Soviet Space Dogs Crash Landed In Siberia, Saved By ‘Christmas Miracle’

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On December 22nd 1960, a pair of soviet space explorers – Kometa & Shutka were lost in Siberia after their rocket failed during launch. They weren’t equipped to handle the conditions, and nobody expected to find them alive, but in the end they were lucky that the self destruct system and ejection hardware failed. They were recovered alive and one was eventually adopted.

Many more details about this mission are on Anatoly Zak’s Russian Space Web site:

  1. DeltaUniformTangoCharlieH

    My favorite Scott Manley episode ever. Also the one I knew the most about before watching (but still enjoyed every moment of). I hope we get to see Lucky in more future episodes.

  2. DPM37

    Scott, your dog looks like my Toby. He’s part Chihuahua and Jack Russel, white with some light brown
    . Maybe some day I could send you a picture of him.

  3. CMB

    If only they did the tests using politicians.
    One can only wish.

  4. JZ's Best Friend

    Lucky Manley is clearly not into space travel programs, especially if they have the habit of delivering hot dogs rather than astrodogs.

  5. nagualdesign

    Watching this during the ad breaks of a Bond film, you don’t half look like one of the bad guys. 😊
    Happy holidays, Scott.

  6. A Brit

    If Americans went to rescue them then there would be a lot of gunfire and not such a happy story.
    Happy merry thing all.

  7. Tyto Rubio

    One word: disgusting.. another bravo for science!

  8. Pham Nuwen

    It’s a miracle! Once again, the dysfunctionality of communist central planning saves the day!😂

  9. Trevor Hearne

    Oh no, the red dressing-gown – run, the dog’s gonna blow! 🤣🎄

  10. Bill Milosz

    Lucky looks rather unimpressed. In fact, the dog seemed a bit annoyed that you were keeping him awake.

  11. Grant Addis

    That dog has had enough of your shit. Scott Manley.

  12. Wayne Flanigan

    Brown spots. You spilled coffee on Lucky? He looks bored or tired.

  13. SpydersByte

    wonder if any of those dogs actually understand what they’ve done? Or was it just a ride in a windowless car for a bit that they forgot immediately and went on happily living life in the moment like most dogs seem to do?

  14. Michael Thompson

    Merry Christmas, Scott and everyone

  15. Andrii Makukha

    09:27 – apparently, this guy liked a good laugh.

  16. ReinhardB100

    This dog looks so tired as I feel.

  17. Muhammad Septyawan

    One day, when space travel become cheaper, sending things to space is affordable and I still alive, I’ll send balls and dog toys to space. to remember the dogs which play among the stars

  18. andyguy0610

    Merry Christmas Scott. Is that the dressing gown of doom you are wearing? was a bit worried there for a while :-)

  19. Robert

    anybody else feeling Scotts ‘christmas spirit’ shining through? The guys had a celebratory eggnog or two.. hehe yayy! And bless the doggos across the world and space for their contribution. Great vid Mr Manley @Scott Manley

  20. Paula Bean

    Imagine the Nazi’s didn’t lose the war and were building a space program in the 50’s. What would they have been using as guinea pigs?

  21. Marcus Wardle

    That’s the second animal Christmas miracle story I’ve heard today! Anybody got anymore?

  22. Jade Asereht

    Scott your dog looks depressed, either that or annoyed.

  23. TheNasaDude

    “Saved Soviet Space Dogs”, SSSD or CCCд.
    Coincidence? I think not!

  24. Casey Goddard

    The things dogs have to do just to get some ear scratches and snausages…

  25. Mike Griffith

    Like the rest of us Scott Manley’s dog has a glassy eyed look

  26. George S

    What a nice dog Lucky is!

  27. Mark Bergseid

    Merry Christmas Scott, Everyone

  28. NMCCW

    The red dressing gown of doom concerns me.

  29. TheScarvig

    just a little thought experiment:
    humans will eventually stay long term in space and thus there will be babies concieved and born in space.
    of course this is likely to be very different from regular birth on earth, so before the first human will be born in space there will be animals.
    so how about we prepare for this future by having dogs give birth in space?
    this will be the easiest way to fund research in this field, because who doesnt want a SPACEPUPPY?

  30. Matt Thompson

    “One of the puppies was given to…U.S. Pres. Kennedy…” What a masterful FU propaganda piece on the part of the Soviets. “Not only did we kick your ass to space, but we did it repeatedly. Now your daughter plays with the offspring of one of our hero dogs that’s logged more orbital time to date than all your astronauts combined.”
    An object lesson in not goading your competition and raising their competitive will.

  31. Locut0s

    Those poor dogs must have been like “WTF is going on!?!?!?!?!” during the launches and orbits etc.

  32. Judson Wahba

    Merry Christmas Scott, what would you call a dog that went to space? Astro dogs? Space retriever?

  33. WacKEDmaN

    “Space Dogs” is a great movie… i recommend it to anyone even if ya have to use subs! (its in Ruskie!)

  34. John La Duke

    Jeez man, you’re lucky that turned around. I’m just sitting here eating walnuts and butterscotch chipits (don’t judge me) and you start telling me about a parade of dead dogs.

  35. Blitterbug

    I only hope this shuts up the sh*tposters that moan about how Scott conveniently ‘forgets’ about Russian space achievements in his videos

  36. Cirrus4000

    Anyone else think that Scott was a little, shall we say, “tipsy” in this one? 🙃

  37. catfish552

    Lucky! I know him mostly as a clinking noise in the background of old KSP videos. What a sweetheart.
    And I love how unimpressed the dogs look in the photo with Gazenko. Belka’s like “Ehh, I’ve been wayyyy higher up than this.”

  38. Taylor Smith

    Totally took you for a Scotti kind of guy, lol. All in good fun mate. Happy holidays!

  39. Thomas Goodwin

    Laika Day has been on my calendar for many years. Happy holidays all!

  40. Josh Mellon

    “Hey man, you got a glass of water?”

  41. Andy J


  42. live2ride18

    “Inhabitants” “subjects” can you just say dog???

  43. TG McCoy

    Merry Christmas Scott.
    Loved that story.

  44. Never Assume a Spherical

    Ironically, being in the deep snow probably helped as well. Snow is a wonderful insulator. The residual heat of re-entry plus the snow likely helped keep them warm.
    The explosive failure… That was lucky.

  45. Anarchy Antz

    It wasn’t a “Christmas miracle” they were saved thanks to how sturdy and well built Russian Space tech is as well as landing in a massive pile of snow.

  46. m & m

    Scott, have you ever noticed how dogs and their owners often look thd same?
    P.S What a handsome dog you have. 😆

  47. Aditya Banka

    The dislikes are from PETA.

  48. RufftaMan

    In the last picture, Comet looks pretty traumatized. Don‘t know if it‘s because of her space-flight or her pups. =D

  49. Doping1234

    When stuff goes so wrong you have to hope other stuff will fail too so it can work out.

  50. Nanotyrannus

    Systems failed succcessfully

  51. Cascito

    Every other random gangsta until komet’s puppies says “MY DAD IS AN ASTRONAUT”….

  52. Fe4rN4ught

    Merry Christmas Mr. Manley thanks for all the content! 🎄🎁

  53. Jörg Reinhardt

    dogs are very similar to the most ideal space farer: the kerbal.
    they might get a bit nervous, but they always hold an optimistic attitude in deep trust on you ability to return them home safely, where they are fed, finally… even after 2 decades in on a half century mission on intermission course with some moon of a remote gas giant, despite the three figure difference in velocity in km/s when they’ll get there and in leak of a single drop of fuel in order to do anything about it… yet they still seem to assume being safe and i kind of expect them to let their tong hang out and start to pant any minute. i usually watch them, ashamed for my leak of omnipotence until they finally impact. i feel i kind of ow the that… or i just recover at the last safe point.

  54. tarmaque

    Proud Comrade Scroogeski here. Bah. Humbug.

  55. Mike KSP

    He looks so happy when holding a dog

  56. Dr Zook MD

    Wow, first 10 minutes. Happy Christmas Scott and everyone! :-)

  57. RealityPoet

    Oh my gosh! I have a dog that looks nearly identical to yours, and I also got him (11) years ago from a shelter that had brought him up from California (I’m in Oregon). Seriously that could be siblings!

  58. BeaMeUpMrScott

    Merry Christmas Scott 🎄 (and everyone)

  59. Brad Smith

    0:10 – _Please put me down. Literally and then figuratively._

  60. J Z


  61. Aelux

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time Scott patts the pup.

  62. Gitarzan 66

    When Scott says a Russian name you have to take a drink.

  63. Christopher McCoy

    That’s one “spaced” looking dog

  64. stolz999

    I live in Russia. But I never knew all this stuff. Amazing! Merry Christmas!

  65. Rich Mitch

    They’re good dogs!

  66. Alireza Eskandari

    Amazing stories with Scott 🙂

  67. joey g

    comrades scroogski, made my Christmas, thank you Scott Manley

  68. a. y

    Looking a lot like Dr Evil there!

  69. --

    Merry Christmas :D Give Lucky a good nap xD He seems as tired of 2020 as all of us xD What a year good and bad…

  70. Desmond Hawkins

    “Listen, comrade Scroogeski”

  71. SxIdierman

    “They upgraded” :D Scott mixing Kerbal with real life.

  72. RyeOnHam

    Those dogs looked like they’d been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.

  73. The_Craft_ Gamer

    I got Portal vibes when he sad “Test subject”

  74. Ricky Singleton

    Thanks, two Christmas miracles, one is the animals surviving and the other is this surprise video.

  75. David Johnson

    “If either of those things had worked, they would have not survived.” Yeah, but if the *third stage* had worked, they would have gone into orbit and come down where they were *supposed* to.

  76. Tv 5150

    It was a Festivus miracle!

  77. o . O

    I’m a simple man
    I see doggos in the thumnail
    I click the thumnail

  78. Greg S

    Looking at that photo of Comet and Shutka I think we all know who is responsible for those systems failing. I mean I’m sure Shutka is a good dog but it’s pretty clear which is Pinky and which is the Brain.

  79. A Fraser

    Comrade Scroogeski, hilarious!

  80. rocketdog2116

    Lucky has got some seriously impressive sonar ears.

  81. Stu Saville

    “Work with animals is a source of suffering to all of us. We treat them like babies who cannot speak. The more time passes, the more I’m sorry about it. We shouldn’t have done it. We did not learn enough from the mission to justify the death of the dog” – Oleg Gezenko regarding Laika

  82. Tsar Eric

    I like how when you started talking about dogs dieing you stroked lucky more. Also I remember Lucky from years gone by, how he getting on?

  83. Michael Pennington

    When I saw the bathrobe, I was afraid that something crashed or blew up.

  84. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    Hooray for ejection failure it saved those puppy’s and merry Christmas Scott

  85. InventorZahran

    When the space dogs survived because of several errors with their vehicle:
    **Task failed successfully**

  86. dougpowers

    Lucky looks perennially unimpressed. Thanks for the Christmas video, Scott!

  87. vts747

    The doctor smiles with the cigarette under the sign: “smoking is forbidden”.

  88. Jay Lane

    “i’m in the middle of one of my 5 daily naps…and the foodhuman decides drag me into one of his “space” videos…somebody get my agent!”

  89. Gaming with Flash

    Merry Christmas everyone :)

  90. jrt818 reexer

    Here’s to the guy who defused the bomb AFTER it was set to detonate.

  91. BobC

    OK kids, you’ve had your Christmas Story from Uncle Scott. Now off to bed!

  92. Hicham Mohsen

    Didn’t expect we would get a Christmas video! Thanks Scott.

  93. mi24hind

    I love how you call the dogs “the crew” :)

  94. djolley61

    Saving man’s best friend with a a Christmas miracle. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  95. Nikolai Stakheiko

    The year is 3020. Scott Robotly describes to his fellow AI’s the history of how 2 humans narrowly survived a solar pass-by through sheer luck while their AI overlords were experimenting with early superluminal space travel.

  96. Maximus Ironthumper

    Thank you for that – a nice happy story – not often defective Soviet equipment actually saves lives! Merry Christmas!

  97. Pizza Thyme Pizza FanClub

    Lucky looks like he needs a good pet.

  98. benedictul

    Comrade Scroogeki sends his regards. Счастливого Рождества!

  99. Denis Polyakov

    In his diaries Oleg Gazenko wrote ” As I grow older I can less and less forgive myself for letting us kill Laika”

  100. ironhead2008

    Lucky’s like: There’d better be a treat for me after this!

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