Someone Paid $28million To Fly To Space With Jeff Bezos….

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Another vacation video, discussing New Shepard’s first flight, and the mysterious bidder who’s paying $28million to fly on it next to Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos. And while we’re talking about money for space, let’s try and get a handle for how the US government is deciding to fund NASA, The Artemis Program and specifically the Human Landing System.
Not only has the Biden Administration requested a lot of funding for NASA, but Senators have tried to force NASA to take on an extra HLS option and have passed a bill to force this to happen. Meanwhile Bill Nelson is trying to convince Congress that the Infrastructure bill should include money for NASA facilities too.

  1. C_O_N_T_E_N_T

    Rand Paul and Bernie agreeing is not only “not crazy” it has some precedent as bernie and ron paul worked together on a number of bills when they were both in the house.
    Rand is not Ron, but there are plenty of ways these camps are more like each other than they are the rest of their respective parties (or caucuses).

  2. Derek OKeeffe

    The uneasy laugh at 0:55 makes me think its Scott. He just made this video to put us off the scent

  3. Horst Lüning

    Great vid. Central planning (aka NASA) is always wasting money and never reaches goals in time nor money.

  4. James Scheid

    Elon Musk as mysterious bidder and sends spaceman dummy on ride!

  5. Si Deering

    “Thrifty upbringing” being a fellow Scot I fully got why you said it with a chuckle

  6. Reed Bowman

    A true Scot – he has to clarify that he’s not offering to buy a round for the entire state of Mississippi.

  7. Carlos Campos

    That would be Bill Gates, they’re big mates plus Gates wants to be an “astronaut “.

  8. Xavi Ondoño

    Somewhere in the world there’s someone preparing a 10 minute deck titled:
    “The first space elevator pitch in history”

  9. de0509

    Plot twist: its elon musk

    And hes going there because he wanted to laugh

  10. Don Jones

    At 1:24 when you said “mystique and cachet” of the suborbital flight, for a moment I heard it as “mistaken cachet,” which is a pretty accurate description of the significance of a suborbital flight to space vs an orbital flight.

  11. Chris Horry

    Exciting time for space exploration, let’s hope we can keep the momentum.

  12. The1Ultimate [t1u]

    imagine if it would be elon, that would be the most hillarious thing ever

  13. Aremisalive

    We live in interesting times. Hoping that funding really pulls through for all theses NASA programs, especially HLS.

  14. xTheRealHughesy

    That looks like such a relaxing place to stay.

  15. Lucy Tycho

    “… And it was me”
    was at least what I was hoping Scott would say

  16. Quazar501

    “They signing documents in space” – dang, this is like the 12 mile zone, different laws above 100km.

  17. Franko Walker

    I love the thought of Elon and Jeff sitting in a rocket, an awkward silence between them. Ha ha.On the other hand I would also like the winning bidder to give the ticket to some homeless guy. That would also be hilarious. LOL

  18. illuminatedtiger

    Elon bought the ticket so he can remind Bezos during the flight that it’s not orbital.

  19. Roger Kearns

    I’m waiting for the offer of a moon flight before I spend my 28 million. ;)

  20. Carl James

    NASA becoming an industry and all the politics surrounding that takes away from the wonders of science and exploration of space. HLS sounds more like an excerise in keeping people in thier jobs rather then a serious desire to explore our moon.

  21. Nishad Kharade

    I would like to see Lex Luther and Tony Stark together and Jarvis with them.

  22. burper2000000

    NASA: We need money to fund the projects you want us to
    Congress: **doesn’t give money**
    NASA: **picks other option**
    Congress: **surprised pikachu face**

  23. Daedalus Young

    Wish I could spend some time with Jeff. I’d tell him exactly how his managers treat Amazon warehouse staff. He wouldn’t be too happy, I presume.

  24. Tommy Hellberg

    My thought on it is, it was just Bezos himself sponsoring that bid, for PR.

  25. ferkeap

    Thx, it’s important to know how the backstabbing happens 😉

  26. Brian Jacobson

    I clicked on this half expecting you to confess it was you after cashing in all of your Eve Online holdings.

  27. Rooper K

    3:10 “So yesth” *Scott is lizard person comfirmed*

  28. Ze G

    Scott: “We’re all fans of space here!”
    Haters & Trolls: “Nope.”

  29. PassifloraCerulea

    Seen elsewhere (paraphrased):

    Congress: here’s your slashed budget, have fun funding the moon lander lol
    NASA: **awards contract to SpaceX**
    Congress: no, not like that!

  30. Liquid Flames

    Sounds like the guy with the SLS test stand in his state has taken a page out if the military industrial complex playbook.

  31. CaptainFactoid

    I like the idea of adding upgrading NASA to the infrastructure bill, but extending it into the moon landing stuff is a bit far IMO

  32. Paul Cooper

    There’s twist: At the end of the flight you make an Amazon delivery

  33. The Sly Fox

    “Giving money to a billionaire to develop space tech is b.s”

    “Didn’t you celebrate when SpaceX got chosen?”

    “Yeah…. But Elon is MY billionaire!”

  34. Curtis Franks

    “The Room Where It Happened” was playing through my head for the entire back half of this video.

  35. YourCousinLiam

    It’s his own charity. And they don’t do anything. Literally just a tax write off

  36. Addison Martin

    Bezos Bailout is legit because he could single handedly fund the National Teams Lander with his wealth, but instead tax payers have to.

  37. thrice1888

    Every commercial space travel company: “we are giving away a free seat/seats on our rocket to the public”
    Blue Origin: “to give the public a chance to get a seat we a raffling it away” 5 million +later…

  38. thanksfernuthin

    I don’t mind them arguing different points of view when it comes to this stuff. It’s expensive. It’s important. I will say that when you try to give the most affordable price to win a government contract and then they fund one that was more expensive as well… you’d feel pretty fucked over.

  39. john pepin

    That ancient Chinese curse… “May you live in interesting times.”

  40. Brandon G

    00:00 starts the most stunning special effects since Star Wars

  41. Headcrab

    I hope James Cameron won the seat. He really could bring cameras and document the experience of going to space.

  42. o3depleter

    2:08 people with a Scottish background seem to revel in Scottish clichés (and hang on to their accents).

  43. nobiggeridiot

    Did you just say JWST and ‘reduced funding’ and ‘operational stage’ all together ? I must have woken up in bizzaro universe today.

  44. WWIflyingace62

    Adjusted for inflation, the blue origin bidder paid more than a Mercury Redstone launch.

  45. Charles Staats

    Several articles I read Made a big deal about the money being “authorized“ but not “appropriated.” Apparently the former is pretty toothless and does not guarantee that the money will actually arrive.

  46. Stephen Gloor

    Just confirms SLS is a very expensive jobs program.

  47. iMouse

    It would be a hoot to have Elon book the flight, just so that he could give it a bad TripAdvisor review.

  48. Jacob Szymczak

    Maybe Bezos bought it himself so he won’t have to deal with any Peasant riding with him

  49. zapfanzapfan

    28 million is almost enough for a ticket on Dragon to spend a few days in space instead of a few minutes.

  50. Daniel Kintigh

    The problem with the budget is that no matter the party in control, the minority party never wants the other party to get credit for it. The two party system can really be a pain in the behind

  51. David Elliott

    Probably Richard Brandon as his own sub orbital isn’t going anywhere.

  52. ThePhantomRocket

    Imagine the bidder being Elon XD

  53. Sunhawk

    It’s Elon.

    He is going to sit down. Remove his mask. Then say, “suborbital huh? How quiant.”

  54. DerSpeggn

    I love it. Congress thought NASA would cancel the whole thing and get back to Boeing… To get those yummy lobbying funds for the people in congress XD. Sometimes the corruption is so obvious but still people do not seem to care. But that is politics for you… I would love to know how much Boeing payed the congress people for them to design the bill like this. And its hilarious thath Boeing was still too greedy to make it work in the end. XD

  55. Chris Stearns

    Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson walk into a spaceship. The mission director says…

  56. mawama takama

    Looks like Scott Manley is having some budget cuts but trying to keep the quality content.

  57. Justin Stevens

    Maybe Elon, Torry or Sir Richard is the bidder 🤔 That would be hilarious!

  58. cornchipzzzz

    To put this in perspective, Mark Shuttleworth paid $20M for a 10 day trip to the ISS ($28M equiv 2020).

  59. Fern Bedek

    When Bezos goes to space someone else will briefly be the richest man on Earth. (Probably Elon?)

  60. lord baysel

    Imagine signing contract for over a bilion $ and paying 28 milion, just to avoid taxation

  61. CodyMonster

    I hope they pick Dynetics, that would give the Boeing/BO grinches a stroke.

  62. Callsign Ohmitted

    *spends $28m to be near Jeff Bezos*

    “Hello Sir, we’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty”

  63. Eek

    I hope he talks to Jeff about how his Amazon employees are treated.

  64. Andrew Hill

    never give up the retro style intro ..

  65. David J Hoyda

    “Landing in 2024”
    “It’s gonna be an interesting 4 years”

    I’m no Rocket Surgeon, but I do believe 2024 is closer than 4 years from now.

  66. SteeVee Dee

    Just imagine if it was Musk paid for a seat and then turned up in a ‘Space X’ T-shirt.

  67. The Big Chill

    the most expensive “Jolly Ride” in the must un-useful investment ever…
    Just a space experience for very healthy individuals to be “astronaut” for a couple of minutes…

  68. mravecsk1

    Would be funny if the stranger was Elon :D

  69. Robby Smet

    Your first point of the the reason why so much, was also my first thought.

  70. Long Peter

    Word is that copper wire was invented by two Scotsmen fighting over a penny.

  71. katt katt

    Lol, Scott seems to enjoy this immensely!

  72. Uriah

    Would be absolutely hilarious if it’s either Elon or Richard Branson

  73. Daae

    Best intro ever.

  74. Dene. F.

    A bald headed Scotsman should never, never be out sunbathing. Lol. Dangerous!

  75. Lipziger

    28 million …. I would rather do a ton of “edge of space” flights in a freakin awesome MiG every other day than that lol. Definitely takes longer than 10 minutes, too.

  76. Cantu Bloodaxe

    He bought it for himself and is actually still looking for a bidder.

  77. WillieRants

    Now what would be really hilarious after Bezos spent all this time, effort and money lobbying for this, NASA selects Dynetics as the 2nd option. To be honest that’s the direction I hope they go in. I just liked their concept the best.

  78. wildfood

    Reporter: “Mystery bidder, you just paid $28 million to fly with Jeff Bezos! How do you feel?”
    Mystery bidder: “Jeff who?”

  79. Deqster

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Besos bought it himself just to make it look like he has friends.

    I kid I kid…

    His friend is money.

  80. Nathan Wakeman

    Imagine Elon won.😂😂😂😂

  81. Prezie_D

    Waiting on Angry’s response💀

  82. Fraser

    You know we need a Terran R vid. Nice stuff!

  83. Teylor Swoft

    The price being a donation is probably for tax reasons lol

  84. 2nd_place

    What if I don’t wanna fly safe? What if I wanna stay on the ground?

  85. Helix

    It’s Elon. You know it. Ultimate troll.

  86. Cydonius1

    I wouldn’t fly with Bezos if he paid me to

  87. William Smith

    Thanks Scott for raising my already too high blood pressure!!!

  88. Forest Fifer

    Please let it be Richard Branson. That would be hilarious.

  89. Space Rodeo

    Congrats to Blue Origin for the participation trophy.

  90. Zachry Diehl

    for $55 million you can ride SpaceX to the ISS for 10 days. What another $20 Million if you have 30 to waste anyway? Especially when that extra $20M will get you 10 days vs 3 minutes.

  91. 2nd_place

    It’s Bill Gates. He needs a vacation after the past few months.

  92. Aleverette S

    Inside the cockpit of New Shepard

  93. D Terpstra

    NASA should give the contract to Dynetics ’cause then we’d get the negative mass building material they need to make their lander work. :)

  94. DEspresso

    My tips on who booked the flight:
    1 his ex-wife. She finally wants him for 10 minutes to talk things out
    2 Bernie Sanders trying to tax him

  95. Olysk8er

    This trip would’ve been free, but Bezos forgot to click “free shipping” in the checkout.

  96. Sallent

    $28 million for a 10 minute flight, 3 minutes of microgravity, and a bald Bond villain as your crewmate. 😂

  97. Niall C

    The mystery astronaut got a sneak Prime Day deal. Seriously though, $28m is waaay too much for a suborbital flight.

  98. Evan Nibbe

    If you are going to space for $28 million, you really need to go orbital at least!

  99. Timur Sheydaev

    Maybe Tory Bruno wants to ask where his new engines are in a fancy way…

  100. Colin Maynard

    They offered $30M to fly without him.

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