Shooting Down A Missile With Another Missile, In Space.

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On Monday Morning Vandenberg Air Force Base launched 2 missile interceptors against a test target, to demonstrate mid-course intercept capability. That is, they were able to shoot a warhead out of the sky when it was still in its mid-course cruise.

  1. Frequent Flyer

    That yards of ale thing would never work. You’d have lads turning off the targeting system and missing it by miles! A savage session would surely ensue!!!!

  2. Adam Skrzypczak

    Boost Phase Intercept is also possible using Brilliant Pebbles.

  3. Halffastcyclist

    Comic strip I saw some years ago:
    Frame one: Some guys in big military style hats announcing “Hello, we will be launching an intercontinental missile at 12:01:01 UT from our launch site at latitude 50 degrees 30 minutes 15 seconds North and longitude 10 degrees 30 minutes 15 seconds East toward your location lat 100 degrees 10 minutes 5 seconds North and long 25 degrees 20 minutes 10 seconds West.”
    Frame two: Some other guys in big hats rubbing their hands and saying “Heh, heh, heh. This is exactly what we practice for.”

  4. Devin Woodsmall

    I’ve been to one of these minuteman launches in person. Was invited on behalf of DOE’s NNSA. Was a great honor and great experience.

  5. John Sanvictores

    You said missile

  6. Omnituens

    Scott Manley coming at you from the home of The Gizmo from Pismo (beach), DESTRUCTOR!

  7. YellowbusRider

    My man Manley is always hooting from my favorite haunts

  8. Drew Stevenson

    Affected by gravity…. and reaction control systems.

  9. Light Science

    Scott I like how you teach us to trick our families into going on vacations with ulterior motives to potentially see rocket launches

  10. Raphael Brandão

    Enjoy your vacation Mr. Manley!

  11. Mopar J

    Love your videos. Pismo is one of my favorite spots to vacation. You mentioned throwing back beer with the test team. If you like beer, check out The Board Room in Pismo for some good beer.

  12. Andrew Gates

    Went to Pismo on my honeymoon.. good stepping stone place to spend the night before seeing the Hearst Castle :D

  13. John Schoenfeld

    Why do I get the feeling the whole supersonic missile bit is a bait and switch

  14. silvermica

    5:46 – The Hitching post! I was too young – but know that name!

  15. Michael Brown

    If you take the Amtrak train, you can get a glimpse of the launch systems on the way through.

  16. SuperCookieGaming

    if you ever go to KSP drop by daytona beach. I’m at embry riddle and everyone here plays ksp and has heard of you.

  17. King Akira

    I miss Pismo Beach 😄 we loved going to Splash Cafe. Best clam chowder ever. We always buy the to-go frozen pack
    Wish I knew about the launch sites when we were there!

  18. locomike1219

    You should go to the March Air Reserve base museum Saturday or Sunday! Could meet you there.

  19. ArthurAlonzo

    Wow. I’m not far from Pismo. Epic! Is it possible to intercept a nuke before it comes to land?? I’m curious in case of the event of WW3

  20. Ken the Eagle

    “This is what Armageddon looks like.”

  21. C SMITH

    Ok scary video at the end…No doubt what the end of the world will look like.
    Cool to😋

  22. Samuel Pettit

    Living the dream! Not the first or last time I envy you Scott :)

  23. Ryan Linden

    Zombieland: Rule #2 Double Tap

  24. Raidergeek34

    I live in south Monterey County in 90’s Vandenberg would do alot missile test, but they don’t do it that much anymore

  25. Mark Holm

    Pismo Beach is actually considered Central Coast – btw i live in Nipomo – just a bit south of Pismo

  26. Jo So

    Nice videos of GBI salvo launch and warheads reentry at KMR.
    Thanks for paying tribute to the Sprint ABM missile, a true wonder of aerospace engineering still today (with its soviet cousin Gazelle, which is still operational today !)

  27. fastamx 069BOX

    Never stop your Channel…! Way too much good stuff 👍

  28. MrVipitis

    Do you think I can get that infrared telescope from eBay?
    You didn’t mention what misslie they started to intercept.

  29. Jos Verbeek

    I’ll definitely visit that place on our trip next month. Thanks Scott!

  30. RocKiteman _ 2001

    *”Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat!”*

  31. J C

    those kkv designs are directly inspired by the funnel weapons from gundam, the Japanese version, DACS, directly stated this

  32. WHColours999

    When humanity has reached the rocket tech of the Kerbals:
    Chief Engineer: We’ve done it!
    Jebediah Kermann: Hold my engine…

  33. David wu

    U.S NMD: “It works 40% of the time every time! We’re immune from ICMB attacks now!”

  34. Bob Stewart

    The Bugs Bunny reference was cool, but I think I can go you one better. W.C. Fields, IIRC, used the character name “A. Pismo Clam” in one of his films. Vacation safe!

  35. RufftaMan

    Pismo beach is apparently also where they tested the lunar rovers back on the sixties.
    I was there two years ago.. beautiful beach and not too crowded.

  36. Jon S

    Can you make a video updating us on relativity space as there seems to be quite a bit of progress coming from that direction.

  37. Mykl Langridge

    They’ve been learning from Zombieland:
    Rule 1: Cardio
    Rule 2: Double tap!

  38. TheVicar

    Really good video, cheers Scott. The footage of those launches, from that angle on the hillside, is special. But the start of the video was better, with the impression that you were almost floating in space. Made me smile

  39. Noah Lucas

    Hi Scott, great video! I would love a follow up video going more in depth on some of these topics. I was truly fascinated with some of that footage and your descriptions of the science behind these systems. Please! We want more!

  40. createdsoul

    Hey Scott! I live in Pismo! Fan of your channel man. I saw those missiles launch yesterday

  41. Neil Schwanitz

    Thanks for the Kwajalein mention! We’re barely a speck on the map.

  42. Nik McIntosh

    I never get tired of watching that Sprint launch footage. Everything about the Sprint is just crazy.

  43. Goof

    Isnt ur motto fly safe?

  44. space hippo

    I love Pismo Beach, CA.

  45. Peter Francis

    Shooting Down A Missile?
    they can’t even shoot down a X-wing

  46. Mulberryman

    Scott please play more Surviving Mars
    the base game has changed a lot since you played it last plus there is DLC which changes it even further

  47. Scorpio

    It is impressive how you find fascinating content everywhere you go.

  48. Alfredo Rodriguez

    I really like how you mix what could seem like an improv random recording location with very well produced video with footage and sorts

  49. Apothecary Terry

    I may not be a qualified rocket scientist, but if they need a hand with any future yards of ale…
    Edit: Surely they’re metric now? So they’ll be metres of ale instead. Either way, I’m in.

  50. Hendrik M.

    Scott: a missile with a velocity of 10 km/s which as we know will destroy most things
    Me: sure?

  51. Michael Edmond

    Amazon…. Think how fast our prime delivery will be!

  52. George Chambers III

    Specific Missiles shown are GBI-BV Plus, ICBM-T2 and L3.

  53. Spherx. Imperatix

    Hey Scott, awesome content as always !
    Is there a link to the clip showing the reentry of those warheads?
    Stunning footage…

  54. kickthedonky

    It’s launch day in NZ today!! Any updates from Rocket Lab from you? It’s been a while since the last RL video!!
    Greetings from down south! 😉

  55. Brian Nielson

    It works 60% of the time, every time…

  56. GeorgeGraves

    I use to live in Santa Barbara, and seeing not one, but two rockets leaving vandenburg would have give me great pause.

  57. Link2edition

    Thank you so much for making this video. We put a lot of time into getting this right, but obviously when you work for the government you don’t get to talk about it.
    Thanks for showing the world what we do, you made my day.

  58. JKC40

    yeah, and in the 1980s we kept getting told this was basically impossible.

  59. Johnny

    You accidentally hit on a good future topic… Missiles vs Rockets. As I understand it, we can thank the Cold War for the two different names. What I was told many years ago is that the military needed funding to develop better missiles— enter NASA and the great cover-story. NASA rebranded missiles to rockets and the rest is history— all the while allowing missile technology to develop in plain sight. What do you know about it?

  60. Simon Andree

    „A rate of acceleration that can only be considered kerbal“ xD

  61. Defcon91

    Enjoy SoCal! LA Air and Space Museum footage would be cool.

  62. Adam88Marz

    well..maybe bugs bunny is from El Paso :P

  63. EditioCastigata

    Bugs Bunny might’ve used Apple Maps, that could explain everything.

  64. Xenophagia

    That’s one hell of a drinking game.

  65. Colin Jones

    The moment you said Pizmo Beach, “and all the clams you can eat” went through my head 😂

  66. WB Staple

    “At rate of acceleration that can only be considered ‘Kerbal'”. Made my day.

  67. Adam Wiess

    launching the gizmo from pismo (beach)
    any other futurama fans?

  68. Jim's videos

    Sprint was the intersection of BMD and Wile E. Coyote and I love it.

  69. Rich Marceau

    *LOL* as soon as you mentioned Pismo Beach I was going to invoke Bugs Bunny. To mix metaphors, Curse You Red Baron!

  70. CMB

    We Brits could do with a geezer called GuyFawkes using a couple of these to double tap the House of Commons tonight.

  71. Dylan Watts

    I made a left turn in Albuquerque once, ended up in Denver which thankfully is where I was heading

  72. nish

    India tested a anti satellite missile . I think its missile testing day today

  73. 10mintwo

    Just sing out a Te Deum
    When you see that I.C.B.M.
    And the party will be “come-as-you-are”

  74. Nicolai Veliki

    Did you say something about kids who aren’t interested in rocket launches? Where do you get those?
    Also, always double tap.

  75. Thunderbird 1

    The dislikes on this video are from Kim Jong Un and his generals.

  76. Drew Stevenson

    Double tap seems like a wise procedure, as long as you have enough “bullets” to share around all the problems evenly.

  77. R Nacnud

    to think there used to be an ABM treaty,are we going backwards?.

  78. The Edge Of Rage

    Shoutout to the bat sounds in the background at 6:30

  79. Tarang Rajvanshi

    Hi Scott! Love your videos!
    India just shot down its own satellite with a ASAT missile.
    Could you please make a video about anti satellite weapons? Thanks

  80. iam niclikescake

    That intercepter glowing red just from air friction is literally insane.

  81. Thomas Berry

    Why couldn’t Buggs Bunny be from El Paso, TX (which I think is where he may actually be from?).
    Either way Albuquerque certainly isn’t the southernmost point of the US

  82. angc214

    I tried to make it to Vandenberg for the Falcon 9 launch and fly back. The moved the launch date after I had scheduled the trip. Still went to Pismo Beach got some clam chowder at splash cafe.

  83. Paul Gingras

    The Sprint Missile is a fascinating weapon system. The fuselage is so flexible that it can bend as the missile is being ejected from the silo. We were introduced to the weapon system while I was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas (circa 1979 – 1980).
    Also, during the same time period, a Pershing Missile was being tested at the White Sands Missile Range. The missile had gone off course, but it was shot down in flight by a Hawk surface-to-air missile located at White Sands. BTW, most published data on the Hawk Missile System is incorrect. The missile leaves the zero-length launcher at approximately Mach 3. The maximum velocity for the missile is classified and has never been disclosed.

  84. firespawn01

    When nuclear defence armaments are described as “Kerbal”. Love it.

  85. sourav thakur

    I thought this was about today’s ASAT test done by India.

  86. vinak

    Rule #2: Always double tap.

  87. Alpha Adhito

    Double tap isn’t only meant for a person huh?

  88. lead slayer

    1:43 When she says she’s home alone

  89. deezynar

    The Bugs Bunny reference about making a wrong turn at Albuquerque is not something that comes from nowhere. When the cartoon was made, and even until the 1960’s, Albuquerque had a highway (before the freeway) intersection that was very badly signed and caused many people to turn the wrong direction. My dad made the same mistake twice with a few years between them. The roads were eventually changed there and the problem went away, along with the wide recognition of why the joke made by Bugs was so funny.

  90. Kuba Czupyt

    “which is pretty much like shooting someone in the head twice, in case the first time wasn’t successful”
    If that person had his hand over a nuclear detonator, i’d take that precaution

  91. LORDOceanus

    Commanding Officer: Gentlemen we hit the target dead on today
    Everyone else: awwww

  92. Thiago Lanni

    Holy hell! Mach 10 in -5s- 10s? This is Kerbal engineering at its finest…

  93. moosemaimer

    ICBMs can release decoys to fool interceptors into missing the actual warhead, which is why they target multiple objects.
    “The enemy diversion you are ignoring is the main attack.”

  94. oriontherealironman

    Good thing I intercepted this video!
    I’ll see myself out…

  95. David Ogawa

    “That is a pretty interesting ritual, and I’d be happy to help them out sometime…” – Scott Manley

  96. Vladimir Lenin

    Sounds very *Kerbal Space Program-y*

  97. Fake_Blood

    Wow, that thing flying at mach 10 and glowing red absolutely blew my mind.

  98. The LouseGrouse

    Holy crap that footage of the warheads streaking through the air was terrifying

  99. Darrell Leber

    “It’s like hitting a bullet with another bullet, whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse!”

  100. Jerry Rupprecht

    I too enjoy -missile- rocket launches

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