36. David Cadman

    Just came here from a side bar on another video, political, and noticed that I wasn’t subbed. strange because I had subbed loooooooong time ago. re-subbed and rang the bell… YT playing silly buggers again…

  37. James Wright

    How many dragon 2 spacecraft have been built,

  38. Allan Copland

    OMG! Suborbital is yawningly unexciting. KUDOS to SPACEX for today’s great job of work.

  39. M C

    Scott manley always has the best vids but 50% goes right over my head…yet i keep watching

  40. Sebastian M.

    Great video again. Love the retur of the classic outro music.

  41. Ricky Downhill - RDH

    Wow, tons of great space news, thanks for the update!! Circus, Launch, Opera, now THAT’S a great 3 days!!

  42. Mitch Meiring

    Love your show. It’s great to see and hear about rocket science. Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next.

  43. Felipe Rivas

    just imagine, in another timeline elon didn’t host meme review

  44. Gregory Wood

    Thanks for the update. I learned things. :)

  45. Andrew Mandrona

    I think the nuclear engines NASA is talking about are things like VASIMR and similar plasma based engines being hooked up to a relatively normal nuclear reactor.

  46. Fraser Henderson

    Thank you, Scott Manley. This was an engaging production. Liked and subbed

  47. mechtheist

    If we’d kept working on the Orion Drive we’d already be mining the asteroids.

  48. FriskyDingo

    March 2nd is my wife and I’s anniversary. Woot, I will be watching!

  49. TzuCraft

    Keep doing these news updates Scott! That’s the only way I keep up on these important things

  50. Alyn Penners

    Yes, the raptor engine was damaged, but the 180 is not a reusable engine. So, does the 180 suffer from damage at those pressures as well? Most likely.

  51. Josh Lyon

    Your Saturn V is missing the CM and launch escape tower and it’s driving me mad.

  52. radarw64

    Thank you so much for the update. This is truly an exciting time.

  53. XBadgerKnightX

    “No, not that dumb meme review show”

  54. Jimmy Ostler

    Why is my dolphin not working lol

  55. 1p21GW

    Great info as usual, thanks for mentioning my youtube/twitter name – I didnt realize it was so deadly

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    Jeff Bozo,put up or shut up schmuck you running way back of the pack.
    You may want to save your money to pay the Covington boys.

  57. softdorothy

    2600 magazine in the background? You old hacker, you!

  58. Frank Winkhorst

    Stanton T. Friedman _(Crash at Corona)_ was doing nuclear rockets decades ago. Every time they got close, the project was shut down.

  59. Brian Juel Pedersen

    I just love the way Scott says “booster”, sounds a bit like “byyster” – kills me every time

  60. Ian._002

    The rocket at Boca Cheka (I def spelt that wrong lol) is probably for training for the astronauts in the real star hoppers


    Always love to see notifications that you have posted. Hello from Bangkok. :)

  62. Meow Dog

    lol “keeled over and lost part of that”.. keeled over rofl. “heeled over” my non maritime friend, “heeled over”.

  63. Launch Pad Astronomy

    Thanks for the update, Scott. DM1 is gonna be a hell of a show.

  64. Grasshopper K

    Howdy Mr Manley,
    I can only hope you see this, but I’m genuinely curious as to what you personally would think.
    I’m an Irish 20 year old Automations Engineering student in TUD (formerly DIT), looking to get my hands on sterile filling machines. But the intricacies of Space tech, and weeks of fun I’ve had from KSP also have my attention.
    Coaxed by your video on reentry physics I have to ask, for your view on a form of “reusable” shielding. That involved some form of very efficient ablative thick liquid/oil(?). That could be “sweated” out onto the surface. I have to admit, sweating skin wasn’t the inspiration for the idea in my head. I only realised what I’d thought of was on my arms a moment later. It was the combination of your video and Space X’s active cooling. (Specifically when you got to the ablative surfaces of the Apollo capsules)
    How efficient, in your mind, or inefficient for that matter, would you deem such a system. What goes around your mind at the idea. Understandably, a passive Ablative surface has very little chance for failure. It’s ready for action as soon as the mission launches. An “active”(?) ablative/”sweating” surface would rely quite heavily on the supply of such a liquid to the surface by “just” a few hundred excretion holes, AND the unhindered supply by undoubtedly a very suffisticated system. Which leads to more places for an error, which in this case, would be as simple, yet as catastrophic as the late Columbia and her brave crew.
    Perhaps it might simply be to complicated a system, for such a delicately critical task, and Space X’s internal bloodstream style cooling would perform a much more reliable, and just as reusable system, and now that I think of it, with likely even less maintenance requirements.
    Either way it’s now a question I’m genuinely dieing to hear what you think of?
    I’m not too sure how well I explained my question. But I’d love to hear none the less.
    Kind regards,

  65. Alex Hughes

    Is there any hope skylon will ever make progress?

  66. Ivan Ilyich

    Hi Scott! I have a question, would the Be-4 be strong enough to power Starship/superheavy?

  67. Ryan Pederson

    Will you be performing in either the circus or the opera?

  68. HortenseSnow23

    Clicked the video instantly when i saw *_Elon Memes_*

  69. Nojatha

    Now that thereโ€™s opportunity and a growing market surrounding the fascination of space, we might FINALLY see a noticeable acceleration of technology to go deeper into space

  70. Normen Yu

    Where did you get the map at 3:50? Is there a link or did you plot those data yourself?

  71. Vladimir Lenin

    *M E M E R E V I E W*

  72. Shaya Nirenberg

    Scott is the first to say beresheet properly

  73. Larry Lawrence

    thank you spacex video, best space channel on youtube

  74. petikee96

    Are they still planning to detonate the fist stage under the Dragon during the inflight abort test?

  75. Martin Joubert

    What other CEO says hardware will get fragged? Awesome. Elon should play missile defense with that booster from the Dragon abort test.

  76. Benito Llan Matos

    I’d be lying if I said I never closed Apex this fast before.

  77. Death Valley Dazed

    Thanks for the time you put into your background research in order to produce your timely videos!

  78. Darth Vader

    That revive option on Mars actually made me laugh.

  79. Devin Hallsworth

    Scott just jealous he doesnt get featured on meme review. :3

  80. Opportunity In China

    I loved his idea of using the BFR for intercontinental travel. I’m tired of 14 hours flights from America to China several times annually. It take me 40 minutes to get from my home to my office; I’d be thrilled to fly to China or back in the same time frame.
    Please, Elon, bring it back!

  81. Karen Pease

    Nuclear thermal rockets would be *extremely* useful for a floating Venus habitat’s ascent stage.
    * It lets you do a single-stage ascent/recovery. No re-mating stages hanging under a balloon.
    * It lets you do powered hover-docking (particularly with mixed airbreathing designs) rather than requiring reentered stages to deploy balloons.
    * Despite the poorer TW ratio, a single-stage nuclear thermal rocket would be vastly lighter (wet mass), meaning that you don’t need a massive habitat just to loft a rocket for a small capsule.
    * Despite the fact that you have to use hydrogen, which is in limited supply on Venus[1], you end up burning less than even low-hydrogen propellants (like LOX/acetylene) in conventional rockets, due to the high ISP.
    * You can launch to a higher orbit for docking with your Earth-return rocket (something like Starship), which gives *it* more capacity.
    So, as a Venus fan, I’m always glad to see nuclear thermal rocket work!
    [1] Carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen are available en masse from the atmosphere, but hydrogen is only available from the sparse sulfuric acid mists (low dozens of parts per million), or even lower as free water vapour and other acids. The sulfuric acid mists are thankfully easy to scrub[2] and process[3], but quantities are limited for realistic mass flow rates. The only exception is if sulfuric acid precipitation or frosts on Venus turn out to be confirmed; this could significantly increase recoverable quantities.
    [2] The airstream for scrubbing is most realistically provided by ducting air from your props (propulsion), which provides for a very high mass flow rate. Electrostatic scrubbing makes for a clear first and final pass. Wet scrubbing makes for an appealing option to collect all of the interesting hygroscopic species, but most liquids (including water) are not viable for this purpose due to the rate in which they’d be lost to the atmosphere through evaporation; the mass of absorbants to recollect them is impractical, as is collection by chilling or pressure. The exception is wet scrubbing with ionic liquids, which have a near-zero vapour pressure (virtually zero evaporation), and can be tuned to pick up desirable species. The most desirable species to scrub with a high affinity is hydrogen fluoride, which is only available in low-ppb quantities; fluorine is very useful in polymers that can hold up for long periods in corrosive and UV-exposed environments (e.g. as exterior layers/coatings for the envelope). An alternative but inferior halogen, chlorine, is significantly more common.
    [3] Heating sulfuric acid first releases free water vapour, then with further heat decomposes H2SO4 to SO3 and more water vapour; water vapour can be separated from the stream with a ceramic separation membrane. If desired, hot SO3 can be decomposed over a vanadium oxide catalyst to SO2 + O2, and the latter likewise separated as a product stream. Contrarily, the SO3 can be reinjected into the scrubber as a conditioning agent to draw more free water vapour out of the atmosphere.

  82. John Norris

    I was driving down the Interstate a couple of months ago and got to see what I think was the SpaceX Dragon 2 being transported to the Kennedy Space Center on a WIDE LOAD tractor trailer. I also found interesting the hex pattern of the law enforcement escort vehicles around the transporter on the three lane highway.

  83. Bob thebomb

    I once saw a real time x-ray image of metal being cast. That was pretty impressive.

  84. Upcycle Electronics

    Dear VG, please rename this camera view,..and have a few peanuts at the ready, especially near the person that named this screen text overlay.

  85. Kellan Wu

    I got featured at 6:52 hahahah

  86. Warzed Arcanist

    Elon musk has made nerd talk cool again. Glad to know people are genuinely interested in rocket science now.

  87. Bill Seidel

    I respect Russian tech, but I think the response from the Russian was a bit forced.. Just sayin’

  88. Streetwind

    I personally don’t think the launch of an uncrewed capsule is that historic… now, the crewed test flights, regardless of whether it will be Boeing or SpaceX, those are going to be historic. Actual people on commercial spacecraft going to orbit. I can’t wait for summer! =D

  89. Theophrastus Bombastus

    5:30 Ilon Mask? Is that the evil brother of Elon?

  90. General Ripper1964

    Got my tickets to the “Feel The Heat” viewing location to watch the Space X Demo-1 Launch next Saturday. :-)

  91. FlamingOnion_1

    circus, rocket launch, and an opera. There’s Scott Manley for you ;)

  92. Jerry Rupprecht

    Elon memes are my favourite.

  93. Ojisan642

    The stainless steel rocket could be a game changer in terms of time to manufacture and could make the point to point travel use case actually work, seems like possibly the underrated story of the year if it works out. Could you imagine fleets of hundreds of those things, rivaling the airlines jet fleets?

  94. Matty Kolek

    Wow lot’s of space stuff kicking off now, there’s a lot to look forward too! And it looks like it’s only going to get better. Great video Scott and thanks Elongated Muskrat for finally hosting meme review!

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    *Elongated Muskrat*

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    I saw “elon memes” on the title and at that moment i knew shit was real

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    This timeline is the best timeline when Elon host meme review

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