Scientist Finally Find A Place To Touch Down On Asteroid Bennu

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The OSIRIS REx mission has been scrutinizing the asteroid Bennu looking for site where they can take a sample, but the asteroid surface proved to be more rough rocky than they originally expected. So the target sites were 1/6th of the size they originally expected to work with, which means the navigation will have to be more accurate to get the sample without risking the spacecraft.

Meanwhile elsewhere the Japanese Hayabusa 2 mission is heading home with its much smaller samples, we got to find out some more about Hayabusa’s results at last week’s American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

Here’s the press event announcing the OSIRIS REx site selection from the AGU

The AGU Session with the Hayabusa video has been made available again

  1. Rob Mitchell

    All Bennu needs is a Baobab tree… ;-)

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    We need to start mining these

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    Great show ! Very interesting ! Please keep us updated ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿš€โญ๏ธ

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    If a person jumped on bennu, would they reach escape velocity?

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    Watching the video while it’s rotating around the landing site, if you look away from the video your entire vision is distorted in a rotating pattern. I feel a bit drunk xD

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  16. Steve Hinote

    who knew? so interesting, and so well covered! I am puzzled though why the two asteroids you mention are so similar in shape. Clearly they don’t have enough gravitational force to become spherical, but what’s responsible for the bulges and common appearance? Thanks, great vid.

  17. Alex Landherr

    Could you please do a detailed new video on Hayabusa 2 please?

  18. Bob Dog

    Soup dragon might light the fires to move the asteroid.

  19. Strange Tamer

    Anyone else get unsubbed? Great video on some truly next level exploration

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    Watch we do a mission that changes to orbit of an asteroid and the damn thing slams into tje earth 30 years later

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  29. Trevor Matthews

    I’m wondering if the landing thrusters will blow away the target dust they hope to sample? Surely what remains will be a selection of heavier materials present.

  30. jurian0101

    Ah nice, after watching Astrum’s video also on the topic, I think they complement each other.

  31. Junior Balls

    That’s an old impact crater, eroded somewhat

  32. edgeeffect

    It’s a space-hoover!!!
    Those 3D reconstructions of the surface are AMAZING! (bearing in mind, I grew up in the Venera/Viking era)… but what would have been really cool would be the addition of a cardboard-cut-out astronaut… just to give us an idea of how small Mount Doom actually is.

  33. stu Art

    Just squirt a bunch of foam under the lander for a soft landing. You can donate my noble prize to battersea dogs home.

  34. Kineth1

    If you think it’s hard to choose a parking spot on an asteroid, try picking one out on a meteoroid!

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  43. 1000dots

    The returned asteroid samples are exciting. I keep letting myself dream they might find something really special

  44. Nizar R.

    What if these locations were collisions between bennu and other objects so they end up with a modified sample of the original composition of bennu?

  45. jon bsws

    Finding a asteroid that conforms is a tall order

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    It is truly amazing what we will go thru to look at some โ€œdirtโ€. Baby-steps !

  47. Slice of Bread

    i wonder how they are gonna navigate around those cars on the sample site..
    does the spacecraft have a little note with their phone number in case it hits one of the cars?

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    This video worked for me like some optical illusion moving image. After looking at landing site in circling camera manner, made my vision distorted after looking away eg. on comment section.
    Scott “controller of minds” Manley

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    First time I’m actually early

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    I hope that OSIRIS doesn’t get wrecked! :)
    Scott: Are there any proposed systems being developed to deflect asteroids that we may find to be on a collision course with Earth?

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    To look upon something that none of our ancestors have ever imagined is very beautiful.

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    The sample grabber looks like the space-vacuum-cleaner from Spaceballs – dust-bag included :’D

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    Where can I find this amazing 3D visualisation of the astroid? That looks so stunning!

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    Some of those landing sites look like craters. Have the scientists taken into account that there could be very firm ground just inches below the surface? And if they have I’m curious what action if any was taken to deal with that.

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    I like how these sites actually look like small impact craters themselves.

  84. Shai Naamat

    I mapped 4 images (not so much) and it was excruciating and satisfying at the same time.
    Really exited to see how it turned out

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    Always overbuild your spacecraft, after all you might need it.

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    I guess we already learned something about asteroids: they conform much less with the specs than we thought ๐Ÿ˜„

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  89. Valenorious

    4:55 So the reflecting narrow rock on Osprey is called Minas Tirith?

  90. Synaptic Impulse

    Great show as always Scott! I was also cheering when you mentioned the role of CosmoQuest in this space mission! Indeed, CosmoQuest is an amazing organization, that focuses on “regular people” volunteering for “Citizen Science” to help NASA and astrophysicists with various projects. So ya… essentially, what CosmoQuest volunteers did for this mission is crunch through a HUGE WHACK of imagery data sent back by the OSIRIS REx probe around Bennu. Pooling all their efforts and volunteer time, they were able to identify the ideal landing-spot for NASA, after 90 days of work.
    Interestingly: it was actually estimated that it would likely have taken the team upwards of 1 year to find that ideal landing spot, due to the shear amount and volume of data they had to go through, with the number of volunteers they had working on this.
    BUT… the astrophysicists Dr. Pamela Gay, was able to push the team a bit, and reorganize things, so that the team actually got it done in an astonishing 90 days, instead of 365 days, which is a HUGE accomplishment. So thank you regular people: you’ve guided the next state of this NASA mission with hard work, and volunteered time!
    Also on a SIDE NOTE: Dr. Pamela Gay actually has a really long running and amazing show you can watch on youtube, called Astronomy Cast, that she does with Fraser Cain. I think they’ve been doing that show since 2006 if I remember correctly–one of the first audio only podcasts on the Internet. Anyways, I’ve been following them since 2006, so that’s why I cheered when you mentioned CosmoQuests vital role in this NASA mission!

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    I think the general public totally underestimates how amazing these types of missions are….. We’re catching up to asteroids, orbiting them, getting amazing photos, landing on them, running tests, getting samples, then returning home…. Either im just overly impressed by this or everyone else has their heads burried in the sand.
    I remember when Armageddon came out and i was like “hah, catching up to and landing on an asteroid? So Hollywood… That’s gotta be nearly impossible”… But i clearly underestimated NASA and these awesome engineers…. and Bruce Willis

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