Soyuz 4 & 5 – Docking, Spacewalks and Nearly Burning Up In The Atmosphere

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At the time Soyuz 4 & 5 was a great win for the Soviet space program, demonstrating for the first time the ability to rendezvous with another spacecraft and transfer crew between them. However years later it would be revealed that one of the spacecraft came close to being destroyed during reentry as the Service module failed to separate.

A lot of the archive footage in this episode comes from RetroSpaceHD who’s been transferring, cleaning up and uploading historic space footage.
These are a couple of the video sequences I used:

  1. 5Andysalive

    but there is such an amazing video on this event on youtube already!
    From what i read (Trailblazers), Gargarin just fitted the working class background better that was wanted for the PR.

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    Much better than BS’s video XD

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    great story telling ! This type of video looks a bit like how Paul Shillito works btw

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    Nice to the story in detail, because i think, when i recall correctly, you talked about this in a live stream a long time ago. The story stuck with for a long time. Nice to hear it so detailed now.

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    I wish we had a From the Earth to the Moon style accurate video docudrama of the Soviet space program in the 1960s.

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    Facing almost certain death, wait, let me write this down :D Very Man(e)y

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    This was the scariest thing i’ve ever heard

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    Well done, sir. Thank you!

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    3:10 guy gets punched in the face haha

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    Wow, that was a amazing story that I’ve never heard. How terrifying, I cannot even imagine how tight his ass was clinched during reentry lol. Handled it like a true Russian tho

  21. OK Boomer

    What an amazing story. This is why I love this channel.

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    Shipka are old bulgarian cigarettes. And I have to ask if they are as awful as you describe them… :) My father will know.

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    Thanks for that – very interesting, and a fine tribute to a brave man.

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    What a great story, awesome work in bringing this to life! Love it!

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    This is an amazing story – first time I heard it. Thanks so much for sharing! Great video.

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    Soyuz 4 launched on my -50th birthday. Fitting that this year on my birthday I got a pretty damn nice telescope.

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    Makes me think of the crazy cosmonaut from the movie, Armageddon!

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    Amused. Even when one Russian is helping another put his EVA suit on, it looks like they’re fighting.

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    Absolute badass. Must have been hard to have lived through something so spectacular but not allowed to tell anyone about it.

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    Thank you for putting together a good version of this story. These Cosmonauts were some seriously brave souls

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    3:10 dude literally punched him in the face. lol

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    For anyone interested: similar things happened to Soyuz TMA 10 and Soyuz TMA 11 returning from ISS. The first one was hushed, but the second one had a NASA astronaut on board

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    You did it wrong, there is supposed to be an Apollo command module where the orbital segment is and the Kerbals ride back inside the service module!

  68. Hyraethian Rabbit

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    Chris Hadfield mentioned this in his book. I think he said they pushed against the door to keep it closed as much as possible.

  76. tinkmarshino

    Scott… that was great! May of 69 I went into the U.S.M.C. we never got to hear much about the soviet space program even in the Corps.. I have read some things about the men and women of the soviet space program.. But the way you did it was fascinating.. thanks.

  77. Jan Negrey

    I know how scared I am when something goes wrong in KSP. To survive and persevere through it in real life takes a level of Bravery and mental fortitude that not everyone has.

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    Soyuz certainly was/is a robust design. A damn fine spacecraft.

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    That Soyuz failed simply due to shear weight of his massive steel balls :) taking notes while flying into inferno… You got to have balls.

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    Everyone now “doing space” is standing on the shoulders of giants.

  82. Alex Stauffer

    I absolutely love the image of a cosmonaut’s first few words to his rescuers being, ” *gestures to destroyed spacecraft* I’ve got a light, do you have a cig?”

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    i love how you tell these obscure….but very important ….stories of human space endeavours. As far as i am aware, nobody else does this on such an unbiased level….peace.

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    “Shipka” (rosehip in bulgarian) is the name of a peak of the Balkan mountain, defended from storming ottoman army by bulgarian resistance in August of 1877 during Russian-Turkish war long after munitions and even boulders have finished so that they have to throw bodies of dead friends down the turkish soldiers just so to allow advancing russian armed forces to cross south of the mountain via nearby pass. That granit monument pictured on the cigarettes’ package is actually the tomb of those resistance soldiers on top of this very mountain peak. By the time of that space flight “Shipka” was indeed the cheapest (in whole Warsaw pact, I guess) bulgarian brand of cigarettes produced mainly by orders from Soviet Union.

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    He’s still alive today, not for the lack of trying on the universe’s part.

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    If that’s not badass, I don’t know what is ^^

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